Aurora Massacre: Jailhouse Snitch is Actually a Co. Youth Corrections Department Employee

by Scott Creighton (H/T Sheila Aliens)

The kangaroo court trial of James Holmes just took another, bizarre and potentially illegal twist.

Yesterday we talked about how this trial was turning into a freak show, today it seems it’s more staged than I originally thought.

It seems like someone involved in this case took a corrections department employee from the neighboring county and booked her on a trumped up charge which would be easily dismissed later and stricken from her record, then put her in protective custody on the same medical ward that James Holmes is on, so that she could falsely claim that he confessed to the killings.

Chillingly, this jailhouse plant, the corrections employee, hinted in an earlier Facebook comment that Holmes may kill himself in jail.

Turns out the “former inmate” who gave an interview to FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph in which she claims to have heard him admit to committing the July 20th massacre at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, just happens to have posted comments in the past (July 23rd) condemning Holmes and stating that he’s “not going to get away with it”

Not only that, but it appears she may even be a correction officer in a nearby county.

This is a still of “Marie” taken from the Fox31 interview that came out just the other day in which she claims James Holmes confessed to the Aurora Massacre.

“Joseph finished his interview by asking Marie two questions. The first: Do you think James Holmes is insane? ”There’s no way,” Marie said.

The second: You said Holmes has made a confession of guilt. What did he say? “His words were, ‘Yes, I did it. I did it,’” Marie said.” Fox 31

A reader here, Sheila Aliens , posted a comment about this woman’s real identity. Great work Sheila.

I took a look at it, and turns out, she’s correct. This woman is either Desira Keys or she is going by that name now that “Desiree Mayberry” is associated with “Marie”. I don’t know.

But, I do know, Desira Keys is the woman who gave the Fox 31 interview and claimed she heard James Holmes confess to the murders.

Problem is, Desira Keys seems to be working for the corrections department in a neighboring county and she had been convinced long ago of Holmes’ guilt.

Here’s Desira Keys’ Facebook page and a photo of her from that page with the image of her child removed for her protection. This is definately “Marie” from the Fox 31 interview. Notice the purple band on her left arm and the tattoo on her right forearm. If you watch the Fox 31 interview here, you can see the purple band and the right arm has what appears to be the same tattoo, only she is careful to hide it as much as possible.

  • Im Desirae..26yr old Mother of a BEAUTIFUL lil girl [edit name removed to protect identity]! I love being a mother, work hard to be the best for her that I can be. I enjoy spending time with my family (siblings) and friends. I love to be silly n mke ppl laugh, being outside, dancing, shopping…retail therapy is the best lol! Im just me..ready to be done with school and begin Grad school..I would like to get out of the Corrections side of things and do more transitional and one on one work with at risk youth. That’s been my passion from a young age and a career I think ill continue to pursue!
  • Lives in Parker, Colorado
  • Female

Notice what she says in her profile description: She will “continue” working in “the corrections side of things”… that means she works somewhere in a jail or sheriff’s department and according to her map, she is in Parker Co. a neighboring country to Aurora. It also claims she is from Aurora.

It’s no doubt the same woman who claimed James Holmes confessed to mass murder.

But think about this, back on July 23rd of this year, she posted these comments on Facebook under her name:

“Desira Keys: prison is the best place for this man. yes he gets 3 hots and a cot but when ur on death row which he will r in a cell the size of a bathroom or walk in closet 23hrs a day, no physcial contact with ne1 not even visitors…so this man will suffer n personally id rather c him sit n rot in a cell going insane from being isolated from the rest of the world with hopes that his day to die comes soon. and being that Nathan Dunlap is still waiting to be executed and that was in 93, this guy is going to have a nice cold sement cell in Sterling Correctional facility as his home for the next 15 plus yrs…and that right there is what he deserves. yes we as tax payers are paying for it, but thats the way it wrks…we r gnna pay taxes either way. He will get what he deserves…with more then a few a** whoopins along the way!!

Desira Keys: the insanity plea will NOT wrk in this case…this was way he vjust snapped idc what lawyer he gets its not hppning this guy will pay for what he has done if he dsnt kill himself first.” Facebook chat log

Desira Keys was arrested on a trumped-up charge of violating a protection order when she got back together with her ex-husband. She was then put in a protective custody type cell just feet from James Holmes, where as a corrections employee she would be safe and she could “inform” on Homes.

Is that illegal? Is the fact that this corrections department worker foresees Holmes killing himself in custody before he goes to trial relevant? Is it cause for concern?

Someone in Aurora County has a lot to answer for. It could be Chief Dan Oates or even the prosecution.

If she had anything relevant to add to the case, my guess is that she would have kept her mouth shut and turned state’s evidence. As it is, since the judge issued a gag order on the trial, she may not be allowed to testify in court now that she has given this interview and she may not want to anyway in fear of perjuring herself.

Either way, this was an outrageous move by the prosecution or the sheriff’s office and equally dishonest on the part of Fox 31 for broadcasting her statements without publicizing her personal interest in the case.

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  1. I am shocked. You, you atttacking the credibility of a poor, pure, innocent flower. Have you no decency?

  2. I’m still getting ‘this content is currently unavailable’ on the fb link.
    Whatever, indicative of everything you’ve been saying – ‘kangaroo court’, malleable media manipulation.
    Ms Keys and her co-conspirators require arrests and an investigation of their own. How about ‘obstruction of justice’ for starters? If only ‘justice’ had of been what was happening before they found the need to spin it even further.

    • Holy shit… you’re right, that is obstruction of justice.

      • Technically, yes, I think so. But I’m still not getting that dam-buster feeling. Mostly ‘cos I just don’t know if there’s anyone left who isn’t totally corrupt.
        Whatever, maybe would help if this went viral.

        and Polaris, on further consideration – pfftt. let ’em rot in their own swill.

  3. Who’s up for contacting FOX31 Denver, sharing this info, and suggesting that they issue a full retraction of the story and an apology before we ramp up efforts in their community and online to call attention to their serious lack of journalistic integrity? Or, you know, contact FOX31’s competitors in the area?

    I’m all for emailing the station and/or its competitors. If enough people do it, perhaps some intern or underling will pay attention and forward our messages to the program managers.

  4. IF anyone needs more proof James Holmes has indeed been swapped-

    • whoa…. isn’t that interesting…. good eyes you got, Shillpopper.

    • whoa! the only thing is, that video is not a very good comparison, in the 1st, it’s directly under his adam’s apple, in the 2nd slightly to the left. also, they are strange quality pics. could someone check other pics to see if this holds up? it’s beyond my capabilities to put them all together.

    • I’ve been studying those three photos, together with several others, all enlarged 4x on a 24-inch screen.

      There are several problems with the three-photo “gif animation” that purports to show the circles around each of two “moles”.

      The circles around the blemishes in the first photo are not in the same locations as the circles, or else the blemishes, that are seen in the 2nd or 3rd photos.

      In the 2nd photo, one “real” mole is higher, and closer to the mouth — while the other “real” mole (that in the 1st photo is supposedly circled just under the tip of the Adam’s apple), is clearly located about 3/4 inch up, and to the left from that point (or WNW on a compass).

      In the 3rd photo, the top “arc” of the empty circle is covering-over the real location of the blemish, where it’s seen in he 2nd photo.. And the lower empty circle on the 3rd photo is no-where near the location of the circle seen in the 2nd photo — instead, that empty circle is located down, and to the left from the tip of the Adam’s apple (or WSW on a compass) where there never was a “mole” to be seen — while the “real” mole is now obscured under the facial hair growth, and still located in the same spot as in the 2nd photo.

      The circled blemishes in the 1st of the three photos, are apparently just that — blemishes (razor nicks?) — and they’re not the “real” moles whose locations can most clearly be seen, correctly circled in the 2nd of the three photos.

      • “The circles around the blemishes in the first photo are not in the same locations as the circles, or else the blemishes, that are seen in the 2nd or 3rd photos.”

        I thought it may have been a blemish too but on closer inspection you can see its a mole, somebody as skinny and lanky as James Holmes was, those things don’t stay in the same place.. they move.

        “In the 3rd photo, the top “arc” of the empty circle is covering-over the real location of the blemish, where it’s seen in he 2nd photo..”

        Check again its a mole not a blemish, and it’s not there.

        “the “real” mole is now obscured under the facial hair growth, and still located in the same spot as in the 2nd photo.”

        Thats a good one! You can’t see it but you say it’s in the same spot? So how do you explain it being clearly visible in the picture taken a month ago!? I mean those things don’t move right?

        ” the “real” moles whose locations can most clearly be seen, correctly circled in the 2nd of the three photos.”

        They’re the same moles from the 1st photo ? it was just taken 4 years ago…jesus

        • Hey drew can you point out where on his neck that mole is?


          • Sorry, but the new animation’s images are way too “squirmy” and “clipped” to be useful for that.

            Note also that I did not base my previous comments only upon your first animation.

            As I said, “I’ve been studying those three photos [in your animation], together with several others” — and those “several others” have a better resolution; plus there’s more of them, than just three.

            (Don’t ask me for links, I didn’t save the links, just go to Google Images and you’ll find them.)

          • You’re a real sherlock holmes, jk- I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you can look up better resolution images buddy i’m just saying those pics are 4 years apart, people do grow.

            So which is it? you say it’s a blemish and then you say its a real mole. The 2nd photo near his lip mole has an ingrown hair on it- the red filter helps you see the mole next to it by all means please do inspect further images.

    • @Shillpopper, I want to say thanks for sharing that but, in all honesty, viewing that is going to make it a lot harder to sleep tonight. Sheesh… I’m a newbie to this kind of stuff. I’ve never been interested in it at all. That first photo of Holmes popped up on my television and I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. My intuition is usually spot on. This case literally makes me sick. And, more than a little frightened.

      Great post!

    • Haven’t been here in a few days but glad to see that someone has pointed out the issue of a freckle/mole discrepancy between the first mugshot and the second mugshot. Specifically, I’m talking about the dark mole that is just to the left of the Adam’s apple. I keep looking for it in the second mugshot (his beard in that location isn’t thick enough to completely obscure it in that area), but can’t find it.

      My takeaway from the discrepancy is that the second mugshot has been photoshopped in some way. Though why a neck mole would be removed is beyond me.

    • Mistaking an adam’s apple for a mole. You assholes definitely belong in MENSA.

  5. She was arrested and got to talk with Holmes? Doesn’t make sense.

    • The reason it doesn’t make sense is that it likely didn’t happen that way. The girls interested in the trial made it a point to fact check and discovered that details about the layout of the jail were wrong, according to their sources. It leads me to believe that Fox news really deserves the Faux News moniker, and whoever was dissembling, really has some explaining to do, even today after the trial.

  6. Isn’t Parker the name of the place where a drill took place just prior to the shooting in Aurora? (not sure if it was Parker or Porter?) I think I remember reading the place where the drill took place is just 15 miles from Aurora. That drill used a scenario similar to what happened in Aurora–someone shooting up a movie theater.

    “FEMA” drills are planned and coordinated by DHS and involve many other federal and local agencies. They like to use local government employees as actors and participants because they can be trusted to keep their mouths shut.

    As a county employee she may worked as an actor/participant in the “Parker” drill. Her involvement in the Holmes case could be an attempt “to get out of the Corrections side of things” and go to work for DHS as undercover (note use of fake name) informant/jailhouse snitch/black ops.

    Good on you guys for outing her!

  7. […] of course, is suppsing that the woman’s statement is true. Since it came out it has been revealed that the woman in question is not, in fact, named Marie but is instead one ‘Desira […]

    • Did you happen to catch the article on here about chambers? She withheld evidence in a capital murder trial around 2009. That is disturbing. How did she not resign after that? That is a huge scandal. Does holmes even have a fair chance? I feel real bad for him.

      • No offense to the folks in Colorado. I have a couple of good friends there. But, since this hit the news I’ve been flabbergasted at all of the crazy **it, and I mean CRAZY, that goes on there.

        A couple of weeks ago, they had a man in Aurora running down the street with a gun — dressed in a red thong.

        Ain’t no way you could get me to drink the water there. 😉

        • I don’t know where I come out on that one. Didnt some guy eat some others guys face off in Miami. Weird shit goes on everywhere. From what I’ve seen I don’t think people really question authority here and those that do i think have already given up hope. If anyone can post or repost some pics of the security cameras at the theatre it would be greatly appreciated.

          • Reposting all camera (?) pics, haven’t found any new images since.


          • Thanks, I still need a better shot of one of them. You’d think in this day and age some one would have a clear undeniable pic of a camera. I don’t doubt that they were there I just need one clear shot of em. There are speakers on top off the roof in the front part of the building. Those are still in place and from a distance could be mistaken for a camera.

            • why don’t you get me a close-up shot of those speakers. Why would a theater have speakers on both the front walls on both sides of the building? Stereo?

              Come to think of it, those two things in the front looked exactly like what I found a picture of in the back. Are you suggesting that they also put a speaker up in the back alley behind the theater? Why would they do that?

              And also, none of the videos shot that night out front of the building recorded any announcements being made by the theater yet we all know from several witnesses that they were broadcasting something on the speakers inside the lobby. Why would those “speakers” not be broadcasting the same messages?

              Those two are not “speakers”. If you have images of other things you think were speakers, then please post a link to them

  8. If only! What does the speaker look like? Can you post a link? Perhaps someone that lives in the area could pop by and take a pic of the camera/raincatcher/speaker thingys back & front so we can better identify…

  9. Just what I asked for =) THANK YOU to instanttkarmapolice on tumblr. They wrote:

    “I broke out my 55-200mm lens today to get some decent pics at Century 16. All of the shots aside from the first two are Sable side, where the blood trail was. There were no visible cameras, but white speakers on the front of the building.”

  10. Have you guys seen this yet almost done watching part 1 and it seems very well done with a lot of great stuff about half way through regarding the person yelling about a shooter in the lobby etc.

    • I’m surprised this isn’t getting any traction here.

      This video (all parts) seems like a pretty dam good compilation of things I have seen on this case thus far, and some footage that is new to me.

      For example:

      “some guy comes running in and he’s running through the theater like the theaters exits and he’s like “don’t go out into the lobby someone’s shooting people out there” and he runs out, at that point were not sure if someone is pranking us”

      So the guy who makes the warning runs out of the theater? Anyone know more about the guy? I wonder out what door he “runs out”. Who is this man scouting the lobby to tell of danger then running out but not being followed, where the hell did he run to?

    • I have a theory about the person who ran into theater 8, and some other information. First, theater 8’s rear exit was bolted shut. There were witnesses who said they tried to exit through this door, but it was “stuck or held shut”. And on the police scanner, an officer asked for bolt cutters for one of the theaters.

      Ok, this taken with the multiple witnesses who saw gas canisters thrown from different directions, I think it’s very possible a second person came into theater 9 from the lobby, threw a gas canister, then went back out of the theater (for one reason, so he wouldn’t get shot accidently), then went into theater 8 and told everybody to stay in there. It seems to me that the perpetrators wanted to reduce the number of people who ran out of the theaters. Possibly to delay 911 calls? Or maybe the main lobby was the shooter’s escape route (after he ditched his gear in the back)?

      • Since the beginning, it seemed highly probable that some, or all of the operatives could have escaped by mixing in with the rest of the people, which seems to be the easiest escape route if you don’t have any gear on… A little fake blood wouldn’t hurt either…

        There was the witness who said she tried to leave the theater but was met with someone at the door telling her “don’t go that way, they are shooting people” (extremely loosely paraphrasing).

        Running in to theater 8 and telling people not to go that way sounds like a great way to blend in, and delaying anyone from theater 8 running out prematurely.

  11. Oh wow, the documentary D&D posted is really great. Going back to the spine board willyloman posted about long ago, check out at 4:30 in Part 3. From the police scanner, “I’m at the rear of the theater carrying the suspect vehicle from back here in the east side theater number 9”. Also check out 3:25, 1:50am “I transported a victim and then the suspect to district 2”. James Holmes was on scene for over an hour after the shooting. Was all this because they had to bring a spineboard out and carry him out? Is that what they meant by “carrying the suspect vehicle”? Nothing else seems to make sense.

    • Great video! I’ve listened to the audio a lot..I missed that at 1:50am. The question arises though why did none of the witnesses mention this coming out the back? Was jh slumped down that whole time in the car? The part about Dan Oates being jh’s alibi is priceless! Where are the other parts to this video?

      • Ps. The convoluted quote the officer gave about carrying the suspect’s vehicle…it mentions the east side. I thought the back Was the south side. Am I wrong?

      • The theater is at a slant so the rear of theaters 8 and 9 are actually at the Southeast.

        To see all 6 parts just click on the uploader’s user name and you can find them in his videos.

        Also, I want to clarify a mistake. It wasn’t “Carrying the suspect’s vehicle” it’s “SECURING the suspect’s vehicle”. Sorry for not catching that sooner. I had to relisten to catch the uploader’s mistake. The video isn’t perfect but he compiled a lot of great evidence and asks a lot of good questions.

    • No staff, rent-a-cops,or security of any kind checking the back area for roughly 30 mins (time of his “phone call” to coming in smoke cans ready), no alarm on the emergency door? At the biggest movie premier ever.

      As soon as one of those can’s exploded I assume that some people were calling 911 pretty dam fast.

      I really would like to know how long the shooter was shooting. I find that really hard to pin down.

      I wonder how many 911 calls came pouring in and when? The dispatch audio must start after the shooter has already been shooting for a few minutes.

      Would like to know when first 911 phone call was made (not the start of the police dispatch), and how long the shooting lasted from smoke bombs to last bullet fired.

      • DandD, I honestly can’t find anything in this case that can be pinned down. Everything new that is put out there seems to contradict what came before it. The audio tapes should be the easiest to pin down yet every time I listen or watch videos, new things come the officer transporting the victim and the suspect. I consider myself to be a rational guy and the evidence in this case frustrates the heck out of me.
        @Kiwasabi Saying he was only put there after to be found by one or 2 cops is different than saying the shooting never happened.

        • Im just trying to find out why
          1) No witnesses saw him back there.
          2) Why theywould stage victims where the shooter is being detained.
          3) How the first cops who had the area covered saw nothing.

          To me that area behind the theater for those 15-20 minutes is the key to this case. What happened back there and where was jh that whole time?
          Other than police, no one saw jh anywhere near that theater, including behind it.

          • what 15-20 minutes are you referring to , indiansfanbrad?

            No witness saw Holmes because he was enclosed in his car… too medicated to move…
            the first cops did find suspect in vehicle…

            They detained victims in front and back… the back was easier for ambulances to get to…..?

      • @jan10 The 15-20 minutes from the time the shooting started till just after jh was detained. To me that time period is key. That is the only time anyone can place jh at the scene, though that is somewhat tenuous cause his name is never mentioned. We have a couple officer’s word to go on.

        As for him being slumped in the car leading to no witnesses, that kinda makes sense but how do you square the officer’s comment “is that the dude in the white car.” That officer either saw jh in the car earlier or he could see him from wherever he was when he made that comment. If he saw him earlier why didn’t he arrest him then? If he didn’t, that would mean jh was visible in the car.

        I try to go by what I see and hear, things that can be verified. I don’t hear jh’s name ever mentioned on the radio. There are no eyewitnesses (though there are potentially many back there). Our sole evidence that he was even there at all comes from the police, the police who have lied, covered up, whatever. And finally how is he suddenly found after the area was covered? 7 minutes after the chief said he was detained. The area being covered while they said the shooting was continuing. I don’t know how that all gets reconciled. (sorry i went long)

        • About the first cops finding him in the car..yes, but that was after so much transpired back there. Cops out on foot, a cop asking for an ambulance at Expo and sable, a cop saying the back was covered, a cop requesting police cars to block that corner. There was a lot of police activity back there. Shouldn’t that white car have stuck out like a sore thumb?

        • JH was detained right after the officer asked “is that the dude in the white car?” He says in the same transmission that they have him in custody after listing what he saw in the car. The other officer says “hold him” meaning, he was already detained.

        • IndiansfanBrad, the shooting did not last 15-20 minutes… only about 2-3 minutes total….the shooter came in, tossed bombs,stated walking and shooting…. the first police officers arrived almost right after shooting stopped…. that’s why we think the shooter did not have time to kill Holmes.. the police arrived sooner than expected… the first officers came over from the Mall that was right beside the theater.
          The shooter came into the theater about 15-20 minutes after the movie had started…. he stayed about 2 1/2 minutes… the first officers on site came right after shooting had stooped… they reported that they did not know if shooter was still shooting or inside… then they found Holmes sitting in his car…..
          and there were other cars out there at the time….movie patrons had also parked in back of theater…. you see pictures of only his car back there because all the other cars had left when pictures were taken.

          the pictures you see of the back are after the window has been broken and Holmes is gone… and all the evidence is being checked out. It all happened very fast…
          someone was very organized….

          • @jan10 i think you misunderstand.I didn’t say the shooting lasted 15-20 minutes. I said the time (15-20 minutes) that encompasses the time when the police got there till after they had him detained and what they did to/with him in my opinion is very key. The only people putting him on the scene are the cops who found him. No one in the theater can identify him.

            Also, numerous..well at least 2-3 reports said that the gunfire continued after police arrived on scene. So again that makes that time period key.

            According to the mall website, that is a mini station at the mall with set hours that basically correspond to the man’s hours. I don’t believe the first officers on scene came from the mall.

            These are my issues with that 15-20 minute time frame.
            1) Where was Jh during this time?
            2) Why was there so much activity behind the theater before Jh was discovered?
            3) What did they do with Jh after he was found?
            4) Why are there no witnesses to jh behind the theater accept police?

            (Finally, to show you how its hard to believe anything about this case, we all trust Corbin Dates in regards to his description of the cell phone man. Corbin in a later interview is saying the shooting lasted 30 minutes.)

          • one more thing..your comment about there being more cars back there at the time of the shooting. I’ve wondered about that. Are there any videos or pictures that show that? What do you base your statement on? If there weren’t more cars back there, his would have stuck out.

          • indiansfanbrad, no, Corbin did not say the shooting lasted 30 min… why don’t you leave a link to your dis-info?
            Where do you think the movie patrons parked? Like always, back and front of building…

          • @jan10 Calling me a person who peddles dis-info is laughable. 99% of the people including Willy have treated me well here. I am someone seeking truth like everyone else on here. However, for some reason I have been called a blood seeker and repeatedly accused of peddling dis-info..and you twist around my comments. I ask you to stop. As for Corbin Dates..firstly I am on a phone and don’t know how to upload videos. I’ve said that in past comments. Secondly, there is a video where Corbin says the shooting lasted 30 minutes (I apologize if my time is off by 5 minutes). Thirdly, I believe Willy addressed my comment about that saying the interview was given after he was compromised. If you did Willy, please back me up. That statement was given to show that all the evidence changes in this case. Nothing seems to be able to be pinned down.

            As for the cars behind the theater, I haven’t seen any pics or heard any testimony that supports that. Could I have missed it? Of course.

            I know Im new here but please don’t assume things about me. Thanks.

          • I apologize. I was off by ten minutes. Its an interview that he did on MSNBC. He said the whole thing lasted 30 minutes while the shots themselves lasted 15-20 minutes. To me that’s a huge admission if he is telling the truth. (i need a break..)

          • Indiansfanbrad, I am going to leave you alone from now on… I have tried to get you to understand that Cobin did not say the shooting lasted 30 minutes…… If you read the older articles about Aurora,you will find all your answers to your questions….
            yes, I do think you are trying to change Corbin’s testimony… but it is unchange-able … every one here knows what he said…..
            You type very fast and accurately on your phone… most remarkable…. I admire your talents…
            I would hunt up the videos for you but you can’t watch them anyway on your phone…. and it is time consuming to find them….
            have a nice time reading the older articles and comments……a lot of information is there.

          • @jan10 “Corbin Dates discusses two participants in government authorized murder” is how the video is labeled on YouTube. Corbin is giving an interview on msnbc..this is not the Chris Matthews interview. The tape last about 5 minutes. Towards the 4:20 mark the hostasks him how long, from first gas canister to the time he got out, did it last. He responds 30 or more minutes but the shots themselves 15-20 minutes. 20 is not 30 and i corrected my mistake. However 20 minutes is a lot longer than anything i service discussed.

            Ps. Thanks for the compliment on my typing..not bad for a 41 yr old guy huh 🙂

          • Jan10….. I have to say I find your style of arguing quite disrespectful, condescending, and considerably prejudiced in favor of every assertion that Scott makes in his articles and comments.

            I have read many of your comments where you rightfully grill people for not having links or evidence. In this case, however, although it is fair to assume there would be other cars around JH’s car, you really have no way of knowing if and how many, how close, etc.

            You act like an old time school principle who slaps everyone on their hands for anything you feel is “wrong”… If you have a personal relationship with scott and the site and you are acting as a “site moderator” we should be made aware of that. But if you are just a fan of Scott’s writing like the rest of us, a bit of volume control would certainly yield much better discussions.

            • Basing all of this speculation as to whether it lasted 15 or 20 minutes on one guys’ slip during an interview is rather pointless don’t you think? When a situation like this happens, what I find is the best info is often what comes out right after the incident, case in point, the other explosives found in the Murrah building in Ok. City.

              Perhaps Corbin misunderstood the question, perhaps he’s wrong.

              99% of the witnesses right after the shooting stated that the guy came in, said nothing, moved methodically as he tossed the gas canisters and waited for them to ignite before opening fire. Then, they stated, that he remained opening fire for between 60-90 seconds before leaving via the same rear exit that he came in.

              Now we have people trying to claim he was yelling at victims, picking them up with one hand shooting them with another, other shooters in the lobby, no blood, no victims, cops shooting people, other canisters in other theaters, he was there for an hour, there for a week, there for a year… he’s still in there shooting people.

              This happens all the time because for the most part, well intentioned people start looking to pick the evidence apart tying to find that “one thing” that will break the case and when they find “something’ they feel it should be given due consideration.

              The timeline does not fit the 15-20 minute shooting spree that’s to say nothing of the witness reports which contradict it as well. The police scanner timeline is pretty accurate as well as per the other aspects of the case and of course, there is never any mention of the cops of “shots fired’ during their entire stay at the theater. If cops had heard shots being fired while they were there, they would have reported that to warn other cops. It’s instinctual.

              The casualties are consistent with a short, well orchestrated assault.

              To me it doesn’t matter what Corbin said during an interview live with Chris. He is not accustomed to doing interviews, who knows what he was thinking. He probably misunderstood the question to mean how long til HE got out of there… that makes more sense.

              Let’s not bandy about accusations of any kind toward one another. Jan is attempting to keep the thread on track and she just happens to feel that this line of questioning is doing us no good. Personally, I understand how people want desperately to find something unique to delve into, but the fact is, we can’t go off on tangents because one person says one thing that flies in the face of what we know so far. That’s just my personal opinion typically, I don’t get into these discussions on the threads. If I thought Indiansfan was disinfo, he would already be gone like a couple others already are.

              Let’s keep this cordial if we can please. thanks

          • Well, I am almost 73 years old… guess that puts me in the old school category where respect goes both ways in any dialogue and I am at that age where I pretty much say it as I see it… and you, Lileao or what ever… can count me as one of the biggest fans of willyloman….
            if you bother to read his articles, then you will understand why.
            If Indianfansbrad bothers to read the articles then he would have his questions answered….
            sorry, if I insulted your good friend, Brad, by suggesting that he read something.
            Maybe you can read them for him.

          • Somewhere amongst all the videos/articles out there is one in which the police themselves (it may have even been directly from Oates mouth, if I recall correctly) claim that the time it took for police to arrive on the scene was 90 seconds. If 911 calls came in shortly after the shooting commenced and people began running out of the theater, this statement by the police is consistent with the many witnesses who report that the shooting lasted somewhere between 90 seconds and two minutes.

            I saw the video a while back in which Corbin Dates was asked how long the shooting lasted, and he said something like 15 or 20 minutes, but my read on that at the time was that he was speaking of “the shooting” as synonymous with the event in general, rather than the specific period of time in which bullets were fired. It made sense, because it probably did take 15 or 20 minutes until police had secured the entire facility, until everyone inside the cinema building evacuated, and until the folks outside got an “all-clear”and felt safe so-to-speak, not to mention for all the wounded, and everyone who hid and chose not to run, to exit theater 9. Just my impression of that video at the time I watched it.

            • Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that but it makes sense. Dates did not know what had happened after he left the theater and so for him he would not have known the guy had been detained right away. Good point.

          • Jan10… From your tone, I always knew you were definitely a little past 18, but 73 makes you only marginally older than myself. So, I don’t know where to go with that excuse…

            But for god’s sake, please read your reply to me where you engage in so many little insults: “Lilaleo or what ever”… “If you bother to read…” …”Your good friend Brad…” …

            Really now???

            Scott… I am as cool as a cucumber… And I am certainly not actively seeking confrontation. I have never antagonized anyone, or anyone’s comments on this site. I do not believe in making dismissive, sarcastic or snide remarks when arguing about facts or ideas. I was simply frustrated by the “Get out of here you stupid moron” style comments

            I have seen a few too many people here hastily branded with a scarlet “D” for “disinfo”, which seems to have become asa general, single purpose dismissive word just like how “conspiracy theorist” gets used to dismiss challenging points of view.

            The word itself certainly does not mean “wrong” or “ignorant”, or even “annoyingly persistent with a falsehood”…

            To be classified as disinfo, it needs to be deliberate and purposeful…

            Besides having had to repeat his claim many times because Jan10 kept slapping his hands, I am really failing to see how IndiansfanBrad, whom I don’t know from a hole in the wall by the way, meets this criteria.

            Granted, this is not a forum, but a blog which has transformed in to a forum. So, I may not be doing myself any favors by engaging in a small dose of intervention and a bit of my own preaching… (D.D. Thanks for being the voice of reason.) And, in spite of my issues with her style, I am aware that Jan10 is an invaluable commenter here at willyloman.

            In any case, I will continue to read all of Scott’s articles and comments as I already do, which is not a “bother” at all.

            I apologize for briefly derailing the aurora discussion.

          • Hey, “cool as a cucumber”, ….!!
            You are also very funny! LOL

          • You seem to be a pretty cool chick yourself for 73

    • In part 3 at 1:31

      “…is that a suspect? Yes we got rifles gas mask(s?), he is detained right now…”

      Never noticed the rifleS part. If it were singular he would say “Yes we got a rifle, a gas mask, he is detained right now…”

      So at least 2 rifles? wtf

      • AR-15… and… shotgun… two long guns, i.e. “rifles”

        • I have never heard of a shotgun referred to as a rifle.

          • he looked in the window of the car, saw a long gun (shotgun) and he had mentioned the open door to the theater, so he saw the AR-15 as well at that point… i.e. “rifles”

          • My understanding is an AR-15 and a shotgun could be referred to as long guns (which at other points in the dispatch audio we all heard), but would not be referred to as rifles.

            I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here and I really think your website is fantastic just confused why he would refer to a rifle and a shotgun as rifles.

            Sounds like your saying because rifles are long guns and shot guns are long guns then they can/would be referred to as rifles.

            If I had an apple and an orange and they are both fruit could I say I have apple’s.

            If I am being an idiot I apologize.

          • I re-read your comment and I think what your saying is..(and correct me if I’m wrong) that the officer saw some sort of long gun but couldn’t tell what type maybe due to the tinted windows etc then looks over and see’s the AR-15 at which point he assume’s that the long gun in the car is also some sort of rifle.

          • go to this link and read about ‘rifles’ …

            assault rifles, sniper rifles, all kinds of long barrel guns designed to be for the shoulder…..

      • I’m pretty sure it does say gasmasks (plural), which is important because it means that the gas masks were there before police even arrived. Which makes it hard for police to claim the gas masks belonged to emergency personnel.

        I’m going to repost my sources for there being FOUR gas masks.

        At 4:00 mark, a gas mask by rear right car tire:

        At 2:12 mark, one can be seen among the gear:

  12. Changing topic a little, which perhaps may be needed… seems things were getting a bit testy. I feel lame pointing this out, but in my personal opinion (and I’m guilty of it myself too), I think most “disagreements” here arise because people type and read comments fast – then take offense when it may have not be intended that way (or simply typed without double-checking grammar/spelling) – leaving others to get worked up, defensive, and it escalates….. I think we’re all here for the same reason, there’s plenty going on wrong with this case to get worked up about, so no need to get ourselves extra worked up by someone else’s comment.

    Sorry if I got a little preachy.

    Anyway, I noticed this article about the upcoming hearing on 10/11. I guess the defense is upset about the new mug shot, among other things.

    They also have a article with the traffic citation photo. I didn’t realize that information came from…. Jonathan Lee Riches!!

  13. I am about to burst your bubble w/ one little detail and proving you manipulated her words. What is said in Desirea’s fb thing was: “ready to be done with school and begin Grad school..I would like to get out of the Corrections side of things and do more transitional and one on one work with at risk youth. That’s been my passion from a young age and a career I think ill to pursue”. Then a few sentences later you say this: ” Notice what she says in her profile description: She will “continue” working in “the corrections side of things”… that means she works somewhere in a jail or sheriff’s department”. I do not believe I have to explain any further and one that thing…. BURNNNNNNNN!

  14. GotEmCoach: Nothing was manipulated –
    The words (form the top) copied & pasted verbatim are;
    “I would like to get out of the Corrections side of things and do more transitional and one on one work with at risk youth. That’s been my passion from a young age and a career I think ill continue to pursue!”

    Try reading…not reading into… things

  15. Now ain’t that the truth, Sela… 🙂

  16. I’ll preface my comment by saying that I am usually the first one to get turned off by people who pick two not-so-related points, connect them with a straight line and claim to have discovered a connection.

    But, that is literally what I am about to do… Not to claim to have discovered anything necessarily, but more to ask those of you living in the Denver area if you have anything to add, any light to shed, etc. and to see what the sharper people here might think about it.

    I had set up a couple of JH related google news alerts, one of which was “Aurora fire” with the hope that I could follow up on that fire that took place across the street from JH’s apartment shortly after the shooting.

    There was a news piece today of a bar fire in Denver with 5 dead inside the bar. Police seems to be convinced that the bar was set on fire to disguise a homicide, which is what actually grabbed my attention at first.

    href=””>Denver police say bar likely set on fire to hide slayings of 5 people inside, 4 women and man

    “There is just trauma, enough information to believe that we have a homicide that occurred here. They didn’t perish in the fire,” police Commander Ronald Saunier said.

    I am not very familiar with Denver area, so I decided to check out how close this bar was to the theater. And, lo and behold, the bar is literally a straight line away from century 16… Could have served as a perfect staging ground and a hideout.

    “>Driving directions from bar to C16

    I know, I know… There is absolutely nothing besides this map to suggest a connection between this fire and the shooting… But did make me go hmmmmmm, because I feel Colorado has been a stage to a disproportionate number of incidents in the past few decades, and because of all the stuff I have learned after the shooting, I am imagining the place bubbling with spooks and shady characters and events.

    I’d definitely be super interested to find out the identities of these 5 people.

  17. Thanks Jan10… 🙂

    At the same time, it wouldn’t really be the first time the wrong people get nailed for a crime, but, obviously I have no way of knowing that.

    I have my brand new Google news alert set up for “Fero’s Bar and Grill” and will keep you posted if there are any developments pertinent to the JH case.

    Obama’s latest debate reply to the gun control question seems to have made it clear that he will indeed go after semi-automatic weapons, especially for people who are “mentally ill”

    So, I’d say most of our initial reactions as far as what the endgame might be with a psyop like the Aurora shooting were correct and they would love to have JH classified as mentally ill at the end of the day. Which will open the door for denying gun rights to all who have visited a mental professional” even once. At this day and age, that is almost EVERYONE!!! Smart… Very smart…

    • Obama can and will go to hell.

      • In all my years on this planet, I have seen absolutely no indication that anyone goes to hell really… So, I don’t see that as a consolation. I’d be more satisfied if they simply went to jail instead. Not anyone in particular necessarily, but ALL who break the law of the land, the constitution or basic common law, who lie, who cheat, who kill, who torture…

        But that seems to be as unrealistic of a fantasy as your hell scenario.

  18. The bar murders are related to robbing strippers with large amounts of cash, and the owner walked in to close the bar. Other than those killed, the bar was empty (it was a total dive). No connection to Holmes.

    And not close to theatre at all. Not far from Glendale and Cherry creek…. nowhere close to Aurora. Alameda is a big street.

  19. Reblogged this on fed up and commented:
    I knew that jailhouse snitches were liars used by so called law enforcement to frame people in their perverted delusion of justice, but I was unaware law enforcement themselves were commiting this crime . In their sick minds they believe they are doing this for their children. The reality is these lying thugs should not have badges and are

  20. […] passed off as a fellow holding cell prisoner turns out to actually be a corrections officer, Desira Keys aka “Marie” from Fox 31 […]

  21. Why is Desiree K Salter dead? I’ve been turning this question around in my heart for quite a while! I spoke with Justin Joseph,in 2012, and he swore up and down that he would not give me the credentials she gave Fox, also that they were valid. Wrong! Part of the story that later came out is the layout of the medical ward that she described is inaccurate, soooo, that means the whole story was fabricated for a purpose.
    It seems to me she played a Cat’s Paw role in the marketing of Holmes guilt. As you know, the CP is a person who does a nasty dirty job someone else does not want to do, and it’s necessary that the person who plays CP, not only does their job, but after that, they handily GO AWAY!
    Could death have been the go away part for Salter? Who ever cooked this marketing scheme up, and it’s so Hollywood, I wonder if it could be the makers of the movie that did this? From start to finish? With Salter alive, she could have ratted out on them, whomever, at some point, which obviously some entity did not want.
    It’s a creepy day for the United States when I have to sit online and say that I believe someone murdered their pawn in the Holmes case, so answer the question, Why did Salter die?

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