The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Face of the “Universal” For-Profit School Movement

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2013 :

McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

UPDATE 4: The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Making of Malala – The CFR Mockingbird Reporter and the Charter School Owner Father

UPDATE 3: One way to expose propaganda is by establishing a developing universal mythology, a common trait among news articles that isn’t exactly correct and couldn’t be done by honest mistake yet somehow repeats itself across borders and the fake “red vs blue” divide. I have noticed one taking shape today and I took a few screen shots of various “news” sites. See if you can pick out the propaganda. See images at the end of the article.

UPDATE 2: Dr Shahida Wizarat brings up some very good points about the awfully convenient timing of the Malala shooting in an article titled “Why Was Malala Yousafzai Attacked?” published today at the Frontier Post. I have put a few quotes from the article at the end of this one. Good read from a Pakistani who dares question the Pakistani military psyop.

UPDATE: Gordon Brown has a new article out today (Malala’s Next Fight)announcing the rescheduled UN press conference that garnered one reporter less than a month ago and telling every “right thinking” person to go out and get a “I am Malala” shirt or something. Yes, Malala’s “next fight” will be to help sell the for-profit school model to the liberal Americans who already hate Charter schools.


In previous articles I have mainly focused on one or two aspects, motives for the staged Malala Yousafzai shooting:

  1. the New Great Game for control of Caspian Sea Basin energy resources via the two competing pipelines running through Pakistan.
  2. the growing disconnect between the military and the Pakistani people who understand that the drone attacks coming from the Obama defense department and the CIA are a betrayal at the highest levels of the government and the military and this new emotion based psyop is partially designed to foster a “you are with us or the terrorists” mindset in the Pakistani people.

These two key factors in this case present more than enough reason to rationally call into question the legitimacy of the awkwardly staged Malala shooting incident.

But there is another, even more compelling reason to question this event: the new UN Global… for-profit… charter… school… systems; of which Malala is now going to be the spokesperson with Gordon Brown calling the shots. The marketing will be purely emotional but the equation is simply business: population reduction, GMO acceptance, and economic growth models for a new Western educated world.

1. G.W.O.T. (The Great Game)

As is usually the case, psyops have multiple uses for those with enough power and influence to create them. Yes, they will market this case, this victim Malala, in Pakistan in order to justify more drone strikes and more disappearances, more brutal crackdowns from the Pakistani military on any opposition they face by simply calling them “the Taliban” or Taliban “sympathizers” (you can check the comment sections of these recent articles to see evidence of that kind of redirected hostility already taking shape). The exact same thing happened in India not too long ago after a bus was blown up (see writings of Arundhati Roy for examples) and the police led angry mobs to the homes of dissidents and other leftists who opposed the new neoliberal policies of India. The mob was told the opposition leaders, labor organizers, writers were “terrorist sympathizers” and the violence that resulted was biblical in proportion and to this day is still rarely talked about in polite political circles. But it’s there none-the-less for all to research and to read.

That being said and as frightening as it is, there is another game afoot, another equation involved in this case that actually looks to be even more grand in scale with global and historic consequences almost too comprehensive to imagine: the new UN mandate to bring charter for profit education systems to every country on the planet with little innocent Malala serving as the face of global “education”

2. New UN Mandate of Global for-Profit Education

Malala is now being hailed publicly as the “face of the girls education movement” but what does that actually mean?

The education movement (girls and boys alike) is being billed as the defining civil rights issue of the 21st century. Films and TV shows have just been produced and are ready to come to theaters near you just in time to catch the wave…

“The book spawned a television series that aired this fall. A film, “Girl Rising,” documenting the struggles of girls seeking an education, is to arrive in theaters next spring and air on CNN. The movie is the centerpiece of 10×10, a global action campaign for girls education.” LATimes

Just this past July, Gordon Brown was appointed to the newly formed position of the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education. His task in this role is to “help “galvanise support” for the UN’s global education scheme”, to enroll a new 61 million kids in new charter (public/private) schools across the globe by 2015.

This might seem like a noble occupation on the part of former Prime Minister Brown, but it is not. In accepting his new role, Mr. Brown paid tribute to other special envoys that came before him and the good work they did like Bill Clinton in Haiti. What Bill Clinton has done in his role as special envoy to Haiti is to steal the billions of dollars meant to help the people of Haiti rebuild after the earthquake and use that money instead to pay for the construction of free-trade zones for various international businesses to come to Haiti and make use of starving, out of work people as cheap labor. This is who Gordon Brown praised upon accepting his new assignment in service to the globalist agenda. That should tell you a lot.

Gordon Brown has spent the last two months priming the pot as it were, writing op eds for various left and right wing publications across the globe, getting people ready for his “autumn 2012” roll-out of his new plan. Unfortunately for Mr. Brown, when he recently called a press conference last month in New York to speak about his new globalist UN education agenda, only one reporter showed up and he had to cancel his little speech. Guess they needed a better front-man for the project.

Guess what folks: it’s autumn 2012 and along comes Malala.

Former prime minister Gordon Brown is to urge Pakistan’s leaders to use the Taliban shooting of a teenage girl as a catalyst to speed up education reforms

… He added: “Now as Malala Yousafzai’s name is broadcast across the world as an icon for courage and hope, I am determined that her shooting produces much more than just the talk of change.”…

… A spokesman for Mr Brown said his aim was to get governments, international non-governmental organizations and businesses to agree practical proposals to turn the “promise of universal education into reality”. BBC Oct. 11th 2012

The new UN mandate called the Education First initiative,  is already backed by a massive corporate mega-structure; “the newly formed Global Business Coalition for Education uniting multinational corporations from across the globe in their commitment to use their resources and expertise.” On the executive board of this “not-for-profit” NGO sits a chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management UK division as well as Gordon Brown’s wife. The founding corporate members include Chevron and Hess to name but a few.

The idea for this campaign is simple: the billion middle class people in the world will pay more in taxes per year so that the 61 million kids who aren’t in school right now will have a chance to go to school. Now, if you don’t know if you are one of those expected to pay up, you are. If you think your country is in bad shape because of the plots and plans of other globalists following their assigned agendas, don’t be so selfish… think of Malala. And don’t expect Gordon Brown to ask the wealthy to cover the cost of this little for-profit project, it’s on you and me… for Malala of course.

“We do not have to rely on a scientific breakthrough or a transformation in technology – only a revolution in political willpower – to train the 2 million more teachers and build the 4 million extra classrooms that the world needs. No parent I know would consider the $13.50 a year we give an African child in educational aid too generous.

Tragically, even that meager amount – just 25 cents for a week’s schooling – is falling. Yet we can persuade both governments and publics that a few dollars more from the citizens of a rich country for the education of a child in a poor country is a worthwhile investment. With support of just a dollar a year from the world’s 1 billion members of the middle class, we could start to honor the Millennium promise we made to every child that they would be at school.” Gordon Brown

In reality, this agenda will cost far more than a mere billion dollars a year. That’s just a drop in the bucket. A drop the middle class is expected to pay. Remember when analysts claimed that the Iraq war would cost about a billion dollars before we invaded and one or two real economists and experts claimed it would exceed a hundred times that amount? They were ridiculed and run out of town on a rail. Now we have paid trillions. You can expect the same ballooning costs with this project. Graft, theft, malfeasance, misappropriations, greed… it will all factor in once the checks start pouring in by the pound. Cash will be airlifted in by the pallet load only to disappear without a trace. What we will get for our money will be comparable to what we got for all the billions being paid to the contractors who were tasked with rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan: half built projects, dangerous buildings, water systems that don’t work, electrical systems that kill our soldiers.

And we will keep paying, keep going further and further into debt to the privately owned central banks who hand over our money putting us on the line for it, all because of little innocent Malala.

3. Why?

Why do this? Why are the globalists so interested in helping the poor starving people of the third world (and by that I mean Detroit)?

Yes, there are tons of money to be made up front for select individuals and corporations who will staff and build all these millions of new schools.

But that isn’t all of it.

These people don’t give a crap about keeping kids from working in African gold mines, these people own those African gold mines.

These people don’t give a crap about keeping kids from working in sweat shops in Haiti, they own the sweat shops in Haiti.

These people don’t give a crap about keeping kids from being sold into child sex rings, they run them.

All the propaganda and sales pitches aside, this is like Michelle Obama’s quest to make American kids less fat: it’s not about improving the quality of their lives, it’s about making a leaner pool of future soldiers and reducing the costs of the insurance companies who are now going to have everyone mandated to buy their insurance. It’s a “win win” but not for the sake of the kids.

This is about money and control folks and don’t take my word for it.

This past September there was a little meeting held by the same lot who gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union (and Barack Obama) and their focus? Global for-profit education…

This month’s Nobel Symposium in Stockholm on Growth and Development emphasized an often-overlooked rationale for a nation’s economic prospects: the power of education.” Gordon Brown

I was curious as to what was discussed in these high level meetings of the people who would eventually be selling us on the concept of more global taxes to benefit the for-profit global education system. You might be surprised by what I found.

What I found were a bunch of global businessmen and hedge fund hyenas hanging around discussing very complex formulas explaining how increased education levels equal higher per capita growth for investors, lower birth rates for the workers and more complicit populations who have a tenancy to accept genetically modified seeds and Monsanto weedkillers.

You can go here (Human Capital and Growth) and here ( Microeconometric Evidence on the Role of Schooling in the Growth Process) to view the presentations made by some of the various experts on the subject during last month’s symposium (full schedule of presentations for the event). Let me give you a few examples to chew on:

In this image from the Microeconometric Evidence presentation, the presenter makes the argument that “schooled” farmers are more likely to adopt the usage of GM seeds (HYV crop) quicker and thus produce better yield in their fields faster than those “unschooled”

For these people this is not about the next civil rights issue of the 21st century and it isn’t about stopping child labor practices. Hell, we have senators right here in the states who are trying to repeal our own child labor laws.

This is about big business; the business of building and staffing these for profit schools and the business of running businesses with these newly “educated” workers in the very countries we are looking to bring LNG and industry and more agriculture as well.

The fact is, education, knowledge, is simply a variable in their equations as you can see from the first slide in the Human Capital and Growth presentation and Malala is nothing more than the pretext needed, the human face on a corporate equation.

4. Conclusion

There will be a lot of people who will be suckered into the emotional aspect of this psyop. They will the same who fell for the “CHANGE” President emotional trap from 4 years ago, they will be the same who fell for the KONY2012 fraud from last year, the cap and trade fiasco, the Waiting for Superman propaganda.

To them, this will be the foolproof cause, one that can’t possibly blow up in their faces and one that will make them feel special and superior for taking action to “save the children” and provide for them a future.

It isn’t so. It’s a fraud. Their presentations show it to be so, the timing of the Malala incident show it to be so, they’re history of “noble intentions” show it to be so.

Fool me once…

Anyone and everyone is for educating the poor of the world. Everyone except the people behind this scam. They profit from keeping people uneducated, they profit from only educating them enough to accept their lies and produce their goods. And they will profit from “teaching” them to essentially be content slaves to our corporate Western agenda.

Again, I am out on that limb, I know. But if I know one thing, when someone like Gordon Brown, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Clinton team up to “do the right thing” for the children, chances are very good, it ain’t the right thing for anyone except them.

This is a big agenda that just got rolled out, and it was stalled; no one cared what Gordon Brown was doing at the U.N. so along comes Malala and as soon as she is ready, which won’t be long because apparently that high velocity bullet did no damage to her brain, they will put her onstage next to Gordon Brown and EVERYONE will show up. And who will dare speak out against a program promoted by little innocent hero Malala?

UPDATE 2:  Dr Shahida Wizarat fromWhy Was Malala Yousafzai Attacked?”  published today

The timing of the attack on Malala Yousafzai on October 9 just one day after the PTI march against drone attacks is most intriguing. The attention of the world to the cruelties and barbaric bombardment of innocent civilians in FATA as revealed by the participation of 32 Americans and several British in the PTI march, its coverage by the BBC and the denunciation of drone attacks by the visiting Russian foreign minister, editorials against drone attacks in the Financial Times and other newspapers reveal the global attention that US crimes against the people of Pakistan were getting.It is also intriguing to note that after the attack on Malala Yousafzai the casualties from drone attacks increased to 18 and 27 the day before and yesterday respectively.”

“Pakistani society is not very organized and the people do not react quickly to happenings. Sometimes one gets the impression that people are quite callous and indifferent to the sufferings of their fellow countrymen and women. But the attack on Malala was different. This time around the civil society, media, civilian government, the army, etc appeared very well organized against the cowardly attack on Malala in a matter of just 24 hours.”

“But most intriguing was the fact that Christiana Amanpour, who is suspected of links to the CIA, of the CNN did a program on Malala. The same Christiana Amanpour who became notorious for making a reservation for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in the aftermath of 9/11 in an attempt to malign Pakistan. She was immediately ordered out of Pakistan.The immediate and well organized reaction of the media, civil society, UN Secretary General, the highest political office in Washington, the singers, etc, convey the impression that they were ready for the situation even before the poor child was attacked. Christiana Amanpour’s interest and condemnations from Barak Obama shows that the issue is of great strategic significance to the US. It throws light on possible CIA footprints in the crime.”

UPDATE 3: Can you spot the propaganda?

This one should make it perfectly clear…


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13 Responses

  1. You make some valid connections here Scott. These “schools” will be centers of indoctrination, and propaganda, which alongside military intervention, will be the pincers of the western world’s “cultural assault” In reference to Michell Obama’s eat healthy/slim down campaign, kind of strikes me as more mind games or mass schizophrenia. She tells us to observe good nutrition while her husband’s corporate backers concoct more poisons to sell us. Like Nancy Reagan’s “just say no to drugs” while the C.I.A. was flooding the streets with cocaine.

  2. Those tiny kids are seriously trying to follow directions…….. and the worried questions in their faces….. is someone threatening them?
    those skinny little arms… they need some food …..

  3. I must admit it’s an eye opener. Once we are past the grieving imposed on us by the government funded t.v programmes we will come to some realization of how we have been conned.

  4. Thank you Scott for this detailed analysis of this all. Being a Pakistani I am watching all this closely and they staged this drama with good planning but still many loopholes in it. When this Malala was being taken to the hospital she was moving her legs, if the bullet hit her brain she can’t move any part of her body. We even saw pictures (many say just photoshop) while she was walking herself to the stretcher when she had to be taken in a helicopter to fly to a hospital in Islamabad. So this all seems to be true now.

    We will all see what is all behind this drama and who will oppose it as you said a hero of 14 year old who has been with CIA since last 2009. Yes..

  5. “to enroll a new 61 million kids in new charter (public/private) schools across the globe by 2015”

    I’m not disputing it – I get the charter school privatization scam, but is there a citation for the “charter (public/private)” or “for profit” parts of this UN education story?

    None of the provided links mention “charter” schools or “for profit” as far as I can tell, they just say “schools”. If there is no such citation it kills the credibility; indicating that there’s no evidence that charter or for-profit schools are explicitly part of the plan.

    If there is a citation that says so I’d love to see it.

    Also, do you know if alleged Turkish CIA assset Imam Fethullah Gülen, who runs more charter schools in the United States than any other charter school chain, is related to the UN education initiative? He’s apparently one of Erdogan’s principal masters and, according to the link below, has dreams of international conquest. You will become interested in him if you’re not already.

  6. @ willyloman @ jan 10:

    here is the link of a detailed interview and analysis by talat hussain (a pakistani anaylist, quite neutral.)

    this analysis includes the interviews with malala’s family members, (who denied that there were no threats, similary visiting the place where this “incident” happened, inner view of her school van etc.

    bad news is its in URDU.

    will try to subtitling it and upload it, let me get free.

  7. Looks more like a personally tailored story having some integral functions………..the writer should have seen thousands of supporters gathering across Pakistan for this BRAVE PUKHTOON NATIONALIST GIRL……….If the writer cannot find those photos ( NOT PROPAGANDA PICS ) but real rally pics, we ask him to send us a request at

    and we will gladly provide him with the pics.


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  9. Talban not atack of malala

  10. […] globes, and foreign propaganda posters.” AdamYeah, I bet you do.Daddy’s Little GirlAs I have stated before, one of the key elements of this Malala psyop is the Gordon Brown global campaign for charter, […]

  11. Thank you for sharing this. People need to be aware of that education in a Western gaze is only about more exploitation. A great documentary speaks of this, called “Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden.”

  12. […] this information and who is Adam Ellick? Scott Creighton, a war veteran who writes for the blog the American Everyman, had this to say about Ellick on October 17. ‘Meet Adam Ellick, the Council on Foreign […]

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