9/11 Molten Steel At World Trade Center Site For Weeks After The 1 Hour Fires

Several reports of molten metal at the Trade Centers for weeks after 9/11. What is the “official” explanation for this? Friction.


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  1. I already forget the guys name but where is our “friend” from a week or 2 ago that was challenging us on the molten metal claims(among other things)? Did he take his ball and go home eventually? Or just call everybody who witnessed it liars and fools like he did with the firefighters who spoke of explosions?

    • That would be Jeffrey Orling, the guy associated with exposed fakes like Sanders Hicks and others. You can find his last comment here


      Mr. Orling was banned by me because I got sick of having to reply to his constant barrage of debunked disinfo snippets.Of course, his big thing was that “friction” caused the molten steel that he simultaneously said didn’t exist… and of course he pushes the obviously discredited “crush down crush up” theory.

      In my humble opinion he is clearly a Sunstein agent and I was tired of allowing him an audience for his payroll.

      • Wow, so he ended up on “friction”. Amazing.

        And yes, I remember now. I actually read some of Mr. Orlings arguments on other blogs after Googling him at the time of the above argument and it couldn’t be clearer that he has an agenda. He spends an inordinate amount of time online “combating” 9/11 truth activists. Which to me is always strange considering they have the entire media and government on their side yet still feel the need to “take the truthers on”. The fact that such plants exist(whether Jeff Orling is indeed one or not) reminds me that 9/11 activism is important and that the right people fear it.

        • I’m not so sure it is still “feared” as it was back in 2005-2006 when we had momentum and the RJ Lee report had just come out which threatened if used correctly to prove controlled demolition.

          What we have now I think is a number of contractors, Sunstein contractors, working to steer the remnants of the movement back toward the official theory of 19 crazed Muslims and “crush down crush up” bullshit. They’re still under contract so they plink away at the keyboards trying to maintain their occupations and thus their paychecks. Doubtful that they will be around much longer. Their precious “free market” will expose them eventually as superfluous as that the real Truth Activists out there are all too aware that most all of the popular Truth sites are bought and paid for and thus they don’t frequent them anymore. That’s why I think you have some of these guys meandering out to outer orbit sites like this one and digging up old articles to run their disinfo chats on.

  2. What?!!!

    Friction caused the steel to melt?!!

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Even toddlers wouldn’t fall for that!

    • well, not just that but the claim is that “friction’ cause the concrete to melt as well. There are several samples of melted concrete which are easy to find on the internet. Concrete has an even higher melting temperature than A-36 structural steel does. So it’s even more ridiculous than that.

  3. Yeah, that man had a big mouth and a small brain… glad he is gone.

  4. Hilarious. The gravitational potential energy 1,000 ft above ground is 1.3 Btu/lb, sufficient to raise the temperature of one pound of water only 1.3 °F. First law arguments aside, spontaneous concentration of this mechanical energy to create the markers of high temperature would violate the second law of thermodynamics.

  5. Just watched this demolition of a 8 story building in Texas…. I think it was done yesterday. It is a small building compared to the Towers but the comparison is remarkable.

    watch it…

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