New Anti-Muslim Psyop Rolling Out: “Innocence of Muslims” Is the Dumbest Yet

by Scott Creighton

“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop is About Crushing Libya’s Growing Green Revolution

“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop Fixes Underway

UPDATE 3: Ahhhhhhhhh……. check this out:

Though Bacile was apologetic about the American who was killed as a result of the outrage over his film, he blamed lax embassy security and the perpetrators of the violence.

I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good,” said Bacile. “America should do something to change it.” Fox News

I wonder if any of those “100 Jewish donors” happen to own stock in security systems. Isn’t Israel a big player in the international security systems market?

UPDATE 2: According to reports, Sam Bacile is in hiding. They claim he is hiding from those angry Muslims but I doubt that. After all, Clinton’s phony Muslim militias can’t get Visas to enter the United States.  More than likely he’s hiding from those “100 Jewish investors” he keeps talking about who gave him “$5 million dollars” to make that crappy 13 minute hack-job of a film student’s freshman project. My guess is, they hadn’t seen the laughable bullshit their 5 million dollars paid for which makes them look worse than the Muslims portrayed in the “film”

UPDATE: Neocon warmonger Charles Krauthammer comes right out with the hate-mongering line right off the bat. It’s funny, as he’s spewing his anti-Muslim rhetoric, claiming his undying hatred of al Qaeda (except when they are fighting on our side in Syria and Libya and Yugoslavia), he actually makes the claim that “the ultimate sacred principle of democracy is protecting embassies abroad.” Really? His version of “democracy” sounds a lot like imperialism. I thought it would have something to do with defending the constitution. But I guess I’m stuck in pre-9/11 thinking.


Innocence of Muslims 13 minute untitled video at the end of the article…

In Egypt and Libya, protests have broken out over the last two days. Supposedly these protests are over a movie put out by a Israeli American real estate broker, Sam Bacile, who claims he took in 5 million dollars from a 100 Jewish contributors to make the “movie” Innocence of Muslims. All that has been seen of this film is a 13 minute “trailer” (who makes a 13 minute trailer that doesn’t even include the title of the film?)

What is being presented as the film that angered two nations is hacked up and dubbed over. It looks like a film school project that Bacile found and hacked up himself to show his contributors something before they sued him for wasting their money. Either that or it was dragged out and gracelessly retooled for this purpose.

Whatever it is, any real Muslim looking at this thing would simply laugh at the stupidity and the obvious propaganda of it. Hell, they might even feel sorry for the talentless hack who made it and the wannabe actors who suffered through it. They damn sure wouldn’t riot over amateur crap like this. So, who’s over there pretending to riot and why are they really doing it?

These new protests over this “movie” are turning public opinion against Muslims once again like what happened directly after 9/11 but I want you to think about this for a second:

In Egypt, the State Department was finally successful in their efforts to clamp down on the Tahrir Square revolution when they installed their candidate, U.S. educated Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in the office of the presidency. Morsi has since been supportive of almost every action the U.S. and Britain have been pushing in the Middle East including his recent call for military intervention in Syria.

In Libya, the U.S. has their own puppet regime in place after Hillary Clinton’s farcical “humanitarian intervention” succeeded in bombing Gadhafi out of power and then murdering him in cold blood so that no trial could expose what had really happened.

Why these two countries when Muslims all across the rest of the world don’t seem to be rioting over this ridiculously stupid 13 minutes of hate? Why? Because folks, these rioting Muslims are the same who killed Gadhafi and attacked Egyptian protesters and took over in Libya and Egypt… in short… they are OUR Muslims. Fake Muslims. Muslims who are being paid to riot in order to make the population angry at REAL Muslims.


The movie, Innocence of Muslims, was directed and produced by Sam Bacile, a 52-year-old real-estate developer from southern California who says Islam is a hateful religion.

Islam is a cancer,” Mr Bacile told the newspaper. The Austrailian

I don’t think I need to point out the obvious hypocrisy of a Jewish person claiming some other religion is “hateful” while he calls it a cancer. Kinda goes without saying.

The “film” itself looks like something someone made for a school project in Israel. It’s horrible to say the very least. There is one scene in which Muhammad steps out of his tent after being beaten by two of his wives for cheating or something, and he looks out over the desert at 5 horses riding across the dunes with obvious dune buggy tracks crisscrossing the sands.

Dune buggy tracks? Really

It’s obvious that they took this film as a ready made piece and altered it slightly to fit their insightful needs. At one point at the 6:30 mark in the video, after Muhammad tells some Muslims they can have some kids to didle with (I thought that was the Catholics?), there is a scene with 3 (yes, count them, 3 whole soldiers… big battle scene) Muslim soldiers getting stoked up for battle… but unfortunately the film student who made the movie had them saying something else, so Sam Bacile (or the Mossad?) simply dubs in “Muhammad is our messenger and the Koran is our constitution” which isn’t even close to what the guy in the video is saying.

Right after that, they do the same trick again. They didn’t even use the same actor’s voice, the one whom they are dubbing over.

That tells you that whomever made this originally, had nothing to do with this version they are now using to stoke hatred against Muslims. It would also appear that they couldn’t get the original actors.

The film is beyond pathetic and hateful… it’s childish and simpleminded, shortsighted, historically inaccurate, poorly scripted and acted, and bigoted. It reflects the kind of hatred attributed to Muslims throughout it’s short 13 minutes of untitled bile. But the film itself is just a prop.

(Why am I reminded of the Revolution Muslim psyop?)

Not to miss a trick, the perpetrators of this psychological operation decided to tie the Occupy protests in with this new 4 minutes Hate effort and of course, the “protesters” in Egypt took the time for a photo shoot.

Occupy and “the terrorists”… who would have thunk it?

Starting to get the picture?

Remember when that Jewish guy Joseph Cohen was pretending to be the “evil Muslim” and running around saying all kinds of things trying to make Americans hate Muslims? He did a photo once of him doing his thing and of course he had to hold up a Noam Chomsky book while holding a sign promoting blowing up Israel. Now, if that doesn’t just smack of Alan Dershowitz, I don’t know what does. Hate Muslims.. hate Chomsky…. same thing with the picture above. Multitasking propaganda psyops.

Joseph Cohen as the “Ebil MOOOSLIM”! boo.

Here’s the “film” if you can call it that. Lot’s of Hasbara Megaphonies posting hate comments on the Youtube page. I’m sure after a couple of days, the truth about this little Revolution Muslim psyop will slowly make it’s way out.

I’ll tell you though, these things are getting dumber and dumber by the day and as proof of that…


36 Responses

  1. You are an idiot.

  2. اللهم أنصر الإسلام و المسلمين و إنتقم من أعداء الدين و إقتص لرسولك من الكافرين و أذقهم عذاب السعير

    • the above translates to : “God help Islam and Muslims, and avenged by the enemies of religion and having avenged send to support your messenger ( of the unbelievers and اذقهم the chastisement of the burning fire.”

      and I am still a little confused about what this means?

  3. I heard ABC news headlines on the radio say that Bacile was an Israeli in CA and that the film was made to incite Muslims in the US and Middle East. I was a little surprised at their candor but 30 minutes later they left out the incite part.

    • The Fox video with Charles that I link to in the update doesn’t even mention the guy is Israeli. You can see the reporter kind of stumbling on how to describe the makers of the “film”… then he claims they are an “anti-Muslim” group. Yeah, that works.

  4. It is a dumb film…. look at 13:14….. there are shadows on the tent but no shadows on the sand….. the figures are superimposed on the sand? I can’t even bring myself to comment on the choice of actors….. so rude and stupid….
    and man + x = what? lol and the ‘fighters’ are skipping across the street? it’s so bad it is not even funny….
    it was made to insult Muslims and Christians…..

    and I agree with Willy….

    • This isn’t the film itself, it’s a trailer….. and yes, it was obviously done on a “green stage/screen” with the background inserted afterward. And yes, I think there probably are ignorant Muslims that would kill over this, or silly cartoons, or a book ridiculing their prophet, who, if you read even scholarly works about him, was indeed a murdering, womanizing, pedophile with delusions of grandeur.

      • I guess that all depends on your definition of “scholarly” now doesn’t it?

        and I have NEVER seen a trailer for a film that doesn’t include the title of the film ANYWHERE in it’s 13 MINUTES of crap.

        in short, this is not a trailer for anything. It’s someones hacked up film school project which has been hijacked by this guy for this purpose.

        • I guess his definition of scholarly is “not written by Saudi propagandists.” I suppose you wont believe it unless it came from Harvard or UC Bezerkley’s propaganda studios, no matter how many REAL historians support it, because you only listen to people who agree with you.

  5. Good grief. So Z-grade the whincing is starting to hurt.
    Is this gonna end with someone going ape on some sidewalk like that Kony guy?
    As for the hasbara commentariat, yes, noticed a bit of that in places like presstv too.

  6. If you answer with the stupid speeches and arguments, then you’re more stupid than them. however, if you pick up the idifferenza, then you’re more Specific intelligent

  7. HAHAHAHA what a joke. My Grade 7 students have done better acting than this! Where the hell is the reverb/echo on the voices coming from when they’re supposed to be in the desert? The green-scene shots make them look like they’re floating above the sand. But the worst is the content. The “Muslim = evil” insinuation is nauseous. Reminds me of “Reel Bad Arabs”. Check that out on YouTube. Recommended viewing.

    • Let’s see where we are… We have first destabilized and toppled almost every moderate regime in the muslim world and replaced them with fanatic, fundamentalist leaders and governments who consider themselves to be fighting a perpetual Jihad, all of whom have been created, trained and fed by western governments and secret services.

      After backstabbing the freedom-hungry, oppressed general populations of these nation states who were slowly but surely opening up and moving toward democracy, we now insult the very core of their identity and belief system by depicting Mohammad as a bastard turned brutal gang leader killing and raping his way through a middle east depicted by one tent and a green screen.

      To the people who will simply not depict the likeness of Mohammad even in a flattering context, we show a western looking low-life going down on a woman, raping, getting beaten by women and with shoes (we all know what that means in that part of the world)… To the the people who stone, execute and chop limbs off people who get caught drinking alcohol, the movie depicts, the second caliph of Islam, Omar, who was responsible for the spread of their religion, as a drunk… I have no way of proving this, but my guess is the the bone Mohammad was munching on must have been pork….

      Seems like Arab Spring is already done with and somebody really wants to incite a full on religious war.

      Would you like some hot sauce with that Freedom Kabob?

      • And, if I may add, I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on the production quality (or the lack thereof) of this piece of crap propaganda. It’s not meant for the jury of Cannes film festival… It’s a calculated, point by point insult to every sensibility that a believer of Islam shares… (fundamentalists and moderates alike) None of whom will stop and concentrate on the technical f ups or bad acting while their prophet is being depicted as a vulgar, sadistic brute who does not wear underwear…

        • in my opinion if i was a moderate Muslim i would look at this video and feel sorry for the person who made it. it clearly takes common thoughts whether true or not (not going to debate religion) about Islam and makes a farce out of it. id ignore it, maybe say a prayer for him…or secretly curse him out.
          i think the video was made for people in this country who will look at this movie and laugh at the “silly” Muslim, get very upset at some of their actions. for some reason those people need to be stirred up again to get behind something coming down the road. Muslims aren’t the real target of the movie. the goods who made it could care less about converting Muslims. my opinion.

  8. i realize things happen at planned times. is it any coincidence that this happened on 9/11? also why is it that the president continues to talk about how denigrating other religions is wrong? he is making excuses for the murderers. if i commit a crime in this country the courts don’t care what my motive is.
    i watched about 10 minutes of this crap. i couldn’t stand it anymore. if i was Muslim i would be much more upset if an intelligent person put out an intelligently made movie that challenged some of my beliefs. this so called movie is nothing but a joke by a feeble minded person.
    Scott, do you think this is all a setup, a precursor to an October surprise?

  9. Avoid watching obvious propaganda pieces(almost anything made by Israelis or U.S. zionists). It will help preserve your mental health, which is under constant assault here in Orwell’s America.

  10. […] been working on this story since late last night when I posted one of the first alternative news articles about the pathetic cobbled together film school video at the heart of all this called “Innocence […]

  11. US Government backed by Mossad is playing with fire. They think they can control the fire but i believe they have gone too far with their abject hypocrisy and disgusting lies. i am anguished for i feel the world is going ablaze and they won’t be able to control the flames; not this time.

  12. […] been working on this story since late last night when I posted one of the first alternative news articles about the pathetic cobbled together film school video at the heart of all this called “Innocence […]

  13. Its not just making stupid movie.Its about insulting our prophet…Don’t you have any sense of respect?

    • what? never saw Life of Brian?

    • Respect? Willy is posting info about how this piece of ‘junk’ is being used…. and yes he respects the rights of every religion…
      this so called ‘film’ insults Christians and Muslims….. but its biggest harm is the unrest it is bringing about.. and that was the intention of it…
      you have respect for your faith? Then don’t let a conniving third party (the group that made this hateful stupid film) manipulate you to do what they want you to do. Keep your faith and your peace… and your dignity secure.

  14. You have all my respect for your rational writings actually, until you suddenly mentioned “At one point at the 6:30 mark in the video, after Muhammad tells some Muslims they can have some kids to didle with (I thought that was the Catholics?)”.
    I mean, why? What does Catholics have anything to do with this crappy movie? And then you sounds just like the maker of the movie–putting labels on people’s faith just because you saw some news on the world.
    Look, there might be terrorist that is Muslims, but doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorist, right?
    Doesn’t it supposed to be as equal with the other. Now you defend people like me by saying that it looks like all Catholics are some kind of pedophiles. Thanks bro.
    This is why there’s so many hatred going around the world, people molested what other’s believed. Not cool bro, not cool..

    • I mean offend, woops~

    • The first article I wrote on this psyop, this one, was certainly more tongue in cheek than the rest. I found the video so incredibly stupid, I was simply making fun of it as much as anything else. That’s where the didling joke came it. Had that been a Penn State reference I jokingly made, would you have been as upset as you are? course not… but someone from Penn State would be here right now and I would be leaving the same comment with slightly different wording.

      Perhaps the example you seek of people taking all of this far too seriously is your own.

      No, not all Muslims are terrorists. Neither are all Christians and Jews (this country and some of their Christian leaders have been running terror campaigns as standard operating procedure for over a hundred years now and as we all know, the Israeli Mossad has been killing targeted civilians in Iran for some time and we can’t forget the King David Hotel can we?)

      But you seem to miss a very important point to all of this… the reason there is so much “hatred going around the world” is not because someone like me makes lite of some disturbing aspect of one religion or the other… the reason there is so much hatred is because there is so much misery being imposed on billions of people for the simple reason that a very few others wish to make a lot of money.

      Jews, Christians, atheists, and Muslims live in peace in Syria and Iran and Detroit and Paris to this day. They USED to in Iraq and Libya and even Yugoslavia before the first implementation of the “humanitarian intervention” and the use of “professional jihadists” back during Clinton’s regime.

      So “bro”, I appreciate your feelings about Catholicism but the fact is, there have been cases, there have been institutional level cover-ups. If you don’t like it, tell you what, how about addressing the question of whether or not priests can marry? that might be an idea huh? That way you don’t end up with men who never intended to marry in the first place (for WHATEVER reason) flocking to the priesthood. And don’t conflate “priests” with the Catholic faith. I like Catholicism. I like the rituals involved. It’s ok to talk about aspects of the organizational aspects of a religion because most people would understand that it doesn’t indict EVERYONE in the religion. When you are scared to question the authority of an institution because of that, then you have been manipulated to falsely equate the one with the other. just saying…

      I mean if I really wanted to pick on the Catholic church, I would have mentioned their contraceptive device policy and the fact that it was primarily responsible for killing 100s of thousands of people in Africa.

      but I didn’t do that, did I? well, I guess I just did… opps.

      • If you want to talk about deaths in Africa look at your own illegal EPA ban on DDT, which causes millions EVERY YEAR. Or, you could look at the UN green initiatives which are strangling developing nations in Africa, leading to more deaths than your conspiracy theory ever caused. Christians are the only ones helping Africa fight the tyranny of environmental fascism and Islamic fascism. I don’t like the papacy either, and I’m sure you have an admiration of the fascist, pagan setup of the Roman Catholic organization, because Hitler did too. Later, Franz! You bring a new meaning to dumcamf Amerikana.

        • You don’t understand what you read, do you… ? or maybe you just don’t take time to read…
          or maybe you just like to spew hatred…. in any old fashion…
          you are a “dumcamf”

    • This is America. Catholics are not victims. Muslims get shit on daily. All you guys have to deal with is a few jokes on late night tv or blogs. Ask a muslim if his phone has been tapped or his mosque has been infiltrated by feds and a startling number of them will tell you yes. Or ask them if they’ve personally been called a “terrorist” or “towelhead”. Ask them if their relatives in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Libya or any other places weve bombed are still alive. Thats some very real discrimination as opposed to a jab like the one above. Perspective.

  15. The real question is not who made the anti-Muslim film, but who translated it into Arabic and broadcast it in the mideast? That was the crime.

  16. This video had nothing to do with the attacks. It is a well known fourth generation warfare tactic to feign moral outrage while attacking your enemy. The US State Department would’ve provided a video if there was none, and Al Jizera would’ve made one if Hillary Clinton didn’t want to help. You’re half right; these are our Muslims, but our Muslims are the Democrats’ Muslims, which is why the Democrats need a scapegoat.

    You can try all you want to demonize this guy, and vicariously demonize all Jews, whoops Christians with your ignorant, hateful double-speak, but maybe if you learned a little about the real world instead of watching Snooki piss on discotec floors, you would be able to use your brain instead of demonizing victims. In truth, the video portrayed Muhammed in a favorable light, compared to the man’s actual deeds. It didn’t even call him the deserter of Medina! And, in the video, he had consensual sex with people’s wives instead of murdering their husbands and taking them as sex slaves to rape over and over again. It’s in the Koran and Hadith, and it’s historical fact. I know, the truth can be “offensive,” to journalistic scumbags like you. Jews, Christians, pagans, and possibly atheists lived in peace in Syria and Iran UNTIL the Muslims invaded and forced them into slavery or death. Or is history just “Semitic war propaganda,” you Jarred Laughner wannabe? You should be on MSNBC or ABC with your standards of integrity, or teaching Jihad class with Bill Ayers. I bet you think 9/11 was done by Bush and Jews, you Neo Nazi PIG.

    • go crawl back into your cave…. you are slimy…….

    • Marcus… Pretend I agreed with all your main points… But, help me understand… What’s up with all that anger and hatred emanating from your prose? Is it all for Scott? Or, is Scott piggybacking on some existing, more general and more fundamental anger brewing in you? Or, is it just a schtick to stir things up? Or to provoke, perhaps?

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