RNC Convention Tampa Circa 1968

by Scott Creighton

The Republican National Convention is coming to my little hometown here in Tampa Fl.

It’s frightening the crap they are saying on the MSM these days. Several “news” stations are reporting the DHS is claiming they have evidence that there will be some form of terrorist action taken. City and County offices have been relocated out of the area for “parking” reasons. The local jailhouse has been cleared of ALL their inmates in order to make room for 1,700 new inhabitants coming straight from the protests.

The Hillsborough County sheriff has posted a cryptic and threatening letter to the protesters coming to Tampa… along with a nice photo of their new “tactical gear”

And toss a little hurricane on top of all of that, and you have an interesting week shaping up in Tampa.

Dennis Kucinich says the situation in Syria is “rife with potential for a “false flag” operation” like I did yesterday? Well, draw your own conclusions about my hometown.

Professional fearmongers like local Muslim-hater Bill Warner is warning of BlackBloc violence being carried out by al Qaedaesque protesters who wish to “kill cops” and overthrow the United States of America with a few bricks and pipes. I wonder how threatened the police driving the new Tampa Tank are by a skinny NSA employee with a brick?

“These are tactics terrorists use in the Middle East. They will hide bricks in piles in buildings and so forth. They will move into the area start their little protests. Then they will find their pile of bricks and pipes and start busting out windows,”

“Anonymous and Black Block seek the overthrow of the US Government, they hate cops and everything they stand for and seek to disrupt the Tampa RNC.” Bill “Hate all Muslims and Profit from Fear” Warner

Normally you would just laugh at an asshole like this but these days they tend to get a lot of attention from local “news” agencies because they are “experts” in the field of fake terrorism.

“expert” Bill Warner describes these NSA interns as wearing “riot gear”…

Take for instance how this guy put up on his site a photo of those “black bloc” protesters who jumped up on that police car that was suspiciously left in the middle of an intersection and unprotected just before they wandered up and started hopping up and down on it while the press just happened to be there to take pictures of it all. He claims it’s “proof” these guys are terrorists. Yeah, he’s an “expert” (he also claims the NSA plants were wearing “riot gear”…)

As laughable as he is (Bill, go hide in the bushes and catch another cheater would you?) you have to worry when the DHS is claiming that there is going to be some kind of attack in Tampa during the convention and the city and the county start moving their government offices out of the area because of “parking issues”

That’s probably a bad sign.

IEDs again making their way as a new talking point in American discourse. As you all know, the James Holmes case also included talk of IEDs though for some strange reason after setting up all those IEDs in his apartment to kill cops, he warned the cops about them before they went there.

“Thousands of Hillsborough County employees packed up and moved out of the Fred B. Karl County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, on Friday. They’ll work in satellite offices from Monday through Aug. 31 while the Republican National Convention is here. Most workers relocated to offices in the Falkenburg Road area. County officials ordered the move out of concern over building access during the convention, which is expected to draw 50,000 visitors and spark protests in the streets”  TBO

The city is also relocating several offices in the area which really shouldn’t be hampered by parking issues as that they have their own dedicated parking garages and lots.

When you consider that all this fuss is being made over a planned peaceful protest march of a piddly 5,000 people, you have to wonder.

In most cases you don’t even report on a protest or a march attended by less than 70 or 80 thousand people. Here we have a protest who’s own organizers estimate only about 5,000 attendees.

Why would you need to clear a 1,700 bed facility for a march of 5,000 people? How many “blackbloc” NSA interns can hop up and down on one car at a time? But, that’s what they are doing.

An alliance of more than 60 labor, peace, student, immigrant rights, gay and lesbian and other groups says it’s ready for a 5,000-person march on the first day of the Republican National Convention.

“There will be nothing that will stop us from marching in the streets to demand good jobs, health care, affordable education, equality and peace and to oppose the party of legitimate rape,” said Corey Uhl of the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.

The Coalition to March on the RNC plans to meet at 10 a.m. Monday at Perry Harvey Park. It is expected to hear from more than 40 speakers before marching around noon south toward the Tampa Bay Times Forum.” Tampa Bay Times

Here’s how those 5,000 labor, peace, and student activists will be greeted by our friendly little city…

Greetings to all of you commie Peace Activists! Welcome to 1968! from the city of Tampa

Here’s a few lines from Sheriff Gee’s letter of greeting sent out to all of us on the country website…

To the agitators and anarchists who want only to bring a dark cloud to this event, let me be clear: criminal activity and civil disturbances will not be tolerated and enforcement actions will be swift…

What the public won’t see is the staging of quick reactionary forces, tactically deployed at locations around the city to handle an emergency situation. These special contingents of law enforcement officers are trained, equipped and prepared….

There will be arrests. The question is how many….” Sheriff Gee

[side note: I thought that “dark cloud” reference was pretty funny actually. Looks like Jesus is bringing the “dark cloud” himself… hee hee]

They set the Orient Rd facility up as a McDonald’s justice processing station. They claim they will be able to process massive amounts of protesters quickly and get them on their way I guess back to the protests so they can be picked up and processed again.

They say that they will have public defenders and bail bondsman companies set up in the Jail at stations and they will run the entrapped… uh… I mean, the arrested through the entire process and even to “court” set up in some carpeted room (how nice.. carpeting) all in the course of two hours.

Of course, you are on your own traveling back to the protests so you had better bring some cash for cab fare and bail money when you come. After all, someone has to pay for all that police overtime this week, might as well be the peace activist commies, right?

Welcome to the RNC Convention Tampa circa 1968.

For those of you wondering about the title, here you go.



Notice in the one below, there are National Guard troops on the ground, in Chicago at the convention used against the citizens. They’re carrying rifles WITH bayonets attached.

Bayonets folks…for peace activists.

And people are up in arms because now they MIGHT put troops on the streets of America in violation of Posse comatatus? It’s been done.


6 Responses

  1. Locals should stock up on 6 days of food and water but not 7 days worth. Otherwise, the “authorities” may get suspicious. I wonder, what about the leftovers? How are leftovers calculated in a days supply? How do they factor in those with light appetites? If I don’t eat my dessert on the 7th day, can I save it for the 8th? <<sarcasm … Stay safe, Scott. We need you here writing and keeping us informed. The "media" certainly isn’t going to. Thanks for what you do.

    • No. If you save the your dessert for the 8th day, then you are a pinko commie Islamofascist terrorist and they will come get you. The plates you bought last year are rigged with Google cameras and they watch you eat. Take the Twinkie outside, pull a trash can over your head, in the rain, and enjoy (an old trash can of course… not one of the newer Google trash cans) 😉

      Thanks for the support. Good to hear from you. Will keep my head down as much as possible.

      • Really, I’m a Judeo-Jesuit-Zionist-Freemason-Black Nobility-Google stock owning-Rothschild-Rockefeller-Republican masquerading as a Twinkie-loving pinko commie Islamofascist terrorist. But don’t tell my Mom. She thinks I’m on a diet. 🙂

  2. Scott, I hope you are able to get out and give us some first hand reports and photos.

    I wonder if the wind and rain will provide some cover for ‘mischief.”

  3. Are the last six comments, just spam? Bill Warner seems to be quite the loser.

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