The World Turned Upside Down: American Doctors Saving Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria

by Scott Creighton

Foreign Policy magazine cheers al Qaeda while NPR praises “brave” American doctors who save the terrorist’s lives.

The world turned upside down or is it now finally right side up?

This shouldn’t be a surprise to any reader at this site, the fact that some 30 or so American doctors have flown over to Turkey to work on the border patching up al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorists injured during their destabilization campaign in Syria. It’s admitted that these mercs are some of the same ones who attacked, killed and maimed US service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan and yet, there are our doctors, privileged select members of the community, patching them up and fixing their wounds on foreign soil as they terrorize and murder innocent people across the border in Syria.

To say the world is upside down might be a bit of hyperbole when in fact it looks like, for once, the truth of the “conspiracy theorists” (myself included) is finally and audaciously coming out in full view for all to see. No,the emperor has no clothes and it just doesn’t matter anymore.

But let’s just take a look at the facts and let them speak for themselves. Draw your own conclusions as to the current state of the union under the current “lesser of two evils” administration.

[side note] Here is my recommendation of how to deal with those doctors when they return to US soil or in fact, how to deal with them if they are already back…. the rule of law (I know, I know… “the law” only applies to poor working stiffs, but hey, it’s worth a shot):

The National Defense Authorization Act section 1021 –  “… indefinitely detain any person (including U.S. citizens)(even doctors) “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces (Islamists) that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners (reportedly, al Qaeda is currently attacking troops in Afghanistan, partners in Iraq, partners in Yemen)… without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]”

Professional Jihadists (aka…..)

It has been well established for quite sometime now that foreign mercenaries make up the vast majority of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” that is ravaging the Syrian population in an ongoing Western initiated destabilization campaign designed to force a regime change in Syria and install a pro-Western puppet regime. This is not a “civil war” as the propagandist media like to claim, it’s terrorism pure and simple, brought to the people of Syria by those who have run these kinds of campaigns many times before.

Gary Gambill of the Council on Foreign Relations policy rag Foreign Policy which is practically the trends handbook for the US State Department, recently wrote an article in which he praised the al Qaeda forces killing people in Syria, even the ones who have our soldier’s blood on their hands.

Two Cheers for Islamists – Gary Gambill Foreign Policy Magazine

“Islamists – many of them hardened by years of fighting U.S. forces in Iraq — are simply more effective fighters than their secular counterparts. Assad has had extraordinary difficulty countering tactics perfected by his former jihadist allies, particularly suicide bombings and roadside bombs (IEDs). The Islamists’ ability to shatter the calm even in high-security neighborhoods of Damascus and Aleppo is slowly stripping away the regime’s outer layers of non-Alawite support.” Gary Gambill

I and others wrote about that little gem a few weeks ago once they decided that they couldn’t keep a lid on the fact that they have been providing material support to terrorists in Syria as a matter of administrative policy. It’s been slowly coming out in the alternative media in spite of the efforts of many gatekeeper organizations like Democracy NOW! and others. The MSM is simply responding to the fact that they can’t keep a lid on certain information as long as the web is still relatively free and open despite three recent bills aimed at shutting down and or limiting the open exchange of information across the world. The credit for this forced position shift goes to those working tirelessly to expose this once “conspiracy theory”, the likes of Tony Cartalucci, Lizzie Phelan, Thierry Meyssan, Webster Tarpley, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, RT, Press TV, Syria 360 Blog, and various others to many to name.

Reuters just published an interview with a French doctor who worked with Doctors Without Borders (or the French equivalent)

The doctor had just returned from Turkey where he admitted working on the border helping save the lives of the Free Syrian Army fighters (terrorists) who were wounded by the police and or Syrian troops who are currently defending their country and their citizens from this Islamists assault.

What the doctor said makes it very clear who they are helping:

“In an interview with Reuters in his central Paris apartment on Saturday, the 71-year-old said that contrary to his previous visits to Homs and Idlib earlier this year about 60 percent of those he had treated this time had been rebel fighters and that at least half of them had been non-Syrian...

… During his previous visits to Syria – in March and May – Beres said he had dismissed suggestions the rebels were dominated by Islamist fighters but he said he had now been forced to reassess the situation.

The doctor’s account corroborates other anecdotal evidence that the struggle against Assad appears to be drawing ever greater numbers of fellow Arabs and other Muslims, many driven by a sense of religious duty to perform jihad (holy war) and a readiness to suffer for Islam.

But while some are professional “jihadists”, veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya or Libya who bring combat and bomb-making skills with them that alarm the Western and Arab governments which have cheered the rebels on, many have little to offer Syrians but their goodwill and prayers.

Beres described treating dozens of such jihadists from other Arab countries, but also at least two young Frenchmen.” Reuters

So Doctors Without Borders are flying over to Turkey to save the lives of “professional jihadists” aka “mercenary terrorists” who are committing crimes against humanity and terrorist acts against a nation with the intent of changing the social and political structure of the nation.

That by the way is the definition of terrorism folks. Look it up.

We also know thanks to Foreign Policy Magazine that these “professionals” are drawn from the ranks of al Qaeda and various other Islamist organizations who have been engaged and are currently engaged in other countries in an ongoing fight against our troops and allies. And that’s to say nothing of 9/11….

The Good Doctors

A few weeks ago I had the misfortune of listening to a show on National Petroleum Radio (NPR) hosted by none other than another Council on Foreign Relations mouthpiece, Deborah Amos.

The piece she did highlighted the efforts of some Syrian expats now living in the United States who are rushing back and forth helping to provide medical care to the terrorists fighting in Syria. The group called the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations, started with a Syrian doctor working in Texas (yes, that’s the oil industry Texas for those of you who are paying attention)

If you are trying to understand the Syrian expats living in the grand old USofA now helping terrorist attack their homeland, think about the Cubans living in Miami and the years of terrorism we inflicted on that country with their help and the reason they wanted to help in the first place. These were the Cuban oligarchs under the fascist Batista regime who fled Cuba in ’59 after the revolution and still hate Castro to this very day for spoiling the good they had under our puppet fascist dictatorship.

Then you get the picture of who these Syrian doctors are. There is nothing new under the sun folks. Fascists live and thrive in America and many dream of the day they can toss off the pretense of the left cover Obama incrimentalism plan in favor of all out, business first, pure fascist America.

“With so many Syrians dying on the long trek to Turkey for treatment, there is a race to organize and streamline this emergency operation inside and outside Syria. Turkish hospitals are overwhelmed by the caseload in Antakya, a resort town. The Turkish doctors don’t have much experience with battlefield injuries, and have no resources for follow-up care. So Syrian-American doctors have stepped in to help….

… Ghanem is one of 30 American doctors who recently arrived here. They all came with full suitcases packed with a million dollars worth of vital supplies donated by an American medical manufacturer.” Amos, CFR mouthpiece

Imagine that: a bunch of Syrian expats looking to help neoliberalize Syria getting help from a major American medical company who also stands to profit from regime change via terrorism.

The NPR interview ended with the brave American doctor telling Amos of a “nice friend” who was coincidentally just killed a few minutes before the interview and him strapping on a backpack to trek across the border into Syria to tend to some more wounded terrorists. What a brave and selfless thing to do. What a nice way to end their staged little fabricated interview.

Syrian Danny anyone?


The trouble for all those American “misguided Anti-Castro” Syrians (get the reference?) is, now that the State Department and publications like Foreign Policy Magazine have made it clear that the Free Syrian Army is made up of al Qaeda terrorists and their affiliated  Islamist organizations, and now that the Doctors Without Borders report has come out clearly stating that the majority of the people they are saving just happen to be those self-same terrorists, turns out the good doctors (and the medical manufacturer) are committing a rather serious crime… it used to be called treason… now it’s defined by the NDAA 2012 section 1021.

The National Defense Authorization Act section 1021 –  “… indefinitely detain any person (including U.S. citizens)(even doctors) “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces (Islamists) that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners (reportedly, al Qaeda is currently attacking troops in Afghanistan, partners in Iraq, partners in Yemen)… without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]”

8 Responses

  1. That makes my stomach ache…. just throwing it in our faces….
    they help the men who kill our service men … is totally upside down and inside out..
    just like this memorial for 9/11`
    they say this $700 million dollar memorial will cost about $60 million a year to maintain…… this costly center piece of a jewel that represents the corporate take over of America… it is their memorial for their conquest… not for the people who died there…
    a cover of well groomed thick green grass and planted Oak and Dogwood trees would be a much more respectful memorial to those who died… the living could walk on paths through the ‘living’ park and remember 9/11…
    instead they build a memorial that is untouchable… only viewable….
    hands off….

  2. Men’s history is replete with stories of treason, wars, atrocities and endless brutality but never like this past decade have the words of those who want to turn the world into a safe haven, been so treacherous and hypocrite. “The ennemy of my ennemy is my friend”, this is a rather naive conception of politics considering that in reality both are ennemies and that in the end all these lies and manufactured so called revolutions will simply drag the world into a global religious war. Politics, religions, money; same and old despicable triad.

  3. […] Creighton – The World Turned Upside Down: American Doctors Saving Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria The trouble for all those American “misguided Anti-Castro” Syrians (get the reference?) is, now […]

  4. “British” doctors (NOT British but uninvited muslim immigrants and 2nd generation immigrants) are in Syria supposedly to assist civilians but actually assisting terrorists in Syria and have been attacking westerners in Syria. The politically correct middle class lesbians and queers in the west are shrieking the place down gullibly believing the Al Qaeda lies that they are “helping civilians”

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