Sikh Temple Massacre: Wage Page an FBI Informant? Security Cameras Off?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see the end of the article for two updates


Information about Wade Michael Page’s background is slowly trickling out and some interesting things have surfaced.

First of all, was Page an informant working for the FBI? The strange switch in his demeanor and the timing of his decision to join the hate movement while several others were being hired by the FBI do infiltrate it may tell us something. But perhaps a statement about his name showing up on previous federal investigations will tell us more.

Another interesting find is the fact that it is now public knowledge that for some reason, the security cameras at the Temple were “turned off” during the shooting. Considering all the conflicting reports of multiple shooters and Wade’s death, this is a dramatic development.

Wade Page FBI informant?

His step mother claims the Page that we are getting to know is nothing like the one she knew. She says she last saw him in 1999 (she’s divorced from his father) and that at that time he had Hispanic and black friends. Considering his career in the military, this would stand to reason.

“He was gentle and kind and loving and a he was a happy person and a happy child. And what happened, God only knows, because I don’t,” Page said.

She is divorced from Page’s father and says the last time she saw her stepson was Christmas 1999.

When he lived in Texas with us, he had Hispanic friends and he had black friends. You know, there was none of that,” Page added. CBS news

This is a very interesting account considering the timeline involved. According to the interview Page gave to the record label magazine, he took off from Texas in early 2000 on his motorcycle jumping into the skin-head music scene. This is right after being around or even living with his step mother who claimed he had friends from many different races. Why would he do that?

We know that Page had been a psychological operations specialist over the course of his career in the military and if you know what psyops does, then you also know that they are often recruited into black ops after their tours are over. Sometimes they are given “less than honorable” discharges before they begin their new careers in order to put some distance between themselves and the military for reasons of plausible deniablity in the future.

Consider the fact that former Special Forces soldier David Kellerman admits that he was tasked by the FBI to infiltrate the National Alliance in 2000. Then consider David Gletty who is an admitted FBI informant who “infiltrated” the National Socialist Movement (known as the “Hollywood Nazis”). He didn’t really “infiltrate” them as much as he formed a new division in Orlando with some of his buddies who still work with him today (also informants) and they staged so-called “rallies” in predominantly black neighborhoods to stir up racial tension. Remember, he did all of this while on the FBI payroll. According to Gletty, he and his group (also informants) raped “young girls”, committed murder, and set up drug dealers to be ripped off.  The only thing he ever really did to help law enforcement was to set up two young idiots, put them onto a plot to rob a drug dealer, then entrap them. Then he wrote a book on it to capitalize on his experience and now runs some kind of half-assed investigation company.

If you do the math, looks like Gletty started his “infiltration” in the early 2000s as well.

Take the case of Hal Turner. He had been around for a while in various schemes or political campaigns, but he didn’t start his way off the charts hard-core racist show until early 2002 from what I can understand and he picked a fight with 4chan that ended up exposing him as an FBI informant from the beginning thus causing him to step away from “the cause” (lesson: don’t fuck with 4chan)

Turns out that Hal Turner’s FBI handler was the same guy who failed to set up the Hutaree 9 a year ago. Small world, huh?

Why do I bring all of this up? It’s very simple, apparently somewhere around 2000, Wade Page flipped and started hating everyone so he joined up with the hate groups round about the same time several other infiltrators were starting up their careers as FBI informants keeping track of the rising numbers of anti-government groups across America.

Now that could just be a coincidence, but then you have this little gem I found:

Several years ago, Page’s name turned up as part of several federal investigations, although Page himself was never a target and there was no intelligence to suggest he posed a threat. CBS News

Now why would that be?

Security cameras off… once again.

Why is it that during these events, the “security” cameras that are supposed to aid us in providing, oh, I don’t know, “security”, are never on?

Has anybody asked about the security cameras that must have been at the Century 16 theater in Aurora Co.? No one even talks about those cameras because as we know, they had to be on or Century 16 would be sued out the butt.

But according to FBI spokespeople, the Sikh Temple turned their security cameras off  right before the shooting.

Teresa Carlson is a special agent in charge of the FBI in the Milwaukee field office, and she said that they’d already conducted hundreds of interviews since Sunday. And just to give you the scope of this, they’ve issued almost 200 federal subpoenas and 101 leads are pending as of this morning. So this is a really big investigation. And they have not clearly defined a motive at this point. There was no video in the temple itself. Apparently, their surveillance camera wasn’t on. NPR

We have a mass casualty event very similar to the destabilization events taking place in Syria and there are no video cameras turned on during that time? Really?

Various witnesses reported that multiple shooters were involved (see here, here, here and the head of the temple reported several men casing the place out days before the shooting. There are several witnesses who claimed that the shooter had a 9/11 tattoo on his arm yet I can’t find a picture of Wade with any such marking yet the one guy who DID have a tat like that on his arm, and was recording pictures of the victims, is waved off by the feds for reasons unknown.

Interestingly, Wade was a member of a group called Hammerskins which is evidenced by the tat on his right shoulder “838”. As it turns out, it was the Hammerskins that Gletty was trying to infiltrate but they figured him for a snitch and he had to start up his own little group.


Was Wade Page an FBI informant working on a destabilization campaign? Had he been involved in a broader program to infiltrate growing hate groups like the Hammerskins since 2000? Had he already turned state’s evidence against others in federal investigations? Why are there no security videos from what happened that day? Did they exist and show multiple shooters? Are those recordings kept on site or at a security company of site?

There are a lot of questions here. I don’t know what the answers are, but the more we find out about this case, the worse it looks.


1. Go listen to Jack Blood interview his guest Rolf Zaeschmar while they talk about the strange timeline of Wade Page’s recent past. As I have pointed out before, Page seemed to be around in various cities when other mass killing events took place. And remember, Page only moved into his apartment 2 weeks prior to the attack. I’m listening to it now. Seems alright. I will let you know.

2. To the point of these attacks being used as a type of destabilization campaign, lets consider the story of globalist mouthpiece Fareed Zakaria getting suspended for a month from CNN and TIME. These are BOTH globalist institutions and Zakaria is certainly one of their main Mockingbird agents. But what happened was another institution discovered that Fareed had lifted a “let’s ban the guns” story from a New York Times piece and published his stolen work not once but twice so they didn’t fire him for plagiarism, which any respectable journal would do. No, instead, they gave him an extended vacation.

“As the governor of Texas (Texas!) explained in 1893, the “mission of the concealed deadly weapon is murder. To check it is the duty of every self-respecting, law-abiding man.”” Fareed the Plagiarist

16 Responses

  1. There is solid evidence that Page was an informant – or, rather, a control agent, since the neo-Nazi movement is really a proxy arm of the establishment and this “infiltration” really amounts to control.

    I think he was working for the military, not the FBI. The Journal Sentinel uncovered this evidence:

    “According to records obtained by the Journal Sentinel, Page appears to have lived the last several years in North Carolina, Colorado and Texas, before arriving in the Milwaukee area earlier this year. Several listed addresses associated with Page suggest he has been in the U.S. military.”

    Since the newspaper was working with records from the last several years, this is conclusive documentary evidence that Page was associated with the military long after he was “discharged”. He was associated with the military at the same time he was associated with the white power scene.

    Funny how the story behind his death changed three times, eh?

    First, they said he was shot by Lt. Brian Murphy, the head of the Oak Creek Police Department’s tactical division and a 20-year veteran of the force. Murphy just so happens to be a former U.S. Marine. He was the officer that is now fully recovering after being shot 8-9 times by Page — once in the throat. No explanation as to how that’s possible has been offered, especially since he allegedly told the other officers not to tend to his wounds, but to save the people inside the temple. Then again, it’s also worth wondering how he was even able to issue such an order after being shot 8-9 times, once in the throat.

    There is also the issue of how it was possible for Page to get 8-9 shots into Lt. Murphy with a semi-automatic before being shot by the other officers. Also, why would Page focus on putting as many shots into one officer as possible when there were others who would, realistically, be drawing their weapons to kill him by the second or third shot?

    Of course, the most ridiculous issue with the story was the idea that Lt. Murphy could shoot and kill Page after taking 8-9 shots, one in the throat. This issue, but not the others, was soon dealt with when the authorities released the second version of the story.

    According to the second version, Page was shot by Officer Sam Lenda, a 32-year veteran of the force. Lenda took full credit, saying he was “just doing his job.”

    Then, the third version was released. You ready for this?

    Lenda shot Page in the stomach. Page was somehow then able to shoot himself in the head while police officers had their guns trained on him. Whaaat?

    A lot of evidence has been compiled here:

    By the way, three days ago there was a really weird fire at an apartment complex across the street from Anschutz Medical Campus and half a block from Holmes’ apartment. Most of the tenants were students at Anschutz. Witnesses saw a man pouring gasoline on the floors of the hallway and fleeing the scene, gas can in hand. A nearby 7-Eleven’s surveillance camera, as well as scanner traffic, documented a suspect with a black-and-white checkered shirt speeding away from the building. He was a white male in his twenties with a shaved head.

    The building owner told Channel 7 News off-camera that he feels the arsonist was a ‘copycat’ inspired by Holmes’ booby trapped apartment.

    The building maintenance manager, Steve Southard, is possibly connected to the U.S. Army. He’s wearing an Army hat in the local news interview.

    • Interesting that he was wearing a black & white checkered (plaid?) shirt. I guess the suspects blue & white plaid shirt is in the dirty laundry pile.

    • Thank you for the great breakdown. Puts a lot of things into perspective. I’m so, so angry at the sheer thought that both of these horrible shootings (now a third incident in Aurora with the fire) are full of lies and botched coverups. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

      • Thanks Simon. I did not know there there 3 versions of how he died. And I certainly did not know the Lt. was shot 8-9 times! Once in the throat and was still able to speak to be heard! Incredible. I am sure he will get medal (strong sarcasm used in this last sentence)

  2. Forgot to source that first quote from the Journal Sentinel.

    Here you go:

  3. Fareed Zakaria is too valuable to the establishment for them to let him go:

  4. US: 4 Shooters in the Attack on the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

  5. security cameras off,…now where have we heard that before?

    ‘The non-existent, non-working CCTV?
    Two days after the attacks, it was reported that Scotland Yard sources were disappointed to find that the CCTV on the bus was not working, and they would therefore have no footage of the person responsible for the attack actually on board the vehicle. The source said:

    “It’s a big blow and a disappointment. If the cameras had been running we would have had pin-sharp close-up pictures of the person who carried out this atrocity. We don’t know if the driver forgot to switch them on or if there was a technical problem but there are no images.”

  6. Looking like the same MO again.

  7. I’ve entertained that same idea myself (that Page was an infiltrator).

    And I’ve asked myself the same question, “why isn’t the media showing security camera footage of the Aurora shooting? They’re sensationalizing every other part of it …”

    Kind of reminds me of how, in the 10 years since the 9-11 attack, the public has only been allowed to see 5 frames or so of footage where the “plane” hits the Pentagon. That’s supposedly among the most heavily secured airspace in the world, folks, and they only offer 5 frames of dubious footage for public scrutiny? Really?? Oh, and all the black boxes blew up or something. Nothing to see here, folks … moving on …

    • The videos from the bombing of the Murrah building went missing (I think the official story is that all of the businesses on route to the building which the truck would have to pass in front of all changed their tapes, in sequence, exactly as the truck was passing)

      The video cameras which would have shown the 4 suspects in the stations on 7/7 didn’t work.

      No real videos of the hijackers going through security on 9/11

      videos missing that were taken during the initial moments of the Waco standoff which would have shown WHO fired first…

      the list goes on and on

      • Yep, “mis-stamped” videos of the “hijackers”. No video of the missile that hit the Pentagon. No video of OKC(except that which was confiscated). No video of James Holmes. No video of the Sikh shootings or surrounding areas even. Its getting to be regoddamndiculous.

  8. off topic but FYI
    more propaganda…this time british cinema does a Hollwood propaganda piece: a variation on ‘Not Without my Daughter’
    Fares Dabbaghieh
    A British thriller of a kidnapped daughter in Syria, a country ruled by FEAR (according to the trailer), and her father’s journey to retrieve her from Assad’s brutal Syria. Another B movie propaganda, not surprised really.

    However, this should raise a big red flag, remember when rumors of duplicates of major Syrian locations being built by Qatar and Hollywood were circulating and everyone thought it was ridiculous, including regime supporters? Well, could they have filmed this movie without the existence of such duplicates?

  9. Scott, realise this is loose, but has it already been noted that Page had a goatee.

  10. Sam Lenda’s grandfather, Savan Lenda came from Bosnia.

  11. Correction:
    Sam Lenda’s grandfather Savan Yokich came from Bosnia! His full name was Savan Nick “Sam” Lenda! Onamo, Namo, Sam!

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