Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are They Related?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE July 29: Aurora Massacre: What does the Spine Board Tell Us?

UPDATE: Aurora Massacre: Stick Figure Confession = FBI Drop Gun?

UPDATE 7: Aurora Massacre: James Holmes Mugshot Taken Same Day of his Court Appearance?

UPDATE 6: Holmes was not arrested coming out of the theater. He was found already in the car. Aurora Massacre: “Is that the dude in the white car nearby?


UPDATE: I just found out that the judge in this case has sealed the case because disclosure of the facts would be “contrary to public interests” and that the request to do that was made on Friday just hours after the event.

The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the “case file.”

The District Attorney’s affidavit says prosecutors are investigating first-degree murder charges against Holmes, but that disclosure of the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.” The Daily

UPDATE 2: The Washington Post has done a map of the scene and just like I pointed out, the gas mask is clearly past the corner as if the assailant was on his way to the road. See their photo mark-up at the end of the article.

UPDATE 3: Got a mention in a thread at Above Top Secret. I like that site. Read the comment at the end of the article.

UPDATE 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions


As I was scanning through a number of heart breaking photos from the aftermath of the Dark Knight massacre in Aurora Co. this morning, I noticed something very interesting; actually a couple of interesting things stood out.Primarily I noticed that the gas mask was found a long way away from where James Holmes was arrested and the other equipment was found. I also think I found an image of a security camera mounted on the back of the theater pointing down toward where the car was parked and the theater exit was. And as luck would have it, that is the exact same location the gas mask was found as if the assailant traveled the length of the building and dropped the mask once he was out of the view of the camera.

I have done my best to compile photos and the layout of the scene at the back of the theater for your consideration.

——— The first was the fact that early reports had claimed the shooter was still wearing his equipment when the cops first found him next to his car and he was still carrying all of his weapons except for one Glock 40 which was found in his car. This is an important aspect of the case because how else would they have known he was the shooter amid all that chaos. Also interesting is the fact that they didn’t just shoot the guy. He was apparently still carrying an assault rifle and a shotgun and decked out in tactical armor… so how did he just end up surrendering “meekly” as some reports claim?

The answer is simple: he wasn’t carrying the guns and he wasn’t still wearing the armor. So, how did they know they had the right guy?

“Holmes was apprehended within minutes of the 12:39 a.m. shooting at his car behind the theater, where police found him in full riot gear and carrying three weapons, including an AR-15 assault rifle, which can hold upwards of 100 rounds, a Remington 12-gauge shotgun, and a .40 Glock handgun. A fourth handgun was found in the vehicle.” ABC News

But this report flies in the face of the evidence at the scene and the vast number of police photos taken.

From the above photo you can clearly see he had striped off his armor on the way to his vehicle and in fact, the AR-15 was found just inches outside the exit door, meaning he could not have still had it when the cops found him unless they let him walk back the 30 or so feet to the door to lay the weapon down there.

It’s important to understand the layout of the location where the assailant left the building to return to his car. Let’s put that into perspective right off the bat.

As you can see from the compilation of crime scene photos below, the assailant left the building from the door between the two sections and next to the utility area beside where he parked. He could not have found a parking space closer to that door if he tried. As you can see, his Ar-15 was found right beside the door where he apparently dropped it upon leaving the theater. The blood makes it clear that was the exit to the theater where the massacre took place.

So if he did indeed drop his primary weapon at the door when he left, how did the cops know he was the assailant? It’s possible he was still carrying the shotgun and wearing the body armor and the gas mask, but that seems to be contradicted by other photos with one VERY interesting piece of evidence…

Notice where the gas mask location is, at the end of the building. That’s VERY important…

When I first started researching this article, I was consumed by the question of locating the security cameras covering this business’s parking and access areas. I had wondered why there has been literally no discussion of the security camera footage from that night.

What I found may be more damning than I could have imagined: yes there are security cameras mounted on the building on the front and apparently on the back shooting down the length of the rear of the building and if someone were walking down that sidewalk after leaving that exit, then their face would be clearly visible on that camera because they would have been walking directly toward it.

So, if an assailant were to leave the theater via that exit and head in that direction, then obviously he would want to leave his mask on until he was out of the viewable area of the camera.

As it turns out, the gas mask seems to have been dropped directly under the camera itself.

But why head in that direction? Because it is the closest access to the main road right next to the theater and a waiting vehicle and escape. It wouldn’t do to try to blend in with the crowd because the police may detain witnesses and start asking questions they might not want to answer. Plus then there would be a record of the individual on site and that might not be good in the future. The best bet would be to get off property as soon as possible and that exit path provides the fastest way to do that.

Is it possible that James Holmes was set up? Think about this:

  • James Holmes goes out Tuesday night drinking and someone doses him. They do it early Wed morning so they have time in his apartment to set up those elaborate traps (how would James have known how to construct those anyway?)
  • They keep him drugged and off the radar till Thursday night when they go to the theater. They make sure to park in that spot, right next to the exit of the theater.
  • The assailant goes in, fakes the phone call, comes out, goes to the car where James is still drugged, gets the gear on, goes in and attacks the innocent civilians.
  • Then the assailant comes out the exit door, leans against it while dropping the gun and removing almost all of his gear with the exception of the mask.
  • He runs past the car dropping the gear next to it in a heap, opens the door with James inside, tosses the guns into the car, the shotgun has been there all along, and goes straight down the length of the building toward the corner, toward the camera, drops his mask directly under the camera, and heads off to the nearby street where a car is waiting (cruising slowly) to pick him up.
  • Holmes is reported to have been “meek” when arrested. This might also explain why he wasn’t shot by police… he was incapacitated, incoherent, or generally not a threat.
  • Holmes, who is being held under suicide watch in solitary confinement, remained in his murderous “Joker” persona after his arrival, a jailhouse worker told the Daily News.He thinks he’s acting in a movie,” a prison employee told the Daily News.

There is no way of telling if this is actually what happened but we have to take all of the evidence, including the physical evidence into consideration and part of that evidence is the apparent lack of anyone talking about the security camera videos. Those cameras on the front of the building should show James Holmes entering the building at the very least so where are they?

And what other explanation is there for that gas mask to be located so far from the rest of the equipment and James and his car? Clearly the police didn’t carry it down there and drop it on the ground for the fun of it?

I am still searching for more pictures of the rear of that building and specifically anything that shows the roof section where I think that camera is.

While it is possible that Holmes did this, it is also possible that the same thing happened here that happened at the recent Kandahar Massacre where a man was drugged and set up for an atrocity he had nothing to do with. Considering the nature of the world we live in, I think it would be irresponsible for me not to report this information as I found it and to not question the “official story” of the “crazed lone gunman” that we see over and over again especially when unpopular landmark legislation is waiting in the wings.

Billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using this tragedy to push for stricter gun control laws. I wonder if he is one of the financial elites who have just been outed for hording 32 trillion dollars in off shore accounts? Can you imagine why someone like him would want to disarm the citizens of this country?


UPDATE 2: Washington Post map of Aurora crime scene. Also of note: at that site, they state that Holmes left the theater just as the film started around 12 and didn’t return til 12:35 as if he was deliberately waiting for the shootout scene. Why would he do that? Because the gunshots wouldn’t be heard in the other theaters running the late night showing of the same movie. Then he is out the door and the first 911 calls at 12:39. 90 seconds later they just happen to find James hanging out next to his car in the back and take him into custody. According to the Washington Post timeline, the shooting only took between 60 and 90 seconds that leaves plenty of time for an assailant to go out the back, ditch the gear, and run the length of the building before the cops were even called.  The timeline is below the photo…

Notice the Washington Post photo puts the gas mask even farther down the path to the nearby street than I did.

Washington Post timeline of events:

Around midnight The screening began. Holmes allegedly approached an emergency exit to the right of the screen, propped open the door and geared up.
Around 12:35 a.m. Dressed in black SWAT gear, Holmes allegedly came back through the door, hurled two canisters of an unknown gas and opened fire on the audience. He allegedly walked up the aisle, firing as he went. The shots lasted 60-90 seconds. The bullets pierced the wall of Theater 8 next door.
12:39 a.m. Police began receiving emergency calls.
90 seconds later Officers arrived at the theater and almost immediately arrested Holmes, who was next to his white Hyundai outside a rear entrance to the theater.
UPDATE 3: Got a comment from Above Top Secret. Good site. Their readers will flush this out… they’re like 4Chan in that regard (hope they don’t hate 4Chan). For the record I am easily recruitable these days. But don’t they already have their own Scott Creighton? Ahh… you can never have too many Scott Creightons. Thanks ATS.
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that is the best theory so far..

nice catch!!… /

we at ATS are pretty damn good at picking things apart..

but this guy does a great job of it..

we should recruit this guy..

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  1. so if Holmes is being held in solidary confinement…. his parents can’t even go in to see him?

    • I don’t think they can be seen by anyone when they are on suicide watch solitary confinement. But judging from what his mother is reported to have said when she first heard about his arrest, I’m not sure she would be too helpful to him right now.

      • I’m sure by now you already know this, but the family’s attorney clarified her ‘got the right one’ statement that night when she was awoken. “…He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes, who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered, “Yes, you have the right person.”

        I was referring to myself. I asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in Aurora. He asked for a comment. I told him I could not comment because I did not know if the person he was talking about was my son. “

    • Could anyone reading this share this information and side of the story with aol, yahoo, msn, cnn, huffington post so that other perspectives and information can be available for people to form their own opinion?
      What is the best way to get this information out on the web? Or can it be forwarded in emails. Innocent until proven guilty I say.

      • Today alone this article has 931 hits from the Huffington Post already. People are putting links to it all over the place and that says nothing of those who have reblogged it on their sites. Already, it has seen 28,640 views in the first day and a half of it being up. I would hope someone gets it to CNN and sites like that.

        • The thing is, I think mainstream media is on this. Why else are they not saturating their websites with information on this case? That is not like them at all. Why are people who’ve interviewed key witnesses not asking questions like, “What did the guy who took the phone call look like?” Mainstream media is not interested in facts.

          • The Lame Stream Media will never show the truth because they are paid by the same people that pay the politicians. And when the Cabal speaks you do what your told or they fire you, or make you to look the fool. All those that are silent and take a pay check are just as guilty as those that gave the order. They will in the end reap what they have sown.

      • Oh Kay, if only it were that easy we would have had 9/11 justice years ago. The outlets you list have no interest in going against any “official stories”. I would just drop links wherever you can but dont expect the MSM to actually cover it.

        • That’s how you can tell how fake the news is. When do they ever go against the official story on anything? and everybody already knows how big of liars the government is.

      • The Blaze. Send it to The Blaze, they will uncover anything. They are just about the only reliable source of news anymore. They have a great team of researchers.

    • interestingly enough, his father robert holmes is a key to this mystery, he was set to testify against the fraudulant banking system regarding the libor scandal, set to testify in a couple weeks!! did they set his son up as a way to shut him up and send a message to anyone else in the know willing to testify what they know? he has crudentials and would be considered a credible witness

  2. Nice work, Scott. You should offer to teach a crimescene investigation course for police forces. They obviously are in need of it. #@@#

    • You’re right, i’ve posted this page around a bit just because it needs views. Once again strange questions and nothing good is being put out in the mainstream media to answer them..

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the security cameras. In this surveillance state we live in, there HAS to be some sort of record of him coming or going in order to tie him to the crime.

    • Of course there are security tapes. But like 9/11, we most likely won’t ever get to see them.

      • Like 9/11, like the Murrah Building, like the Gifford shooting… must be a trend in the security industry that their cameras always seem to fail to provide security when WE need it (as opposed to when THEY need it)

    • If security camera footage proved Holmes wasn’t the shooter, the MSM would never show it. They will peddle the “official” story because fear of losing their jobs or reputations if they didn’t.


  4. It is very disturbing indeed that they do not even mention the security camera footage… 😦

  5. Why are the blood stains suggesting that someone was running into the exit – was there was a shooting or stabbing outside the exit of the thearte before the attack was made, maybe the victims whose pink sandals are at the door was running back in to warn others – in one of the photos, you can clearly see shoe prints going the other direction –

    • Seems to me that it appears someone who was wounded in the theater exited through that door. The blood trail leads down the sidewalk. Don’t know about the saddles…

    • I was just wondering about the blood stains myself. Here are two photos that show them pretty clearly:

      One article mentions that these look like footprints. I personally don’t see much of a resemblance to the bottom of a shoe, but they do have a uniform quality and spacing to them. However, look at the next photo:

      The blood stains simply end in the middle of the sidewalk; they don’t seem to fade out or anything like that. They also do not backtrack to the car. The “other evidence” next to the gas mask at the end of the sidewalk is a long way from the end of the trail of blood stains.

      These pictures don’t make a lot of sense, whether the blood trail was left by a victim or by Holmes. If we’re entertaining the idea of Holmes as a patsy, though, I can come up with a hypothesis:

      The perpetrator ran out of the theater exit, shedding his gear and rifle as he ran. He made it the distance we see in the blood trail and then realized he was leaving a trail. Not wanting to leave a trail all the way to his getaway car, he removed his footwear or whatever was leaving the trail, carried the bloody item to the corner, and put it on the ground while removing the gas mask and the indistinct object (clothing?)—leaving the other blood stains we can see there.

      That’s all I can come up with. Between the trail and the other evidence at the corner, Holmes is starting to look like a fall guy. That also seems to fit better with the fact that he blew the whistle on the explosives in his apartment instead of letting that part of the plot unfold (though it’s still odd that he’d know about them if he were only a patsy).

      • the blood splatter would suggest they are running too not from the door.

        the top left there is a visible shoe print, also the just before the second line in the cement to the right of the image there is another both going away from the exit.

        • I don’t understand. Do you mean to say that the trail was left by someone running toward or from the door? You’ve said both.

          I can see the shoe prints. It’s hard to say, but it appears that there may be more than one unique set of prints. Perhaps victims were ushered out of the theater afterward, tracking the blood around, but that still doesn’t explain the additional apparent blood stains near the gas mask.

          And the gas mask is the really fishy thing in these photos; I just find the blood trail worth looking at. It’ll take an awfully good explanation to convince me that the mask belongs all the way over in the corner. I’d really like to see the security video, if there is one, as well as a lot of other evidence in this case (including a toxicology report on Holmes).

          • Toxicology on Holmes would be very interesting to read. The mask is probably more interesting than the blood unless the blood belongs to Holmes which opens up a lot of lines of questioning like WHO wounded him (cops? assailant?) and when (after the assault or before?)

            I would find it hard to believe that the cops would let anyone out that door after they found Holmes (the suspect) outside it in the parking lot. But that could be since it was bound to be very chaotic and they needed to clear that theater quickly.

            The gas mask is the fishy thing and I expect some kind of lame explanation coming out soon since this is getting some attention on your site (ATS) and consequently other large alternative news sites. The mask is the key as is the security camera on the back of the building just above where it was found (or right about that area)

            So many things have occurred since, like his being kept on suicide watch and the judge sealing the case, makes it seem very suspicious indeed.

        • People were trying to get away…… pushing through the exit door, holding on to each other…. half carrying their wounded friends,,,
          maybe someone turned around to help pick up a wounded friend who fell on the sidewalk…… stepping into a small spot of fresh blood can cause a person to leave tracks… it was a double used scene…. the victims trying to escape and the shooter trying to get a way…..
          talk about evidence contamination…..

          • I made that point earlier, though many post would not go through yesterday. Did make it over on planetinfowars in discussion of this article. It didn’t look to banged up like it was kicked down the concert, and there was other things there with it. The dispatch recordings I posted earlier, are worth the listen.

          • That should at the bottom about the gas mask position.

        • What if their was actually 2 people that pulled the operation off like witnesses said? This would account for the blood as it stops mid-way down the sidewalk: one person came up through the exit and was let in by the man in the theatre, the man who was let in hands off the guns and bombs to the other man and throws a bomb before running back down to a waiting car, after the theatre shooter finishes- he runs down to the waiting man’s car by the curb and hops in, both men drive away and the shooter throws his gas mask out the rear passenger window which lands at the far end of the sidewalk away from the exit.

      • Or maybe he was picked up at the point where the blood stops and threw the remaining objects out the vehicle window further down?

      • In regards to the blood trail, placement of the gas mask, foot prints going back toward theater 8 … I found this ‘eye witness’ statement interesting…

        • Wonder why he would ‘bang’ on the door? wouldn’t he know that no one would even consider opening the door for him? strange

          • It flies in the face of the dispatch recordings. The one cop said there was a door open, likely door 9. Interesting that when the cop first seen Holmes he thought he was a victim, I presume because he looked so out of it.

          • That’s true Goat, see Scott’s newest post…. 2nd post from top of open page, “Aurora Massacre: “Is that the dude in the white car nearby?”
            Scott has tediously listened to police radio audio and confirms that Holmes was seen and found sitting in a locked white car and an officer tells he ‘has an open door to theater”
            They seem to know he is a suspect immediately because of weapons inside car. A link to audio is given.
            Makes me think there were two people involved.

          • Yeah, I’ve listened to it several different times myself. I posted one of youtube that seemed like it was better than some of the other ones on there, and have dl another one that I need to listen too, and one with fire and medic combined with the police. I really have a hard time believing anybody in their right mind would keep a gas mask on for any longer then needed, let alone be setting in a car with one on.

      • If you look closely to a good quality picture of the length of the sidewalk, you can see the blood trail does continue, it just gets very light, possibly the person expired and what remained was just very low blood pressure bleed out. Also, there are faint footprints on either side of the blood trail, tennis shoes on the victim’s left, and possibly flip flops on the right side. I assume the large blood puddle near the gas mask is from the same victim, there are blue rubber gloves near the edge of the building where paramedics or other medical aid was provided.

    • Because one of the officers carried a wounded child out the back door. As disclosed on the radio feed between the officers.

  6. Scott,
    Good work man!
    You definitely raise some interesting questions.
    The recruitment comment was just too funny , as I’m pretty sure you are already a member there, and myself included.

    All the best,

    • actually, that just happens to be another Scott Creighton. Though I think someone posted something I wrote there a few times, I am not myself a member. Though I have thought about signing up.

      The other Scott Creighton writes a lot about pyramids I think and I believe he’s a little older than I am (i’m 46).

      • Well then sir, I’d say you should contemplate signing up over there.
        Personally, I dig your style of research… even though I have only just scratched the surface of it.

        • Well, I will do that. If you have a chance, you should check out my work on the Cheonan sinking and maybe my early work on the Houla and the Kandahar Massacre. I think it was pretty good, and turned out to be verified in the end. Especially the Cheonan. I’m still kinda proud of that.

  7. It is indeed a good theory and bit of detective work. But my take is this is a Brabant type operation whatever the particular modality utilized.

  8. Well done Scott. From the very beginning this whole scenario was suspect. It’s got MK-Ultra,govt op written all over it. James Holmes was their brilliant student in training and ultimately their patsy. As the lame stream media spins on the real investigation goes on behind the scenes in blogs everywhere..,,

  9. The eyewitness in this video comes off as rehearsed to me and not someone that has just survived the Batman shooting… Much like those interviewed immediately after 9/11 to reinforce the official fairytale.

  10. patsy possibility BUT WHO IS SO EVIL TO KILL & SHOOT SO MANY PEOPLE ? COMPLETE STRANGERS ? A racist hoping to slay random Blacks & Latinos in Aurora ? A real perpetrator must be so psychotic that soon will be bragging of his crime. Court records might be sealed to prevent Columbine sorts of side litigation …. How can photos look so brightly lit at midnight ? It is Monday and disarming private citizens accross America is not a solution IT IS THE PROBLEM …. 2 VETS WERE KILLED I wonder if armed movie goers could have returned fire & stopped most of the shooting forcing the shooter to take a defensive posture ? Clear thinking & proving up all the facts must be the goal here NOT RUSH TO JUDGEMENT & blaming

  11. thats not a hundred round mag in that gun as given by the press. Maybe he changed it for a thirty.

    • that’s a very good point, one that I noticed immediately. You’re correct, that is certainly not a hundred round drum magazine. According to witnesses, when his gun jammed, he switched to a “slower” firearm (perhaps the shotgun?). I could be wrong, but I don’t think I remember a single witness saying he replaced the mag with another one. In fact, I remember them saying he never reloaded at all.

      This is a VERY interesting fact which I think is answered like this: his 30 round clip runs out of bullets, he switched to the shotgun, when that was out, so was he. He left, dumped the empty AR right outside the door. Remember, he was only in there for 60-90 seconds. No time to fix a jam.

      I think they added the “hundred round clip” part of the story because they want to put pressure on legislators to do away with those clips.

    • Look closely at the picture of the AR. It looks like there has been some superimposing done. One on top another. Many of these point in the article are ones I have been making. The thing is some of the victims do look like they were shot with bird shot.

  12. Isn’t it also odd, That only a few of the victims have type of online footprint. Holmes, and many of the victims have no info online at all, like they didn’t exist before friday. No graduation announcements in their local paper, no marriage announcements, No criminal history’s, Child births any thing you find when googling a person in todays day and age.
    I also find it odd, of all the reports of the ar-15 having a high cap drum mag. The image of that ar-15 outside the door, clearly shows a standard mag. Why can the news get their shit straight before conveying info to the public?

    • Yes, the lack of an online footprint for Holmes was something that struck me as odd when I first heard it. The only trail he left was on an adult website where he looked drugged out and insane and asked if women would “visit him in jail”.

      As far as the other victims, how much research has been done in that area as far as online footprints etc.? I’m open to the possibility of faked victims to inflate the death toll for propaganda purposes but this thing just happened. Where did you get your info on the victims?

      I look at Debra Burlingame and she screams fake victims family member to me just like her brother screams fake victim, with his military ties and his being the captain of the shadiest plane of all-Flight 77. So anything is possible I guess.

    • two possibilities

      One is that they have a desire to ban those types of magazines, so they deliberately include it in this assault.

      The other, and it is possible, is that the drum was dropped in the theater. One police call on the log mentions magazines laying on the floor in the theater. I guess it’s possible he reloaded, but I don’t know. I also don’t completely trust the source of the police log (its on CNN)

      • I admit not having researched this particular detail further, but I do not recall a report of mags on the floor, not to say that it doesn’t exist. I have read that he did not reload tho, if that is true, then the only explination is that the news media is either ill informed or purposely lying.

    • You couldn’t find someone after Googling their name for ten minutes and suddenly they have no online footprint?
      One is moderately famous as a lower end sportscaster; another was a comedian.
      Give me an example of one you couldn’t find.

  13. Well done article. I think they summation here sounds pretty credible.


    Manifest of tactical gear bought. Is it interesting there is no sales tax or not?

  15. here’s what I have to offer – The Dark Knight rises in Aurora at Century 16 -hmmmm Aurora = light – your light = Aura
    Also what is Century 16 really? – well it’s 911 when you turn it upside down – that’s all…
    91001 – upside down and backward symbolism involved – this is false flag stuff folks…the String Pullers at work.

    So The Dark Knight rises in your light on the new 911 – hmmmmm.
    This guy had a controller – no doubt in my mind – more than two people involved for sure.

  16. Are they teasing people with what they leave behind at what they do, or are they making mistakes?

    For me, it could go either way. I can picture them kicked back, watching the aftermath, slapping each other on their backs, and generally yucking it up. Flip it over, and I can just as easily see them slapping themselves across their faces, wondering how they could have been so stupid, and planning better whatever comes next.

    Whichever it is, they’ve still got the hammer. Contrary to public interests, most people still slow to question things. Silver-tongued mouthpieces talk a way around round-the-clock sirens, bought-off authorities, second-to-none crowd-control preparation–shit like that.

    Much as I hate to say it, looks like there’s still room for things to get worse.

    r ap

  17. Reblogged this on the Mahoney and commented:
    good analysis!

  18. Theatre 9 = code 9 = nuclear false flag
    Aurora = Isaac Asimov= planet with a population of only 200 million!!
    Century and ( Batman ) Rising = Rockefeller foundation

  19. Did u notice the numbers Scott……. ” film didn’t start till 12=3, and didn’t return till 12:35 = 11, 60-90 seconds ie 6 and 9,
    12:39 a.m. Police began receiving emergency calls. =15=6
    90 seconds later Officers arrived at the theater =9…… If you read the entire report, the 6 year old, 12 people killed….Its all a mixture of 3,9,6,11, ……The favorite numbers of the illuminati. There is also a snippet of the Lil Wayne vid going around where it is a theater scene with 12 skeletons….. bizarre!

  20. Shouldn’t there be DNA on gas mask! Saliva and hair? Maybe someone got sloppy?

    • that’s probably why they moved to seal the case. all the evidence like that won’t come out for some time. and they might not even run tests if he “confesses” before they do.

  21. Interesting…

    On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, Oates said Holmes’ arrest immediately after the shooting was the result of observant police officers who noticed something off about the man dressed in black tactical gear.

    (Watch at left)

    “There was one particular piece of equipment that he had on him that was out of place, and I am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and challenged him,” Oates said.

    That piece of equipment was a non-regulation gas mask. Holmes was arrested at the scene.


    • That is pretty out there. Considering that the cops were begging for gas mask from anywhere so they could get into the theater on the dispatch tapes. They might be non-standard for somebody shooting a rifle, because it is my understanding, that you can’t aim with a full face mask, at least that it what I have always heard, but have as yet anybody to confirm that. It certainly though could be standard equipment for other first responders besides police.

    • It says that in the article, but in the clip, Oates refuses to say what the piece of equipment was. So, where is their source that it was the gas mask?

  22. the picture of the ar-15 shows no sign of a sling, did the shotgun have a sling? he also had a glock.40? how many arms and hands does this joker have?

    • I wondered about that as well but at this time, I have yet to be able to find a picture of the shotgun itself. It was said to have been found “in the car” and then I heard someone (Blitzer? that horrible propagandist) say it was on him when he was arrested. I don’t know. It had to have been slung though if he used it after he ran out of ammo for the AR.

      • If I were to have went to that exact theatre, after it had closed for the night, broke in by means of Theatre 9’s Emergency Exit, vandalized the seats, screen, projector, etc., then got away before police could get there in time. I guarantee you that a cop would be knocking on my door in less than 24hrs. In today’s world, you cannot get away with ANYTHING, and this is due to one thing: Cameras. You can’t tell me that a popular, big, IMAX theatre does not have security cameras that record every inch of the parking lot. If the theatre in fact does NOT have any footage of the car pulling in to the parking lot, parking in that spot then it must be the worst managed theatre in the world. In the theatre business, there are a couple things that each & every theatre constantly looks for & tries to avoid: People who sneak into movies without paying, and people who film movies to post online & sell on the black movie market…these crimes have been common for decades, so having security cameras is the very LEAST a theatre can do to fight piracy….so there’s no way anyone can tell me that there weren’t any cameras…inside the actual theatre, perhaps I can believe there weren’t any cameras, but not having cameras in the parking lot, ESPECIALLY in the back by all the exits? No way…there definitely are cameras, ones that should show if he was alone, and at the very least, show his car.

        As I mentioned in a previous comment, our society is completely conditioned & predictable when it comes to tragedy. We rush the process of figuring out “Who, What, When, Where, and How?”, talk about how evil the alleged is, & hold a bunch of televised prayer sessions. Also, as Americans, we absolutely hate admitting were wrong about anything. So the majority of people already have their mind made up that Holmes is the Devil, he’s guilty, & deserves to die…which makes the investigators’, prosecutor’s, & jury’s job pretty easy. Whether Holmes is the leader or he’s the accomplice, there is just too many holes in the story, accompanied by a large amount of questionable evidence that makes this case everything BUT a slam dunk for the prosecution.

        And perhaps he has taken on the role of “The Joker” so well, that everything he did was planned out & calculated so well, that the court will not be able to convict him

      • No, a witness near the front claimed he had the shotgun in hand, and AR in sling on his back. The AR was the one that was totally supposed to have a sling.

    • If he had an over coat on… he could have put the glock in a pocket and held the ar-15 and had the rifle slung over his shoulder…………… don’t rifles have some sort of little belt hooked on them?
      Maybe he held one of them in his mouth. 🙂

    • Where would a guy like this get that kind of money for gear and accessories other than being Jewish? And what about his apartment? Evidence please! Probably destroyed by now. I’d like a reenactment of how he was able to pull it off in the time that he did. It’s kinda like the police when funding time comes around or to show why their needed except on a much larger scale.

  23. I don’t know if this means anything but 100 round aftermarket drum magazines are notorious for jamming. This makes him look like a novice not knowing this, at least among gun enthusiasts, and tends to keep the lone nut theory intact. Of course it is already being used in the call to ban all mags over 10 rounds.

    Also in the new Telegraph article in the first paragraph Holmes is said to be a cannabis smoker. Just in time for the Colorado legalization vote. We’ll watch and see if this gets played up more.

    • It’s possible he had one and it jammed but up until this point, I have yet to see a photo of one in the pile of crime scene photos I have seen (but again, I have not seen any from inside)

      could have been that he had one. I don’t know.

    • That is the thing, this whole case seems to be designed to benefit the state in every possible way, and used as a sward against any resistance. I’d say it was AI plotted. Keep in mind they have that big cluster running a virtual simulation to predict terrorist attacks, and if you can predict, you can model for best cost benefit outcome.

      • Yeah, now the FBI can come fuck with you if you buy an AR-15 and body armor, which is what every prepper in America has on the top of his or her wish list. Oh and don’t think about stocking up on ammo, they will have to come make sure you’re not a mass shooter like James the Joker Holmes. Basically anything that would improve your chances for defending yourself against a tyrannical government is now gonna be investigated because you could be the next James Holmes.

        • That seems to be the MO to me. Not only that, but the whole thing reinforces the invincible storm trooper image too, which is already a pretty typical image before this happened, and likely why no one even tried to stop the perps, even though some of them claim they were in position to do so.

          • You guys forgetting the most primitive weapon man kind has…. muscles … and fire

          • I’m certainly not forgetting muscle, that is what I said. Not sure where they would get fire from though, unless you are talking about the perps using it, then yes it would have been a lot worse, even a car would have done much more damage. Just about anything can be used as a weapon, and is something to keep in mind if one is ever confronted with being in the same position as the victims.

            Been kind of slim in a theater though, for improvising, which is why I have a nice gear belt I take with me every where I go if I can’t or don’t feel like going armed. It is very weighted on one end, and the belt comes off just by undoing the catch. Even a ladies purse of a suitable nature would have been something, let alone what is in some of them. Course, I’m not sure there really were many men in the theater, or somebody would have at least had a knife, since they were already disarmed slaves.waiting to be slaughtered.

  24. Another mass-murdering by a Jew and/or freemason and it’s actually on the news? I smell a psyop

    • NO, tuvtuv, ……………Holmes was a Lutheran….. and also probably not a freemason either…..

      • “The pastor says the family has belonged to the San Diego church for about 10 years. The suspect’s *mother* attends services regularly and volunteers her time.”
        What about the father? See my comment below.

    • ‘In the résumé, Holmes seeks a position as a laboratory technician and touts his work as a summer camp counselor for the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, where he “assisted children in achieving their potential.” ‘
      Most other reports interestingly enough leave the jewish part out.

  25. There was someone spotted taking a call who was situated at the front row, near the exit, as I recall, who then got up and walked out toward the exit, which the observer noted as a strange thing to do..and another observer stated that the second tear gas was thrown for a different direction as the first…so there was an accomplice/handler, but I think the handler was probably outside setting James ‘into persona’ with a keyword, then making the call to let him in. At this point, either person could have done the shooting, James may have just hurled the other cannister, hypnotised to do something more like ‘play acting’ than harm. this seems more likely, because from all reports he was too dazed to be so quick in disrobing, and surely would then leg it, if he was in fast reaction mode ? So the assistant comes out of the theatre first and is probably picked up by vehicle and throws the mask out, hence no bloody foot prints between..Leaving James to take the will be interesting to discover if he actually remembers firing or not…

  26. Maybe it was James Holmes that entered the theater and made the phone call to the real shooter, so they would have James Homes on video entering from front / buying a ticket.
    The way He looks in that court photo like it was all a dream. MK Ultra.

  27. What about all the stuff he has been recieving for months?? I s this directly connected to him??

  28. Robyn, I don’t know, look how easy it is for identity theft – and that’s just from average people. If you’re dealing with big time criminals – this was all easy to do.
    Or how do we even know how true the stories are about Holmes buying stuff for Months over the Internet. Sounds too soon for ANY investigation to reveal.

    • Yep, especially since the said that they found that out after they got in his apartment, what they were reporting before they did get in his apartment. Pretty convoluted, not to have been scripted the way the ptb wanted it to be put out.

  29. If Holmes had a partner (of sorts)… then the killer is still out there…..

    • Up until the time Oats got a visit from O, that was even mentioned more then once by them. Including on the dispatch tapes, and even right up pretty close to the when O payed the visit.

    • Anybody know the whereabouts of Bill Ayers that night?

  30. if this was a premier, how would he know when the shoot out scene would take place, or that there would even be a shoot out scene to begin with?

    • Yeah, that was some of the first reports. Has that been definitely confirmed?

      More early reports were the shooter came in throwing the canisters at less than 10 minutes into the film so I’m thinking, no way the event was timed at exactly 9:11 into it. Can’t confirm that either but it is a favorite psyops number.


    Take a look at James Holmes in these blown up images, the guy is so spaced out..they are claiming he is just tired. This guy is not tired he is on another planet.

    This is exactly like the massacre created in Syria just before the UN resolution, we all saw the staging. Do they really believe we are that dumb ?

    Great research. Thank-you.

  32. Why is there a 30 round mag in the weapon and not the 100 round mag they are talking about?

  33. Did you see this from inforwars , the same drill , the same day at another University.

    This is what happened with the 7/7 London bombings.

  34. He left the building to grab another gun or magazine. He was seen outside by three eyewitnesses, two of which had left the building out this exit. Those two ran back inside and the door was shut on the killer as he tried to get back in. There was no patsy. He was positively ID’d at the scene. Once the door was shut he had no way back inside the theater. I would assume he walked all the way down the back of the building looking for another exit to gain entry. After walking that far he’d be winded, hence, why he dropped the mask. Sometimes there IS a conspiracy. There isn’t one in this case. This guy did the crime and is a psychopath. There’s no mystery if you stick to the facts.

    • Ken D. Webber- Which eyewitnesses are you talking about? Surely not Eric Hunter because he was in theater 8 next door. And his story doesn’t really make sense (if you think Holmes was the one chasing those girls) since Holmes didn’t have enough time to be running around out back in the middle of this event because the cops were already out there behind theater 9 at 12:42 according to the radio evidence. Remember, the cops found him in his car, not coming out of the theater, not down on the back corner of the theater where the gas mask is, not running around out back on the sidewalk or in the parking lot. They found him in the vehicle.

      Name one victim who positively ID’d James Holmes as the shooter, or even one who puts him inside the theater at all that night.

      • Exactly. We didn’t even get the story that he came in with the rest of the crowd, till the story that he bashed in the back door with his bare hands fell flat on its face, pretty well from the start trying to ignore any suggestion this was anything more then a lone nut, and make up answer to keep it that way. We have not one account of seeing Holmes till he is arrested / IDed out back by the cops. Now if you was interviewing people, would you not ask what the supposed perp looked like? But not once have we got the question asked, let alone being answered that I know, indicating it was Holmes, but I’m sure somebody will now., if the way they have been acting to plug holes is any indication.

  35. can you say…fast and furious 2.0 ???

  36. Ken D. Webber,
    Thanks for your input, but some of us like to look to facts instead of sensational stories put out by media.
    Did the Police even bother to do do a gunpowder residue on Holmes, or is this case based on circumstantial evidence aka Railroading. ID’ing a person with a gas mask on. Gimme a Break!

  37. How about DNA testing on the mask? Maybe we should start a petition on to release the footage!

  38. in regard to the mags and bullet counts, did he have enough ammo to hit all the ppl he did? i have seen several conflicting #’s of the victim counts, (not including the 12 dead) from 50-70. depending on the numbers, it doesn’t seem likely that every single one of the bullets fired hit someone. actually, the bullets that went thru to the theater next door probably didn’t hit anything else. it would be interesting to research that angle.

    • that is an interesting angle

      • it might point, again, to more than one gunman.

        • Eric Hunter said he saw 3 go through, then like 8 more. That’s at least 9 bullets that didn’t hit anyone. 2 hit. Yes 2, not 1 like the media has been reporting. There was Zach Golditch, the football player and Mckayla Hicks injured in theater 8.

          • My whole problem from the start, is that is some pretty good penetration for what is claimed he had with him, even or especially for 223, and certainly not the shot gun. The 40 cal might do it, put that would be his best weapon for aimed fire, and less likely to be going though the wall because of a miss. And the only accounts of somebody using a hand gun is of lifting people off the floor by the shirt, and then being shot, which would require a one handed weapon such as the glock. Even 40 cal I wouldn’t think would have that penetrating ability.

  39. William, I agree, perhaps we should start a petition.There is something seriously flawed in this case that authorities do not want the public to know..

  40. Since the case and especially the “case files” (including the security footage from the TWO exterior cameras, which could prove beyond any form of doubt if there was anybody else helping) has been “sealed” The public will NEVER receive the truth.

    They should check for gun powder on his hands… they won’t. (or won’t tell you the results if they do!) and they should check the DNA on the mask ….

    finally.. Just putting this out there. (Especially for the dudes that are onto symbolism.) The “elite” consistently use forms of media to “warn” or “foreshadow” of events that are going to take place. 3 days before the massacre, Lil Wayne released his new music vid single “my homies still” featuring Big Sean. This video features something else… at 3:42 seconds “weezy” and Big Sean are IN A MOVIE THEATER. This is where it gets creepy. Lil Wayne and Big Sean are both covering their ears, the rest of the people in the theater are looking off in all directions and of course most importantly there are 12 SKELETONS in the seats of the theater. … watch it.

  41. Definitely aware of their symbolism aka gang tags.
    Did you catch his name, the one they are using: James Holmes = 11
    His public defender in court today: Tamara Brady = 11
    Plus we have last year on Friday (366 days), which was July 22 when the Norway Shooter did His thing.

  42. Sure seem to this OLD EX Multi-Jurisdictional Law Public Servant that If THE Locals Don’t “TAINT the Evidence” It Is Likely that: D.N.A. via saliva or Hair Follicles, could Readily ID the Other or Real, or Secondary Shooter and Likely BRAINS from C.I.A.; F.B. I., or Contract Former Spec. ops./ Al C.I.A. DUH Impersonators? When You WHACK UP the PATSY with That Much Psychotropic Cocktails You Might Need One with a NON COMPROMISED sober Straight Shoot’in EYES Wide Open for Target Acquisition? Sure seems to Be a LOT of Questions? like Why Turn Over a CRIME SEEN to F.B.I., whom frequently seem to be at the precise HEART of the Matter or provide the Special Devices Intel Equipment or FUND$ to properly OUT FIT the Convenient Useful IDIOT [WOT ME WORRY?] Just Like the Smiley Goofy Faced Gerald Loughner a.k.a. Tucson Shooter? Wasn’t that to Cover Up and Close: Fed. Dist. Court Justice: John M. Roll’s Loose Lips Sinking Holder Nepolitano’s and Obama’s Fast and Furious Sinking Ship? So Many questions So Soon The SHEEPLE seem to be Wise’n UP? May BE they’re NOT as DUMB as the Radical Revolutionary Co IN Tel Pro Spec. Ops. Flabogs Think they are? Hmmm????

  43. Terorist Christian and Jewish…!

  44. Coincidences? I don’t believe in them. This gal seems to have an interesting angle that appears to help make sense of it. Knowledge is power. Check it out.

    • wow that is scary even if you don’t believe in Satan. Guess we all have to concentrate on communicating with God….. get the ball rolling toward the cleansing ‘light’.

  45. Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? It tells us that the arresting officers are liars and should be arrested immediately.

  46. […] Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th… […]

  47. This video opens another alternative.. very very interesting.

  48. The police are now talking of an “accomplice” and so is the MSM. Could we be seeing a major shift in the official story? That would certainly lend credence to this being a psy op set up.

  49. someone earlier alluded to people, others leaving the theater and noone said this. since so many people were trying to get out of there, maybe th egas mask was left on the ground and sevarl people trying to leave kicked the mask as they were getting out, and thereefore the gas mask moved and by the time the photo was taken in daylight, no doubt seveal hours later, that owuld explain the location.

    • Hey, the police were behind the theater minutes after shootings….. and pictures were taken then by someone in the air? Police helicopter or news media…. they have huge spot lights.

  50. I guess what I don’t get.. according to the timeline… in 90 seconds he was done shooting and with all of his “gear” off… he must have been quite experienced to remove all that in 90 seconds and be hanging out by the side of his car waiting for the police… This story just does not add up

    • The early reports had him finished shooting between 60 and 90 seconds. This is supported by the fact that the police were there very quickly and none of them report “shots fired” the entire time they were there. It also took about 3 minutes after they arrived for one of them to be told that someone saw a guy in the back with a gas mask… that means he could have easily been out the door just before the cops got there, striped the gear off in about 2-4 minutes, and been seen running down the back in a plaid shirt and gas mask.

      and it turns out, Holmes was drugged and IN the car when the cops showed up. they reported seeing some stuff in his car.

      • So they would have reported shots fired if they heard it? They were right out front of theater 9 right away from the inside of the theater and right out back by 12:42. The reports over the radio of shots still being fired had to be either just inaccurate, or someone involved in the op simply called 911, lied, and said there was still shooting inside the theater so the public won’t find out the shooters fled well before the cops had the place surrounded.

  51. Based on this map, and what I saw of James in court, NOT the face of evil, or insanity, but dazed, drugged, or something, I’m of the opinion that James Holmes didn’t do any of the shooting at all. He went into the movie theater, received a phone call and opened the exit as told, left the building and sat in his car. The gunman who is by all witness accounts was shorter than James Holmes comes in, does the shooting and leaves out the same door. He gets outside, immediately strips out of his gear and gets into a car which is waiting with the ignition running in the position right where the helmet and gear were found. He speeds off to the right side of the building and realizes he still has the gas mask in the car with him and tosses it out the window as he rounds the corner. James Holmes sits in the car like he was told to do and takes the fall like a good patsy always does. The police said he was in full gear, but, obviously he was NOT. That dazed sleepy person could not have accomplished all that stuff so quickly. That would take a trained athlete, not a nerdy PHD student. Sorry. He reminds me of Sheldon.

    • I so agree. It makes no sense with the actual police reports. I want to hear the 911 calls. Have they been released?

  52. […] 2012-07-23Oil tumbles on heightened worries about Europe – Futures Movers – MarketWatchAurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th…Secret UN Arms Trade Treaty To Be Unveiled This WeekReal life shooting imitates training exercise at […]

  53. Then why does his AFF profile says “will you visit me in prison?” It was him, no setup.

    • and surely no one would be smart enough to plant an obvious near confession 10 days or so in advance on a Adult Friend Finder account set up that same day… no one could be that smart.

      • It would be interesting to see who paid for the Adult FF account, surely it should be on his CC statements. He didn’t have the free account. It’s not like anyone can’t start one of those accounts with anyone’s picture.

    • Seriously? Like the Quran found in the parking lot outside of one of the 9/11 airports(Israeli security by the way). Come on Trixi. Really?

  54. […] I first saw this I was wondering about the event myself. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Share this:ShareDigg Pin ItEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]


    According to this person interviewed, Holmes tried to get into Theater 8 from the Emergency Exit in Theater 8. No tear gas bomb was set off in there, which means he didn’t need a mask. Theater 8 is most likely the one near the corner of the building, which means he probably dropped the mask before trying to get into Theater 8, or took it off in frustration when he couldn’t get in.

    No conspiracy — he just walked that way, he probably headed back to his car at that point, which is then how the cops saw him.

    • Except for one problem, why would he need to go down to 8 to begin with? Especially with a gas mask on? The door was open at 9 too, and that is were they AR was found too. Have you ever wore a gas mask? The last thing you do is wear that sucker any more then you have to, and the other problem is, if I’m not mistaken, is they said they IDed him, by him setting in the car with the *gas mask* on.

      • To kill more people? That makes a lot of sense why he’d want to go into 8, as the guy in that video who was actually in 8 claims. Assuming the story of a guy actually in the theater is true, he tried to get into 8, presumably to kill more people.

        Right, so he probably took it off before going into 8, like I said. If he was fighting to get the door open because that guy was holding it shut, it’s a lot easier to see without a mask on.

        The door to 9 being open with the AR by it doesn’t even matter. Door would be open from him leaving 9. So what? AR was there because it was jammed. He was using the shotgun toward the end of shooting up 9, which means he probably had the shotgun when running to 8.

        • Have you ever wore a gas mask? You don’t walk that far with one on for no reason. And as I said, you still have the problem that it was reported that they IDed him with the gas mask on setting in the car.
          It was aslo reported that he started out using the shot gun, and switched to the AR.

    • First of all, theater 8 is NOT the one closest to the corner of the building. (as anyone can see in the CNN image I put in this article)

      cnn image

      And that door he is talking about may actually be inside the building connected to a hallway which leads to the exit where the AR-15 was found.

      this is from the very FIRST article he was mentioned in…

      “He opened an exit door. Whether it connected directly to Theater 9 or to some adjoining room isn’t clear, but Hunter saw two teenage girls, one wounded in the face. Hunter, a radiology technician, said he saw what appeared to be entrance and exit wounds.”,0,2586663.story

      In this video, he doesn’t mention being outside or seeing the guy on the sidewalk outside.

      I am still looking for the complete floor plan of the Century 16 theater in Aurora so I will not know exactly where he was, but for now, we do know that he wasn’t at that outside door like you mistakenly suggest.

  56. Hey all, I thought I would leave this link for everyone, too. Holmes’ mother is saying that ABC reported it wrong about her saying “you have the right person” when asked about her son. She says she was referring to herself when answering the question the reporter had asked her on the phone. That sounds very reasonable to me. She gets a call early in the morning, waking her up and the reporter asks her if she is the mother of a James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Co, and she answers “you have the right person”. Wow! Here is the link:

  57. You sounded plausible until you averred the theory that this was done with Bloomberg to push for taking away your guns. Fast and Furious was the same theory. How convoluted and expansive that would be. It’s a conspiracy theory and nothing more.

    • I didn’t suggest that this was done BECAUSE of that reason, only that Bloomberg and others would use it to help push senators to support the UN Arms Treaty, which they are obviously already doing.

      Personally, I think this will serve several purposes only one of which will be to disarm people in this country and make it harder for them to purchase weapons. At the forefront though, it is a classic destabilization campaign the kind we have run in other countries for years. The kind we are running in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. And here we go in the states.

  58. Also, I found your previous article about him being drugged up very interesting, but what I esp found interesting along with the drug was that Holmes was fascinated with “altered states” and “altered illusions” just like the guy who shot all those people and the congresswoman in Arizona! I think there is something to this, too, like they are taking some kind of drug to take them into those altered states of consciousness and they are losing touch with reality, inventing their own “realities” inside their heads–almost like a drug-induced schizophrenia or something. That is just too weird that the guy in Arizona was doing that, and now this guy, and it’s like they are playing a role in a movie, or video game or something because they are losing touch with reality. Who is doing this? What is motivating them to do this? Just finding it very curious as to these drugs (pharmacueticals) and the “altered states” “altered realities” thing… Seems quite similar to the horrible situation that happened in AZ last year…

  59. Great work…. I am glad I was not the only questioning the liberal media story, for me it did not add up.. Just by using my common sense… also I was wondering, given the fact the this young man is brilliant with no malicious background (that have they been able to find yet), how all of sudden did he become an expert on terrorist act behavior??? I can underestand him buying everything on line, but how would a 24 year old man, pretty much shelter in San Diego area, all sudden become an expert on guns, machine guns, bombs, etc. One thing is to be knowledgeable and another thing is to be able to put the plan in action, and with no previous training in arm guns, machine guns or bomb.. And all this work they are claiming he did and he acted all alone… I find it hard to believe.

    • Yes, that is what I have been asking from day one, and why I thought he might by ex military. BTW, he had no machine guns that I know of, and the founding fathers were liberals The tradition of the country is liberal (conservative means tradition, and the tradition of the country is liberal). These people are not liberal, though nether are most conservatives, or they wouldn’t call themselves neocons or new conservative.

    • The “liberal media”? If you still think the media is actually “liberal” you have a long way to go to fully waking up. No offense.

    • Exactly Mimi. Yes, he was a smart young man, however, it took the police days and days to dismantle that apartment, with robots! And, how did he get out of all that clothing that fast when he was drugged like he was in court? Plus, the guard in prison said he thinks he is acting. What if he was actually drugged, and thought he was hired to BE in a opening “act” for the movie as a stunt? He was unemployed after all. They just announced that the court will be closed when they read the charges against him. I bet, at this point, they realixe that he didn’t have anything to do with it, and that his brain isn’t as fried as it should be….something the real killer didn’t count on.

  60. Scott, great article! And great comments from others.

    I actually didn’t know about this incident until 2 days later. I don’t own a TV and I seldom read alternative news ( and this site led me to this article.

    I, too, was wondering about security camera footage.

    What gave me the impression it was the US gov’t propaganda for gun control or that it was an inside job was because of the following:
    1. Information about the suspect were released immediately
    2. “Evidence” of suspect purchasing so many guns, ammo, chemicals were released immediately.
    3. Victims information were not available online.
    4. Evidence is SEALED – last I checked it was people vs. j.h. so… wtf.
    5. Were the neighbors interviewed? Did they see any suspicions around JH or unknown persons going in there?
    6. Were the packages really delivered? Where is the proof of that? FedEx is not releasing statements. I want to see actual proof that it was addressed to JH, from where, etc…
    7. Not all AMMO purchased were really used.
    8. JH was incoherent at the time of arrest… was he capable of knowing what he did?
    9. He was definitely drugged in court as if he did not know what was going on. His body language, wide eyed… The fact that he was in solitary confinement means that they can do anything to him without anyone knowing.
    10. Different media outlet (i.e. Fox, cnn, abc, cbs) are interviewing different witnesses and victims.. they make no sense.
    11. Media tell us what they want us to believe, thus, instilling an attitude towards gun control, JH, etc.

    What Americans fail to understand is that they, too, fund mass murders. Tax dollars go into “war” for military/gov’t to kill innocent people around the world.

    This incident alone is nothing compare to what happens in the world today.

    Police officers have guns to protect themselves, not you.

    Most mass murders are targeted for a reason. JH has no reason. Any reference to batman/joker in his apartment is going to be staged unless someone “real” can prove it.

    And how the hell did FBI and ATF responded to the scene so quickly after police arrived? The timing makes no sense.

    If JH did this, I don’t believe that he acted alone. But he was definitely a chosen victim….

    • You can add to that list that the suspects mother was deliberately misquoted right after the shooting when she was reported to have said “you got the right person” implicating her son. In fact, she was confirming they had the right person in the mother of the accused. They do that quite often in these cases, to make it seem like an open and shut case immediately so no one will look any further and so anyone that does comes up against a population who has already put the matter to bed.

      • I am not surprised how the media likes to twitch things around with wordings just as much as the tabloids do the same with the celebrities.

        I am a former actress. I know how media runs. I am also a former employee of law enforcement and have seen many incidences of ….you know. 🙂

        Oh say… When do you suppose they’ll call for cop disarmament in the wake of all of the cop shootings everywhere?

  61. Excellent theory, Question…. they interviewed the men Holmes bought the guys from. How to explain that?

  62. Now the shot gun is no more.
    “Witnesses said a shooter entered the movie theater about 20 or 30 minutes into the film, dressed in a riot helmet, bulletproof vest and a gas mask, and carrying a rifle and a handgun. ”
    I have to ask then, if he had no shot gun, and the AR was by the door, what guns did they see in his car? I guess it could have been the shotgun, but is seems more and more that the whole story of the shooting was designed for specific perceptions to be instilled in the public for the ptb’s agendas. In fact, the only weapon mentioned by the police was the AR or something in 5.56.

    • Looks like they didn’t plan well. When you have too many agencies involved, it gets screwed up.

      Btw, who in the world would EVER take a 3 month old baby and a 6 year old to a Midnight showing of batman rated PG 13?? This is not a redneck town is it? JK… pun intended. 😛

  63. Hello and Good Article! I am a former Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer in Florida. The photo the Washington post has above shows the theater exit to the left of the white or gray trash compacter, it is not it is to the right where the AR15 was discarded, second the positioning of the AR15 leads me to assume some person was entering not exiting, barrel faces the door, also the blood trail is leading back into the building not out, third the AR15 magazine appears to be a 40 round magazine and not the alleged drum magazine. You can listen to the entire 3 hour dispatch events on GLP. The Officers state a man with a white and blue shirt and red backpack was seen running on i believe alamedia road, he was not found.

    There was also mention of a body in the white car, and of a secondary device in an SUV. I personally believe this is a staged event, not to mention the riot shield found next to the building. The two agencies i have worked for never had any of the equipment other than protective vests issued. See photo of victim with shot to the neck, female with Obama in the room, no stiches, swelling etc, three days later? I dont think so! Sorry no links, you will have too search.

    • Awesome, a cop that actually thinks for himself. Thats refreshing.

    • Thank you sir.
      [audio src="" /]

    • Thanks Paul! Good input.

      Thank you Goat for adding the link to the call. My experience in dispatch for many years tells me that this was stage with all the information leading to the potential suspect(s). I just learned that there is now an accomplice to this crime

    • I agree with your references related to the police scanner. There had to be more concerns. What leads me to believe this is because medical rescue was not immediately available and waiting at other indicated areas despite PD’s immediate request.

      The dispatcher on the fire side “no offense” appeared to keep trying to figure things out. The time lapse from PD’s STAT request for immediate medical needs and the response at the back of theater nine was disturbing. Again, this only leads me to believe that EMS could not come on scene, until it was secured. This is also before they requested to clear the North East Parking.

      Another item that baffled me were the employees they claimed were still in the breakroom? Were they hiding? I never heard any additional chatter once they mentioned the man with the red bookbag; I thought the blue & white shirt was another character. The mall door being open.

  64. Hi kay, lots of good dispatcher memories, Thanks!

  65. What I find the most interesting is why they haven’t compiled a seating chart based on the witnesses statements, amount of tickets sold, stubs counted, and theater security. One person admitted to sneaking into theater 9 so he could watch the premiere with friends. A cruise ship has an immediate count when a single murder occurs on their vessel..

    Most movie goers viewing a midnight premiere save their stubs. The police scanners indicate a few suspects. One fleeing from the scene, a blue & white shirt, one in the theater. A few witnesses also claim there was a man in underwear in the theater. Who takes off their clothes in the center of such chaos instead of running for their life?

    There is a lot of pertinent information that is not adding up.

    • A cruise ship has names and cabin numbers attached to their ticket holders…. movie tickets don’t have any ID or sitting reference….. right?

  66. Right, but witnesses are able to describe the scene during chaos. I’m sure all they needed to be shown was a seating chart and be asked where they were seated and what they recall about others seated around them. I can still remember where I sat in a particular theater for several movies.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to compose a seating chart with the seating layout of theater 8 & 9, reference witness statements against security footage on people entering the theater. Process of elimination on people on security footage, but no where to be found following the series of events. That’s simply the point I am making.

  67. Some more useful information about James Holmes and his family for all of you to digest. James Holmes has DIRECT ties to military intelligence. His grandfather was a Lt Colonel and in 1948 graduated from a Turkish language army course which landed him a job working for the Defence Intelligence Agency. Jame’s father, a doctor and software engineer’s own lnkdin profile shows that he worked directly with DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) and James himself worked at the Salk Institute at age 18 (Salk Institute routinely works with DARPA for military tech.) This can all be confirmed via the Wayne Madsen report, or a little personal digging.
    You can get a bigger red flag than this…or can you…

    Same day of the shooting a medical school in Denver runs a drill of their students… wait for it… responding to a GUNMAN ATTACKING A MOVIE THEATER!…. talk about a dress rehearsal!

  68. Him not being the shooter seems likely. And I cannot get over the ‘other’ James Holmes who everyone disregards b/c he is 52 ex-cop….but wait, this 52 yo JH has postings all over the internet (LDMaster) about the EXACt guns used, gas masks, fires, getting large amounts of ammo etc. as well as getting hookers (similar to Adult Friend Finder) And he has the same name and lives in the same town as PhD JH. Are the police covering for their own? (that seems too simplistic), was it an accident that the young James was arrested? Did the old cop James orchestrate this?

    See for James Holmes and check out all the links as well as doing your own google searches of username, the 52 yo James Holmes e-mail…

    His mug shot (finally resealsed), doesn’t show any marks on his face from gas mask and helmet….not sure how long they waited to take it. They certainly waited releasing it.

    So little info is being released and nothing adds up, its driving me crazy!

  69. Great great analysis man. It’s great to find someone who is actually able to talk about this story and the many different possibilities. Society is 1,000% conditioned when it comes to reacting to tragedies such as this. If you try bringing up an argument that suggests Holmes might not be the horrifyingly evil person the media portrayed him to be, you get looks and remarks from people as if YOU’RE the shooter. People WANT there to be a quick & easy answer, & the media (who are in search of only one thing: RATINGS) allows the cops & courts to pretty much sell whatever story they want. Gov’t Option A: Weve got the entire world to hate this kid in a matter of hours, lets just pin it on him… Gov’t Option B: Lets work overtime for the next year bc there is obviously a ton of evidence that makes this situation seem to be way more complicated than just a genius gunman who loves the Joker…something tells me they will more often than not go with Option A.

    If I had a ton of money, Id bet it all that this was NOT just a one man show…

    Now, here is a fact that nobody has seemed to mention yet, that most likely is a huge piece of the puzzle you are trying to put together: According to the police chief, the reason his officers were able to make such a prompt arrest was bc they noticed a piece of the shooter’s gear that was not consistent with what an officer would wear…..the gas mask

    • So if he was in fact WEARING the mask when arrested, and there was a 2nd mask sitting under that camera a long ways away, that should be all they need to prove there were two. My theory: Holmes was in the theatre, walked outside the exit to gear up w/ gunman #2, but then completely froze up when gunman #2 went in and unloaded on them, and remained frozen, not knowing what to do, until the cops came

    • I don’t see why the gas mask was found further away… But if James was wearing one, where is it?

      What phone call did James get during the movie? I don’t understand this. Did any of the so called witness remembered seeing an orange hair dude buy tickets and walk in to watch the movie?????? Anyone would remember that. I am doubting that he was even there…

      • Good point Kay. I sure would remember an orange haired person. And so far, nobody has said, yes, I remember him. I sold him the ticket, or anything. Plus, why would he go to all the trouble and expense of rigging his apartment, and then TELL the police IMMEDIATELY when they arrested them? He warned them. That’s what he did! So they could get everyone away!

    • Actually I’ve made that point several times about the gas mask being what they said was how the made the ID, and how we now seem to have 2 gas mask if what we are told is true.. As relation to your A and B thoughts above, keep in mind the prosecution always likes a clear cut uncomplicated case too, so as to not confuse a jury. Also, it is claimed that Holmes didn’t just have orange hair, but it was claimed he had on all orange. That flies in the face of the plaid shirt, but the witness that talked about somebody getting a cell phone call, and going to the exist, did not mention any of these odd details, and in fact it seems like he said the guy who got the call was dressed rather nice. I still see now way that Holmes was identified except supposedly having a gas mask on, and the supposed evidence of weapons in his car. I think his parents could get him off, baring a signed confession perhaps, if they got him a good lawyer. Now wouldn’t that raise hell?

  70. at 34:38 a officer CLEARLY says the have a suspect in a GASMASK. that mask somehow gets moved over 100 feet away WTF!

  71. Joe,
    How does the shooter fire weapons wearing a gas mask in a darkend movie theater?
    Why no mention of night vision goggles?

    • What I would like to know is why you would wear a one piece lens gas mask. Sure seems convenient if you wanted to explain how somebody was IDed by witnesses when they were wearing a gas mask, which you couldn’t do if was a two lens design. It is my understanding that a one piece lens design is also much harder to aim with.

      • If the masks filter is in the center, then this makes shouldering and sighting a long gun such as an AR15 difficult. Alot of gas masks are now made with a side filter to compensate for this. Firing a shotgun would not be a problem, remember 00 buckshot disperses 9 .32 caliber projectiles, hence the phrase spray and pray!

        Also just wanted to note that on these exits an alarm, whether silent or audible, alerts the staff of the theater that a door has been breached, this stops anyone from entering the show without purchasing a ticket. There are no handles on the outside of the door, for they are locked from the inside. Some person evidently had to have opened the door from the inside!

        • Yes, I understand that a filter in the center makes it difficult to fire a rifle with from the shoulder, but so does a full piece lens. So does one on the side you need to place the rifle to. There is a reason that the army and marines generally use a two lens set gas mask, and the navy and air force generally do not. I also under stand spray and prey with a shot gun, but he had an AR he was using from all indications, until it jammed, and by some report, he may not of even had a shot gun inside with him. Considering that the AR doesn’t look to have a sling, it is good bet that he didn’t have a shot gun with him, unless he had more than 2 arms.e question is, is why when he was so careful to chose the other equipment so carefully to preserve his life, he then chooses a mask that is not optimal, and would not conceal his identity?

          Yes, I think I may have been one of the first to point out the alarm aspect.

        • As well why officers generally use two lens sets and first responders a single lens mask.

          • We were never issued a gas mask of any kind, supervisors were, which never made any sense, they were never first on any scene i worked. Many times i worked a deceased person, sometimes deceased for days. You will never forget that smell. Evidently the APD did not have them issued either, i bet they will now and as well they should. i did see Goat where you brought up the alarms, my bad.

    • Here is another thing. He was supposedly wearing a helmet (can you even put that helmet on with that gas mask?), yet if he left the gas mask way away from the rest of his gear, he would have had to take the helmet off to take the gas mask off, so why not leave it with the gas mask too? Instead of putting it back on or carrying it, and taking it with him back to where he took the rest of the gear off?

      Also, if you go in best prepared to survive your mission, why then just give yourself up, or as I said before even use a one piece lens type gas mask so you could be identified (not that we have one, was he every even put in a line up, though that seems a bit late now)?

      The only thing that adds up, is that whole official account was designed to create a desired perception, not only about the gear and how he supposedly got it, but as well, the invincible storm trooper, which also played nicely into nobody even trying to stop him (i.e. no hero), like we had with Gifford’s shooter, which attitude the American people already have an “awe” for, which this even further cements.

      The psychological and sociological drama, trauma, and perception instilled (and there isn’t an element of it that doesn’t work such), above and beyond the actual carnage, to me is what screams false flag, even before we started seeing big problems.

      • No problem with the helmet and mask, mine are two lens with just rubber straps crisscrossing the top of the head, so no, it would not create a problem.

  72. Alleged shooter was surrounded by brain experts

    A profile for a man whose name and appearance matched Holmes has been removed from a dating website. spokesman Matthew Traub on Tuesday confirmed reports on and elsewhere that the profile was posted before the movie theater massacre. Traub would not comment on whether believes Holmes actually posted the profile.

    The profile included the question, “Will you visit me in prison?” and said, “I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, mind (equals) blown.”

    The profile photo showed a man whose hair is reddish orange, similar to Holmes’ hair when he appeared in court Monday.

    New details emerged about the night of the shooting.

    Clad in head-to-toe combat gear, Holmes allegedly burst into a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” tossed gas canisters into the crowd and opened fire. Friends Stephanie Davies and Allie Young, who attended, said the gunman moved around the room yelling and seemingly targeting people.

    “He would shout, `What are you doing? I said stand up!’ And he would pick people up. I saw him stand over someone. I just see hair and him holding the shirt and `boom,”‘ said Davies, 21.

    full article…

    • Dude must have been some kind of superman, to pick somebody up, and keep control of the weapon to shot them, especially in all that gear. Let alone, yell through a gas mas. Interesting about the other Holmes too, who just happened to have red hair too?.I’d say there is a lot of people working overtime trying to plug holes.

      • He looks like Sheldon to me. A sad little nerdy PHD student. No way he could wear all that gear, pick someone up, and use a gun at the same time. You are exactly RIGHT!

        • You would be surprised at the strength adrenalin can give someone.

          • Only one problem, everything we know almost totally goes against almost everything you have said. We have at least two piles of gear, including two gas mask by each pile, as well a third gas mask in a totally different place than the other piles of equipment. Homes wasn’t wounded as far as I know, and certainly not enough to squirt blood that that trail indicates, and if he was squirting blood like that from a wound, he would be in the hospital instead of a jail, Me think you protest to much.

          • I never said he was shot. If he shot 71 people dont you think he would have been covered in other peoples blood? That’s why the blood trail ends and he is not in the hospital. Also, I haven’t seen a single picture with 2 distinct piles of gear. Just separate pictures of piles. They may have been moved to keep people from stealing it… That stuff would make a ton of money on eBay. Never said your theories we’re wrong, just stating my own.

  73. For Swat to called out in a hostage situation, gear up, active shooter in a school etc. IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Some swat team members may be on duty as part of their normal patrol duties, but they have to gear up and get with other members to formulate their objective. During my law Enforcement career i have been on several swat call outs, and i can tell you for sure there is alot of prep time involved, This is why First responders (regular street patrol) arrive on scene first and access the situation, also if there is any threat to emts firefighters by policy, they are not to engage, until the threat is eliminated!

    • I find it interesting in the dispatch tapes that one of the officers requested early on to take a male to the hospital I just wonder if he ever got there..

  74. Was Swat On standby for this incident? How were they are able to organize so quickly? Suspicious to say the least.

    • We don’t know that swat ever was there do we? That is why the shield is a puzzle. Even if they were, it isn’t something I would think would be left around to the crime scene.

      • @Goat: I could be mistaken, and God forbid i would mislead, however i thought swat had been mentioned in the audio soon into the event, i will recheck my statement for accuracy. I definitively do not want to add any to confusion!

        • If SWAT was called out, where were they? They should have been around somewhere… Also, as Paul mentioned, there are required prep time. If they’re not on duty, they will be considered on-called.

          I’m reading more into witnesses statements. Nothing coincides with each other. Either gov’t thinks we are stupid like them or they’re just plain stupid.

          The whole gas mask and helmet thing makes no sense either.

  75. […] Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th… […]

  76. […] is this insanely huge conspiracy theory going around on the net Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th… Was an interesting read at first but then it got too in-depth on things that I personally believe […]

  77. After going back and listening to the audio (man I still get pumped up) I can not say that i heard a swat call out, He is noted however that around the 30 mark Officers did state a suspect with a gasmask and RIFLES. So much to absorb. My apologies for posting something that is not concrete!

  78. It is Noted (not he)

    • Very. But he’s independent of Fox news.

      I didnt know citizens can buy tear gas legally online????

      • Kay: You can now buy small aresol sprayers (OC) produced by Blackhawk at your neighborhood Chinamart!

      • Yes Kay. I made several of those points earlier. He told the police about his apartment immediately, so no one would get hurt. Plus, it took them several day to dismantle it. And, ANYONE could have ordered that stuff online, to be delivered to his apartment. And that dry run someone else mentioned? Too hokey. How stooopid do they think we are?

  79. This is not photo shopped in any way, no direct lighting to cause the effect. This happened at church last night, This is what is needed in this country, whether you agree or not, i respect your opinion.

    • The link didn’t work. It looks like it was from your e-mail?

      • Yeah i dont know why it didnt, i copied it and pasted it. I am in no ways a computer master, maybe someone can school me on how to post it, sorry. I see some people can post youtube videos, i still havent learned. Lol

  80. On Yahoo! There is an article stating that James planned this shooting for months. That article is gone. Same with CNN.

    • Interesting.

    • Now police are saying that the weapons he used requires training. They are trying to figure out when and where.

      That’s interesting. Now they’re also saying that hours after he failed his oral exam, he brought guns. He could,have shoot up the school instead. Wasn’t it the same for past school shootings?

    • That’s why you have to save them I’m having a very hard time finding the parking lot with the evidence laid out and numbered of the gear.

  81. The Plot thickens gang. James Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

    Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

    Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money.

    The massive banking crime being investigated by the US Senate is called the LIBOR Scandal where UK banks fixed the London Interbank Borrowing Rate with the complicity of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and many other major Western banks.

    Not known to the majority of those affected by this LIBOR rate scandal (which is everyone in the world) is that its historically low setting of interests rates since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has done more to destroy the life savings, stock investments and retirements of Americas middle class than any other single event in their entire history.

    Even worse, according to this report, Holmes recently completed his work on what is called one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed that not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but is, also, able to trace the Trillions of Dollars “lost” to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it.

    Ministry intelligence officials note in this report that it is “no coincidence” that this Colorado massacre occurred within minutes of London’s Guardian News Service releasing their shocking report this past Saturday (21 July) titled “Wealth Doesn’t trickle Down – It Just Floods Offshore, Research Reveals” as Robert Holmes algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme.

    Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.

    The popular InfoWars.Com website further notes that “false flag” events such as the Colorado massacre are actively planned for by the US Army as noted in their training manual titled “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces”.

    Even though the true objective of this massacre was may never be known, it is more than interesting to note that some in the “mainstream” US media are not accepting the “official line,” such as Fox News reporter Ben Swann from their WXIX-FOX19 station out of Cincinnati, Ohio,

  82. Top right.

    Note to the window on the drivers side, and the ones on the passenger side look to be broke out. Also note this appears that the filter is to the right.

    Now we have a very nice close up of the one in evidence. Note it is a completely different mask with the filter in the center.

    Nice parking lot few with the gas mask by the car.
    And this is the granddaddy, that mask moves all over the place.
    Or there at least 3 people with gas mask, and possibly 3.

    This one you will notice the gas mask isn’t even there.
    Save them all quick!

    • Or there at least 2 people with gas mask, and possibly 3.

    • Great find. I wondered about the second gas mask when I heard the officer list the mask on the radio as something he saw inside the car with Holmes. Great find Goat

    • saved … Goat……copies are here…

    • Every time I see that photo, I wonder what that is in the brown package/large envelope in the front seat on the passenger side?

      • Grasshopper –
        If I were to speculate, I’d say the brown package/envelope thing looks like it could be the perfect size for a standard rule notebook, roughly 8.5 x 11 inches. It sure fits the sizing profile.

        Speculating again,
        Could that be the alleged “notebook with plans” that sat around in the mailroom and was addressed to Fenton?

        Still odd that it is on the passenger seat, and with that side of the window broken out… given the circumstances, I too find it odd. Especially so if Holmes was seated there when he was apprehended, versus the driver side of the car.

  83. Here is my theory after I looked at all the pictures I could find this morning. I think there was 3 people. Likely the handler talked the other 2 (or just holmes, since he had the mask with the full lens, unlike the other two it looks, so he could be IDed) into a prank (promotion, what have you), and when they got in the handler(s) started shooting for real, they all went to the parking lot and stripped down (looks to be 3 different gas mask and equipment “piles” with holmes doing a very tidy job next to his mask, which is that pile next to it, and that fits his nature / training), when they were all undressed the guy that stripped next to the “dumpster” noticed the handler trying to get away and went after him further towards the road where the blood starts and the other gas mask and equipment was dropped (you can see the equipment in one of the pics), possibly an altercation ensued, and he was shot for his trouble, (likely the guy that the cop took to the hospital), and the handler got away. Holmes locked himself in his car and was totally on the brink realizing what just happened and how he was set up.

    • Yes. I think Holmes was completely set up. He thought it was a promotion for the film, and he was The Joker. They drugged him, to boot. Then the police dragged the guy in the movie theater, maybe even thinking he was a victim, who knows.

    • If he was locked inside his car which is a great point Goat, that would explain the shattered glass on the passenger side of the car. a strike with an asp would be common procedure to quickly gain entrance especially if firearms were observed from outside the vehicle. The photo on Business insider said to me that the pile of discarded equipment was intentionally thrown about. Anyway good find Goat! May be that is why there was talk of a man inside running around in his underwear.

  84. Could there be a possibility that if some one else is involved, they are hiding in plain sight? Perhaps one of the wounded. If the plan was this calculated and elaborate, wouldn’t an exit strategy be just as important?

  85. I think those are all good theories, but my theory is that he actually did act alone. When people have psychotic breaks like that they have to have everything methodically planned out. Even the smallest deviation from the plan in their head can cause a lot of confusion. According to receipts, Holmes had been buying this stuff for 4 months. He probably started planning it earlier then that. When he failed his graduate school test, the stress caused him to completely lose it and he decided it was time to put the plan into action because he most likely felt like he no longer had a point in life because of the failure. I have minor psychological issues like depression and anxiety and I know how much failing something effects me. I can’t imagine how I would feel if the issues were exponentially worse. Back to the theory. In his head he had the whole incident planned out. This is what gave him, a seemingly small, fragile, nerdy-type, the confidence to just burst into the theater guns blazing. In his plan, he probably planned to be arrested on the spot in the theater or taken down by security or a “hero” in the theater. He most likely didn’t expect to make it out into the parking lot again after the shooting. This would be why he dropped his most powerful weapon right outside the door. He didnt plan on killing anyone outside of the theater. This is probably when he started to panic because things were going the way he planned. I’m sure his adrenalin was racing and he wasn’t able to stay still and probably paced along the side of the building (leaving the blood trail). Since all the times are so contradicting, and the shooting only lasted about a minute or two, he probably had a minute or two outside of the building before the cops showed up. Between the panic and the adrenalin rush, his breathing was probably increased causing him to take off the mask and either throw or drop it by the other end of the building. He hadnt planned to get away and had no where planned to go or no way planned to get there. If he was in a psychotic break, he wouldnt have tried to leave because that wasnt how his plan went down. In his plan he was going to be arrested and taken to jail (The adult friend finder ad). The police probably arrived to find him pacing along the building or by the car but couldnt release this info because it could show a sign of remorse which would effect the insanity case for the defense. Everything I read said he was arrested in full tactical gear, it didnt mention the presence (or absence) of the gas mask actually being on his face. They have to be careful what evidence they release because of the effect it might have on the jury or the case. If they release a key piece of evidence (like dna in the gas mask) it could make the evidence inadmissible in court because it could sway the jury’s views. If he would have been drugged enough to still be affecting him that monday in court, he would have died or been unconscious. Not even the strongest drugs can effect someone that long. Unless he was coming down off a heroin or crack binge, its hard to know without a tox-screen. As far as the car being so close to the door, he would have had to know every inch of the theater for his plan so he had probably been to the theater many times to check it out and had probably parked his car there hours before the movie. It has also been reported that he has been spitting on the officers in the jail he is in. An innocent person probably wouldnt have a reason to do this. He would have at least told someone that he needed help if he was set up. I think he is just another good guy gone bad because of mental illness. We may not find out what really happened until after the conviction, or two years down the road when someone writes the book or we may never know. Impossible to tell.

    (sorry for the essay, just had to spell out all the facts)

  86. Was just listening to Alex Jones today, maybe someone touched on this already, but the Chief of Police in Aurora, Oates, previously worked for Mayor scumbag Bloomberg of N.Y! Stinks bad folks, and bloomturd is calling for banning all firearms? Keep your mouth shut BLOOMBERG, you have enough problems with that N.y. CESSPOOL!

  87. Maybe there were no bombs set up in his apartments. The cops or FBI probably lied about it to give Holmes the credibility of being the assailant. I don’t think someone as smart as Holmes would want to get caught let alone tell the cops he has planted bombs at his place. That would defeat his purpose if he had one.

    It seems like all this was planned. None of the evidence proves anything. I haven’t heard anything from the staff of the movie theatre. It’s always been about the victims.

    • Are you on facebook? You can friend me there. My name is Vicki Booher. I have posted several links, and pictures, that I have no clue how to do here…

    • I agree. Holmes’ apartment was not wired with explosives. It was a false flag distraction to retrieve or destroy all the evidence and to prevent local police from investigating and finding anything which might expose the project. The report where Holmes allegedly told the police his apartment was wired with explosives was false to keep everyone away from the building. Why would Holmes wire the place up only to warn the police! The detonation in his apartment was planted afterwards to convince everyone Holmes apartment was actually rigged and make him look double guilty.

  88. Here is the photo that places the third gas mask at the corner of the building towards the road.
    They have definitely tried their best to site enhance, and take photos to make this the only one, and obscure where it was really at.

  89. Well, I’ve read the whole page and find it all interesting. My questions are for the web detectives on here.

    1)How did he dress in all that gear so quickly? He obviously didn’t buy a ticket wearing any of it or someone would certainly remember him. To me tho, it seems like a lot of gear to put on to return to the theater in that amount of time.

    I also think he knew that bullets would ricochet and he needed the helmet.

    2)One report said he told the police he had taken 200 (?) milliagrams of something (anti-depressant ?) and they named it but I can’t remember what it was and that is why he was so calm when the found him. Was he prescribed this for depression or anxiety? Was he seeing a psychiatrist (see #3) as a patient?

    3)Today’s news says Holmes sent a psychiatrist at the college on July 12th a notebook where he describes the shooting using stick figures to diagram how it would go down. The doctor never received this unfortunately in time to stop it. It sat in the mail room until now.

    4)This notebook would be used to prove if it is in his handwriting, I am assuming using experts. The doctor may have to stay mum on anything else if Holmes was his patient tho.

    5)I remember reading the accounts from the 2 guys in the next theater who ran into Holmes while they were trying to leave and slammed closed the Exit door and Holmes beat on it wanting to get in. Why would he beat on the door? Did he really think anyone crazy enough would open it for him dressed like that and holding a gun? And weren’t there bodies by that door?

    I am befuddled by that particular account and hope when or IF they chart his moves that night in the months to come, they will show via a mock video how this all happened logistics wise.

    6) I am wondering if a lot of questions (ex: his super strength) can be explain by ‘adrenalin’ coursing thru his body. Super strength can be the cause of adrenalin in cases of extreme fear or even rage.

    7)Blood splatters outside in the rear are very strange. I guess it will take a blood splatter expert to figure out which direction they are headed and why did they end abruptly? Perhaps collections were taken for DNA. I find those splatters unexplainable at this point.

    8)Gas mask at the end of the theater. That too is Odd. If he had a 2nd one why would it be far away from his car? All I can come up with is that someone running away may have kicked it as they ran..IF they ran out the back door but then they would have either;
    a)run into Holmes
    b)run past Holmes sitting in his car
    c) Holmes was busy knocking on the door of the other theater, or somewhere in the original theater and wasn’t even by the car then.

    But..why would an extra gas mask be on the sidewalk anyway? Yes, the extra mask IS a mind boggling mystery.

    Whomever came up with the idea of Holmes dropping that mask at the end of the theater while looking for another entrance and returning to his car and then putting a 2nd mask on while waiting for the cops seems the best explanation. But then…why buy so many mask? Too many questions come up about Holmes needing multi- gas mask for 1 person.

    • Sorry- got to call out the Trolls as they appear.
      This has been days of great comments – not even lengthy as this one – it is useful to read just almost everything that has been brought up here, well up to this point…

      • Funny how them people just start dropping in, don’t seem to have read or looked at a thing, at least in any depth, and seem like they want us to return to square one of the official story? I think perhaps we have hit meat.

        • Too many people are realizing the truth that they had to get everyone to dismiss the conspiracy. If this is the case, then I am seeing that their official stories are INVALID.

  90. Here is all the pictures I collected. Please dl.

  91. James Holmes neighbor says he thinks “James was set up”.

    • thank you Joseph. That’s very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear others start coming out saying things like this as well. And I also wouldn’t be surprised to see this kid bullied into making a retraction.

    • Thanks for sharing. This is good to know and I hope more will be aware of this.

  92. Here is an interesting article. Not only does it really show some ‘realness’ of the victims but it also states that JH is adopted.

    I am not a savvy blogger and have a ‘tired’ computer so I have not confirmed this story or try to explain it’s contents. Sorry.

    • Interesting article.

      To the observant… look at the pictures of the prosecutors in front of the theater. Do you see the video camera planted on the top of the building on the right? And now it is mysteriously GONE?? Or there is none in the back? hmmm.

      And check out the victim’s picture of the two females on the hospital. I know it was merely shot for the media, but come on, you’re not allowed to be on the same bed. Anyways, look at the scars!!! What kind of a wound was that??? It looks like it was sliced years ago.

      As a former cop, I have been shot before and have a scar. First of all, if anyone was indeed shot, you’ll be in stitches for weeks. And it will take some time to heal.

      So I am a bit confused…Can anyone verify this: there was an initial report that stated 14 died?

  93. Okay everyone, you’re gonna have to read this and “LOL”.

    This article is stating that James Holmes, himself, alerted authorities to be on the lookout for the packages to his school.

    First of all, many reports states that James is not cooperating with officials.

    And second of all, reports indicated that the professor/psychiatrist was the one who contacted FBI.

    This is funny.

    • Didnt take em long to fix that bullshit story did it?
      Remember these are the same guys who tried to frame up one guy then framed Bruce Ivins for the anthrax attacks.

    • Yeah Kay, did you notice no ‘stick figures’ in this report….. 🙂

      “The source told NBC that the package contained writings about killing people, but could not go into more detail.”

  94. An article was just posted on GLP concerning the audio between dispatch and APD. The article states that the audio recording had been tampered with and planted on the net, keeps getting better, ref. is made to a white SUV and explosives, as i posted earlier on.

    • Think it should be pretty obvious by now to most who have a clue, they are playing big time games to keep the chosen one guilty in the public’s minds, and a lone gunman. And pushing the agendas of making us disarmed (and not just the weapons aspect) slaves to the slaughter (and I don’t just mean for the small time hoods), for all its worth.

      • Agreed!

      • As well, it seem pretty obvious they are wanting this event to not so much go after the weapons, ammo and mags, though they will if they can, but equipment too, especially gas mask.

        Some of us have been pushing the need for gas mask for some time (in fact I was doing it the day this happened), and if you don’t have a good supply of them for members of your support group, it is a good idea to make that ASAP, as well as a good supply of filters.

        I’ve heard there has been a rush on them since this happened, on an already tight supply, so maybe easier said then done. Filters are more important than the actual mask, as long as it the mask isn’t really old and dry rotted. The finish models are good, though they take a 60mm thread. There are adapters so they will take the nato standard (last I knew it was, but that may have changed lately, though tend to doubt it I wouldn’t put it past them to change it up to somewhat make all the mask out there rather difficult to supply with filters) of 40mm. Something in a 40mm thread is best. Ebay is a good place to shop for them, if you can’t find them elsewhere. And like you weapons, you need spare parts, and like weapons, a good way to do that is by having many of the same model.

        If they are are wanting to discourage having them, it is likely a good idea to have some, as it is likely they have something nasty in mind that they don’t want us to have any. Even if it is just CS / tear gas, it is hard to operate as our duty as militia if you can’t breath and see.

        Never give up your weapons, unless they pry them from our cold dead hands! And if nothing else good comes of it, make sure there are less of them for the next party to deal with when they come to commit treason, loot, rape and murder.

        • Goat, my heart broke while reading your comment…. I never even dreamed Americans would have to think about those kind of things….
          But you are right… … prepare….
          guess our forefathers stayed ready…

        • Purchased a couple of Israeli masks about a year ago. I am totally prepared come what may. Key is know where you will spend eternity. I bought a Jesus Christ Mutual Life policy awhile back!

  95. So now reports indicate that Holmes were linked to prostitutes before the shooting. And what the f— does this need to be reported for? Oh.. he fits the typical profile of the crazy dude.

    Anyone guessing maybe he is or was on the CIA payroll?

  96. This is not a good forensic conclusion.

    Mask was dropped by the assailant leaving through the far exit of the theater. Who then took the other evidence off en route to the car.
    The assault rifle could be thrown the distance from the vehicle to the location pictured.

    Security footage would not be made public yet. As tapes for other shootings such as Columbine were not released until later.

    Further more these types of crimes are not commited by those who intend to elude capture.

    Also, any thesis or case needs a conclusion which this theory lacks.

    • Tony, what conclusion did Columbine have? This isn’t a storybook- it can end several ways. If there was multiple people involved like eye witnesses said and which the dispatch audio says, and they actually escaped then there was probably a motive. Gun Control?

      • Columbine didnt have a conclusion. And if you recall Charles Whitman was only one shooter but during the incident people thought there were many shooters. Also none of the evidence suggests a motive for any “gun control” motive. You might as well extrapolate that the crime was committed to keep people from going and seeing the movie.

    • Surveillance video can also be altered… edited to portray something else

      • Especially when more time goes by. They need to do a demand for a bill of particulars. I doubt that ta grand jury has even indicted him yet.

  97. Most every witness said there was non stop gunfire. His AR jammed and many people said he switched to a shotgun. I thought the shotgun was in the car? Even if it wasnt how would he himself carry two heavy weapons? Another thing about the AR. a lot of news reports said he had a drum but the AR in the photo had a clip. I dont know much about guns though.

  98. @Tony
    why would he throw the gun? why would he have multiple gas masks? theres more pictures of amounts of clothes that one person just couldnt use.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. It looks like its more than one person or that it was planted there.

      And I am still so confused about the blood splatter at the back of the building. Why not any in the front..

      • I heard about the eric hunter witness in theater 8 opened the door to leave and ran into two girls from theater 9 who were wounded so he let them in and seen a gunman running towards him. a couple of questions though, Why wouldnt the gunman keep shooting while chasing after them? why would he knock on the door to theater 8? surely no one would let him in. I thought that might explain the blood stains but someone said the blood looks like its going towards theater 9

    • Every show I’ve seen the cops say “throw your weapon on the ground”. The second mask was a backup, he obviously was prepared. Also the clothes is just speculating that one person couldnt use that amount.

  99. @Tony
    Cops ask you to drop your weapon. They definitely wouldnt ask him to throw his gun 10-20 feet, thats dangerous. a back up for what? whats your explanation as to why it is on the complete other side of the parking lot? he had on a vest, helmet, groin and throat protectors, and a gas mask. please look at the pictures yourself there are a couple items that no news story accompanied to him. there is also a riot shield, no idea what thats about.

    • Perhaps he threw it at them? Or threw it just because?
      A back up in case his mask was damaged or he was holed up somewhere and got gassed himself; masks can only filter so much effectively.
      The items you mentioned are all tactical equipment which could be worn by one person. And the riot shield is part of that equipment.

      • He would have been shot if he threw a gun at them. The gun is pictured by the theater exit door. the cops didnt come from there. so thats not what happened. so your telling me that one guy carried a shotgun an AR a riot shield a glock and a full suit of armor? and had time to undress, run all the way to the other side of the parking lot to drop off a mask? even though theyre were reports that he was taken to jail still suited in armor, they found some at the scene. no one said he had a riot shield not even the news but its out on the sidewalk. i know youre trying your best to disprove this but youre not making any logical process.

        • I’m saying he exited through the door where the mask was left. He can carry multiple weapons such as assault rifles and shot guns and a pistol. And as in the LA bank robbery shooting, those gunmen where wearing multiple layers of armor and managed to carry several armaments and walk through a neighborhood.

          And no one can say what the cops would/wouldn’t do, but it is possible to throw a weapon that distance no matter what the circumstance.

          • you obviously have no idea what your talking about judging by your lack of knowledge as to where the gun and gas mask were found. im not going to debate with someone that doesnt even know what theyre talking about. goodbye 🙂

        • Going by the Washington post diagram there is an exit door on the corner of the building , within 20ft of the gas mask.

          And the gear and gun are also about 20ft from the car.

          Or am I wrong in these places and/or distances?

      • lol @ throwing it at them!?!?

  100. this shows where the second gas mask was found. a lot more unexplainable

  101. guns here. very far apart from the gas mask

    • The guns and mask are very far apart.

      But the gun is close to his car.

      And there is an exit on the corner of the building where the gas mask is. Looking at the photo you linked, there is a sidewalk and one parking space length. The combined length of these two is about 12ft, which is even closer then the 20ft I guessed earlier.

      • If there was two men, and even if one could have ran all the way to the othe theatre to exit on the far side where the 2nd mask was left- the blood starts closer toward the theatre by the car and gradually gets more pronounced…. So I guess that could explain the mask and the blood trails going the opposite way, but why would they start half way down? Maybe he got shot or injured an took some gear off while he ran which allowed his blood to start dripping on the cement?

        • That blood is from victimes. Shooting a dozen people at close range leaves alot of blood. Its like jumping in a mud puddle, it will come drip off eventually.

          • Then it wouldn’t make sense… Run all the way through the inside of the theatre and somehow exit the far door, drop the gas mask and then 3/4 of the way back to the car the victims’ blood begins to drip off? That doesn’t sound plausible… The trail would’ve started at the far exit as he ran out.

          • The blood trail is in the direction towards the door.

            And if you’re saying it was the victims’ blood, then why no witness accounts of seeing the cops arresting Holmes near his car, or accounts stating the suspect was there??

            Makes no sense. But I sense a troll..

          • I’m saying it came from the shooter while removing gear, just as a puddle will form when u remove your rain jacket.

            Upon further inspection there are sandals so it is possible that someone was wounded and exited the theater only to die nearby. They don’t just leave corpses overnight.

          • Total speculation and MOO.

            I’m not of the conspiracy mind, however, I’ve really been pondering a lot of things that just don’t “add up” through the very scant amount of information we have thus far.

            One thing that did occur to me today, as a possible explanation of the location of the second mask and knife:

            If after leaving Theater 9, JH didn’t exit the building, as we could naturally suppose he did. Instead he “exited” from Theater 9 and following with news reports have said, went to Theater 8. But, instead of going outside the building, he traveled inside the building via an employee or emergency corridor or hallway of some sort.

            This would give credence to the guy’s report that he let the two girls back into theater 9 and then held the door closed so that the shooter couldn’t get inside. If it had of been an exit door to the outside of the building, there would only have been the need to shut the door if it were operating effectively since it would have automatically locked. Furthermore, he wouldn’t have had to “hold” it shut after it closing because there wouldn’t have been a handle for JH to hold onto to try to pull the door open. Thus, no struggle to “keep” it closed.

            After not being able to access Theater 8, JH may have continued down that hallway to the end of the theater complex, thus eventually exiting into the “outside” of the theater at the end of the building. Here, after finishing his planned assault and being hot in the mask, he may have dropped both it and the bloody knife on the sidewalk and continued to his car. I know that there are reports that he had the mask either with or on him at the time. Perhaps there was another one in the car as a backup. He may have been concerned that once the respirator was activated, it might not work, thus bringing along a spare for some reason. Doesn’t necessarily make sense, but then again all of us do things that others looking in would find odd or nonsensical.

            Suppose that once he reappeared outside, other witnesses/victims (from the blood splatter it would have to be a more intense wound than the two girls mentioned prior), started exiting from the theater. Thus, the comment from victims that he was shooting people as they came out of the exit. Perhaps he then shot one or more people on that back sidewalk. That would explain the blood starting partway up the sidewalk back INTO the theater instead of out. It would also explain the faint bloody footprints that are alongside the wall leading back into the theater 9. The blood seems, to my uneducated min, to build in amount up into the door with bloody handprints on the door as the victims tried to rush BACK into the theater to escape the shooter if he came back inside. That would explain, perhaps, the gun by the door. He may have put it there if he was going to check for anyone else in there and tried to open the door. Maybe they had closed it on their way in?

            ALL speculation. But, it’s really been bothering me. Plus, the requests for the floor plans have been denied, thus giving me reason to believe that the floor plan of the theater holds something essential to the investigation.

            I’m still having a very difficult time buying the story we’ve been give thus far and integrating that into a lone gunman. However, something like this would have made it more feasible at least.

            And, a different take on the same scenario. Leave out the encountering anyone along the back of the building and shooting them…

            Also, as far as the time line… There have been some people adding things up and saying that JH would have been in his car already (if they were adding things up correctly) by the time the cops were surrounding theatre 9.

            This would explain the comment of one cop seeing a man in a gas mask, Sable side, and then not long after them spotting JH in his car. If he was traveling down the interior hallway at the same time the first LE went along the backside of the theater, a LE may have spotted him just after coming out the exit door at the end of the building — i.e. suspect in a gas mask. JH could have continued on to his car (where he was apprehended by officers that had come BACK out of the back of the theater after first passing his car.

            Yes, truly speculation. But, then again, at this point in the game of this case, I’m not sure anymore what all isn’t speculation!

            I would not be lying if I told you something about this case keeps me up at night and scares the living **** out of me. It does. Something stinks about this whole thing, coming from a woman who was married to a LEO for a very long time and spent years in the trenches as a newspaper reporter. Things do not add up and I’m mad as hell at what I truly suspect is going on in the darkness of Colorado right now. I don’t think JH was alone in any of this.

            Again, just random thoughts and opinions.

        • Doesn’t make sense… no reports about any person in theater shooting at ‘shooter’…. and police did not report shooting at anyone… so how did ‘shooter’ get wounded?
          blood starts at theater 9 exit and goes up sidewalk.. looks like a person was struggling to walk.. each foot picked up leaves a dripping scrapping line of blood until the foot is placed firmly back on walk, then other foot is picked up and leaves a line of dripping scrapping blood…. at end of blood trail, someone picked up the bleeding victim and put the person in a car and then to the hospital….
          could it be the badly wounded victim that a police officer took in his patrol car to the hospital?

          • I came up with a theory on that (posted back a ways). The two perps with Holmes had a dispute, when one tried to duck out or leave some bodies to be blamed, and one got shot, or perhaps slashed. It looks like the one who got away and ditched his gas mask at the corner may have also been wounded too.

            Likely why Holmes locked himself in the car, after seen that and knowing he was being set up too, and it could be how the windows got broke out, when the one handler (the one that is leaking bad that took his clothes off at the dumpter) went after Homes, but it was all interrupted by the cops before he could finish the job. The windows were tinted on the drivers side, so unless they were broke out before the cops got there, I see no way that they could have IDed him so easy setting in the car. If he wasn’t in the car, they wouldn’t have had to broke out two windows, let alone one,because the would have had the keys.

            Maybe the guy that was walking had the keys, and that was why the other (who took his stuff off by the dumpster) one went after him and got shot, after he figured out Holmes didn’t have the keys after breaking out the windows, so he went after the one that was trying to leave them there to take the rap, and they got in a fight, and one leaked bad that went back towards the door to get in and blend in, and might be the one Hunter seen, and the other appears to be bleeding to as he left several splotches, one by the corner gas mask.

        • Sorry. I miswrote. I meant to say that he says that he let them back into Theater 8. apologies!

  102. […] Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th… […]

  103. thqts the whole point, that theyre far apart. given the timeline. him being able to do the shooting, undress, and go back and forth from one side of the building to the other. unlikely.

    • He exited through the corner where the gas mask is located.

      He then went to near his vehicle to undress and put down his weapon.

      I dont think he left the same exit he intialed entered.

      • Tony, you trying to say the shooter traveled through the theater’s hallways and lobby while looking for the corner exit? No way… he didn’t have time and what an unforgettable scene that would have made…
        no one says the shooter left theater 9 except to go out the theater 9 exit …..

    • The whole point is that he may have had time, but he didn’t do that. He was found with the gas mask on and in the car. He had enough time to run down there and throw the gas mask and additional evidence for no other reason then to mess with our heads and make us think, but he didn’t. The police will probably come out tomorrow and say a cop dropped that gas mask there on accident and never picked it up. Gas mask or not, didn’t they report that he still had 100 or something rounds of ammo on him when they found him, so it doesnt sound like the shooting stopped so early because he ran out of ammo. The only reason to get out of there so fast is to escape before the cops got there, which James Holmes did not do. It doesn’t make sense that he’d just have a change of heart and give up. It makes more sense that he was never even in the theater and the real shooters did their thing real quick and split. Probably in that older looking cop car they talked about on the police radio. Yes listen to that radio, there is a car reported fleeing the scene.

      • And victims would NOT LEAVE the scene either.. NO cars should be leaving the crime scene.. Only cop cars should be coming in.

        What about… If the car reported fleeing the scene, and with SO MANY cops, why didn’t they go follow the car? Or run an alert? Have the cops drive around the whole damn city for the car… Fishy.

        • Like I’ve pointed out earlier, I still find it interesting that one cop asked for permission to take a male to the hospital early on in the dispatch recordings.

        • Actually there are numerous witnesses that left the scene without being stopped by police.

      • Or perhaps killing a dozen people was enough to fulfill his lunacy….

      • The problem with them claiming any of the 3 mask was one of theirs, is that they already said that they IDed him because it was none standard issue gas masks, and they look to be all the same, except perhaps the one closest to Holmes car (by the neat pile), if indeed that was his car. I’d still like to know how the Tennessee plates fits in, and whether that is what is on the car.

      • That sounds right….

  104. He entered the exit where the gun is….

    • There’s no door handle on the outside, so how did he go in? No one mentioned that it was propped open, because if it was, they would noticed lighting coming from the door. There is lighting outside of the theater.

      • There would not be light coming through if the door was propped open because most theaters have double sets of doors… one from inside the theater that enters into a hallway that has another door to exit outside… this is how theaters insure that no light is let inside while people are watching the movie.

        • …and we already know from witnesses that James Holmes (or other suspect) answered the cell phone call which led him to open the first set of doors inside the theater. This would of allowed the other perp to enter into the theater if the inside theater door automatically locks when shut, the 2nd perp then delivers weapons to Holmes (or other suspect) and helps shoot or throw gas bombs.

        • At this movie theater, it was ONE door. And yes, light will be shining through the little hole.

  105. Something else is his original pic the media came out with when they first identified the shooter. Nobody knew where the pic came from. It was on a peekyou page for James Holmes and it had classicjimbo as a used screen name. Where did the data mining site peekyou get the photo from?

    • I was wondering the same. They came out with the picture pretty quick…

      • Yeah, like the whole story. The guns supposedly used is interesting as I’ve said from the start, because they not only cover every gun they want to ban, but the are pretty well standard police issue. That means they wouldn’t have to work to hard to come up with them. Be interesting to know what is issue in the area. I’m not the only one that thinks that AR is superimposed onto something else, since I pointed it out, some others have said the same thing. and not even that it was done well. Blow that picture up and take a look at it.

        I know they have claimed they they were bought local, but it sure seems funny they haven’t confronted or have had any response from the stores, like they do from anybody else involved with selling him gear, and even the range where he applied for membership. As far as I know so far all we have is some guy saying he seen Holmes at a local place getting a scope put on.

        They did do a story on one of the places Holmes supposedly bought one of the weapons, but that was about how busy they were after the shooting, and no mention was made by the owner that Holmes actually did buy it there.

        I certainly also find it interesting, that the other James Holmes is alleged to be an ex cop, and has red hair too, and it would be interesting to confirm or deny that as well.

      • Seems I remember that photo being identified with Holmes school picture…. so it is him when he was maybe about 20 years old?
        Wish I had saved that link…. anyone else have it?

  106. Call me a troll if you like, but some of you don’t appear to take counter explanations particularly well, especially if they actually make more sense than your original theories.

    The photos used in this article and many of the comments show a moment in time, in calm and quiet, the morning/day after scenes of what must have been chaos. Along that path would have walked: the gunman, police, victims, firefighters and possibly paramedics. Mostly in partial darkness, and all in different states of stress/distress.

    Listening to the dispatch recording shows some of the chaos going on.

    For the police/firefighters/paramedics, priorities would most likely have been: 1) suppress/apprehend the gunman, 2) protect their own safety, 3) protect the safety of the victims, 4) get the victims to medical care, 5) control the scene, 6) preserve the evidence.

    Based on those assumptions, my possible explanation is as follows:

    Gunman buys a ticket and enters cinema.
    Fakes a phonecall as an excuse to leave via emergency exit, props door open. Walks to car, gets dressed, drives car to closest bay to exit door (if not already positioned). Waits at door for a loud scene, reenters via emergency exit.
    Gunman uses smoke/gas canisters and then AR15 and other weapons inside. If he started with 100 round magazine and it jammed, he may have been carrying 30 rd magazines to reload.
    Gunman finishes shooting, possibly due to equipment failure, ammunition depletion, fatigue, etc.
    Gunman exits emergency door, discards AR15, walks to car. Gear still on.
    Police arrive shortly after, are suspicious of Gunman, and apprehend him. They disarm him or order him to toss/kick/move his weapons clear. They then remove his tactical gear and leave it on the ground (unlikely they would permit a person in custody to keep such gear on). Gunman loaded into police vehicle.

    Next priority is victims. Some victims are assisted or directed out the same door, and then ferried to hospital in police vehicles. One heavily bleeding victim walks/is assisted along the path to a parked police vehicle (now parked a couple of spots over from the white car or even up on the path).

    Police, some with/wearing gas masks are still clearing Cinema 9 and surrounds, once gas threat is clear some remove/discard their masks, one discards it near the corner of the cinema. Gas masks become a tertiary consideration when many victims still need help.

    Firefighters visit the scene. At least one is wearing a closed circuit breathing rig, and when he no longer needs it he leaves it on the path between the emergency exit and the white car. He may have had victims to deal with/assist.

    At some point, police start taking statements from victims and witnesses. Information that is considered high priority is passed over the radio regardless of veracity. Some of the information is incomplete or incorrect or misleading, some of it isn’t. Those on the scene do their best to interpret and follow up what they get, and if they’re looking for a red backpack and find nothing, or find a victim/survivor/witness that innocently matches that description they carry on with their business.

    So, I don’t claim to have all the answers. I don’t know if there was one gunman or multiple, but I acknowledge the chaos of this situation, and that even those who were there would not know the full story. Let alone some speculators on the Internet. Some folks here would do well to acknowledge that too – you discredit your own theories by failing to consider the plausible alternatives.

    • As far as I can see people consistently gave rebuttals to your ideas.

      You mean to tell me police threw their own gear on the ground and left it there to get mixed up with evidence on a crime scene? Come on.

    • First.. gas masks are easily re-attached to police belts…. no reason to throw away item that might save your life … and police are highly trained to take care of their equipment…..
      second…. police audio talk about seeing suspect in a white car…. just sitting…. police helicopter (or news media) took pictures that show Ar/weapon discarded right outside Theater 9… and what looks like a trail of dis robed body protection gear that seems to lead to car…
      why would police take suspect out of car (who police say suspect was very meek ….. and not wearing gas mask….) and then tell him to take off stuff and then throw them a distance away from the car?

      • I don’t know where the additional gas masks came from. But I do think it’s plausible they may have come from Police. If you are carrying/wearing/holding a gas mask, but need to attend to a critically injured person and help them into a vehicle to urgently transport to hospital, do you clip your now unneeded mask to your belt or do you help the person?

        I’ve only listened to the audio once, and only remember hearing “in” the white car once. What really struck me was how stressed and unsure people were. Either way, whether the gunman was in the car, leaning into the car or near the car, apprehending the person would be similar – person forced clear of the car, tactical gear removed, person handcuffed/restrained. This could easily yield the same layout of gear on the ground that is in the photos. Whether he was in our out of the car makes little difference. (And really, who knows, the gear could have been rearranged and laid out like that the next day – those photos aren’t official evidence, just a snapshot in time.)

        To sunshinez: see first paragraph. Do you prioritize a cheap mask, or a wounded victim? Those guys were taking wounded in their own police vehicles. The whole place was a crime scene, but a huge part of training = prioritization. Maybe no police officer dropped a mask, but it’s pretty clear that at the very least a firefighter did leave a breathing apparatus within the crime scene.

        As I said, I don’t know the answers, but these are pretty simple explanations to what can be seen in the photos. The number of alternate explanations is infinite. Nothing I’ve written proves anything, but then again nor do any of the “rebuttals”.

        • You’re making an assumtion Tyler. Don’t you see that? We are talking about the facts. The officer on the scene who found him said the mask was in the car along with a rifle and a handgun. He also said “the guy in the white car”.. he was IN the car.

          Fox News has even reported that the given theory is now that James went out the exit, stripped off the gear, and got IN the car.

          All of that said, now consider the piece of evidence marked #1 the gas mask 60 yards away at the end of the building where another officer reported earlier that a suspect was seen on the Sable Side of the rear of the building. That is where the second mask was found.

          And we have the officers on the scene reporting a conflicting description of the shooter presumably than what Holmes was wearing.

          Now consider Holmes’ apparent state when he was arrested. We know the official report says he was drugged (by his own admission supposedly)

          these aren’t “rebuttals” these are facts. This isn’t debate class. We are in the process of seriously discussing the relevant facts of the case, not presumptions. If that camera which I pictured from 2007 was still on the wall on Thursday night, then that mask would have been dropped under it and that would explain why the assailant would have kept it that long. That’s a theory based on facts.

    • The problem is that that nether fits what the witnesses have said, or the physical evidence, or the dispatch tapes. The physical evidence supports what the witnesses have said and the police dispatch recordings. There are 3 gas mask, 2 by separate piles of equipment, one in the “dumpster” area, and one to the left front of the car (drivers side), and a third mask at the corner of the building towards the road, as well equipment that is strewn around to make up some from a third suspect. There are pictures of the two piles of equipment and the gas masks existing at the same time early on, as well the area that third gas mask was at by the corner that showed equipment, but was clipped just a bit short to show the gas mask. The third gas mask is tagged and photographed as evidence in that area though in later photos, as if IT was the only one found, when it is clear there were two other ones that exist at the same time by the piles of equipment from the early photos, as well as one photo with the two all tagged as evidence. The cops btw, never likely got gas mask, and all the ones shown are the same non issue ones, that they claim they IDed Holmes because of. You can hear one of the cops coughing from the smoke, and the dispatcher asking him if he is all right, indication that it didn’t last all that long, to not be able to get in without a mask.

    • In other words, we are going by the best evidence we have, and not the official story that some keep insisting we should.

    • Hello Tyler:

      “Plausible alternatives”? Why are they “plausible”? Fact is, even according to your somewhat detailed breakdown, they are only plausible because you intentionally or subconsciously omit certain facts which don’t fit your conclusion. What we do here, though messy at times and certainly chocked full of conflicting theories, is hash out the given details as they emerge. We compare them to what we know, we look into what was reported and what was not, we consider how the official story changes and theorize as to why it changed.

      As an example of details you omit, let’s take your explanation of the gas masks (plural). Yes, it is possible that a fireman dropped equipment on the ground “in the chaos” which was then later marked as evidence by an idiot FBI agent. It’s also possible that it was dropped there by ET or a gremlin who wanted to distract the bloogers of the world. “possible” does not mean “plausible” unless you are LOOKING to explain away a key piece of evidence.

      What are you suggesting? The assailant rushed down 60 yards to the end of the building to drop the mask and then strolled back to the car to be found with another mask just to confuse the police?

      We know that he was drugged at the scene. We know he was found in the car. We know there was one mask in the car with him. And we know that someone marked as evidence the mask at the end of the building.

      We also know that the arresting officer reported that he was being given contradictory descriptions of the assailant presumably WHILE he was detaining the drugged suspect.

      And we know that someone reported seeing someone in the blue and white plaid shirt with a gasmask at the Sable Side of the rear of the building where the mask was found.

      How “plausible” is your story in relation to these FACTS?

      Now, let’s not even consider the FACT that he seems to have been so whacked out that they don’t even want to show his mug shot (the one they show seems to have been taken early Monday morning) and in fact at first they said they weren’t going to show his mug shot.

      These are FACTS sir.

      How do you explain the FACT that the camera in the rear of the building that was there in 2007 seems to be gone now? How do you account for a whacked out perp committing such a calculated crime and let’s not forget the skill required to do what he did not to mention the fact that for the average person to pull the trigger on a child, well, let’s just say, that is impossible. what in his background makes him capable of that feat?

      Sometimes it’s very easy for people to dismiss unwelcome insight, if they WANT to, by omitting certain details to come to a “plausible” conclusion. In your case, you seem to be doing just that. and that is to say nothing of the history (current and past) of operatives working on behalf of the government performing destabilization operations like this over and over again. This country is in the process of having a dramatic shift forced upon it and as is the definition of unconventional warfare, the best and most effective way to accomplish that goal is to create an environment of complete destabilization. You must view the FACTS of the case in light of the given environment and as the commenter said, understand who gains from this.

      that is the definition of plausible as opposed to your definition which actually comes closer to “comfortable”

      Were it a cut and dry case sealed and proven, I would have no problem accepting your “plausible” conclusion. But the facts are what they are and I and the others here will NOT simply mold them or omit them to suit our needs.

      As I stated right off the bat in the Kandahar Massacre story after looking carefully at the given FACTS, Robert Bales was innocent. And where is the general consensus now? Robert Bales was innocent. Drugged and set up to take the fall for a retaliation operation meant to send a message to the people in the area. That sir, is a fact.

      And it would certainly appear that James Holmes is also being set up now which would also mean the man who did kill those young people is still out there.

      and that is ultimately what we do this for.

      • Well done.

      • Sir,

        Facts have a source. Photos, video recordings, sound recordings are (usually) a reasonable basis. Obviously even those things can be altered or misleading.

        In my speculative version I acknowledged that I didn’t have all the facts, but endeavoured to address those that can be seen and heard (in photos and audio recordings).

        Those that were omitted, that have been stated by you to be FACTS I could find no verifiable basis.

        Was he drugged? What is the source? What was the degree of drugging?

        Were the contradictory descriptions verified or were they being gathered realtime from stressed and uncertain survivors? What is the confirmed source that this plaid shirt person was involved?

        Were any of the gas masks verified as being not from police or fire? What is the source?

        How can “fact” and “seems” be in the same speculative sentence?

        As I’ve said a few times, I’m not discounting anything, but I am more inclined to look at facts that can be verified by seeing or hearing the source (and even then, still accepting that there are numerous alternative explanations).

        Write me off as selectively omitting facts if you like, but realize that you could be accused of selectively incorporating “facts” that aren’t necessarily verified, but do conveniently fit with your version of events. I for one am not so invested in any one version that nothing can change my view. If there is additional verified information that challenges this version then I’m absolutely keen to know and to adjust (why do you think I’m here in the first place?).

        I agree that it would be absolutely illuminating to see any security camera video.

        • Tyler, save yourself some trouble and read all of the articles posted by Scott about Holmes and Aurora… and read all the comments…. the links to evidence and photos are there…

          • Jan10, that is exactly the problem. I have read the posts. I have looked at the links. I have seen the photos.

            And yet, things that are conjecture or unclear or ambiguous are stated as fact. Good lord, if speculative Fox News reporting is being used as proof then things are really looking shaky.

            The questions I posed in the post above yours have not been addressed with any conclusive evidence in these posts. The only true fact is that there are alternative explanations, and discounting them with no basis doesn’t help anyone.

  107. Hi Tyler, It is not that other theories are not considered, it is the Fact that through discussions and scrutiny of the evidence presented, most if not all scenarios can be dismissed. None of us (i dont think) were there. But the facts, just do not add up.

    To rule out the Global Agenda that is assailing this nation, you have to consider who benefits from this. I think you will find that your are entitled to your opinions as well, and i support that aspect, but all this just does not add up! As for myself, I am not buying it.

  108. Russian spetnatz who shoot 2 to 3 inch groups rapid fire at 25 yards, training in Colorado, Hmm you never know, just a thought, sorry! Maybe they skipped the baseball game and went to see a movie instead?

    • Yeah, I’ve been wondering if there is some connection there myself. This one certainly has many of the same aspects as the one over there. I doubt they did it to directly, but they sure could have been one of the handlers, or they could have give some hints on pulling it off.

  109. Well Goat, I have heard of eyewitness reports of them deliberately setting fires in Colorado. Interestingly enough the FBI (fools bumbling indefinably) have moved their operations there, you see its is so much much easier to get inside the D.U.M.B.s for protection, you know in case the atmosphere is unstable, gotta come out sometime though!

    • Yes, Lots of reports of deliberate fire setting. Men with rifles, shooting at big drums filled with explosives were seen. Eyewitness accounts.

  110. I was up all night reading the ATS forum that was created by someone who was listening to the police scanner live as it happened. Others reported same things… Now what I find interesting is that we got this differently…

    According to the forum:
    1. 14 killed.
    2. Cop shot the suspect and witnesses confirmed he was one of the shooter.
    3. Cops acknowledged that victims were indeed exiting the back door.
    4. There was a mention that 10 bodies remained inside the theater.
    5. Suspect requested a Naval Rep.
    6. The vehicle was thought to have a TN but later revealed to be CO plate.
    7. Cops confirmed there was one bomb explosion.
    8. Cops were heard going to the mall to find suspects.
    9. Cops were in the area already before the shooting to control traffic. At least two identified traffic duties prior to the shooting.

    Earlier reports stated that Holmes lives in his apartment with 2 roommates. Who are they? And where are they?

    They also said that one of the cops on the radio said negative on the bombs at his apartment.

    How the hell were they able to I’D Holmes so quickly not to mentioned the cops arrived to his apartment within minutes?

    Here is another crazy theory: (this is based on inconsistencies in reports)
    No one was in theater 9. It’s all actors. Someone creates the chaos … And then everyone runs out… Holmes remained drugged in the car.

    • Like a “Mission Impossible” episode. But what about all the injured people in the hospitals, and the funerals for the dead victims?
      Staged too?? Has any one (or independent reporter) been to the hospitals and talked to any of the victims (except the MSM ).

      • I’m guessing the witnesses and victims signed a confidentially agreement. No one has posted anything related to this event on Twitter or Facebook. Just those suspicious “witnesses” in the media. Come to think of it…. There were soooooooo many people. Where’s the head count? why isn’t the spokesperson for the movie theater say anything?

    • Negative on bombs in his apt…. wow… and just yesterday they sent a robot inside to find bombs or explosives… and, according to police, Holmes warned them of wires set to trip of bombs…
      sounds like the true story was changed again… to fit ‘someone’s’ planned program…
      feel sorry for the police… they probably don’t know what to report or how to behave about the evidence…

  111. Just posted on facebook…..

  112. The thing too Jan10, is even if this was a set up in whatever way possible, there is no way every person involved in the investigation could be in on it. There may be people who will question evidence or lack of, as well as inconsistencies, and there may be some people higher up who are telling them not to worry about it, it is all under control. But outside of that the world is watching.

    You’ve got the tin foil hat heads, you’ve got the logical thinkers who can see everything that has been made available to the public, and you’ve got the disbelievers that think James is the mass murderer. But on top of that, you’ve got people in various fields, forensic scientists, bomb technicians, online store owners, internet providers, all these people out there somewhere that are looking at this stuff and saying “Something just isn’t right”

    There are many questions to put forward that need answering. EG:

    -If the Police/FBI know that James has received up to 50 packages (keep in mind they revealed this very early into the investigation) then surely some alarm bells must’ve been triggered well before, otherwise how were they aware exactly how many packages were received?.

    – If all this stuff was ordered online, then there will be records through either James’ ISP at his house, or maybe the lab where he was working.

    -How were these items paid for? Most online stores require credit cards. Credit card companies would be alerted to unusual activities with the cards and they also require regular monthly payments.

    -If it took the bomb technicians around 24hrs to disable the trip wires to gain entry, then how long did it take the accused to set it up? Keep in mind that he was still coming and going until his last known whereabouts on Tues when he was out drinking at a bar.

    -Experts claim it can take up to 30 mins to fully kit out with SWAT gear. How fast can an expert remove this gear? Remember that the shooting was still going on when the Police arrived so up to when they found James in the car (drugged I might add) then he must’ve gotten out of that gear pretty quick.

    -Is there any DNA on any of that gear? Saliva residue on the mask, hair samples in the helmet, skin flakes in the gloves etc….

    -What about gunpowder residue? The Police claim they put plastic bags on his hands to test for gunpowder, yet witnesses confirm that the shooter was wearing gloves. Is there evidence of gunpowder residue on the SWAT gear left by the car?

    • Too many people are involved on this case and to have that many FBI?? All I can say is the police officers are no longer involved. It becomes a federal case if the feds are involved… And we know how feds are.

      • I wonder what the local cops saw before the feds got there. Hasn’t one of the officers that were on scene already came up dead? A motorcycle cop, it was?

    • Excellent points. Especially…Thank goodness…There are honest people out there. This cannot be controlled at ALL levels. You, and I, and facebook, is ALIVE with this. And frankly, That, is NOT James Holmes. THAT is waht is ALL over facebook. I have analyzed that face myself. NOT him. a lookalike. Not the same skin tone, adams apple, nose, eyes, eye color, nose, nostrals, ear, NOTHING, face is fuller….Do they think we are stooopid?

      • Vicki, the same man that is in that red-haired pic, appeared in court.. his parents were there… they would have known if that man was not their son.. think about it..
        also, the first pic is a younger Holmes… fuller in the face… (a little more weight on him)… a big smile .. and regular hair color.
        Remember, women change their hair color because it also changes contrast between skin and eyes… the colors react to each other.. that’s why people change hair color… remember?
        also the light is different in both pictures……. and he is drugged in one ….
        it is the same young man…

    • Another question I meant to add so will put this here now before I crash out…

      -With all these so called ‘Witnesses’ that saw a person in the movies answer their phone and head to the door (It was dark, how did they kinow if they were male or not? No mention of orange hair then), why hasn’t the person sitting next to them come forward? Keep in mind that reports say that no one in the front row was shot.

      • No one even mentioned WHERE they were sitting in the theater. If it was me in a real life situation, I would be able to recall that.. “I was sitting in the middle row near the aisle when… “

        • That was my original point Kay in an earlier posting. I also agree with JH not living alone. After all of the media attention on the loner suspect and the explosives in the unit, the neighbor who was going to attempt to open the door states: “I was going to peer my head in and ask THEM to lower the music…” THEM?? I beg your pardon?? The media has already planted the seed to the public that this was ONE person.. Can someone please explain why an educated young woman would refer to this recluse (as per the media) as THEM… Especially after the fact..

          Also, when you listen to the simultaneous dispatch tapes. Staging areas for EMS were established until the area behind Theater 9 was “secured.” Claims of an explosive device in a white SUV and I believe EMS workers questioning their safety did not permit them to drive up behind the theater to treat the victims the officers claimed were
          lying down behind the theater. My reason for bringing this up, is because there appeared to be a lengthly period of time, with no helicopters overhead recording the scene from above, with only the officers on site. Which brings me back to Willo.. or Goat’s theory..

          It just doesn’t add up… A child victim along with others has to wait for an ambulance… In response to anothers posting, I don’t believe the officers ever received gas masks.. There was continued chatter on the radio. At one point an officer is coughing, and the dispatcher asks if he needs medical attention, and he declines. An officer came across the radio sounding more annoyed that the theater had not turned off the movie vs. needing gas masks.. (just my point of view…)

          The camera removal theory too.. No helicopters.. No additional cell phone videos in this day & age… No witnesses on suspect being apprehended, hand cuffed, face down, etc. in parking lot??

          Nobody recalling a bad ORANGE hair dye job on a geek entering the theater?? Surely, this would stand out on security footage.. Theater Batman fans’ immediate reaction would be, “Who the &^*( does this person think he is???” In my opinion, the young theater goers would immediately compare him to the Joker role Heath Ledger played who has green hair… Yet, this tangerine mugshot does not jog any witnesses memory….

          I don’t buy it and find it odd that every whisper brought up about JH is publicized, but CNN or any newspaper is unable to post this public blog!!!!

          I am deeply saddened by this tragedy, and in no way am I trying to sound heartless for the victims and their families. However, when you take emotions out of the equation, look at the facts, seek & ask the proper questions, you realize things don’t add up. If justice is not served correctly, we can not possibly prevent this from happening again…

    • All these very good explanations on trying to fit all the pieces of this puzzle together reminds me of the story of the 6 blind Indians trying to describe an elephant in the room. The 1st Indian feels the trunk and says it’s a large snake, the 2nd one feels the tail and says it’s a rope, the 3rd feels the tusk and declares it’s a sword, the 4th runs his hand along the side and declares it’s a wall, the 5th feels a leg and insists it’s a tree, the 6th feels an ear flapping and is convinced it’s a fan. Although we all may think we have a good clue as to the what the mysterious thing in the room is, none of us can see the whole thing. Eventually the elephant in the room will make an unmistakable sound, and everyone with know what it is!

  113. Isnt it too soon the tenants of the apartment building were able to return last night?

  114. […] never really doubt it but it seems most people are questioning this one. Here are a few stories: Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are Th… RDR: Aurora massacre: Several links between James Holmes and US Gov't research The mystery of […]

  115. ABC news has a story about another shooting in Aurora that ocurred 20 years ago, but if you scroll way down the story, ABC has placed three videos about Holmes… look at the last one..(about 2min)… when he was younger…. and a voice over also tells about Holmes applying at a gun shooting practice range a month ago, but Holmes never showed up… another strange item… mystery application and no show of Holmes.

  116. Another one…

  117. Some good points raised, good effort. The thing that I wonder about is the massacre was timed perfectly to the SWAT teams assault in the film. Yet this was the TDKR’s premiere. Holmes wouldn’t have known that was the perfect time to strike. Of course this could be a coincidence. I’d also like to know where the fire exit for theatre 8 is. Several people were hit by bullets supposedly from the screening next door but could a 2nd shooter have been in screen 8? It was also showing Batman.With all hell breaking loose in the dark and a massive firefight on screen it would be very hard to keep track of everyone.And if the fire exit led out into the car park like screen 9 then it’s not unthinkable that a 2nd shooter ditched his mask there. Maybe he wasn’t as well armed?maybe he lost his nerve and bolted? Nobody seems to be talking, the CCTV footage would explain so much but where is it? Having listened to the police recordings something definitely stinks here.

    • I’d like to know what that white cloth is? They never show this scene to show the other gas mask except for some of the earlier ones, and nothing very clear. And they never show the pile by the car either except the same way. Note too the clothes up by the gas mask at the corner don’t look very black.

  118. What happened to the story that came out early on about his two friend fleeing their apartment? It was early on. Or the man who sent a threatening message t police to release Holmes?

    • I never watched any local media. Just alternative news… That would be interesting to note that his 2 roommate fled… Where were they in the last week?

  119. I have seen a lot of reports indicating that suspect kicked the exit door. Uh, since when did theaters have their exit door open inward?

    • They don’t, it was after some of us pointed that out, that they changed the story. It would take a tank to bash one of these doors in.

  120. […] porn movie and opens fire inside the crowded theater. . . Full story: Now read,, Brother Nathaniel’s ‘take’. Read down on […]

  121. Here’s a report that says police were searching for a second “person of interest”:

    • Saved!! Thanks!!! Everything detailed about what to “look out for” links to what happened.

  122. just another little tid bit…. The FOI act that forced the government to release all the info on the MK ULTRA mind control project took place on JULY 20 1977…. So this attacked happened on the anniversary of the public being informed of mind controlled murder. Add that to the other 12 or so “coincidences” surrounding this case.

    • well….. guess we don’t have to cover our heads in case of nuclear bombs anymore…. just learn how to get out of the way of ‘shooters’…. you think they show these films to our kids too?
      live in fear…..
      i like the one where they ambush the shooter!

  123. To the Author: Good article, and great points. My one constructive criticism is that there is no such thing as a “Glock 40”. It’s a stupidly incorrect and ignorant term the media and rappers use to refer to a Glock handgun chambered in the popular .40 S&W caliber. The actual gun could have been several Glock models chambered in that caliber. If I were a betting man I would bet on the Glock 22 model handgun as it is the more popular .40 S&W chambered Glock Handgun and often used as a standard issue police sidearm in some jurisdictions.

  124. any one else find it suspicious that his lawyer is a public defense attorney? if his parents are so financially stable why cant he get a nongovernment affiliated lawyer?

    • I wondered about that also, zayne…..

    • good point…have the parents said anything at all besides that statement that they’re sorry for the victims? I’m sure they must know about all these holes in the case…

      Also where are his friends? This guy apparently knew absolutely nobody recently..-__-

    • I wouldn’t make much of that yet, though we don’t really know i don’t think how much money they do have. Shopping for a lawyer, isn’t something you do lightly (though many people do and are sorry), and is something that can’t be done very quickly, especially in a high profile case like this, that the defendant is rather vilified. A very lot of lawyers might not even want to take the case, and before they do will want to talk to the defendant as well look at the evidence. In other words, as quick as the court date was, it may just be a matter of there wasn’t time to get a lawyer yet. Though all lawyers pretty much work for the court, there are some pretty good public defenders too.

    • Good point Zayne.. Maybe the same reason his father’s REAL POSITION wasn’t publicized, only that he managed a software company, I believe. (Don’t quote me on that..) However, the father and scientist were never used in the same sentence…

  125. i dont know much about law. just sounds off to me. i dont get why the court date happened so fast. then again i dont know much about law. it just seems that every other big case i see takes awhile to even have the first court appearance

    • No, the arraignment is suppose to take place rather quickly by law in most jurisdictions What is interesting is that he had a public defender at all, those are usually only assigned at an arraignment, not before an arraignment, though in such high profile cases it isn’t necessarily unusual. Even more so when a defendant might not be competent to answer for themselves. Not sure exactly when though the public defender was assigned.

  126. Here is your latest update. 😉


    and if bbcode doesn’t work..

    • wow. Why the hell is his eyecolor different? This can’t just be a lighting issue. His eyes now are very light.

      • His earlier pictures from High School and/or college somewhat resembles the picture on the right. So where and when was the picture on the left taken?

  127. well if hes not speaking this upcoming monday im convinced that theyre (whoevere they may be) are shutting him up somehow, because according to the people in jail hes acting crazy and saying he dont know why hes theyre.

    • exactly my thoughts…they all say he’s acting crazy in there asking people how the movie ended etc, then when he shows up in court he magically can’t speak for himself because he’s so spaced out?

      They could be torturing him for all we know…is he still on suicide watch?

    • They are keeping us from seeing it on TV as well. As soon as i heard that I knew some things were being kept under ground. I have questioned why he would surrender right after the shooting from day one. It just doesn’t fit the profile.

      • Maybe he surrendered to the cops, because he was less afraid of them than the other people he was involved. Though not sure it did him much good. Outa the pan sort of thing.

        • Good point, Goat

        • Good point Goat.. He probably needed someone to help him out of all that gear… Come to think of it… If he was going to show up to the premiere with such a bad hair dye job pretending to be the joker, it wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary under the circumstance to wear some of that gear as another BATMAN FANATIC!!! Yet again, no memories jogged by any witnesses of this odd person..

          Off the subject, but compare old pics of his eyes.. The kid appears to be in a trance like state.. He looks more like Felix the Cat in his mugshot…

  128. those pictures are years apart. think its possible to get a side-by-side like that of his face in court and the mug shot?

  129. another arrest of a ‘Joker’ in Maryland…..

    seems the 27year old man lost his job and he called and made threatening remarks to his former employer and said he was the real ‘joker’ and he was going to blow up everything…
    police arrested him before anything happened…… found any guns in his home,

  130. sorry.. edit ‘any’ to ‘many guns’

  131. they appear a different color but the old one is also very low quality. its better to get concrete stuff and question it then to make an assumption off the bat.

    • Hazel eyes will do that…..they will look dark brown at times and then almost bluish…. depending on the light

  132. not sure what to make of this. any insights? goes against a lot of the police chat ive heard.

    • Does anyone know how many channels were active at the time?

      • Kay, should have been A channel and B channel also in a situation such as this 10-33 all radio traffic (emergency only) In this case everything was an emergency! We had rescue dispatched from our dept. but on a separate channel which could be scanned in car.

        • it also appears their was another channel too, when dispatch was asking an officer to change frequency. I can’t be so sure though.

          • I would say so, there isn’t any thing about dealing with Holmes, that I have heard once the initial contact was made. Course they use cell for that sort of thing too.

        • I downloaded what appears to be radio dispatch recordings in 30min intervals with two channels. When you listen with headphones, they are simultaneous with one in the right ear, the other in the left. This was a result of Lincoln 25(???) requesting that the outside be separated from the inside. However, I am curious to hear police radios dispatched to the hospitals and the EMS radios on their transports.

          Raises the question I think Goat posted about first male victim?? Speaking of which, remember Veronica’s (6 y/o victim) upset father being detained after hearing that the shooter was still alive and not permitted to see his ex-wife?? He then refused to be named on camera when he was interviewed.. WHY?? In my opinion, he acted as normal as any other humanbeing would react after receiving such horrible news.

  133. Kind of in relation to my question if that helmet would fit the gas mask.
    ‘- 147 riot helmets – which must have an “adjustable tactical face shield with liquid seal” and be able to fit the “3M Full Face Respirator FR-M40B masks.”’
    Sounds like the want to get kitted up like they claim Holmes was. Alright for them nut not us.
    DHS Puts Out Urgent Order For Riot Gear

  134. even bigger audience should be coming from as jon rappaport linked to you. but the link is broken. so i found a link elsewhere.

    • Hope the system can take it. Seems great so far. It is to bad planetinfowars isn’t set up to be able to have discussions like this. There is no way to subscribe to a thread or topic and be notified of activity, though it would seem that would be something built into most software of this nature.

      • It seems like more people are aware of the “truths” or that this event was staged and the gov’t is part of it. When I read few news article, I read through some of the comments. Very few comment that James is guilty and should get the death penalty, while others preach the gov’t is involved.

      • Goat i believe someone on Planet infowars (sister site) had linked to this site if i am not mistaken.

        • Probably more than once. I seen one linked from an article, and I have certainly posed it there and elsewhere. I think it was also originally where I got the link maybe.

  135. Yes it was posted by JACKSQUAT!

  136. […] still more detailed updates in a case against the “lone gunman theory” (dud I can’t believe it, it’s […]

  137. can someone please start a WIKI on this? comments are getting too long and the good stuff is getting lost in the mix..

  138. what is a WIKI ?

  139. Where is the proof of the other two gas masks? All photos I’ve seen of them are blurry. I saw one photo of one of them, and upon closer inspection it looked like knee pad to me. It was reported that he was wearing some type of knee pads.

    • Other two? I know of the one at the end of the building (Google Images will help) and the Ploice said there was one in James’ car as well.

      • People on this site claim there are three and that is why they claim there were 3 people involved in it. Personally, I’m not buying it.

        • I haven’t seen three masks. I have seen what looks like the second mask near the car and of course the first one over at the Sable side of the corner of the rear of the building. That’s two. It is the majority consensus here that there seems to have been two people, but not necessarily two “involved” in the shooting… one was the actual assailant, and the other was James Holmes, left drugged in the car to serve as the patsy. That seems to be the most logical interpretation of events based on what the officers said during their efforts that night and the evaluation of the evidence at hand.

          • No one witnessed the arrest so I’m wondering if there in fact had been him. None of the victims mentioned anything.

        • Sargon & Pez: Goat has several pics and postings regarding this above and below your post.

  140. I’m sure it has been mentioned, but do you think the police would cuff him up and take him away while he was wearing all his gear?

    OF COURSE his gear is piled off to the side of his car. Stop looking for things that don’t exist. Try to figure out the real crimes and unexplainable things, like why millions of Americans are stupid enough to vote republican.

    • My thought too. They take him to a waiting police vehicle, take all of his garb off of him, dump it on the ground, shove him into the car and off to the pokey. I’ll skip the republican crack.

      • The 3 gas mask. Also note the equipment at gas mask 1 and also a pile at gas mask 2.

          • Hey… I do see three gas masks (GM)…. nice picture, Goat.
            why three?
            Some commentators suggested the extra gas masks were dropped off by police who did not take 30 seconds to fasten their masks to their belts …. no way…. no police officer would do that ,….and then also leave it on the ground to be confused with the evidence?

            Has to be other suspects involved.

      • Dump it on the ground? Way to treat forensic evidence? More likely it was found on the ground, and left in place, marked as evidence, to photographed and bagged. I’m no expert, but I’d like to think that cops receive a tiny bit more training that to simply ‘dump’ things on the ground.

        • You’ll notice that in much of the photos, the stuff is simply lying there on the ground for the longest time. And watch the video of the robot taking stuff out of the back of the car… the robot is just dropping stuff on the ground as well.

          I really was shocked to see that. Forensic study is now pretty much useless. That gear could have someone else’s hair on it and all they have to say is that it was picked up on the ground when the robot dropped it there.

          • Crime scenes are seldom treated with such care as they are portrayed on TV or the movies. Especially when they think they have already got the perp or they want to make it so, and there is likely already much contamination.

    • and how exactly did all that CHANGE work out for you last time?

      (psst… even Fox News now claims that Holmes took off his gear BEFORE getting in the car and being discovered by the police… try to keep up please…)

      • Well if Fox News say it and willyloman say it, it MUST be true. Incontrovertible.

        • Point is, I think it is pretty well established at this point that he WAS in the car when the officer went around back looking for the guy with the gas mask on the “Sable Side” of the rear of the building and there are two distinct piles of gear out there. Looks like one was there prior to the arrival of the police and one was perhaps made by the police when they removed articles from the car.

          • Maybe, maybe not. I do think he was in the car, but I don’t think cops would make such a neat pile of things when they search a car, if you are referring to the pile by gas mask 2. Most cops aren’t to neat when they search a car (and there is other things about the outside of the car that indicates they might have not been to neat when they did search it), and it is unlikely that a cop or anybody else is going to walk around open doors to pile stuff in front of the car, just to be neat (on the other hand Holmes or somebody else might have been neat, Holmes if he came out and stripped his gear, as I said earlier, he seems the type, or somebody else setting it there to implicate or set up Holmes or build the scenario).

            We also have that other pile of stuff, with the gas can, I would assume if it is part of the investigation, is likley at his apartment, and it looks like that is stuff from the car so it would have enough room in it for all the other gear (and people). The gas can is interesting, as it shows a person is the type that likes to be prepared, and if he was using gas and such, and hauling packages to a from all about, he had a pretty packed car with all that stuff in it (and that car doesn’t exactly look ideal for hauling any ways), and if you were making gas bombs, why would a gas can be in the car to begin with? It would likely be in the apartment where you last used it.

            If he was still dressed in his gear, not only would it be hard to get in the car (conscious of less so), is a cop going to start stripping down a suspect in the middle of on going crises? Or simple cuff them and put them in the squad car? If cuffed and already in the car, there is no reason to take him back out, until you get him to the station.

            What bothers me, not that it doesn’t all, is that white object under the car, and the swat shield. Either one could be used to move a person that is drugged and unresponsive. Is the white board how they got Holmes to the scene. Will it fit in the back of that car? And the swat shield would also make a good way to carry somebody.

            People have been carried on their shields since at least ancient Greek times. Did they forget or not have time to take the white board? Maybe the swat shield was in case they had causalities, and needed to carry one of their team out, or to put Holmes someplace more likley to plan, without drawing attention (keep in mind that the cops said that they were so well dressed like cops they had a hard time IDing them)?

            And why take off all the rest of your equipment and leave the gas mask on? Here is something else though that I had a thought, a gas mask isn’t just good for filtering out things in the air, it could also be used to administer things, such as ether perhaps?

            • did you know that they used a robot to pull things out of the back of the car that night? I saw a video of it. It was still dark and a news copter shot video of the robot pulling stuff out of the back of his car, the hatch was open. Did you know that?

              • Yes, my understanding it was to check for bombs. More under than inside, but I suppose there could have been a few things inside the car that could have been suspected of harboring a bomb, but it would seem like that stuff in the parking lot with the gas can was out of his car before it ever got to the theater. Not sure what you point is, unless you are trying to say that other pile with the gas can was somewhere behind the car, though it looked to be somewhere else, as the parking lot was way less maintained, more like what you would see at an apartment complex, and I see no evidence in any of the photos that the theater parking lot wasn’t pretty well maintained. Still, like I say, even if they used a robot, if you are suggesting a reason to stack it up in front of the car, in a neat pile, there is very little MO to do it in front of the car where it would create more work, as anywhere would do that was less work behind the car (at least of the door).

                • Not the stuff in front of the car, the stuff in the area with the white lines beside the driver’s side rear of the car.

                  It is possible that the officer put the stuff in the small pile toward the front of the car where you found what appears to be the second gas mask. But that makes one ask, why take anything out of the car and put it on the ground? Wouldn’t they want to bag and tag it immediately to preserve the evidence as they found it?

                  It’s almost as if they found him unconscious, in the car, with the second mask on, and the cop pulled him out of the car, put him on the ground, and took the mask off of him there. THAT would explain why the mask was lying on the ground like that.

                  • I think we are saying the same thing, even if they did take stuff out of the car and not bag it immediately, because they were using the robot perhaps, there is no reason to make a neat pile of it, but especially in towards the front of the car so they would have to do more work, walking up over the curb, and around the door. And there is other things laying around the car that are not neatly stacked, as well still inside the car.

                    Not sure what you are referring to of the stuff at the rear of the car by the white lines, there is no pile there, they only other pile I can see in any of the pictures is the gear over by the dumpster area (by gas mask one in my composite). If you mean the pile with the the gas can, that is not his car in the picture, that car is black, though it is hard to tell from the one with the gal investigator standing over it, another picture shows it with the black car in frame.

          • Speaking of that gas can… it is tilted… as if it might be empty…. AND
            if the police had taken it out of the car….. wouldn’t they have been very careful of it? Wouldn’t they have suspected it might be a bomb or something? and maybe left it in the car for a more careful removal of it? and if they did take it out… seems they just tossed it… after realizing it was empty… I think someone else left those things there.. someone who knew the gas can was empty….. left it to tie Holmes directly to ‘bombs’ made in his apt. ?

            If Holmes was so meek… and had a gas mask…. the officer did not say he was wearing any protective armor… just mentioned gas mask…. he also had weapons inside car…. strange… the police did not seem threatened by that? They just opened the car door and helped Holmes out? How come they didn’t surround the car with rifles aimed at Holmes and car… and order him to come out? the entire arrest of Holmes is so strange..
            This is a man suspected of just completing the shooting of 71 people… and he is sitting in a car with weapons…. and the police do not surround the car with weapons aimed and at the ready…
            or did they?

          • There was a pic (think is was nbc/48 mystery page with 50 something pics) that showed the pile with the gas can in a parking space across the driveway in the parking spot directly behind the suspects car. If I find the pic again I will share the link.

          • ok not nbc but it was cbs… still looking

          • Yeah! I feel I helped you super sleuths of the web with a new photo. So no more debating where that gas can pile was placed within relation to the car. 🙂

            • actually, the link you provided housed a clearer picture of the spine board as well. So that’s 2 in the win column for you. 🙂

              • I actually do have that picture. It wasn’t one that made it into the zip file I uploaded though. The problem with the gas can pile, is none of the vehicles are anywhere to be seen at the crime scene behind the theater from the top down views.

              • Here is the other gas can pile picture. Note the the parking lot looks to be in much worse repair, and even the lines aren’t as distinct. Not going to say it isn’t at the theater, but I have my doubts, especially as I said, this turned up when I was looking for pictures of another investigation when I opened the page.

                • its the same parking lot. that woman investigator is in several other shots of the crime scene investigation with the same hair cut and clothes on. Same lot. Same day. Same investigator. Same pile.

          • Here is a picture that looks like it has the vehicles in it. The ground picture does seem to match up with the end of the drive where the lamp post is too from the ground view looking down the parking lot with the gals standing over it.

          • If that is all stuff from his car, how did he ever get anything else in it, to haul stuff all over the place, let alone to the theater?

          • Goat, your jpg on freeimage… the shadows appear to be of those trees in the other photo.. no?

            • Likely so TXmom, about the shadows. It seems pretty conclusive thanks to your photo, that pile is likely from the car, and that is more inline where you would expect it to be, as well not stacked up so nicely, as the pile in front, from searching the car.

          • Goat, if you go to the picture that Txmom found and click one time on it…. it will zoom up and give you a view of same pic from the air…. your picture must have been from an earlier or later time… but pile of stuff is still in same location…
            count 4 complete car parking spaces from parked black car in your pic…. go to Txmom’s pic and see air view…. that same black car is still about 4 car spaces from pile of stuff… the black car is mostly hidden behind tree… but if you look close, you can see black car behind tree….

  141. A number of us are planning a day of SILENT MEDITATION and prayer in Tampa on August 27th.

    Please join in & help spread the word.

  142. here is another fact obama in colorado by coincidence then we have mouth critten named michael bloomberg who is a member of a george soros funned organization called mayors against illegal guns
    nothing illegal about them except george soros the nazie and then that other slime ball michal chertoff what is with these critters and yah wonder why i dont ansewer to my real name michael gagamaggot to death

  143. saw this photo today

    • Re: your link, about the ears.. my daughter has one of my small ears and the other of her father’s larger ear as well. The nose thing is interesting as none of our noses spread like that when we smile. I am really interested in knowing what eye color is stated on any of his DL because due to lighting it is difficult to really tell. My girls are blue eyed, I am not. They have pics that show their eyes being darker. So regarding these photos.. I am needing more pics and info to come to a more conclusive conclusion. What is also interesting are the pics from websites ‘adult friend finder’ and ‘match’ which might show a more larger rounded nose and darker eye color because of the photo lense factor, you know the difference between getting your DL pic vs Laptop pic vs Phone pic. Wish I knew more about that aspect. Any photo lense (sp?) talents?

      • i think the ears and eyes are debatable, but that nose is definitely different. The width of a nose doesn’t change that drastically when one smiles, and his smile isn’t even that big in the picture. Maybe he broke it but i can’t be sure if that would change the shape. I also think his facial features are spaced out further in the ‘mugshot’.

        It’s a tough one.

  144. Ok, don’t tell me this photo is trying to be passed off as real, I’ve been a professional graphic designer for years and this thing reeks of photoshop.

    • That was a photo of a ‘James Holmes’ on his ‘Adult friend finder’ page. If he actually posted it. the figure behind him is of a person that is a model embedded on the wall, and may be seen in some restroom urinals (seen some on video where they post fancy women over the urinals posters some acting like ‘you got what’, and others smirking or pointing down) or it was super imposed from same photos. Basically that pic of that model is in many places.

    • That photo was released two days after the incident and was said that it was posted on Adult FF site. The woman is a porn star, I think, that was edited from a poster of her ad. She was interviewed by Extra and age stated she “was disgusted.” It was her… Forgot her name.. but the story and picture quickly disappeared.

      I thinly they’re trying to show what a crazy guy he was…. Or that he exist only recently.

    • this guy looks different in every picture…i thought the ones off his sex profile sites looked the least like that school picture. I wanna see a side by side comparison.

      Like someone else said, it would be interesting to know what time he logged in last, because he most likely didn’t have orange hair tuesday night since the guy who had a beer with him never mentioned anything of the sort. I think these profiles were set up to play into the frustrated loner thing. The “will you visit me in prison?” line was a giveaway for me.

    • it’s definitely Photoshopped

  145. has there been any statements made by the theater staff? Or the owner of the theater?

    I hear they had to shut off the movie when officers were already inside the theater. Why were staff members still in there at that point? Is there anything that alerts staff that an emergency exit was breached?

  146. Something is odd with the interaction between James Holmes’ defense attorney and him, take a look at when she asks him a question at :31 and then pretends like he answers back to her, then does a little confirmation “mmhmm”… Appears to be acting. If he is looped out on drugs like he appears to be and she obviously knows it, then she would have to uphold a fake dialog to make sure it looks like he is ok.

    • This Guy has diffidently had some form of drugging, brain scrambling etc. If he is acting its a performance of quality caliber. I am not buying its an act! It has been said that the brain is a machine that a Ghost can operate, demonic or otherwise.

      • (Definitively sorry cant spell worth a crap!

      • I also didn’t buy it was an act from the second I saw it. Nor did I buy that it was lack of sleep. Honestly, part of my starting to really look into everything was after I saw this video. I just felt something was very very wrong.

  147. Facts about dying/bleaching or changing color of hair,,,, If you desire to lighten and change color, you must first bleach hair then die it in the color Which is apparent now, the red dye is dying out as we progress If it is a poor dye job, you will end up back to the blonde high liights or bad bleach job

    • Another thing I noticed about the hair…

      I’m going to assume he did this dye job on his own since there would’ve been someone coming out saying “i’m the one who dyed his hair red at my salon” or whatever. Now like you pointed out the hair has to be bleached first so it’s a process.

      Doesn’t it seem like a mighty meticulous dye job for a guy who probably never dyed his hair before? I mean he left out his sideburns pretty clean at least on the side i could see in court…

      I don’t know, maybe i’m grasping at straws here but as a woman i know what a pain it is to deal with hair dye (not even bleach) even if you do your full head…

      • I thought of this before, but thought I’d sound a bit too girly. It’s hard to get dark brown hair that color without a professional, or at least some experience… most “at home” attempts give you a one-toned burnt orange at best… remember anyone who had brown hair and used sun-in? This dye job actually has low lights (dark red) and highlights (yellows and light orange), which isn’t easy and certainly not possible for a first timer.

        • I don’t know but if that is him in the adult friend finder pics then the hair on top used to be all orange. Red/orange is the hardest of colors to keep, for some reason, so it starts to fade out. My 14yo knows of boys who do this themselves at the beginning of summer (not so much the bleach part) with different colors, so it would be grown out and faded out by the time they go back to school. Also, I know red is harder to keep in because I try to match my grey to my natural red and it just does not keep near as long as other colors.

          • looks like they are playing catch-up. Now that people are questioning the timing of the hair color change in connection with tuesday night and possibly the AFF profile (since his last login time might’ve been before Tuesday) they’ve quickly come out with another prostitute story and conveniently added a sidenote that he had red hair when he met her…which was a week before the shooting.

  148. According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.

    The cortronic concept was developed by HNC Software’s chief scientist and co-founder, Robert Hecht-Nielsen. HNC merged with the Minneapolis-based Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a computer analysis and decision-making company. Robert Holmes continues to work at FICO.

    Robert Holmes brief bio at linked in states the following: “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.”

    Management Experience: I am currently managing a team building Falcon Fraud Manager Credit card fraud models. I have also managed teams in the Telco and Identity Theft fraud areas.”

    How interesting and coincidental is it that in the film The Dark Knight Rises Bane gets his hands on Software that is used to expose the fraud in Wall Street and literally guts the rich?

    • I posted something yesterday that your post seems to corroborate, that his his father’s predictive software helps identify the culprits behind the huge financial scam of rigging LIBOR.

      • I certainly HOPE you ran a scan on your computer after you went on that site! They have viruses Galore! They Love to infect your computer!

        • But yes, quite a few sources agree. Plus, this is interesting…

          As I said before, the eye color is different as well, and frankly, the lips are fatter. and the eyebrows, are smaller. Now, I ask you, WHAT GUY, PLUMPS his LIPS, OR PLUCKS his EYEBROWS? Has a nose job?Especially, a scientist? A nerdy scientist who is shy? On unemployment? Plus all the stuff these other woman said about the hair…sorry.

          • personally I think his bloodlines connect him to Sponge Bob. You think it’s a coincidence they both have two eyes and a mouth and they both wear pants? How naive can you be. Let’s see AJ have the balls to run with this one.

  149. The police supposedly found further items in a dumpster by his apartment the day they disposed of the explosives. Maybe the other parties involved performed this horrible dye job to make him appeat more deranged. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think the gentleman who was interviewed about having drinks with him said anything about him having orange hair. Yet, this same witness said they were talking sports, I believe..

    I am still convinced on the patsy fact or others, the point Goat posted on him trusting the police over the other parties. Maybe they told him if he moved his car had explosives like the apartment. Radio chatter said white SUV, but who knows what came out of his mouth. Dispatch also reveals the plate number on the car. That would be another lead considering they were from TN.

    Why did a judge sign off on not permitting JH’s college records to be submitted for the program he was enrolled in prior to quitting??Where is a copy of his lease? Fingerprints on the casings, video footage from stores he frequented, college, theater, gas station?? Too many missing pieces…

    I am not saying that he may not have played a part, but are the 12, now 13 victims of this tragedy the only victims here?? Sounds like his attorney should be relying on us to build his clients defense…

    • Nice, that fits my theory that there was a “spat” and one went to bleeding bad (possibly the other too), and ran back into the theater.

      • so you saying one of the shooters stabbed the other shooter… then the wounded shooter ran into the theater where the police would be sure to notice him.. wearing his armor and gas mask… oh, he dropped his gas mask.. but did he take time to remove his armor?
        and how does a knife go through body armor? Wouldn’t the blood pool in side his armor? and wouldn’t there be a large pool of blood beside and under the dropped body armor ?

        • Well, one guy on YouTube theorized that the second perp could have taken a victim hostage and dragged them outside… Then stabbed or slit them midway down the sidewalk. The victim tries to run back towards the theater and that’s why the blood splatters and footprints go back. The perp runs toward the street and throws his mask and knife which is why it’s found at the far corner.

          • Truthfully, I can’t tell if that is a knife or not. Could just be a rock holding that paper down. It would be very unlikely to that if he dropped the mask and the knife, they would end up that close together. I can’t see any motive to take somebody hostage, drag them that far, and then cut them, especially when they are trying to get the hell outa dodge. Though I suppose if it was in case they met cops on the way, but it still doesn’t feel right.

            • I agree. Obviously if he had dragged some hostage out of the door when he left, someone would have mentioned that little detail.

              He made a big deal about going out that door which is why everyone saw him go out. He wanted them to see him go out there because he didn’t want them following after him.

              I also don’t think that the image is definitely of a knife.

        • This also explains the girl’s flip flops/sandals next to the exit… She may have fallen there.

        • Not if they took it off first out at the dumpster (or GM 1 in my composite).

        • @Jan: That would depend on the threat rating of the body armor, Alot of issued vests DO NOT STOP POINTED OR EDGED WEAPONS as well as most (all) rifled rounds, Kinda glad i dont do that anymore!

          • thanks for the info, Paul… I am not qualified to understand even the buttons on armor body wear…. 🙂

            You glad you don’t do that anymore? Do what? Stab people wearing body armor or get stabbed while you are wearing it? Were you in the service? Or With the police?
            Yeah, bless your heart….. glad you survived and are now doing other things…. 🙂 …..

      • I thought you would like that!

        • @jAN10: Wow didnt realize how my statement read, No i was one of the real, Good Cops, hard to find any like that now, In Florida. I miss the work really bad because i like to help both good people, and bad. I wasnt always good, i had some rough teenage years and was very familiar with handcuffs.

          Anyways body armor doesnt have buttons, Lol, As far as doing other things, i havent worked since our dept. was disbanded in 2008 due to the economy. Havent found ANY work since!

    • From a person like me who specializes in Photoshop and evaluating the area where the knife should be, my first impression is the area shows clear signs of using the clone/rubber stamp tool. There’s visible repetitive linear clusters and i’m willing to bet if someone zoomed in and examined it with Photoshop they could identify pixel groups that are the same/repeated (is an outcome of cloning to mask something).

  150. hmmm, but if the whole thing was a big setup then why wouldn’t they just kill him and make it look like he committed suicide right after or during the shooting? That’s how so many shooting sprees seem to end anyway. Why does he need to be alive to blame it on him? Seems like it’d be easier if he were dead ya know.

    • His Father (Holmes) is supposedly set to testify in the Libor trial, could be a set up against the son by the bankers? Anything is possible in this world today with all the CORRUPTION!

  151. as for him being drugged in the court room, that’s what insomnia looks like. It’s just hard to sleep in prison, probably even more so after you’ve just murdered a ton of people.

  152. cmon guys ever seen that movie rampage, one guy takes out his whole town, stoy line pretty much sounds the same…..

  153. What’s with the pink slippers just outside the rear door. One hypothesis could be, that would fit in with the police scanner audio – an officer asked for an ambulance to come to the rear exit. That he was carrying the injured person and someone else helped him with the door. It would explain the smudged blood directly outside the door. Then went down side of the theater ‘the blood trail’ then had assistance to help stem the bleeding a bit till he got to the end of theater. Put the injured person down and threw off the gas mask. The problems with this is ‘what are the other items of clothing at the far end of the theater? Also how did the other tactical gear get dumped just outside the door but not the gas mask.

    Is there anyone on here that knows whether the gas mask in the crime scene photos is different from the police issue. I know the said Holmes was wearing a non standard one but what about the one on the ground?

    And one other thing – what are all the blue clumps on the ground near the gas mask?? Does anybody know?

  154. Cant seem to post anything now?

  155. Regarding the disclosure of 100mg of vicodan. This is a very large dose. A dose in fact that a non-opiate user would be rendered unconscious possibly even killed by. Also in order to get 100mg of the opiate, hydrocodone, one would have to consume between 150000 to 3025 mg of tylenol depending on the tablet dose as vicodan is compounded with Tylenol. THis would surely cause some degree of liver damage and at the higher dose possibility, 150000 could cause liver failure.

  156. That night they said 14 dead.At 31 seconds. Where did the other 2 bodies end up and who where they?

    • This has been bothering me too. Several reports, even after a Press Conference. Up until about 5:30am then it changes to 12.

    • “…in possession of a gas mask and at least a rifle and a handgun.”

      What EXACTLY does that mean? Were they in his hands? In the car? On the ground?? Gasmask ON his face?

      How long after the fact was that guy interviewed? No rubbing of eyes, coughing, nothing. The girls coming out of the theatre also look fine.

      There were also conflicting reports about the number of dead for quite a while.

    • You should read my Live Drill Theory – I have been thinking about answers to all the key questions since the beginning and reading this blog has also helped to see things a bit clearer!


  157. Scott –
    After a little bit of sleuthing, I do feel that I have identified the make and model of said gas mask at evidence marker 1. I believe it to be an sge model *** – or variant. However, that particular mask was modified for some purpose unknown to us now.

    If you look that mask up in google images closely, it is a direct match… but the holmes mask was modified. In fact, there was some sort of paint placed on the clear area…. effectively blacking out the surrounding areas almost in the shape of goggles.

    Sorry to be so vague, but it is necessary right now.
    Keep on diggin’!

    Either here, or there….

    • yeah it looks like the SGE 150 or 400

      • And the one by the dumpster looks more like a 3m 6000 series.

        • Good eyeball there!
          I’m fairly confident that the gas mask (tagged evidence marker number 1) Is an SGE.

          Now, as to the second mask
          It does look similar to the 3m 6x series, if you are referring to the one by Holmes car… seen in some photos, I’d agree.

          The object by the dumpster door, near the pile of body armor and helmet…. looks like a half mask to me. Not the right size for a full-faced mask. Maybe that object was some sort of face shield attached to the helmet.

          Which in context, seems like a reasonable thought.

          • Looks to me like the gas mask right near his rear right tire has like yellow tape or some sh*t near the breathing apparatus.

            Anyone have a good pick of the mask near the back tire of his car. Only seems to be there during very early photos.

  158. I still haven’t found a pic of the entire back of the theater, curious huh? However I found cameras mounted at the main entry side of the theater during the shooting – the yellow tape’s still up.

    This pic shows a close up on the right camera. It also has a link to a tour of the inside of the complex before shooting.

    It’s not much, but as Telemetry said, Keep on diggin’!

    • That second link shows a picture inside the theater! Now I understand a bit more about balcony and stairs.

      • Actually the pics are attached to a link of a photo tour of that Cinema!

        • This is what I believe theater 9 looked like.

          • This one is actually theatre number 6 or the one that the exit door goes out to where the gas mask was, which is a bit smaller than number 9 but the same general layout. The photo posted on is the only photo of theatre number 9. Number 8 and 9 also have an upper emergency exit.

            I worked there for over 3 years and there are a lot of things that I question but I won’t post a whole lot. For example the exit door alarm and the cameras?? There are a lot of things they are not sharing and I am in agreement that there had to be a second person there and I am also questioning whether Holmes was the actual shooter.

            • Amanda:

              Very glad to hear from you.

              I have brought up the issue of the door alarm myself once or twice. I find it odd that the management of that theater would not know if someone opened the rear door to the facility. Kids could let anyone in there without paying during a show not to mention if it is indeed a fire exit, wouldn’t there be an alarm to alert other theaters? Yet, the story is, he went out that door and waited 20 minutes or so before coming back in. How is that possible?

              Yes, the lack of any mention of security cameras by the press is a HUGE deal. There are cameras on the front of that building, so why not on the back?

              There are many questions I could ask you.

              thanks for your comment,

              scott creighton

            • I don’t believe James was the actual shooter. I think they convinced him, or whoever that is, the faces don’t match, nor do the eyes, they are a different color, size and shape, the foreheads don’t match, the shape of the face is different, the lips are plumper, and the nose is different, that it was a promotion for the opening of the movie. The face comparison has been all over facebook, a split down the middle look at the two faces. He was then doped, but, not quite enough to not hear what was going on, and told them about the apartment. Also, I keep going back to the person who took off his clothes, in the lobby. One witness said that. NOBODY does that in the middle of an emergency! Nobody. It was one of the shooters who stripped out of his gear, and left with the movie goers.

          • Thanks Amanda for clarifying. 🙂 You mentioned the back door alarms and cameras… What was the usual procedure should a back door alarm go off? And aren’t there security cameras covering those back doors too?

            • I won’t get into too many details on the back door alarms other than PM, but I can tell you that only about 4 of the cameras in that building were actual cameras as a lot of them were dummies. Unfortunately I don’t recall which ones were active besides ones inside the lobby.

        • If you are in the upper balcony or upper half of theater, you would have to go down the stairs towards the gunman to go toward any exit.

          • This person provides a good description of the area, that mall, and the theatre.

            “The second thing that popped into my mind was how NOBODY saw anything suspicious. Aurora is extremely locked down. You can’t go anywhere without seeing armed (security guards? cops?) And plenty of mall cops. The Aurora mall and that theater (which is next to the mall) have a steady loop of security. And they stop you for pretty much anything. I’ve been questioned WITH MY KIDS because we were sitting in my car, waiting for my mom during the day. At night they step the security up even more. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve always been annoyed with it. So how did this guy go unnoticed? ”


          • To JustCarolyn since I can’t reply to your comment about heavy security in Aurora…It makes sense, especially when you think about the fact that the area of the mall/theater is known to be “shady”…combined with a big midnight opening of a hugely popular movie??

  159. I don’t know, but I have written down most of the clues that I gathered from reports and news sites.

    Clue #1-
    -Cops say they found suspect standing outside next to vehicle
    -“suspect” was still in SWAT gear and holding a pistol and shotgun
    -“suspect” was ‘meek’

    Clue #2-
    -Suspect was locked inside vehicle ‘meek’
    -“suspect” was still wearing gear
    -Other weapons (I’m guessing magazines, etc were found in “suspect’s” vehicle
    -Vicodin found inside of “suspect’s” car

    Clues #3-
    -Extra clothing/SWAT gear found at the end of the building including gas mask
    -ar15 was found near door where “suspect” supposedly dropped it
    -cameras on theatre roof; one aiming directly where the gas mask was “dropped”
    -Blood prints going from and back towards exit door of room 9
    -“suspect” was not wearing police official gear i.e the gas mask (or helmet)

    Witness reports:
    -Person 1 sat in the front of and at the end of the theatre near exit door
    -Person 1 received phone call and went to open the exit door
    -Person 1 was signaling for someone to come in, or looking for someone (I assume this is person 2).
    -Person 2 came through the door and threw gas canisters and smoke grenades and started shooting
    -Gas canisters and smoke grenades were thrown from opposite directions, maybe from another person whom I would assume is Person 3

    Now, what I don’t understand is how could the alleged “suspect” buy all this gear, weapons, bomb making stuff, etc? It was reported that he received $26,000.00 in gov’t grant, but doesn’t most of that go somewhere else? Plus, he was living off unemployment and due to face eviction from his apartment soon

    The psychologist he was seeing in school was disciplined before for giving medications to husband, friends and herself.

    The school received the “suspect’s” mail after the his incarceration. Or, when this crime was reported on the news.

    “suspect” was too drugged up to stand for mug shot photo

    The vehicle had a Tennessee license plate

    Police say they saw someone running in a blue plaid shirt
    and also asked, “is that the suspect in the white car?”

    One witness said a guy was undressing in the lobby instead of running out with the crowd. The “guy” was in his knickers

    “suspect” says he does not remember the last two months including the shooting

    “suspect’s” vehicle was parked right there near the exit door of room 9

    “suspect” was wearing a gas mask, so how could they have seen his face? Or, was the court hearing the first time they have seen his face?

    So, which one is it? Was he standing near the vehicle or was he inside the vehicle?

    (Sorry for the grammar mistakes)

    • Also, I forgot to mention that at 12:35am-12:36am-shooting began
      and lasted for 60-90 seconds. Police received emergency calls at 12:39am and arrived 90 seconds later.

      And out of all the good comments family, friends,co-workers and neighbours have said about him, he gets one negative comment from a teacher who said Jimmy was thick headed and wasn’t that smart at all. Really? One friend said James Holmes liked videogames, but did not like the shooting kind: he was more in to guitar hero and other types. This guy worked at a camp, family is agnostic and went to church regularly and received straight A’s in school.

      I’m confused by all of this and the reports.

      • Thanks for the rundown.

        I also thought it was funny that all of a sudden they tried to change the perception that James was really smart. “He was far from brilliant”…Are you kidding me? Right after the UC Riverside spokesperson came out and said James was at the top of the top academically? Does this person know he has been on merit-based scholarships?

        They’ve been doing the most to erase anything positive about this man in the public’s mind. The lies and conflicting stories are disgusting.

      • Did you get a chance to read that article by Canada Free Press posted earlier?

        • Sorry thought I put that under Jessie.

          • Thank you for the link! Omg thank you! lol. I heard the police audio on youtube and from other links posted in forums about this case and that is everything i heard. Yet, police didn’t believe him when he said he was alone and now contradict their later statements and beliefs now saying that he’s a “lone gunman”. It all just does not add up. And it aggravates me the way they are treating him in jail and in the media. He’s receiving death threats from prisoners! Really!? I really feel that he’s being set up and why would they take his photo the day of the arraignment? All of this doesn’t make sense at all! I’ve been writing down notes since this case has started; from audio to “witness” reports, real witness reports and what has been posted online and the clues are in everyone’s faces

            And seriously what is up with the phone call the police received from James Holmes college friend who told police, “Free James Holmes or I’ll kill more people!” They interview the guy then let him go. What is really going on here? He should have been detained for more questioning than what they assumed they gave him. That was probably one of the shooters right there! Gah, this case is really working my nerves! lol.

          • Yes, here’s a news broadcast speaking of some other suspects, whether or not they are legitimately the ones who are the actual suspects or just something that’s fabricated- we can’t be sure, but what I thought was interesting is the part near the end where they say: neighbors said that the women usually leaves in the morning in business attire, but the day of the shooting she left in construction attire…. could this be the construction worker witness from the scene that reported to police about another a perp fleeing the scene?

        • Yes, that is a great article.

      • So if the shooting started at 12:35, why didn’t the first dispatch call go out till 12:39? What did the 911 operator do for those 4 minutes, twiddle her thumbs?

        • I guarantee they had calls coming in as soon as shooting started. Someone in the lobby would have heard gunshots and called. Plus some people ran out as soon as the gas canister was thrown, 911 would have been called within 30 seconds of the shooter walking in that back door!

  160. I’m sorry for my limited English, I’m Russian.
    I was wondering, are the online parches made from his personal computer ( I mean IP number) and did any of developers see him?. Supposedly hi had to sine to conform the receiving.

    • It is interesting, but I just really don’t get it. So they’re insinuating that the 12 dead people aren’t really dead? How is that possible? The hospital would have to lie. The victims’ families would have to lie. The coroner’s officer would have to lie.

      • There were no coroner on the scene, nor did we see pictures of body bag come out of the theater.

        • are you suggesting there were no victims?

          • No I’m not. Just saying that we didn’t see coroner on the scene. Almost all news media when we see something happened, they will show body bag wheeled away. I just found it odd.

            Police radio did indicate victims anyways, just didn’t have the number.

            • Immediately after officers entered the theater, they did note bodies in there. Some injured, some already dead. I think I remember one of them saying something like 8 dead in the theater or “down” but I can’t be sure.

        • I know WE didn’t see them, but how do we know for sure there weren’t any? I mean, are you saying that Jessica Redfield isn’t dead? That the little girl isn’t dead? That those 3 boyfriends didn’t die? So all of these people went to imaginary funerals? What would be the motive for all of these other people lying/faking their deaths? I just can’t wrap my head around the sheer number of people who would have to lie. And it would mean that every single person we’ve seen in the “news” is a fake.

          Is any of that stuff searchable online? Like the death certificates, for example?

          • This site does not in anyway support the notion that there were no victims in Aurora Co. Suggesting such a thing is demeaning and extremely insensitive at such a time. There is no evidence to support such a claim and in fact, making such claims does nothing but cause more grief to the surviving victims and family members while distancing our efforts from the general population. It was a tactic used by certain fake “truthers” to help undermine the Truth movement and I will not tolerate it as this conversation of the prevailing evidence continues. I know it was Kay who brought this up… others have hinted at it… but again, it is not supported by the evidence and I won’t allow it to continue for the obvious reasons that I have stated previously.

            Various avenues of discussion have sprouted during this chat and I am glad to see so many people offering theories and ideas and evidence they come across. Some I agree with, some I do not. That is not my place to judge any of them….

            … But…

            this is beyond counterproductive and in many ways is EXTREMELY hurtful to those who were harmed during this destabilization event.

  161. @willyloman: I apologize for the above posting, I am no way saying this did not happen as i believe it did. I saw this and thought for someone to suggest this is just another slap in the face of those who can think for themselves. Again i will take the responsibility. Any and all who have been hurt Please also accept my sincere apology!

  162. This witness states that the movie was turned off at the time of the shooting. On the dispatch tapes, you can clearly hear an Officer ask that the Movie be turned off.

    • I wonder if they turned off the movie in one of the other theaters. They had three showing the film that night all starting roughly at the same time.

    • I do wonder, Paul, why that guy in the interview has never been interviewed again by anyone. At least not in the media. To me, he did NOT seem to be acting.

      • I think if the Officers had engaged one of the Shooters, as i know i would have been, excited and Radioed (signal7) suspect shot send rescue. I sincerely believe (they) shooters got away, who is to say an earpiece was not worn with the 911 call coming out over a Police Radio Or common Radio Shack 800 mhz trunk scanner! This coordination is not a lone gunman!

        • I agree. Had the police shot an assailant, they would not be able to keep it out of the press (provided the press would report it) nor do I think they would have kept silent about such an activity on their radios. If the radio chatter was not altered, I think the possibility that the shooter escaped is the most logical conclusion thus far.

    • Did I hear correctly at 6:03? He said someone came in through the exit door “soon as the movie started”, maybe someone can correct me on that one.

  163. Sorry. I was just seeking clarification of what exactly she was saying. I do think looking at the death certificates for that day though might shed some light on the two confirmed bodies that seemed to have just disappeared. As far as I know, Oates’ confirmed statement (and with detail, saying 10 died on scene, and 4 at hospitals) was pretty detailed and it was around 5ish in the morning. That would have given plenty of time to get accurate numbers.

    • that is entirely reasonable to question. If what you are wondering is if they actually killed two assailants but then had to scrub their deaths out of the official report on the incident because it didn’t sit well with their “lone gunman” narrative, that is understandable. I think it would be difficult to prove simply based on his early report of 14 fatalities, but it is a legitimate question.