The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Making of Malala – The CFR Mockingbird Reporter and the Charter School Owning Father

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2013 :

McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

UPDATE: Unconfirmed report from a reader that American Everyman is being blocked in Pakistan. My page views statistics seems to support that claim.


Is this the story of a young girl who’s dream was nearly stamped out or is the a case of a misogynist father so hell bent on pushing his own personal crusade for a larger market share of the privatized education system in Pakistan that he would recklessly put his wife and children in the Taliban’s cross-hairs? Perhaps the CFR Mockingbird “journalist’ can shed some light on the subject.

Meet Adam Ellick, the Council on Foreign Relations member and apparent CIA Mockingbird stationed at the New York Times. He’s the guy who helped create the Malala Psyop in the first place, the plan to bring for-profit school systems to all of Pakistan. Here he is posing with Malala and her father in 2009.

Before we get into Adam’s interesting revelations about the Malala psyop and the obvious influence of her school owner father on all of this, let’s first take a moment to delve into Adam’s background.

Adam the Mockingbird

He studied journalism and “Emerging Transnational Issues” at Ithaca College and he belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Overseas Press Club which is run by people from CNN, Conde Nast, Newsweek, Forbes, Reuters, etc.

This Fulbright Scholar from Indonesia prides himself on a few of his “accomplishments” laid out on his Facebook page which include things like “covered the Asian Tsunami, investigated Hugo Chavez’s land wars, exposed Karachi’s bondage and fetish underworld, reported on Russia’s anti-American youth movements, documented the Taliban’s crackdown on female education in Swat, and covered the Arab Spring in Egypt and Bahrain.”

Adam went to Russia in 2004 in a joint program to teach American “journalism” to Russian students. It’s well established that the CIA uses the cover of journalism to infiltrate various targeted nations.

“In summer 2004, I worked as a Visiting Professor at the Russian American Journalism Institute, a study abroad program jointly administered by New York University, Ithaca College and Rostov State University in Rostov, Russia.” Adam

All of this is circumstantial of course, but one last bit of Adam Ellick trivia sheds a bit of ironic light on the subject…

I collect quotations, globes, and foreign propaganda posters.” Adam

Yeah, I bet you do.

Daddy’s Little Girl

As I have stated before, one of the key elements of this Malala psyop is the Gordon Brown global campaign for charter, for-profit school systems. There’s billions of dollars to be made in this arena, money just sitting there on the table for the taking. The UN mandate is called Education First. It’s a global “public/private partnership” scheme (privatization) involving a “not-for-profit” institution (Global Business Coalition for Education) set up by Accenture, Hess, Chevron, Pearson International and others. Gordon Brown goes so far as to claim this is “Malala’s next fight” in a Daily Beast article dated Oct. 14th

I think it’s safe to say that several agendas are being supported with this single attack on a single little girl, but in my mind I have to wonder just how much of this was her fight to begin with and how much of it was that of her father?

Adam inadvertently reveals quite a bit about this dilemma in one of his recent articles on the subject of the documentary he made on Malala back in 2009.

Now remember, in 2009, this little girl was just one of many who had a blog about what was happening in her country. But it’s hard to say if the blog was even hers since it was posted under a different name and the only real evidence of it resides at the globalist BBC blog page.

But somehow little 11 year old Malala was catapulted to international attention by a documentary film, made by our CFR (CIA?) reporter Adam Ellick.

Why her? Why then?

According to Adam, he started filming little Malala the day before her school was to be shut down by the Taliban after meeting with the father and Malala 10 days prior to the shut down. What a coincidence. Seems like they had everything in place.

But even more telling is this:

“The Malala I know transformed with age from an obedient, rather shy 11-year-old into a publicly fearless teenager consumed with taking her activism to new heights. Her father’s personal crusade to restore female education seemed contagious. He is a poet, a school owner and an unflinching educational activist.” Adam Ellick

Was the “obedient” child simply being used as part of the school OWNER’s “personal crusade” to bring more for-profit schools to Pakistan and increase his market share?

Does this guy, Ziauddin Yousafzai, actually wish to better the lives of women young and old in Pakistan like the official story claims, or is there something else behind all of this? Adam inadvertently answers that question for us…

“Her father was a bit traditional, and as a result, I was unable to interact with her mother. I used to chide Ziauddin about these restrictions, especially in front of Malala. Her father would laugh dismissively and joke that Malala should not be listening. Malala beamed as I pressed her father to treat his wife as an equal.’  Adam Ellick

Now let me see if I understand this: the school OWNER’s business is about to be shut down and out of the blue his “obedient” daughter takes up his “personal crusade” to bring more for-profit schools to Pakistan (and thus increase his wealth) yet the guy won’t let the Times “reporter” even speak with his wife because he is so “traditional” (read as misogynist) and her place is to be seen and not heard. Is that basically the story here?

Now if I were a conspiracy kind of guy I might start thinking that this “driven” misogynist might just view women, “his” women, as his personal property to do with as he sees fit. And to that end, he might just not give a crap about the potential harm that might come to Malala.

“My anxiety rose with each of his answers. Militants controlled the checkpoints. They murdered anyone who dissented, often leaving beheaded corpses on the main square. Swat was too dangerous for a documentary

… For the first time in my career, I was in the awkward position of trying to convince a source, Ziauddin, that the story was not worth the risk. But Ziauddin fairly argued that he was already a public activist in Swat, prominent in the local press, and that if the Taliban wanted to kill him or his family, they would do so anyway. He said he was willing to die for the cause.” Adam Ellick

Notice what this reporter is actually saying: that the father understood he and his daughter and his wife and his two sons could be in harm’s way by the making of this documentary, but HE was willing to die for his effort to bring more school business into the area… and apparently HE was willing to let his family die as well.

What kind of father is that?

I have thought about this question since the first time I read that there were reportedly death threats issued by the Taliban toward Malala and her family. What kind of father allows his daughter to become the target of such malevolence and anger in a region where “terrorist” bombings occur nearly everyday? Wouldn’t most fathers tend to try to reduce risks taken by their family members especially if those risks involved the ENTIRE family?

Why would he be so prone to accept that risk for himself and more importantly for his family?

Does that say anything about how he views his family? Does that say anything about what he knew about who was actually behind the bombings? Maybe he was willing to take those risks because there were no real threats. Maybe he was willing to take that risk because he understood he wouldn’t actually be targeted. Maybe he was willing to take that risk because he sees his family as his possession and he is so terrified of losing his wealth that he would rather put his entire family on the line rather than start over.

It’s hard to say.

That makes me think about this photo of Malala and her father meeting with Richard Holbrooke in 2010. Many suggest that Malala herself was there to meet and come up with a plan to help the Americans out. Adam says she was there to plead with Holbrooke to help oust the Taliban from the district so her school could reopen.

I have a different theory. It wasn’t Malala meeting with Holbrooke, but her dedicated businessman father. The photo was a press op to be later used when Malala became the face of the for-profit global school system which was undoubtedly already in the works.

Understand this: while Adam drools over the father’s bravery when it comes to his “cause’, the reality is, his “cause” is his business… it’s making money in his for-profit school system.

That’s not nobility. That’s not heroic.

Adam is certainly with the CFR and it looks like he’s working as a CIA Mockingbird as well.

Yet, it’s Adam’s inadvertent glimpses into the dynamic role the father plays in all of this that may yet prove to be the most telling evidence to date as to the true nature of the staged Malala Psyop.


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32 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, the mainstream press are winning the day here in the UK. No-one I know is questioning the story at all.

  2. and heeeeere’s war-whore Angelina…Man I hate this lying bitch. If she ever ONCE told the story of all the women and children being harmed by the US/NATO actions/policies, I wouldn’t feel quite as much disgust for her.

  3. No access in Pakistan. We have tons of free VPNs now. I knew from the start that there is something fishy about this. I mean there are so many children killed in Karachi and Tribal areas but none of them got this kind of Media Coverage.

    Heck, we don’t even know there names.

    But this one girl is on every channel for 14 hours, in every newspaper, government has even started marketing campaign with huge billboards in Lahore. It’s scary how can few elites can control everything.

    People who question such events are labeled with all kinda of stuff.

    Muhammad from Lahore Pakistan

  4. I meant for everyday for 24 hours and We do have access to your website via VPNs. They will Not showup as Pakistan on your stats software.

  5. I think Mr. Everyshit-man has enough JUNK to play with.

    There are no Proofs. Only half baked lies, half truths, twisted stories and statements and photoshoped crap images . .

    I dont approve USA “policeman” attitude in this world but your prejudiced crap and self invented conspiracy stories suck !

    Its people like you who profit from spreading CONFUSION and giving PAK terrorists an APOLOGETIC escape from accusations.

    Your photos in other posts have already been busted on social network. The lady going with a man in heli with MALAL could have been any nearest relative or any other women but you presented it like something out of this world and “another conspiracy” from USA.

    Same is the case with other photos which are just imaginary stuff out of your presonal prejudice and political views.

  6. In the link in the above article, ‘Adam inadvertently reveals’ the video reveals (from Malala’s own words) (in 2009) that she wanted to be a doctor but her father told her she had to become a politician (at 12:20 in video). she plainly says that she does not like politics. Her father adds that he sees great potential in his daughter..that she can do more than a doctor..
    Malala also says she wants to ‘save’ her father.
    He is losing his business that he has worked at for 14 years.. his private schools.
    They were living in Swat Valley…. then moved
    She is eleven years old…. with dreams of being a doctor and her father ‘tells’ her to be a politician.

    I think the father does love his daughter but he is using her…..
    how sad…

    • you are 101% right sir we know every thing because we are living in this region …

  7. your theory debunked here with new pics of malala’s showing her injury -shot in the head. Whats your say on this?

    [ADMIN EDIT: link removed for promoting hate speech. This is the first line of your “debunking” article: “If you are a Jamaatiya or Taliban apologist, please scroll right at the end of this page. I do understand the little intellect you have will only understand images and text messages, so spare yourself of the trouble of reading something and look at images exclusively created for you. If you like them, please feel free to chew a Mercury thermometer, if there is one handy – easiest way to die in shame!“]

  8. […] the same time that Malala was shot is not something that you can ignore. Nor is the fact that her father owns a for-profit school which stands to increase in size and scope immensely from this contrived incident. On top of all of […]

  9. […] the same time that Malala was shot is not something that you can ignore. Nor is the fact that her father owns a for-profit school which stands to increase in size and scope immensely from this contrived incident. On top of all of […]

  10. The woman is not her mother but an NGO head

  11. Do you know anything about schools in Pakistan? Her father doesn’t own a “charter school”. Please do some research!

    • no, they don’t call them charter schools in pakistan, but he does run a privately owned school, or he did when the “Malala” story first broke. and he was broke. remember the documentary put out by the new York Times?

  12. […] you learn that it’s Adam B. Ellick, the “integrated journalist”, who created Malala Psyop in the first place. Ellick is member of the powerful Jewish Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and […]

  13. […] gets muddy once you learn that it’s Adam B. Ellick, the “integrated journalist”, who created Malala Psyop in the first place. Ellick is member of the powerful Jewish Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and […]

  14. […] once you learn that it’s Adam B. Ellick, the “integrated journalist”, who created Malala Psyop in the first place. Ellick is member of the powerful Jewish Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and […]

  15. What a load of rubbish ! You mean a petty school owner manipulated the entire US govt and Western media ? Even then Malala is real, she stood up, took a bullet, just listen to her..

    • the BBC approached her father asking him to set up one of his students on a blog they could cover in order to make this big story out of it. He found one girl willing to do it, but then her parents said no way. so in the end, he “volunteered” Malala. she wanted to be a doctor. he wanted to use her in this fashion. so no, he didn’t manipulate the US, Britain or the Western Media… he entered into a deal with them to deliver a future hero. 3 months after her little blog started, the New York Times was there to do a documentary about her. they manufactured her in order to use her to push for the global Education First program. and they manufactured the shooting to make her into a world class “hero”

  16. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of true flesh and blood heroes of real flesh and blood people of the world are either being killed, oppressed, jailed, or simply silenced, while manufactured, packaged and marketed false heros like Assange, Snowden and Malala are being shoved down people’s throats.

    To those who have affection for Malala, and passion for her cause:

    She is only a child. She seems very intelligent, well read, and all around a bright, fantastic girl with a lot of potential for greatness. But, just like how potted plants can’t roam free, no matter how beautiful of a flower blooms out of Malala, she is (and will be) used (and perhaps abused) to propagate a western policy that has absolutely no affection for neither girls like her, nor the people of Pakistan.

  17. You are being blocked in Pakistan, they have blocked youtube and turn off twitter and facebook whenever they want. I agree with you about the whole Malala drama, and for someone who is so pro education, I found it very ironic that he owns a private school. Education should be a right not a privilege for only those who can pay. Plus the West now has the impression that the whole country is forbidding girls to attend schools, it isn’t like that. Malala belongs to the Pashtuns (Taliban are also Pashtuns), they have always had very different values from the rest of Pakistan, most kids can’t get an education in Pakistan because they can’t afford it, not because of the Taliban. But Malala and her father have gained a lot from the whole thing ( nice new job and nice place to live ) while the children of Pakistan are still in the same boat they were in before Malala, if they don’t have the money they can’t pay the school fees to attend.

    • thank you. It’s good to hear from people in Pakistan on this issue. I have noticed a rather sudden drop-off in views from your country. I guessed they were up to their old tricks. they blocked me once before. I hope you guys can pull together to avoid this incursion of Western “education” and as an American, I’m sorry for Obama’s drone strikes and whatever other black-op shit he’s doing. I never voted for him, but he’s still our president as much as it shames me to say.

      • I hope we can pull ourselves together too, unfortunately people in the middle east/ subcontinent tend to be easily manipulated by either money or brainwashing and end up fighting among themselves rather than standing together…making it easy to ‘divide and rule’. I’m in Canada so I get access to all the stuff they don’t in Pakistan.

  18. The wife of a liberal man is entitled to be steeped in her conservative mindset. That conservatism is what was burned into the mother’s heart, mind and soul in the mother’s formative years.

    It makes it even more remarkable that Malala is so liberal in such a conservative society. This is thanks to her liberal father’s outlook.

    Let us hope there are many more such controversies where many more people make a business out of education in such backward societies.

    It is only through a liberal education that people will be able to question why they should follow the life style, rules and belief systems of a society stuck in the 6th century without question. A belief system with a one-way ticket. You can check-in any time you like, but you can never leave.

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  20. you actually forgot to say that both Ellick and Malala are in reality Jews. Look them up online.

  21. Shes a fucking bitch! There are many deserving people out there who should be praised and appreciated than this bitch! So many people in the world dying and being killed, no one cares abt them!

  22. […] details – Malala – Neo Liberal Martyr by Scott Creighton  (We don’t agree that the attack on her was staged.) […]

  23. […] details – Malala – Neo Liberal Martyr by Scott Creighton  (We don’t agree that the attack on her was […]

  24. […] details – Malala – Neo Liberal Martyr by Scott Creighton  (We don’t agree that the attack on her was staged.) […]

  25. هيئة المهندسين التجمعيين – corps des ingenieurs du parti du RNI

    corps des ingenieurs du parti du RNI

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