Instahero Brandon J. Raub Update: ಠ_ಠ

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE to the UPDATE of… oh forget it: Adam “The Man wannabe” Kokesh sums up the psyop beautifully (you can’t believe this):

“You’ve got so many people here now who are tuned into your story who are dying to hear what you have to say, a lot of people looking forward to really seeing you continue to grow as an activist, cus obviously this challenge will bring you a lot of opportunities as well, and we really look forward to that.”

I mean, wow. Does it get any more sophomoric and obvious than that? who the fuck is writing this stupid shit anyway? I guess this is what happens when contract killers who could never think for themselves in the first place decide they are smart enough to run psyops and “pull the wool” over everyone’s eyes.

They couldn’t get a job writing for the WWE. just… simply… wow

(just for the record Adam, check out most of the dissident sites that you are talking about. They’ve figured this out a while ago as well and those that didn’t, this little obvious bit of propaganda will push them over the edge. Good job buddy. You just exposed the latest Syrian Danny and Gay Girl from Damascus for us. Thanks bud.)

UPDATE FOR THE UPDATE’s UPDATE: Brandon J Raub: “6 years I spent in active reserve and the two and a half three years I spent on active duty training to go overseas and overseas were some of the best years of my life and I hope to continue that

The “best years of his life” were when he was helping our illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and he wants to continue it?

UPDATE for the UPDATE: (H/T Chris P) – Wow. Simply… wow. Sounding like a poorly rehearsed infomercial, Adam Kokesh did an “interview” with Brandon from his detention in the psych ward of the hospital where he is being “detained”. He kept telling Brandon that “so many people” are just worried to death about him and are waiting with baited breath for any words of wisdom from their new glorious leader. Brandon came back with the now infamous words “Government is like fire”

That’s deep man.

Then he had to ask Adam to repeat on of his questions. The guy is soo f*in deep.

Adam couldn’t believe that the brave Brandon was picked up by the evil “goberment” and taken away in order to silence him. Of course, the guy is on a phone call with Adam on his podcast… but, let’s not think about that.

You know what is funny and glaringly stupid at the same time? I mean aside from the ex-military guy, who wanted a seat in congress so bad he sucked up to the Israeli lobby, and who’s daddy was a vulture capitalist trying to pass as a dissident? You know what’s funny than that?

At one point they try to sound educated in the opposition movement by claiming that they know Facebook was created and used by the evil “goberment” to trap us… and of course, Facebook is the vehicle the ex (current) military guy used to get his “truth” message out in the first place. Raub wouldn’t have existed without Facebook and the same can be said for Kokesh now that I mention it.

“You’re a marine. You served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think that just adds a whole other layer to this.” Kokedish

Yeah, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Hello folks. Time for a little Brandon J. Raub psyop program update.

Brandon is going to be detained for 30 days and when he gets out, I’m sure he will be all set and ready to go from a former (current?) military man quoter of other people’s calls to action, to a full blown, authenticated by the feds “leader of the resistance movement” (can you say “Bohemian Grove”?)

Oh boy I just can’t wait!!! Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy. A leader at last… just what we need.  ಠ_ಠ

From an article at Business Insider:

“Lawyers from The Rutherford Institute represented Brandon Raub during the three-hour hearing today at the John Randolph Medical Center and released a statement, saying Raub has been sentenced to “up to 30 days’ further confinement in a VA psych ward” after “government officials again pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the sole reason for their concern and for his continued incarceration.” Business Insider

Lawyers for the institute represented Raub for whatever that was worth. Usually evaluations are from between 48 to 72 hours. 30 days?

Anyone remember how Alex Jones got his credibility? Ever wonder how all those security professionals for the world leaders at the Bohemian Grove “forgot” to cover the woods so AJ could waddle his big butt in there?

Someone over at ATS seems to have figured it out…

reply posted on 20-8-2012 @ 03:56 PM by g146541
There are several things about this story that scream, “hey look at me, look at me”!!
First is, the gentleman is active duty yes or no?
Is the gentleman being accused of crime, or being looked at for mental weakness?
Is the gentleman being reviewed by civillian court or Military?
And just exactly what did this man do to get so much attention?
Too many things in this scream SETUP!
Why are we being told to watch this, what is the other hand doing?

You ever read that two face diatribe attributed to Raub laughingly called “The Truth”? Not much of a manifesto, full of scratch the surface harmless peeks at the truth, then followed up by this at the end…

“… I firmly believe that God set America apart from the other nations of the world. He saved a place where people could come to to escape bad systems of goverment. This system we have created works. It really works.

There is evil going on all around the world. The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them.” Raub

Let’s look at that shall we?

I firmly believe that God set America apart from the other nations of the world

Who does that sound like? Which country uses the propaganda that their country was ordained by God himself to be special? Hmmm….

“He saved a place where people could come to to escape bad systems of goverment.”

Well, I guess that makes sense except he didn’t really set it up very well at first for poor people, women, and black people did he? In fact, he kinda fucked those black people (and the Irish) pretty bad which lasted till, say… uhh… the 1970s? So why do you think it is that Raub seems to think God fucked everybody except rich white landowners?

“This system we have created works. It really works.”

I’m not exactly sure of the timeline, but I think Raub was a little young to have helped “create” this system. In fact, from what I understand, what Raub contributed to was our illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh yeah, he posted things on Facebook about sharpening his ax. Thanks Raub, we owe it all to you.

“There is evil going on all around the world.”

Yeah, like in Iraq and Afghanistan. You should know… you were part of it, weren’t you?

“The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force.”

Lead the charge against injustice? Like where, Libya? Iran 1953? Chile in 1973? Vietnam? Korea? Hiroshima perhaps?

People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them

And there we have it. We’ve been out there forcing all that liberty and freedom on people and they’re just a bunch of ungrateful ingrates.

Now, keep in mind that Brandon supposedly wrote that screed on Nov. 11 2011 just after getting out of the military (but it’s still questionable whether or not he actually got out or whether he is still serving in a manner like those soldiers did who got in with Martin Luther King and the Black Panther movement)

Uh, in a word… ಠ_ಠ

21 Responses

  1. Many of our service man and women go to these wars and come back with nightmares that will haunt them forever….. and many come back with terrible wounds…. and a distrust of their government…. people know that… and we feel we can relate to these service people….
    so the government wants to use this against us….
    wouldn’t that seem to turn us against each other? Like we won’t know who to trust ?

  2. Can you say “Psychological Operation” loud and clear? Because that’s exactly what this little skit does.

    Sorry people, but I am many years past even considering this bullshit as genuine.

  3. Also, Scott, please promise me that you will never abandon your sarcasm and snarky wit.

    It makes my day every time! 😀

  4. Adam Kokefest had an interview with him yesterday apparently. Nuff said.

    • Sorry, I should be more clear for those who dont know. Adam Kokesh, son of a vulture capitalist and lackey of Alex Jones interviewed this Raub guy recently. Yes, from lock up apparently.

    • Adam Kokefest? lol…. I like that…. I really do

      • Thanks. Feel free to steal it. I stole your Peace Prize President dig. Check his eyes out though, the guy always looks like hes been on a coke binge for days straight:

        • Gee, how did Adam Kokesh get an interview with such a newsworthy subject while hes still locked up? Dual credibility building obviously. Jesus they think we’re fucking retarded.

          • check out the updates. I did them while watching this sideshow train wreck. clowns and bearded ladies laying all over the place. It was horrible. thanks for the link. Did you see the two other psyop guys hanging out in front of the hospital wearing shades talking to Adam? yeah, nice

          • seems like most people on the sites I just checked know this is a psyop and it’s failing badly. Maybe Kokedish just put the final nail in it’s coffin

          • I gotta be honest, I didn’t even watch the whole thing. I cant stomach Kokesh. And not just because he banned me from his youtube videos,lol. I already assumed that Kokesh was either a useful idiot or active shill so I dont even need confirmation. And this whole situation already looked shady, and now the phone call from the psych ward? Yeah, that seals it.

  5. wow, you people are so paranoid I’m surprised you trust yourselves. It’s easy to do a phone interview from hospital mental wards. They have telephones in the mental ward and patients are allowed to use them. He isn’t in prison, he’s in a hospital….

    • well you just keep waiting for your new processed ready for consumption hero to get out and you and Kokesh can follow him anywhere. But, pay attention to the myriad of other honest dissident sites, and you may notice that the vast majority of us out here won’t be tagging along. By the way… how’s Syrian Danny and that Gay Girl from Damascus working out for you guys?

    • Yeah, and he happens to call obvious fraud Adam Kokesh for his big interview as opposed to say, a major network or legitimate news site.

  6. You know, after seeing those updates, I am getting A LOT more concerned for the future. This propaganda is so weak, yet it seems to fool so many people. This crap is just another reminder of how many people are so unbelievably brain-dead. Sometimes, in light of that fact, having any hope at all is a huge strain for me…

  7. Excellent observations W! In a matter of days you’ve prematurely blown up this bomber’s underwear, pulled Kokesh’ chuds over his head, and gave Chris Hedges a well-deserved Wedgie. You’ve started a bowel movement.

  8. This is an extremely important piece.
    Your analysis points to the Brandon Raub affair as pure psyop, probably designed by the government, given the recent ruling at the Federal District Court Level which imposed an injunction against the Federal Government for exactly this sort of conduct.
    That suggests that Raub was in on it (the Kokesh interview clearly shows that and also shows that Kokesh is likely a disinfo agent- if not just a useful idiot). The same has been said of Alex Jones- Kokesh has hosted Jones’ show on occasion.
    Two possible reasons for this psyop- the first is that Newsweek and the Rothschilds through their mouthpiece Niall Ferguson (an apparent City of London banker agent and very close to the Rothschilds) want Obama out of the White House (I would imagine that Obama is not going along so readily with the plan to attack Iran- purely in the interest of the City of London and Wall Street- and Romney would- given that his list of national security advisers reads like a Who’s Who of the 911 attacks against the US). By pushing this meme- they continue to push the Obama administration as lawless- something the TPTB will use to justify the removal of Obama from the White House- despite that fact that Romney and the completely corrupt RNC essentially stole the primary elections from Ron Paul and Romney evidences virtually no support anywhere other than during avatar rally constructs.
    The second is that despite the fact that the Federal District Court held that the NDAA is unconstitutional and the court imposed an injunction against its imposition, Raub serves to continue the narrative that the government will imprison you under the illicit NDAA, despite what the court holds. This is an attempt to get people who would otherwise be critical to temper their criticism for fear the government will simply go all extrajudicial on them, the fear being the motivating factor for control of the population.

    • This has nothing to do with the NDAA. They have been able to do this to people here in the good old usA for sometime, and has been a favorite thing to do to political dissidents. It is through psychiatry, not the criminal or extrajudicial process. All it takes in most parts of the country is for a couple people to say you are nuts, and off you go for evaluation.

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