Fixing the Innocence Psyop Part 2: Privatizing Libya’s Healthcare System

by Scott Creighton

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s a good opportunity to do things you thought you could not do.” Rahm Emanuel

If we don’t shell out billions in tax payer money to build a new privatized healthcare system in Libya since Chris Stevens helped destroy the world class single-payer one they had, the terrorists win!” paraphrase Dr. Thomas Burke, Chief of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

The head of a globalist “not-for-profit” hospital chain is running around helping Hillary Clinton fix her Benghazi psyop narrative. No one is supposed to wonder why this guy is just coming out now with the story when he was supposedly in Benghazi, at the hospital where Stevens died the day all those reporters were talking to various witnesses. No one is also supposed to notice that he represents a global hospital corporation that would LOVE to get first dibs on the juicy pickings of the privatization of Libya’s single payer healthcare system.

The doctor is going from interview to interview, reading from the same goddamned script, pushing this publicist written tripe bullshit all across the airwaves.

But don’t worry, Hillary Clinton is putting together a task force to “investigate” what really happened that night in Benghazi and she will get to the “truth” of it, just like her task force did when they “investigated” what sank the Cheonan.

One of the biggest problems the State Department has with their pre-planned “Innocence of the Muslims” psyop using “sheikiest” Salafist Mulisms aligned to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, was the fact that for some unknown reason, after the Brits nearly lost their ambassador in Libya, an attack on the Red Cross and  right before the Sept.11th attack on their consulate in Benghazi (which they had multiple warnings about), they decided to send the new U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens to Benghazi… with LITTLE TO NO SECURITY.

There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film;”

“According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.” Independent

I think it’s pretty obvious he did not have adequate security; otherwise, he would probably be here today. I’m really disappointed about that,” Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) said. “I think when we put our people around the world at risk and don’t provide adequate security, shame on us.” Politico

But that part of the narrative, the “no reason to send Stevens there” part, has been fixed.That’s one down, so to speak.

And it was fixed with the help of a doctor representing a massive “not-for-profit” hospital chain looking to plant their flag in the privatization of the entire Libyan healthcare system.

What a shock.

Yes, according to the official story, Hillary Clinton’s State Department sent our highest ranking public official into this near war zone in Libya to meet with a doctor about upgrading an emergency room in Benghazi.

The doctor who is making the rounds making this claim is Dr. Thomas Burke, Chief of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Burke has taken his publicist’s story to NPR, Here and Now, and a variety of other megaphone outlets.

If you care to go listen to these exercises in bad radio acting, notice how he makes sure to hit the key bullet points during all of them.Listen to the Here and Now performance while reading the transcript of the NPR one with Neil Logan, it’s almost the exact same script with Burke hitting certain emotional trigger lines which ultimately serve several interests for the people who wrote it. Also notice how if Burke forgets something in one of the questions, the interviewer fills that missing point in for him….

  • Funniest of all of them is how Burke describes all the doctors and nurses sitting on the floor when he comes in weeping inconsolably over the death of Amb. Stevens.
  • How all these Libyans would come up afterward and “take my hand in BOTH OF THEIR HANDS, apologizing, bow their heads and cry”
  • How he claims all the elites in Benghazi are just sick to death that the ambassador was killed because he is such a “hero” to Libya

At one point, Burke claims that “all across Libya there is no ambulance services, no emergency services”

Well, let’s take that comment for a second and think about it.

No, the pristine single payer hospital system that was in Libya before Ambassador Stevens oversaw the terrorist campaign and the NATO bombing that destroyed destroyed it, is no longer there. That is correct.


What a fucking coincidence that is huh? All they need it our government to hand over a couple billion dollars so they can stick their Partners HealthCare hospitals all across the country.

Let’s hope there’s a new “individual mandate” to get those Libyans locked into some insurance coverage!

CONAN: What’s happened to the program that you hoped to inaugurate at the hospital?

BURKE: That’s a very interesting question that I think will need to be sorted out over the next several days and several weeks. And we in fact had a team meeting this morning, and in fact we think it’s more important than ever to proceed with the program, but, you know, the reality is that that needs to be thought through very carefully by leaders at Massachusetts General Hospital and in combination with our own government leaders to understand what are the safest and the best steps going forward.

I think it’s fairly apparent that if all of us turned our backs, then ultimately those that are – that were seeking violence and the extremists would be able to claim victory.” NPR

“Gee Biff? What did happen to that all important program the dead hero wanted to see complete? (weep weep weep). You don’t think the mean old deficit hawks would stop it, do you? If they did, then I guess the terrorists win after all, don’t they? (weep weep weep)”

It’s like this shit is written by a 12 year old for his end of the year school play.

This guy’s ridiculously self serving story aside, Hillary Clinton has gone to congress to present them some info on the “Innocence” psyop in closed door meetings.

Gone is the original official story that it was simply a protest against the “Innocence of the Muslims” “film’, and she is now reportedly calling it a “terrorist’ act.

The FBI is supposedly “on the ground” in Libya doing their own investigation, but according to reports, they haven’t even gone to the consulate in Benghazi as of yet. I am sure it will be the same stellar “investigation” the FBI always does, like the one they did framing up Steven J. Hatfill which ended up costing the American taxpayers 5.8 million dollars in a lawsuit he won. They might have had a better shot at identifying the strain of anthrax used in the attacks earlier had they not told Iowa State to destroy all their collections of anthrax spores just a week or so after the attack. Hmmm….

But don’t worry, the FBI is on the case.

And so is Hillary. She is going to form a panel to investigate what happened as well just in case the FBI can’t find another Hatfill to frame.

“Retired diplomat Thomas Pickering will chair the independent, bipartisan panel which has been appointed in line with federal law, Clinton said. Pickering has previously served as the U.S. ambassador to Russia, India, Israel, Nigeria, El Salvador, Jordan and at the U.S. Mission to the U.N.” International Business Times

Hillary doesn’t have the greatest record setting up these “investigative panels”. Remember the flop she created over the Cheonan sinking while her panel tried to frame North Korea with a section of old torpedo and a drawing that didn’t match it?

8 Responses

  1. willy, you should put a book together about ‘scams’ created to control Americans….. and the world…. I’d buy a copy…..

  2. get a load of this…er…load:
    “I am sorry, America… This is the real Libya,” a protester in Benghazi says” yeah, cause the average Libyan just luuuurves America…
    “Responding to the report from Benghazi, U.S. Sen. John McCain applauded the citizens’ efforts Friday and said it represented the true, freedom-loving Libya that he and other U.S. officials involved in the country knew.” ***barf***

  3. Charter schools might be next. Any youngsters left alive over there are going to have to unlearn everything they were taught about themselves, and who they were, before Hillary and her crew came along and laid waste to what was.

    Rahm can take it as another good opportunity, and do what he does best.

    r ap

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