The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Neoliberal near-Martyr of the Global Free Market Wars

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2013 :

McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

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UPDATE 3: see picture at the end of the article. About 50 activists were ready less than 24 hours after her “shooting” with slick banners, in English, for a march that took place on Oct. 10th. How they got them done so quickly and why they chose to print them up in English is anyone’s guess.

UPDATE 2: Single Bullet Theory redux – a single bullet went from her forehead into her skull, then somehow manged to end up in her shoulder near her neck. They had to change the story of her being shot in the head AND the neck because even as they kept putting out pics of her with her neck covered up like this one, someone screwed up and published the photo I include below which clearly shows she wasn’t shot in the neck. “Malala was shot twiceonce in the head and once in the neck — but her wounds were not life-threatening, according to Tariq Mohammad, a doctor at the main hospital in Mingora.” RT

You mean to tell me a doctor can’t tell if she was shot in the neck? Look at that picture I post just below… you tell me if she was shot in the neck.

Official sources told Dawn that the single bullet, which hit Malala’s head, had pierced down to her backbone.

We have thoroughly examined her, she is in critical condition. The bullet traveled from her head and then lodged in the back shoulder, near the neck,” a doctor told the AFP agency, according to Dawn, requesting anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to media. NBC “News”

And what about that shot in the neck? What kind of doctor says she was shot in the neck?

Shot in the neck? oops…. better fix that story

UPDATE: see photo at the end of this article. Did the injured Malala actually walk across the tarmac to get on the chopper that took her to the military hospital? (H/T Jan)


Kony2012 , Nurse Nayirah, Gay Girl from Damascus, Babies in Syrian hospital storythe Nada story from Iran ,CNN’s Misogynistic Cell Phone Porn Propagnada , the “Obeidy” gang rape story, the Jessica Lynch lies, the Pat Tillman lies, etc. etc. etc…

Endless, mind-numbingly stupid pro-war propaganda designed for maximum emotional context in an era of identity driven “news”

She is our daughter,” Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf

“In attacking Malala, the terrorists have failed to grasp that she is not only an individual, but an icon of courage and hope who vindicates the great sacrifices that the people of Swat and the nation gave, for wresting the valley from the scourge of terrorism,” General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

Two days after the Pakistani military put down a protest against U.S. drone strikes killing innocent civilians in Pakistan, along comes the fake Taliban to claim credit for shooting little innocent Malala in cold blood. The Pakistani military was all over this story from day one and she is now in some military hospital recovering from her “wounds”. Say nothing of the fact that the Pakistani military is deeply imbedded with the Pentagon and the fact that the Peace Pipeline (Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project) is well underway while Unical’s Trans Afghan Pipeline is languishing.

The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project is a major point of contention between U.S. and Pakistani governments. Russia is also now involved as it was Gasprom who stepped up to cut a deal with the Pakistani government to finance and build their section of the pipeline which will take Iranian oil and LNG to areas in Pakistan and India. This was the market that Unical wanted to reach with their Trans Afghan pipeline when they  were attempting to cut a deal with the Taliban back in 1999 and 2000. Survey work is to be completed this month with construction starting by December. Iran has completed their section.

There is a lot at stake in Pakistan these days and suddenly we have the story of little innocent Malala plastered on every news channel and paper in the country. This is the story of Malala Yoursafzai: neoliberal near-martyr of the Global Free Market Wars

Thus is the story of little Malala Yousafzai cruelly shot down by the mean-old Taliban because she dared to want to go to school like all the other little kids and wrote a blog under a pen name for… wait for it… wait for it… the BBC.

“My mother liked my pen name ‘Gul Makai’ and said to my father ‘why not change her name to Gul Makai?’ I also like the name because my real name means ‘grief stricken‘.” BBC

Bring in the professional photographers and the acting lessons for little miss “grief stricken” from corporate artisians like those at Hill & Knowlton who taught Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ to lie to the U.S. congress about a bunch of mean-old Iraqis who took babies from their incubators and threw them on the cold floor. You can expect a staring performance by Malala in front of some kind of congressional committee just as soon as she “recovers” from her “wounds”

Malala wants to be a politician when she grows up according to the Washington Post. Ask my opinion and she is well on the way. Seems like she and her father want some kind of position in the newly minted Pakistan, fresh filled with U.S. and British puppet politicos much like the Vichy French regime who were installed by the Nazis in July of 1940 and collaborated with them for 4 years afterwards sending French Jews and other “undesirables” to meet their ends in the concentration camps of Germany.

Enter Laura Bush stage left. She writes an Op Ed for the Washington Post where she lauds the “brave” young Malala and commands us to know “a girls courage challenges us to act“. Forget the fact that Laura Bush’s husband did more lasting damage to the education of children with his relentless campaign to defund public schools across the country so they could be privatized like the prison system and the military industrial complex. Forget the fact that her husband is directly responsible for lying us into two wars of aggression in which countless Malala’s have been blown to pieces. Forget the fact that under the Bush regime, our troops ran midnight raids in occupied nations dragging the fathers out of the homes leaving little girls like Malala fatherless in a war-torn, broken nation.

Forget all that… Malala challenges us to act.

But what does she mean by “act”?

As coincidence would have it, the Taliban just “happened’ to attack little innocent Malala at a perfect time for the Obama administration. Protests across Pakistan were gaining the attention of the international press. The people of Pakistan are sick of Barack’s drones blowing up their children while a study just came out exposing the fact that for every assumed “terrorists’ they kill, his drones kill 40 or so innocent people. And thus, little innocent Malala’s attack couldn’t have come at a better time for the re-election seeking President Peace Prize.

Pakistani security forces have prevented a convoy protesting American drone strikes, headed by opposition politician Imran Khan, from entering a lawless tribal region along the border with Afghanistan.

The convoy of at least 10,000, which also included American members of the U.S.-based Code Pink antiwar group, was stopped by hundreds of security personnel just miles from the border of South Waziristan. The region is a hotbed for Pakistani Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants.” RFE Oct. 7th 2012

Two days later on Oct. 9th 2012, Malala was reportedly shot on a school bus. Interesting timing huh?

Also of note, the Pakistani military has been all over the Malala shooting story since the very first moments. She was reportedly taken to a military hospital. Here is a photo of that transfer via military helicopter.

Supposedly shot in the head. See her little bandage? Shot in the head. Proof positive, right?

If you go here you can pull up a bunch of photos of little innocent Malala being carted out of the ambulance which first took her to a hospital in Mingora. As she was being pulled out of the vehicle, you can see military personel makes up about 60% of the people standing around with the rest being hospital staff. In this dramatic shot, you can see a high ranking Pakistani military figure lurking in the background.

High ranking military officials all over the Malala story? Hmmm…..

How did the Pakistani military get to the hospital at the same time the ambulance did? How did they mobilize high ranking officials so quickly?

Immediately afterwards the fake Taliban spokesman in Pakistan, Ehsanullah Ehsan, took credit for the attack on the schoolgirl by a “phone call” claiming they did it because she liked Barack Obama and because she supported “Western Ideas”. This by the way is the same fake Taliban spokesman who told the drone protesters to basically “f*ck off” after the protest was turned back by the Pakistani military.

This is the same Ehsanullah Ehsan who took credit for a double bombing in 2011 claiming it was in response to the killing of bin Laden. That confession was also by phone from an “undisclosed location”


The “brave Malala” story is completely fake just like the Jessica Lynch story, just like the Nurse Nayirah story, just like the Nada story from Iran. It’s a marketing campaign, selling war via emotional contextualism dependent on high levels of cognitive dissonance. In other words;

“we need to act to have our Peace Prize “winning” president commit to sending MORE drones and bombers into Pakistan to blow up a lot of innocent little girls because the evil Taliban shot ONE little girl in the head.. and by the way… she’s just fine because the military which we fund has been all over the case since the moment it began… and by the way don’t think about that up-coming election or that anti-drone protest building in Pakistan or that Peace Pipeline that is about to have construction started on it by our new-old arch rivals, the Russians.”

That’s the nature of political discourse in America these days. They get some Madison Avenue hotshot to come up with the same old tired bullshit (Gay Girl from Damascus anyone?) and they fully expect us to swallow it without a second thought. It’s ridiculous, it’s insulting, but it’s all they have. They want that pipeline stopped and they’ll sink to any low to see that they have a justification for doing it.

And thus our little “grief stricken” mouthpiece has a new role to play; neoliberal near martyr of the Global Free Market Wars.

UPDATE: Jan noticed something in one of the photos on CNN which I linked to. Check out the young person (or shorter person) walking behind the man in the white at the rear of the group. She’s wearing the same color pants and shawl as Malala in the other photos and it seems that the gurney they are using to carry her to the waiting chopper is empty. Did she and her father walk onto that chopper and someone screwed up when editing the photo?

Here is a picture of the girl with her father. Notice the guy running beside the woman in the picture is ducking down a bit but it seems like they are the right height ratio father to daughter to possibly be the two in the picture.

Here is a little known photo of the girl right after the attack. Who washed her hair while she was fighting for her life? Bullet went in this girl and down through her neck?

In English less than 24 hours after the fact? hmm…


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  1. Interesting, how come President Kennedy was shot in the head and neck… and part of his head is blown off? Of course, in that first link, the man hints that maybe the bullet is lodged in her brain… so it did not exit? How come? do bullets just stop inside the soft tissue of the brain? It does look mighty suspicious….

    • kennedy was hit by two bullets. one from behind which pushed him forward. the second one hit him in the head from the front and exiting from the rear and threw him backwards. see the oliver stone movie JFK. they have a 3 second actual scene in black and white showing kennedy’s body lying in the morgue and the hole in the back of his head with pieces of brain on the table. not a pleasant sight. but for one who wants to know what really happened, i think it’s worth a see. the movie was so compelling that Congress promised to reopen the case but never did. i wonder why?

      • Because they did not want us to know the truth. Yes, I saw Oliver Stone’s movie. … And Oswald did not shoot Kennedy…

  2. I would hardly refer to her as a neo liberal. She spoke at a conference of Socialist Youth, who are affiliated to the International Marxist Tendency in Pakistan.

    • hm. Would that be like the “socialist” leadership in France? How socialist is that? Just for future reference, when they see a trend developing in certain countries, they make sure they have people in position to hijack it from within. Not that she is or is going to, but just take for example all those “dissidents” who pushed themselves into power in the Occupy movement… “dissidents” ah, no. Neoliberals calling themselves “dissidents”? Yep. Kinda like Barack Obama being called a “progressive” or even a “socialist” by the right. ain’t so.

      • nope.
        As for your oh so convincing paint job, the doctor said the bullet *lodged* in her neck. that is on the inside, which makes sense because she was probably shot from an upward angle. Who’s claiming she’s pro-Obama? Oh right, the taliban does. And they would never ever lie/have some crazy “all our opponents must be funded by the US” conspiracy going right?

        • Wrong “k” that’s a direct quote about her being shot twice in the neck. As the quote and the link show, it was from her doctor in the first hospital she went to, AFTER she was examined.

          Clearly the link to the RT story is right there for you to see and just for the fun of it, here’s a CBS News story making the exact same claim, that the doctor clearly stated she had been shot in the neck, when she had not been.

          Malala was shot twice — once in the head and once in the neck — but her wounds were not life-threatening, said Tariq Mohammad, a doctor at the main hospital in Mingora.” CBS News

      • …Socialist Youth are Trotskyites. And if she is a genuine socialist, why is she promoting her daddy’s Schools-for-profit agenda?

    • she is too young to have political affiliations and thoughts. socialism isn’t such a bad idea specially in poor countries. americans like to see things from their point of view. america is blessed with enormous resources. other countries are not. you haven’tseen what hunger is. nor are you aware that there are places in the world where people have to trudge 5 miles under sweltering heat, sometime on burning sand, to fetch a pail of drinking water. that people have to share stagnant wanter with their animals. dotry to know how the poor of the world live. i am sure you will have a better understanding about aspects of people helping each other out by pooling resources. some would call it socialism. by the way, marxism, as it was known exists nomore. malala, too, had this desire to pool resources to help out the poor.

      • Man, I know things really well in the area for being from the very nearby area. but nothing like you portrayed exists at least in Mingora nor do I see a sense of socialism or markism (the good side of it). It’s just for money, the poor girl isn’t even aware whats going on, it’s all her father greed for money which he couldn’t get by legal and positive way.

  3. And in the meantime – the Benghazi story completely fell apart.
    Nothing to do with the ¨innocence of muslims¨ clear foreknowledge etc. just as this blog has rightfully deduced a month ago.
    And now this and drone strikes killing ¨islamist fighters and other fighters¨ I do not even wonder anymore what is meant by ¨other fighters¨
    But I do wonder why sovereign countries do not just shoot down these drones – I mean are they not violating sovereign airspace… are there agreements with the imperium from these assorted countries to allow murderous arcade games being played out in the real with its citizens?

    • Oh Brian, thank you very much for not being a Pakistani and pointing that out! I AM however a Pakistani and am wondering why the heck we don’t shoot them out the skies! Then I’m reminded that we have a political administration subservient to the USA, and dare not offend them even for the rights of their own people. They are too scared that USA might scold or threaten them over shooting down a drone, and would point out that Pakistan is a hindrance to the war on terror etc. Though I don’t see that as an excuse at all, basically our government hasn’t the balls to stand up for itself.

      • Man, it’s not about balls, it’s about money. they are not killed people like you are killed who vote for them upto some extent and don’t oppose or vote against them to an even greater extent.

        so the core problem is in you (people like you) and people like the girl’s father who is ready to sell his daughter for such agendas.

        hope you pakis do something for yourself/////

    • Well, the propaganda put out by Musharaf and others is that if they shoot down the drones, the US will destroy Pakistan.

      • Pakistan has nukes. My guess is, drones are about as much as we will do. Of course, they probably will further destabilize the country with even more “terrorists’, but those drones are expensive… shoot down about 10 of them and see how motivated congress is to keep up the attack.

  4. in the third picture from the top you mentioned **High ranking military officials all over the Malala story? Hmmm…***……my dear if you know even little about the uniform of army you would not have written that…i donot know whats your agenda, because that uniformed person is a private security guard might be from the hospital or from ambulance service….he is not at all wearing army uniform……please stop making fool out of the readers…

    • hmmm… let’s see, tan shirt (or khaki) open collar, with red and gold bars… hmm….

      here’s the pic I pointed out…

      and here’s a pic of the Sind Regiment March 23rd Pakistan day.

      khaki shirt, open collar, red and gold bars (depending on rank I guess)

      any other questions?

      • So we have a sind regiment personal in Swat ! never knew Swat is in Sind. Many private security firms have these kind of dress, but still if its the Army personal then what? we all know that after swat operation army has not left Swat and is assisting local administration in maintaining Law and order situation.

        • sindh regiment people can be anywhere.. it’s not like sindh regiment is only deployed in sindh.. Punjab regiment only in Punjab..

          PS: i am not saying that sindh regiment guys were in fact there. they could be though.

          • I agree. But I just used them as an example of a dress that was similar to what I saw the guys wearing who pulled her out of the first ambulance and took her into the hospital.

            The article mentions he is dressed in “military” uniform. Could be Sindh, could be someone else. Could be a private contractor. I don’t know. I just thought it was odd that some form of the military was there so soon.

            The rest of the BS story has unraveled in a very short period of time. Could be that someone in the military is setting up a coup attempt in order to facilitate a faster transition to a NATO/U.S. complicit regime in Pakistan and THAT is why we see the military all over this story.

            No one can disagree that the military took control of this case very quickly and took control of Malala almost immediately. The whole story revolves around the Pakistani military at this point and I guess that means the ISI and CIA as well since they are closely tied to each other.

          • C’mon army guys hv this same uniform,pls first get ur facts right before allegedly putting accusations….

      • Pakistan Army does not have these sort of rank badges . They put on mettalic badges made up of brass . The chap in the picture is certainly a security guard and there is no doubt about that .

        • No,the army guys at cmh hv this kind of uniforms,go get ur facts rite before accusing malala or the army…

      • 🙂
        I thought in 21st century people have enough info and a brain to use.

        The guy who have made this post seems to lack brains and have plenty of junk to play with like we have in PAKISTAN this Jihadi media who keeps inventing Photoshopped stuff over internet from Palestine to Burma.

        All the photos shown here prove nothing. The other lady in pic above can be any other person or nearest family member or anyone else. Whats the big deal here?

        And why cant an Sindh regiment guy be posted in Sawat ?

        My own known Officer bro in Baloch regiment was posted in KARACHI last year, so ?

        • Sure, she could be the virgin Mary or Wonder Woman as well. She could be an alien. She could be a shape-shifting lizard person… but the fact remains, she is the same size as Malala, wearing the same clothes, with the same hair color and there are no other pictures of her getting off the helicopter when it lands and as you can clearly see from the video.

          • Let me get this straight. Black shawls are very common in the sub-continent. Most women have black hair and are between 5 feet and 5 feet 3 inches. No other pictures of her getting off the helicopter is a weird argument to use. Not sure how you deduced the size of the girl in the picture. In the picture with her father, she is not even tall enough to reach her father’s shoulder. The girl in the picture is up to the lower end of the face of the man she is running with. Get a life my friend

          • Who r u,btw?n y shd we believe u?u cld b one of the same group of ppl who r behind this?

            • That’s a good question, you should always ask it. My writing is here, my footprints on the web aren’t hard to find. Unlike so many alternative and dissident activists, I never served in the military, never served in the CIA.. go figure. I’m not on any payroll, not paid by any foundation. Hell, even Tarpley is currently promoting Obama and I won’t even do that. Can’t prove anything more than what I offer and if that is enough, good. If not, I still encourage you to question every source these days because they are in my opinion mostly infected. Welcome to my site.

          • This s all crap,this country n it’s natives hv and are already going thru a lot,stop plz accusing an innocent child in ur nonsense self created blogs,I believe u r a pro Taliban n trying to protect them via this….the problem with patriots like u is,ur own ppl r bad,u find wrong in the innocents n u side with god knows who…if drones attacks are condemnable so is malala z attempt to murder…that girl u r pointing at in the pic cld b her mom or sis or any other family member?mite b a fotoshop creation of somebody like u ur self or the ppl who actually attacked her….may Allah sav this country and its innocent ppl,ameen

    • the man in the military uniform is right behind him!

  5. Wow, just wondering how you came up with this ridiculous idea?

    • I read and I don’t just listen to whatever O’Reilly or Cooper tell me…. in short, I evaluate the evidence and think for myself.

      • All crap n made up story….malign n sickening on ur part to giv this pic to such a barbaric act of killing/ shooting f a fourteen yr old girl child,shame

  6. Thats not a high ranking official hahah. High ranking officials have stars on their shoulders not stripes. Enough of this non sense.

  7. Dear Scott/willyloman, as you prefer.

    I must commend your composition of this article. It as been in my nature to always be a skeptic of things like this in the news. Heck I would have questioned how an 11 year old goes blogging in the back of beyond in a country where the internet isn’t exactly the best facility, but I missed out on that news being in UK at the time.

    It is indeed highly suspicious how this one girl, out of many children who get injured crying for an educations, got THIS famous. Madonna tattooing her name on her back? That’s when it hit rock bottom for me, it’s all too bloody convenient!

    I would also add that being the TTP, how on earth do they manage to stop the bus, identify who the ‘anti-Islam’ victim is, and only shoot her once? From POINT BLANK range? A group known for blowing schools up and attacking without remorse or mercy, shoots ONE bullet, and then afterwards says we’ll kill her next time? I’m even at a point wondering if she was shot at ALL.

    Our media in Pakistan is ridiculous and without responsibility; however our public are even worse, allowing themselves to be hoodwinked because of their cognitive laziness. And afterwards they have they audacity to be upset that they were lied to. Then again, that second point is not so much different from anywhere else is it?

    I was to do some digging on this issue, but I see you have done it for me. Thanks a lot, buddy, do keep it up!

  8. not posting comments, are we! afraid much?

  9. you disgusting person, stop this freaking sensationalism.
    Almost every person in Pakistan has the same hair colour
    I don’t know how you do it in US but in our part of the world it is still very much a part of nurses job to clean blood (including in the hair) from an injured person immediately to stop infection. But there’s an easier explanation: the little girl washed her hair before going to school, and presumably (as liquids often tend to do), blood travelled down her face and neck and not up into her hair.
    Again, things might be different in your country but here, every town which has a photo-studio can make what we call “flexi print” (prob. brand name) banners of any size of any picture/ writing combination in something like 5-20 minutes (depending on size). Yes, English is our official language and we so much more prefer banners in English which make the protest look ‘respectable’ and catch the eyes, rather than Urdu which no one reads (because there are far too many of them) and invites the ire of policemen (who read these better).
    The girl walking to the helicopter could well be her sister or perhaps the friend who was also slightly injured in the attack… anyone really.
    The “father-daughter ratio” you so scientifically observe would be the same between any average height adult and 14 year old child.
    The ‘shalwar’ (trousers) of the girl on the stretcher are maroon (and yes, it’s her shalwar not her shawl: very obviously) while those of the girl walking to the helicopter are a lighter shade of red. Anyway after white, red is the most common colour of women’s shalwars.
    Have you heard something called military hospitals? We have many of them, though here they are called “combined military hospitals (CMH)” (i.e. army and civil)–run by the army but open to all. The commander of such a hospital is at least a Lt. Col. and often a Brigadier.
    (part 1/3)

  10. The rank of the person in the picture is not clear. We (and most countries in the world) don’t use bars for army ranks (only navy—white shirts or airforce—blue shirts). This rank could a JCO (junior commissioned officer) be something similar to what you call warrant officer but there are too many incosistancies: badge of left pocket, shoulder patch not standard, etc. So probably a security guard (they do dress quite similar to the army)
    As per my knowledge there is no CMH in Mingora but since an army garrison is based nearby, they must have a field ambulance (smaller mobile hospital). Civil hospitals in smaller places like Mingora lack experienced surgeons. AMC on the other hand always has them handy due to the nature of their work. Possible then that as the girl was taken to the civil hospital, they requested the army surgeon and trauma nurses from the field ambulance until she was airlifted by the army to the nearest garrison town (Peshawar)

  11. Little bandage? do you know how small a bullet is? Entry holes cannot be any bigger than the bullet itself: it’s pure physics man. Exit holes, however are much bigger, hence Pres. Kennedy missing half his face. Too many variables determine presence of exit hole and travel of the bullet: pistol or riffle, muzzle velocity, type of bullet used, angle of shot and many others. From just looking at a few pictures and hearing sketchy accounts one can’t put all these variables together. And yes, either due to angle or slower velocity, angle of contact with the skull bone, etc. the bullet can well lose its velocity (esp. if fired from a pistol) and travel down the neck with gravity.
    And for Z shah: grow some balls. What got the little girl famous? Her absolute and indomitable courage. Courage is respected, cowardice is deplored. Being critical is good but being apologist and trying to find a hidden hand behind a straightforward issue is cowardice. Same applies to willyman
    (last part)

    • Don’t you think it would be foolish to rule out the presence of a hidden hand? Do you have any proof that there was no hidden hand? You are being equally unreasonable in your version of the story (imagination).

      • Aside from the fact that the original version of the official story has fallen apart, the timing of all of this is very convenient for those who wish to put an end to the Iran-Pakistan pipeline and it’s not just the owners of the (TAPI) pipeline either or those who stand to profit from it… but also those agencies and nations who wish to cause further harm to Iran like, say, Israel and the Mossad. Of course they don’t want to see Iran pumping all that LNG to India (who by the way are not adhering to the oil sanctions). There’s a lot at stake, and with the Russian firm set to begin construction in country in December, time is running out to stop them. Perhaps a military coup is what is required to do just that. This also must be taken into consideration.

      • I’m starting to think the person I see pictured there is Inter-Services Public Relations, the propaganda arm of the Pakistani military. That would be VERY interesting wouldn’t it?

        “Apart from functioning as the public relations body of the Pakistan Army, the ISPR handles exclusive dissemination of information regarding Pakistan’s military operations in Wana & Swat.”

        They also write scripts, do programing on television.

        and its purpose is to garner national support for the Armed Forces and strengthen their resolve to accomplish the assigned mission while undermining the will of the adversary.”

        Clearly at this point, the end result of this incident seems to be what they keep saying over and over again, that the shooting of Malala has galvanized the people of Pakistan against any kind of reconciliation with the Taliban, the adversary of the NATO U.S. backed military….

        and look at this… the ISPR has denied that US special operations teams were in Pakistan in May of this year… hmmm…..

        “Pakistan on Thursday denied reports of the United States sending military trainers back into Pakistan to instruct Frontier Corps (FC) trainers in counter-insurgency warfare. The statement was backed up later by a Pentagon spokesperson.” Express tribune

        Notice that the special operations forces that were denied by the ISPR (tied to the ISI) a being in the country, were reportedly there working with the Frontier Corps of the Special Operations Wing. They have a rather bad history to say the least…

        Till September 2011 more than 190 dead bodies have been found. The Frontier Corps and ISI have been accused of being behind the killing. The Special Operations Wing (SOW) of Frontier Corps has also been allegedly involved in it. The methodology of ISI is to work with Frontier Corps to tackle the situation. ISI has installed various intelligence units all over Pakistan to gather information. Most of ISI’s alleged abductions come from the Makran and coastal regions of Balochistan. Baloch passengers of these areas have witnessed illegal abductions by ISI on the local bus routes of Balochistan

        Read the Human Rights Watch report

        • Yes willyman, ISPR is quite a doctor-goebles saga and ISI is indeed quite as nasty (unless you prescribe to the Realpolitik school as they do). But this point is neither here nor there because if you dig deep enough, “only the ghost who has no arms has the cleanest hands”: ISI, CIA, state department, etc. all have some dirty connection with Taliban/ Al-Qaeda types.
          The point is that they have targeted and killed many courageous, innocent people, but shooting a 14 year old girl goes beyond every other barbarity and now lines have to be drawn, sides taken, cards shown and any conspiratorial view does amount to cowardice giving the nasty buggers one more silent victory. Enough is enough.
          Watch this lecture and Q&A after

      • TM, don’t try to hide behind pseudo-philosophical argumentation: one can only argue for or against any point with logic. I’ve written nothing but logic. Prove me wrong, or prove logic in your point and we can debate. If not, sit in your room and sulk.
        At times like this when a 14 year old girl gets shot in the head for being brave, truthful and courageous (apart from hundreds of other similarly brave vicitims like the police chief of the Frontier, and the police man who diffused 200 bombs, and many, many more) the lines are clearly drawn: you look for a ‘hidden hand’ and you’re being apologetic: Taliban have already won an ally. Cowardice is nothing more than nitpicking on the fence when one MUST take a position. Wasn’t it Prince Hamlet who said: conscience (in the sense of fore-thought) makes cowards or us all’?

        [edit: this person has been banned for making several threatening statements directed at other readers]

        • “… you look for a ‘hidden hand’ and you’re being apologetic: Taliban have already won an ally.”

          ah, you’re with us or you’re with the enemy, is that it?

          As to your other statement, no you are not being strictly logical. Fact is, this story stinks to high heaven and even though they keep trying to fix it, it still stinks. Like the “Innocence of the Muslims” psyop and many others that fail when looked at in too bright a light.

          But that isn’t your concern is it? You hold fast to the “blame anyone they tell me too” logic, right? That’s the way of it? Keep mentioning the innocent little 14 year old girl and report in whomever dares question the official story.

          And you seem to be aborting the beauty of the play you tried to quote. The point of the play is the PROCESS BY WHICH Hamlet comes to act because in that PROCESS OF UNDERSTANDING his anger and his need for revenge, he has to confront the very real harm that he is going to do to his mother, his girl friend, his best friend and himself in the process. But I guess you would simply call that collateral damage.

          Perhaps you should consider the line from the Greek tragedy “whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”. That might get you a bit closer to the meaning of Hamlet.

          Of course, if you were writing Hamlet, it would be three lines long:

          ISI: Go kill the evil doer cus he whacked your daddy and a little 14 year old girl

          Hamlet: Got it. (Hamlet kills everyone)


          There’s a reason the play is what it is. I know they don’t teach most kids that these days, but it is a fact. It’s a big world out there, you should at least try to experience some of it before you get to old to understand what you are seeing.

          • This was a beautiful statement. I hope this site never gets shut down. It’s difficult to find spontaneous tidbits like this on the over-trafficked interwebs.

    • True true,

  12. Dude, put that tinfoil hat back on your head, And F**K yourself.

  13. How did the military officials get to the hospital the same time as the ambulance? Because the attack was done near a military check-point, and they infact assisted from the beginning. Stop the Selfish conspiracy theories. Pakistan has nothing to gain, including that pipline to keep refering too.

  14. i highly condemn the attack on malala, being courageous and innocent girl. No Muslim can attack on a girl which is against the teaching of ISLAM. we should think about the conspiracy theory behind this act which reflect that this staged by the non Muslims and anti pakistan elements including the agent of non muslims in Pakistan.
    ALLAH bless out country and destroy the anti pakistan element. Aameen

  15. The Pakistani military is sold out man… to scare the public, they put out such made up stories: The US will launch an all out attach, blah blah

  16. Thursday, 24th Dhul Qa’adah, 1433H 11/10/2012 N0: PR12062
    “Raymond Davis Network” is behind the evil attack on Mulala Yousufzai
    Attack on Mulala is a brutal attempt to win peoples support to fight America’s war against terrorism
    The attack on Mulala Yousufzai is a brutal attempt by traitors within political and military leadership to win back the peoples support so that they could spread this American backed war against terrorism to other parts of the country. Previously a fabricated video and an attack on GHQ were used as an excuse to launch military operations in Swat and tribal areas. But then the people awoke to the reality of the game plan of the traitors within political and military leadership. That is why even after the attacks on Mehran Naval base in Karachi and Kamra air base, traitors within the political and military leadership failed to gain the people’s support to extend this American war to other parts of the country. People now know that it is this traitor leadership that has allowed terrorist organizations like Blackwater and terrorists like Raymond Davis to freely move around the country. It is this Raymond Davis network planes and execute attacks on military installations and arrange for blaming the tribal Muslims. After the failure of this plan these, traitors within the political and military leadership came with a new and more brutal and evil plan in order to win back peoples support. They have now tried to slaughter an innocent fourteen years old girl, Mulala Yousufzai, for their evil purpose. If General Kayani and traitors within the political and military leadership were really so concerned to safe guard Islam and so worried against the spilling of innocent Muslim blood then they would have not: kept quiet like a corpse when Prophet (s.a.w) was slandered by America and the West, sold the sacred blood of twenty four soldiers of armed forces, who were killed in Salala, and re-opened the NATO supply line, exposed Muslim men, women and innocent children of tribal areas to drone attacks, handed over Afia Siddiqui, the daughter of this nation, along her children, kept quiet against target killings in Karachi and all over the country and abducted hundreds of people like Naveed Butt, the official spokesman of 0Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan, through their thugs in front of their children such that people run pillar to post in courts for several years in a frantic search to establish the whereabouts of their loved ones. General Kayani’s speech at Kakul on 13 August 2012, in which he stated that “The fight against extremism and terrorism was our own war and we are right in fighting it. Let there be no doubt it, otherwise we will be divided and taken towards civil war” and the statement which he issued on the incidence of an attack on Mulala Yousufzai that “We will fight, regardless of the cost’’ makes it clear that traitors within the political and military leadership are using brutal and evil tactics in order to compel the people of Pakistan to consider the so called war against terrorism as American war against Islam, rather they should embrace it as their own war. Hizb ut-Tahrir appeals to each and every segment of the society that they should denounce this horrific act of terrorism by these traitors within the political and military leadership and Remand Davis network. Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon sincere officers within Pakistan’s armed forces that they should uproot these traitors within the political and military leadership and give Nussrah to Hizb ut-Tahrir for the establishment of Khilafah. Sincere officers your silence is encouraging these traitors and they are constantly hatching conspiracies against this Ummah. Only the Khilafah can bring Pakistan out of this American war and end the American hegemony within Pakistan and its region.
    Shahzad Shaikh

    Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

    • A little typo here, old boy. Deputy spokesman of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, not Hizb ut-Tahrir. I understand, with so many psudonyms, one does tend to forget the real one.
      I say as we can’t stop the drones, why not make use of them: when will you be in North Waziristan next? I can arrange for your reception and lodging

      [edit: this person has been banned for making several threatening statements directed at other readers]

  17. Soon after 1965 War a Pakistani Canadian Professor wrote in Dawn –a half page article with the caption “Pakistani mind root cause of all the crisis”. I wish some one could reprint. It will be an appropriate response to the afore mentioned..

  18. It does seem like a staged attack but not by the Pakistani military who often display international resistance in the name of sovereignity. Who is to gain from it is anyone’s guess,particularly when anti drone protests took a political turn across the country. The author has presented a brilliant idea of shooting down a couple’ve these drones and observing what happens in the Congress. @ Shahzad Shaikh, u maybe sincere in ur observations but think about it,aggression is not the answer to political problems…

    • I agree. Aggression is not the answer to political problems. The problem is, they (meaning the consortium who runs the U.S. and Britain) have tried political and even bribery solutions to this problem, the problem of getting their pipeline done so the Peace Pipeline fails, but they were not able to do so. In that event, THEY choose aggression toward the people and the resistance of Pakistan, as they often do.

      So the problem facing Pakistan, like the problems facing Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Syria and others, is an imperial conquest problem and it is very difficult to address that kind of campaign by “getting out the vote” if you will.

      Look, these drone strikes are killing civilians. They are supposedly in violation of a sovereign nation’s airspace and territory. It is against international law.

      Do you think for a minute that if Cuba or someone else flew a drone over the southern tip of Florida and hit a target, that the U.S. would hesitate for a minute to knock it out of the sky?

      What just happened in Israel?

      We would not go looking for a “political” solution.. we would take them out in a heart beat. And if I’m not mistaken, there is a politician rising in Pakistan who clearly states that if elected, Pakistani airspace and sovereignty will be first and foremost his main objective. He claims at least that he will order these drone blown out of the sky and I think he means it.

      The problem for Pakistan is that their military and some politicians are in bed with the CIA and the other operators of the drone strikes.

      The primary purpose of any national government is to protect their population from outside aggression by whatever means necessary. Once long ago a man by the name of Fidel proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would do just that. Cuba has been free of this neoliberalism ever since and we are taught in school to hate him for it.

      Aggression is not the only solution nor is it the preferable one but sometimes it is unavoidable.

      • Are drone strikes illegal when both the countrys have agreed to it? Forgive me for being crass but is there such a thing as rape with consent? Read
        The problem facing Pakistan is home-grown terrorists we ourselves and then have pseudo-intellectuals defend them against our own people to justify expansionist policies in Afghanistan and convince the US that they need us more than we need them. It is as simple as that. It is fine to have the society go to the dogs, but not fine to lose strategic interests (or what they call strategic depth).
        Agression is not always the answer but sometimes it is: Hitles was the clear example, and Taliban/ Al-Qaeda similarly. Perhaps just because I’m livid, but right now I think that Taliban apologists, like Nazi supporters also deserve some aggression.

        [edit: this person has been banned for making several threatening statements directed at other readers]

    • Why would it be staged Naurin? You’re insinuating that the Taliban are not capable of doing this: have you come across any in your life? Have you read their ideologies and justifications? Do you know how many other Malalaes they have brutally murdered? I don’t wish it upon anyone but for one second put yourself in the shoes of her mother: if your 14 year old daughter is shot by the Taliban, would you really say the same thing? Come to your senses people

      [edit: this person has been banned for making several threatening statements directed at other readers]

  19. Additionally, the Kerry-Lugar Bill put the military and political set up on a confrontational path despite the aid package attached to it which further endorses the fact that the military isn’t sold out. To quote the U.S Administration ” it thinks that while the army has acted robustly against the Pakistani Taliban in Swat, it has failed to show the same level of commitment against the Afghan Taliban who have established “safe havens” in Pakistan from where they operate in Afghanistan.” In fact, the US administration goes to the extent of claiming the presence of the entire Afghan Taliban leadership, termed the “Quetta Shura”, in Pakistan. It wants the army to act against them.

    • So do most, if not all Pakistanis. Unless you’re in bed with the Taliban, do you really want the Taliban in your country (assuming you’re Pakistani). It is also very true that the same army which can cleanse Swat of the menace, cannot do the same in Waziristan and Quetta? Of course they can, and so can the police (without army involvement) but there is lack of committment. from us.
      God you’re educated too: you can even spell Kerry-Lugar

      [edit: this person has been banned for making several threatening statements directed at other readers]

  20. @Willyloman you’re right that a nation’s military is meant to protect it that’s why many here feel war’s knocking at our doors because the politician you pointed out (Imran Khan) has massive street support, and military (ISI wing) support too. When I say aggression is to be resisted I’m merely pointing out the possibilities of a civil war so comfortably proposed by Hizb ul Tehrir above…

    • I understand and to be clear, I know of Imran Khan and his campaign and I support his efforts in your country, I have much less knowledge of Tehrir, though I do know they claim to be against internal violence and terrorism.

  21. Thank you for standing up for humanity regardless of borders it endorses the fact that it’s the governments that rot and not the people around the globe. Tehrir is indeed agaist violence but suicide bombings aren’t helping it’s cause either…it’s adding to the list of casualities side by side of the drones.

  22. I wasn’t protecting the Taliban ARRRGHHHHHH PLZZZ GETTA LIFE

  23. You’ve missed the entire point I was making.Nobody in their sane mind would protect the Taliban ideology,not on their own people,nor on people across the world.Everyone knows the Taliban use international drug money,weapons etc to continue waging war and these ‘finances’ come with conditions. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that the Malala case has erupted within two days of drone protests led by Imran Khan???Probably u can’t read this now but just to set the record straight I wasn’t saying the Taliban didn’t do it. Just wondering who instigated them at this crucial political point to get people so hyped up!

    • Actually poppy production dropped in Afghanistan over the two years of Taliban rule to nearly 1% of what it had been. Now that they’re gone, it’s back up to what it was before and of course, we have to blame the Taliban for that. And to be perfectly honest, the Taliban didn’t use drug money to fund illegal wars of aggression, that would be the United States (see Iran Contra for example) and Great Britain (opium Wars)

      And, as a matter of fact, the Taliban believe in strict interpretations of Islamic law which states they give drug users treatment to get them off drugs while they kill drug dealers.

      By contrast in my home country, we hit drug addicts with harsher and harsher sentences sending them to privately owned for-profit prison systems while we let the big bankers who launder billions of dollars of illegal drug money get off with a little multi-million dollar fine.

      And yes, he can certainly read the comments, he just can’t comment since he can’t seem to do so without ending up threatening violence against people that don’t agree with his point of view, which may give you a little insight to who he might work for.

  24. It hurts to see such a twist being given to Malala shooting. The military doctors were called in because their hospitals are the best in northern Pakistan . She was shot only once and that was in the head. Our religious parties and well known Taliban sympathizers are trying to justify this by blaming it on US drone strikes. There is no connection except the loss of some innocent lives termed as co lateral damage by the US. This is not the first time that the Taliban have targeted a young child. Few years back they slaughtered young children of army officers saying prayers in a mosque. It is pathetic to see so called religious leaders trying to play it down. TTP consists of criminals who are like wild animals. There is no human touch. They motivate people for suicide attacks which have killed over 60000 Pakistanis . Was all that also stage managed. They will have to be rooted out and given the treatment which is given to a dog gone mad. Otherwise this evil will spread in the world and some day also reach you despite your supporting story

    • There’s no denying the Taliban are behind the shooting specially when they’ve claimed responsibility. It’s disgusting to see some people can’t figure out the difference between condemnation and support !The point is who could they have been in collusion with?? It’s an aspect that cannot be ignored if u rise above emotions momentarily!!

      • Over to you from here Willyloman,you’ve made ur point.

      • The Taliban behind the shooting huh?


        How is it you think a doctor in the first hospital she went to couldn’t tell she had not been shot in the neck?

        Why do you think they kept covering up her neck in the photos after they made that claim and only changed the official version of the story once bloggers like me pointed out the photo of her neck showing she hadn’t been shot there?

        Why is the Pakistani military and the ISPR in every single photo of the girl since she was delivered to the first hospital? Ever wonder about that?

        How is it that two Taliban gunmen opened fire on those little kids inside a van, at close range, and didn’t kill either one of them? In fact, I can’t see a single wound on either of the victims. Can you?

        How is it that a high velocity round fired into the skull of a 14 year old kid at point blank range doesn’t do any brain damage at all?

        How is it that the high velocity bullet fired from point blank range didn’t punch a hole through the back of her head, the exit wound, like the one that hit JFK?

        Miracle perhaps?

        Do you think it’s a coincidence that the military needed this kind of publicity stunt in order to garner the public support for more atrocities in Pakistan and Baluchistan and it just happened by chance?

        Do you really think that some real member of the real opposition in Pakistan is behind this “confession” or perhaps do you think it’s kind of like all the fake confessions from the fake al Qaeda we here in the states see all the time?

        Yes, there is denying that the Taliban are behind the shooting. Yes, there are VERY good reasons to believe the entire thing was staged as a propaganda target of opportunity like the pulling down of Saddam’s statue in Iraq (look it up)

      • ah, the Talibann claimed responsibility did they?

        From what I have found so far, the report that they claimed responsibility seems to come from a couple of news papers like the AFP and the Media Dawn Group’s Pakistan Dawn.

        Does the globalist supporting AFP have a vested interest in lying? I don’t know. Do the owners of Pakistan Dawn?Well, they are owned by some of Pakistan’s wealthiest oligarchs.

        • Actually a every interesting report by Reuters.
          Where ad DAWN,AFP,BBC, Express Tribune were trying to pin the tail on TTP affiliate in North Waziristan. Their reprot describes with specifics that the attack was plan an executed by the Moulanah Fazlulah group based in Afghansitan province of Kunar.
          Both groups arent related and not even in same place. Its strange how everyone is trying to suppress the far more plausible Reuters Report.
          Sure makes you think wether the other Newspapers have a agenda.

    • If your first reaction to a crime like the attempted murder of a kid is to suggest we all get behind “rounding up” anyone with any affiliation with a political group and killing them like mad dogs in the street, then my friend, the evil of which you speak has already spread… to you.

      I, on the other hand, suggest a different path. a path that treats this like the crime it is, not a call to slaughter. That’s why I take the time to look at the evidence and the implausibility of the official story rather than simply reacting on emotion (which is exactly what this psyop was intended to create)

      understand the difference?

  25. I am ashamed of this False propaganda? The man being shown as a high ranking officer looks to be a security guard of the school. look at his shoulders once again. These are neither the rank stars of any ARMED FORCES officers or men???

  26. Who is screwing up with photos Allah knows well, my judgement is that who ever wrote this abnoxious story should carefully study the pictures what dress Malala is wearing in the original picture I.e blue shirt and the edited picture shows red shirt shown only at the shoulder. Let us not make things complicated, only pray for peace and tranquility in Pakistan.

  27. The author is another blogger sitting in front of a screen and thinks he knows all about a country and politics that is foreign to him. The story is so bad and technically incorrect that it deserves no comment except that the writer is a a Class A, A**hole

  28. i agree with the author, media coverage tells u the story. This malala story its another CIA cum local traitors combine production.

    • Exactly. There’s an operation underway in N.Waziristan that requires public support.
      As a nation we decry blasphemy and are ready to lay down our lives to protect our faith. We are ready to take up arms and protest against a blasphemous film— a film that can in no real way affect the station of our beloved Prophet (pbuh).
      Is it not blasphemy to silently and indifferently watch God’s creation attacked, humiliated or defiled?Where are the protests now?Let me give you one good reason to care: with these mad monsters running wild and free to do as they please, all of us students could be next!

  29. And i wonder why this einstien’s astute observation was not taken up by any credible newspaper……oh yeah because it is full of holes. Most of the comments above have already identified them so i will spare you the reading. Point is a girl was shot along with her classmate who tried to protect her identity….with the intent to kill be it in the head, shoulder or toe.
    Some questions though….is the shutting and shelling of schools also staged? Killing of shia muslims also staged? Puhhhhhleeez. For a second i accept this fairytale you have spun, i am all in support for staging it….any excuse to exterminate these roaches. God they deserve it.

  30. What rubbish is this? You douschebags wont even spare a young innocent girl. TOTAL RUBBISH!

  31. Hit by Taliban and she survive,how it possible??
    Taliban like kill with blast,not with target killing

    • The claim is that TWO Taliban assassins got into the VAN with her and the two others and shot them at point blank range, in the van, and all three are fine now. Malala is still in the hospital according to the Pakistani military intelligence officers, but the high velocity bullet hit her in the head and did no brain damage to her. The others have already been released from the hospital.

      Curiously the only one who is really out of the picture is the driver of the van. The Pakistani military took him away for some reason, and now he seems to be gone.

  32. Hey, would anyone please supply these kids with some f***`n english banners:
    can not read what they`re trying to say –
    Well nevermind, can not be that important then can it now.

    • bless their hearts… looks like a ‘peoples’ thing… home made signs…..
      the caption says they are protesting random bombing…
      and I know you know that Brian….. I understand what you are saying…
      these kids are not getting any national attention…
      and they are the ones where the random bombs are falling?
      they are important…

  33. I’ve always wondered what would happen if the garbage i threw out had garbage of its own and that garbage subsequently owned a dog which one day pooped. I wondered what that would be like (don’t ask me why i wondered this) and now i know. It would be something like this article.

    Congratulations you’ve just made the world a more stupid place. The collective IQ of the human race has come down by a staggering 50 points.

    • well said

    • LOL.. sorry but I have to respond to this.
      If the garbage of ‘your’ garbage had a dog who pooped….. then the dog is doing a normal and healthy thing….. are you implying that this blog is a healthy event? and if you are implying that after having a healthy normal bowel movement (and that dog would have to poop after eating ;your’ garbage) that the pooping event is stupid?
      I really have to feel worried about your health… you must be one ill tempered constipated and sick person.
      Evidently the human race is doing fine compared to you!
      btw, Americans love their dogs and cats…. don’t be so disrespectful of them. 🙂

      • nice reply, the problem with these people is that they quit pooping out and get constipated upon asking to bring some valied intellectual arguments.

        “ssssshhhhhhh dont say a word to their f*cking beloved ISI and army…”

        • LOL…. thank you 🙂

          • jan10, willyolman, and others.

            we have a problem.

            the blog of American Everyman has been blocked in pakistan.

            i am accessing it via tor browser,

            but i dont think so if people could use it generally.

            plz do something. there is little use of ur voice if it couldnt reached to people of pakistan.


    • and ur comments are nothing but a lousy fart in the stiffed wind…
      why dont u bring something concrete to prove it wrong? get a life or some balls….

  34. The way Media & Rehman Malik is talking about moving army in North Waziristan after Malala’s tragic & barbaric incident clearly reflects to me the CIA might have financed or organized the Malala’s attack………… Just think about it who could befit the most & remember that Americans can go it any extent to achieve their goals.

  35. I think there are certain things about this incident which are interesting. First of all, the timing of this incident. and the PIC in her hairs are dry. Imagine someone shot on forehead!! Her meetings with hal broke…

  36. The details of the incident like the shalwar color, the rank or affiliation of the uniformed person, etc. are somewhat irrelevant. Even if I were to assume the official narrative is 100% accurate and Scott is 100% wrong, the way the western media is playing it definitely reeks of propaganda with very specific goals. I don’t know about you, but to me, when I see New York Times give a third of their entire front page to a photo related to this incident, that says it all… She is already in the UK and we can certainly expect her to make some highly publicized appearances and perhaps even a speech at the UN…

    That being said, I have not seen anyone here or on the web considering this incident, as well as the killing of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi being the result of an intense infighting either between different factions of the US shadow government for public opinion on the eve of the US elections.

    Any thoughts on that?

    And, to those Pakistani commenters who leave passionate remarks pro and con…. Some or all of you are right, or some or all of you are wrong. But please stop for a moment to consider how your passion and possible affiliations can render your comments extremely partial to whatever line of thought and politics you already subscribe to…

    • And, if I may add:

      I am not privy to what really happened.

      But, if I were to treat this as a probability based bet, my money goes to Malala being cast, in advance, as the perfect spokesperson to further someone or another’s agenda, and the shooting incident a staged event to give her publicity, street cred, public’s sympathy and symapthetic ears for whatever agenda she will be (perhaps unknowingly) pushing in the days to come.

  37. Willyloman very rightly said somewhere above the only solution is to treat is as a crime peacefully and not a call for man slaughter,but no,there are two sets of groups operating here,one will become indifferent and look the other way while the other will beat drums of war while accusing anyone opting for a mid course of being a traitor.

  38. …And as I say this,the operation in N.Waziristan is officially underway!

  39. History has shown that peace is not a business profiting nor it is to the benefit of the west. Whether it is world war 1 or 2 or future 3. All of them had a hidden agenda to it. The architect of these wars are never exposed to the public, rather tasks are carried out through puppet or proxy. Just like 9-11. In Malala case i also believe that those foot prints lead to the same architect of 9-11 who are not interested in safe and peaceful Pakistan. On the judgment day, I will not be surprised when the earth reveals the secrets of who killed JKF, Benazir and attacked Malala. But for now I’m not going to believe the main stream media as reality is opposite to appearance. Quran speaks of these secrets societies and warns us against them. ALLAH knows best. May ALLAH guide the Muslims and speedy recover for Malala. She is just a tool of the cause of these evil people.

  40. CNN airs video of Malala uncovered head wound and school bus…

    • The wound appears to be on her left temple, the weaker and thinner part of the human skull…
      don’t see any blood on the van (it is not a school bus)? Guess we wouldn’t see it…..
      If this is a real wound, I don’t see how she can survive without great disabilities to her mind and possibly her body…
      these global take-over planners have no souls….. their souls have withered and died.

      • sorry, there is blood in the van…
        and the film of her being taken into an helicopter must be a different ‘time’ than the one we have seen before…. different men in the front carrying her …. ? Guess she was airlifted more than once?

        nice find, Brian…..

        • I think, this is where she is departing the helicopter – Malala had a certain celebrity status in her neck of the woods for sure, would she be traveling in this ¨bus¨? Perhaps, but perhaps not on a daily basis – it says ¨public school..something¨ on the side of the ¨bus¨ – do we know what school she attended? The blood asf. looks fairly real which would make her a very lucky girl – I guess this footage could act as some kind of lever between the sides who for one say: Yes she was shot (by whom ever) and Scotts theory that – no, she was not even shot.
          Shot or not would in my mind not change much to the conclusions Scott has come about by evaluation.
          Anyhow what is Malala doing in Birmingham receiving reconstructive surgery – what is meant by reconstructive?
          What is Malala doing in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham which is taxpayer funded?

          • Seems if the bullet went into her frail temple, the thin bone might have fragmented…. not made a neat round hole…. the fragments could have cut deep into her nasal system… not to mention what all that bullet did….. guess they would rebuild interior and exterior ?

  41. If the Girl intentionally was Not shot, then the only reason would be for her to deliver the message broadband into every household the world over. But what is the message?
    The unsuspecting public, by her being shot, already got the message of the ¨evil Taliban¨ many times over – so what i she going to tell us after reconstructive surgery that same public does not already ¨know¨?

    • Well, I guess she will ad credence to what ever message tptb want her to deliver
      Sorry, talking to myself here – but this puzzles me as much as the J.Holmes story – how do ¨they¨control¨ their patsies not to ever spill the beans – especially a 14 year old…?

      • good question… ‘they’ shot Oswald rather quickly.
        The Holmes character (not too sure it is Holmes) is kept sedated until they get him locked away in a mentally ill facility .
        and maybe little Malala will never recover enough to say anything but her promoters will say plenty…. and if she does start her own speaking-program, maybe she will actually believe what she says after they finish training her… England….

        • perhaps in England yes – police guards were reporting how some individuals posing as family tried to visit little Malala. But of course vigilant as they were, they identified them as fraudsters emphasizing, how secure Malala was and that nobody suspicious would get near her – she is in good hands.

  42. It is so sad that Malala has to go thghrou this… Her story messed up my sleep last night; but I am even more sad that why the families shot in the middle of their sleep by an American soldier did not get a fraction of this attention? Sympathy? Any government to ACT? Malala WAS an activist, what about 9 year old boy shot to death while asleep? What did he do?

  43. willy u owe a hearty applause from me as a pakistani, as the grand bewilderment caused by this forged deceit has been so intensely propagated that it has created a national schizophrenic atmosphere all over in pakistan. as long as ppl like you breathe among us we remain hopeful that we will be able to defeat these fanatic war morgons in global ruling aristrocracy…good work dude!

    • Thanks Dr. Shahbaz. I wish you and all the people of Pakistan the best in these difficult times. I know it seems like there are way too few of us here in the states who are sympathetic to the plight of the people in your country, but the numbers are rising and the people are waking up to the reality of what our left cover president is actually doing. I will keep at it.

  44. Didn’t know u had it in u doc,emergency’s doing u good 😉 unlike ‘violence is the name of the game’ friend list up there

  45. Hey willi, my eyes have been opened, the newspapers and the media, everyone is spewing propaganda for ages. My heart just aches. When I saw the arrivals I had an effect for a little while but now, in my own backyard? The Americans/Zionist plan 10 years or more ahead.

  46. great article Willy, you really cleared the whole picture for me. To be honest buddy, open minded people in my region are the one with least tolerance and patience. You cannot convince them what against the opinions enforced on them by our stupid sold media.

    Keep up the good work. You have won one vote here.

  47. jan10, willyolman, and others.

    we have a problem.

    the blog of American Everyman has been blocked in pakistan.

    i am accessing it via tor browser,

    but i dont think so if people could use it generally.

    plz do something. there is little use of ur voice if it couldnt reached to people of pakistan.


  48. I am also using a software to access this webiste now. It’s blocked and I cant access it.

  49. […] googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1326644231210-2'); }); The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Neo-liberal Neo-Martyr of the Global Free Market Wars Interesting piece, to be taken with a grain of […]

  50. […] The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Neoliberal near-Martyr of the Global Free Market Wars Posted on October 11, 2012 by willyloman […]

  51. […] it unbearably stupid. One ultra-paranoid blogger calling himself American Everyman has two posts seizing in lugubrious manner on the inevitable inconsistencies in the early coverage of the shooting as well as […]

  52. listen all u pakis that come here, i will never trust u naapakistaanis. u people are dogs, to say the least. this man is explaining the reason this malala girl is being abused. andd also we should not be falling for it. firstly a person needs a brain. also u people need to understand english first. what he explains is in plain english. he seems to have no agenda. u naapakis seem to have one. its sad that u people are muslims, you give muslims a bad name.

    • Willy… sorry… another one of my posts went to WP limbo.. Could you dig it out.

      btw, I could not find any guidelines at WP explaining what kind of stuff gets caught in the spam filters. So, I am not sure if I need to avoid certain words or something. I swear I never tried to sell viagra on your blog 😉

      • bin dead a while…. Maybe this part is none of my business, but with your language and racist generalizations, you are not doing the main argument here any favors.

        The sad part is, I can take all of your comments, substitute “pakis” with “Americans” or “The British” or “The Turks”, etc., your statement can be equally right, or equally wrong. So, by default, your comment is null and void from the get go.

        The people of the whole effin world are under the oppression of the same banks, same oligarchs, same eugenicist elites, for whom your life (or mine) and Malala’s life have the same value as the dogs you speak of… (Oh, wait…. They actually like dogs)

        And in every closed environment they operate (which we still call “nations”) they find pretty much the same percentage of collaborators, compromised politicians, useful idiots, and vast majority of population who simply either don’t give a fcuk, or have been so dumbed down that they are simply not capable of comprehending what is going on to be able to give a fcuk.

        And, here’s a mini survey for you: How many languages do you speak? How many muslims do you know? Have you ever been to Pakistan? Have you ever been anywhere?

      • I had a few four letter french words in there that i thought WP might not be liking… Removed them, but still the same… I was just anxious to reply to bin dead awhile’s eloquence above. Oh well, I guess I have to wait…

    • & u Seems like an Indian shit-head with ur Pissed off English…Believe me Afghan Taliban r fighting for the whole world & for the truth to prevail not for their own self they r the only resistance against the Evil plan aka New World Order….It seems like every one has became their slaves & the whole world main stream media as well But the Afghan Taliban still resist ….Hope that one day u people will realize that who is ur real enemy but i fear it will be too late…

  53. This blog has been the only one courageous enough to guide us through the emotional trenches towards the bigger picture – namely ¨the Malala psyop¨.
    All (no exaggeration) others in the alternative media who have anything written on this story, are indignant only of an unbalanced worlwide reporting on this case vs drone strike victims who have gone unreported. While this certainly is a sad truth that needs condemnation, it is fairly self evident and easy enough to put on a banner and go protesting.
    It is necessary to understand that the west is not only biased when it comes to a who is who concerning victims, but that there are reasons why they choose this or that victim to be presented to the public to cry over.
    The alt. media – many good people I am sure – fighting for justice, individual and global, seem to have been defeated on this one – they can not touch this with a ten foot pole – perhaps bringing justice to little girls is what they have demanded once to many times to see that now their own weapons in use are leaving them paralized.
    But it is dangerous not to study the big picture in this case, dangerous to side with the given story, because if it worked this time…
    Thanx Scott & keep at it

  54. Although many here are already very much doubting the official story, here is another strange video, in which at min. 1:45 a girl on a gurney can be seen that seems to be Malala.
    At that specific time that Girl covered by bloody blankets seems to get an itching in her leg. So strong must this itching sensation be, that it completely draws here attention away from the pain she must be in, and starts rubbing her foot against her leg.
    If this is in fact Malala, then she was definitely in no coma while in Pakistan.
    The video:

    • I never seen so many people holding so many IV bags for one person. How many IVs do you have to have hooked up? I counted at least three… and all seemed to be clear fluid. One time a guy reminded a holder to raise the bag up … and the holder did while he glanced around at the camera.

      • Good observation Jan.
        ¨Over-infusion of IV fluids may cause fluid retention. Swelling of the face, especially around the eyes, commonly occurs. Fluid may also accumulate in the legs, feet, ankles, hands and fingers. More serious effects include headache and cerebral edema, swelling of the brain, which can cause death, reports the 2008 “Medical Journal of Australia.” Severe edema usually results from over infusion of hypotonic fluids, which leads to hyponatremia, or low sodium concentration.¨

        Read more:

        Did you also notice the fair amount of westerners milling about her in that early stage?
        I actually do see some swelling specially round the eyes, but also overall – more of a bloated swelling people might get from certain medicine… but above article is my best bet.

  55. Wooooow… I just discovered this blog after reading that it is banned in Pakistan (thanks VPN). Dear Scott, you should seek professional help. Greetings from Islamabad.

  56. This is an idiotic conspiracy theory. Here is the debunk –

    {ADMIN EDIT: Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression (H/T Kenny’s Sideshow)}

    {ADMIN EDIT: found this on Ale’s Facebook page. Looks like if you love Malala he wants you to support the for-profit school systems in Pakistan… hmmm… what a coincidence that’s what I’ve been writing about for 5 days now…

    and this guy is from London… hmmm…..

    This is what he had to say on his Facebook page…

    Nothing makes me feel better than seeing these good-for-nothing Islamists helpless. The joys of seeing their asses burning before they even plan to explode them off. I wish I can take this as a full time job. Ale Natiq


  57. The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) is a non-profit organization that is giving free education to children in Pakistan –

    Where, on the picture that you’ve posted does it say anything about for-profit school system? It is asking for a donation, because the TCF is a non-profit organization that runs on charity.

    Also, the guy’s personal comment on his Facebook has nothing to do with the Malala story. The link I posted clearly debunks your theory that she was not shot and walked to the helicopter on her own, etc.

  58. Its all bullshit, Malallah is an American agent. Her whole family is westernize, working for CIA in Pakistan. They are making fool out of us. can anyone ask her why that Jew film producer stayed in her house in mangora swat.?.

    • which jew film???? the innocence of islam?

      if that is the case, now i call that news… are you sure about this, asif? and do you have a link or something you can share?

      • “Innocence of bin Laden” a.k.a. “Innocence of the Muslims” was made by an FBI informant who was a Coptic Christian… it’s not a “jew film” and the comment was talking about the man who made the documentary about Malala which is posted on the New York Times.

    • Malala is a 14-year old girl, born and raised in Swat, Pakistan. Just because she likes to read English/American books, likes to watch English/American movies/tv shows, and likes Obama does not make her a CIA agent. With this logic, millions of people in Pakistan can be called Indian RAW agents because they watch Indian movies or have wedding rituals that are mostly Indian.

      That “Jew film producer” was a reporter who was doing a story on Malala for the New York Times. If an American comes and stays at your house, does that make you a CIA agent?

      • Stop kidding me, in a New York Time interview a CIA Agent cant stand neither Army staff of ISI lol, save your nation ”Baloch” because this is game to bring down Pashtoons and after pashtoons if there is a brave Muslim is Baloch, that means next or in the same time Baloch are in the game to be wiped, being a dumb head listening TV does not make you Super man if by talking you could prove your point then there would have no voting system in the world, THINK BEFORE YOU TALK ON AN ISSUE, Thanks

        watch this

  59. I’m not one of those who’d fish for controversy theories but malala’s story did have loopholes plus the fact that it has been given so much attention internationally, makes it even more questionable. Why in the world would likes of Madonna be so concerned about an innocent girl being shot?? We seriously need to ‘think’ and ‘see’ things with an unbiased perspective, not with what media feeds us with. It’s heartening to see how easily we can be fooled into. And thanks for the insight Willy, i agree with almost everything you wrote. Respect!

  60. […] The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Neoliberal near-Martyr of the Global Free Market Wars […]

  61. THE JOKES ON ALL OF YOU. Malala developed BELL’S PALSY I.E.FACIAL NERVE PARALYSIS. An infection of the facial nerve months before the shooting hoax. The western supported politicians and military used this to simulate the neurologic deficits of a shooting. As a doctor, I can assure all of you, this neuroligic deficit is Bell’s Palsy. The joke is on the world.

  62. What a bunch of bullshit! This is fake! Gabby Giffords was fake! People don’t get shot in the head and live without being a total vegetable! Media bullshit hoax per usual! People from Pakistan don’t like America and would not go on the John Stewart show. These people don’t want Nobel peace prizes from people who droned them in the real world. Stupidest fake story since the Sandy Hook crisis actors on CNN! What is the real goal? Trying to get the USA to keep hating and wanting more wars with Muslim countries?

  63. […] the path for their stalled Trans Afghan Pipeline(Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI)) while they wish to stop Gasprom from building the last stage, the Pakistani stage, of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline, a.k.a. the Peace Pipeline which is set to […]

  64. Your evil hatred won’t survive. You’re scared of a little girl with a strong mind and big heart. She does not have an evil agenda and is certainly not part of some conspiracy. The subscribers of this conspiracy theory are barely human. They have no goodness in their souls. May you rot in hell, whoever wasted all of their time compiling such idiotic drivel.

    • Ahh … The emotional response. How charming in its automated reflex. If I said there was a charming little boy three years younger than Malala with the courage to stand up to Malala’s father’s agenda, and defend the right of all people everywhere to get a good public education outside the private corporations’ right to profit while censoring historical information and/or limiting the material accessible to female students, and I produced a picture of him and he turned out to be cuter than Malala, and then I made a claim that Malala’s father tried to poison the brave little boy, but he had his stomach pumped and came back even more determined to win his spiritual battle, would this make it automatically unthinkable and criminal for anyone to suggest that this boy may have been a fabrication, simply because you are not allowed to question the sincerity of a cute, innocent little boy, and to do so makes you automatically reprehensible?

      This is what the craftsmen of such horseshit depend upon, you know. And – it works. Do you, Jodi, happen to have any first-hand knowledge whatsoever about Malala, or does your gut just tell you to be repulsed by anyone suspicious of anything that is associated with photographs of a darling little girl. Do you have trouble resisting a good salesman too? Do you buy things you don’t need if they are presented well?

  65. congrzzzzz…… sister

  66. Theeeeee best blog ever!!

  67. Does that look like the face of a girl who’s been shot at close range in the forehead? She looks like she’s enjoying a sauna! And her ‘scar’ seems to have disappeared altogether in 2 years! hallelujah! Its a miracle!

  68. […] including evidence that the Malala shooting was a staged event, not a “Taliban attack” – see Scott Creighton’s multi-part series.  -Kevin […]

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