Boycott the Batman: New Posters Pit the Elites and the Military Against Us

by Scott Creighton

Update: read the latest in my Boycott the Batman series Boycott the Batman: Batman Shrugged

Back in December of 2011, I wrote about boycotting the upcoming Batman movie “Dark Knight Rises” because as I concluded, it was clearly a propaganda effort meant to demonize those who might resist the quickly developing new order we are facing here in America. Odd isn’t it? In Syria, terrorists murder children and innocent civilians in one horrific slaughter (Houla Massacre) after another (Darat Izza) and they are called “freedom fighters” and heroes by our government while these same people steadily demonize any resistance that might pop up here in America no matter how peaceful and law abiding they might be.

Some new posters have been released by the production company that made Dark Knight Rises and I think the imagery in them pretty much speaks for itself. Clearly, the opposition, the 99% as it were, are the bad guys in this new, last, Dark Knight film. Just as I wrote back in December.

Notice in the last poster, Batman, a multibillionaire member of the ruling elite, is facing off with the tattered masses with what looks like a member of the elite special forces rushing into the battle with him. It’s the cops verses the people. That’s not a coincidence folks and it’s not a plot-line decision that should be dismisses as such.

Even Alex Jones mentioned this recently.

For those of you who don’t think this film is pure propaganda, think again. This summer things are going to go from bad to worse very quickly. What we see taking shape in Greece and Spain and even in the UK to some degree, will inevitably end up here in our cities and towns.

Here are the new posters. See for yourself. Who is the superhero fighting? Super villains, or us? (click on images for larger view)

Batman on the side of the cops. Notice the Photoshopped bullet holes in the patrol car and the armored car

As I pointed out in my earlier article, the director chose the coat that Bane wears because of it’s association with the French Revolution.

Bane leading the rabble against the billionaire Dark Knight and the forces of the establishment

This last poster is the giveaway. It pits the elite Bruce Wayne and the special forces against… well, against us.

The billionaire elites march into battle against us with the military at their side.

Odd isn’t it? Here the opposition are terrorists to be attacked by the heroic Batman, while the real terrorists in Syria who are currently murdering innocent people including women and children, they are the heroes and they are being supported by the Peace Prize President and the CIA among others.


According to what I understand about the film, the leader of a secretive terrorist organization (The League of Shadows) Ra’s al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson) hires Bane to lead this revolution in Gotham after breaking him out of custody during a rendition flight.

That’s interesting because the implication is that any revolution in this country would have to be funded and created by outside terrorist forces looking to destabilize the country. That brings to mind the Homegrown Terrorist Act they tried to pass a few years ago where they talk about people being “radicalized” by outside forces hell bent on destabilizing America.

It’s also interesting because that is exactly what is happening in Syria, only we’re the ones doing it. In fact, it has been the standard operating procedure for the CIA and other agencies for decades. From Iran to Bosnia to Nicaragua, this is our special little trick, and here they are presenting it as the work of terrorists in the last Dark Knight film.

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  2. I hope Bane wins… they make most money on selling DVDs…. will not buy one….. 😦
    Batman is a traitor….

  3. As if I don’t have enough bullshit propaganda already. I’m boycottting superhero movies in general, because they all serve to drive home messages from the globalists.

  4. Last poster looks like Batman pitted against Occupy Wall Street, maybe. Wonder if they make mention of them in the film.

    r ap

    • The film has nothing to do with Syria. It does address occupy wall street, wikileaks, and the French revolution.

      To the writer: your update is misinformed in multiple regards.

      • True. I was wrong.. Ra’s al Ghul is dead, it’s his daughter that hires Bane.

        I don’t mention Syria or the other destabilization campaigns because Nolan is referencing them, I mention them in the context that is “ironic” that the “terrorists” in this case seem to be doing exactly what we are doing in Syria and what we have done for decades in other places.

        Interesting to note they mention Wikileaks. I would LOVE to know what context they bring that up

      • Explain how the Nolan could have addressed, or referenced, OWS when principal photography for the film ended before even the first protest took place.

        • The first Occupy protest occurred on Oct 2nd 2011, when 2,000 Occupy protesters marched on the police headquarters in New York. Sound familiar? They crossed the Brooklyn Bridge Oct. 3rd 2011.

          But the planning for the event started back in June of 2011 when the announcements were made and the websites put up.

          Principle filming of Rises concluded on Nov 14th 2011, and filming started in May of 2011.

          certainly there was knowledge of the Occupy movement while filming was taking place.

          But that’s not the point. The point is that he is demonizing ANY uprising, Occupy or otherwise, by the masses and certainly calling any leader who would RISE to lead them a terrorist. He may in fact be demonizing or marginalizing the NEXT uprising since Occupy never really turned confrontational like they Egyptian uprising did.

          But, to your point, no… principle filming did not end prior to the Occupy movement. In fact, it was almost simultaneous to it.

  5. […] Boycott the Batman: New Posters Pit the Elites and the Military Against Us […]

  6. […] Boycott the Batman: New Posters Pit the Elites and the Military Against Us […]

  7. […] Last month I wrote about the latest posters promoting the film and how obvious the connections with the Occupy Movement where. […]

  8. […] Boycott the Batman: New Posters Pit the Elites and the Military Against Us […]

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