President Obama Pitches CFR Plan: Looks to Bring the India Model of GM Genocide to Africa

by Scott Creighton

(H/T Kenny’s sideshow)

The Clinton Foundation fighting global issues through business oriented solutions. The Clinton Foundation is the best world in the world.” propaganda video featuring Jack Black

We are never going to end hunger in Africa without private investment,” USAID

The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental powerDavid Mills

President Obama has announced his big initiative to save the starving people of Africa by “unleashing the powers of the market” all across their continent. It’s called the New Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security. Obama has made this announcement at a G8 summit meeting at Camp David (created back in the 1930’s under the Works Progress Administration part of the New Deal) hosted by none other than the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. You may remember them. They changed their name back in 2008 when it was inconvenient for the wife of the next president to be affiliated with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

But African civil society wants no part of this latest Monsanto aligned “public private partnership”. Whatever will the progressives do now that their flawless hero has teamed up with their most hated nemesis to exploit an entire continent like they did to India not that long ago?

With a commitment of 3 billion dollars President Obama plans to “partner up” with mega-multinationals like Monsanto, Diageo, Dupont, Cargill, Vodafone, Walmart, Pepsico, Prudential, Syngenta International, and Swiss Re because, as one USAID representative says “There are things that only companies can do, like building silos for storage and developing seeds and fertilizers.”

Bono says that there has to be a “public private partnership” in order to get this done and that they are going to be using the ideas of the African people and farmers. Really? This is what the African farmers say to that…

We request that :
- governments, FAO, the G8, the World Bank and the GAFSP reconsider their promotion of Public/Private Partnerships which, as they are now conceived, are not suitable instruments to support the family farms which are the very basis of African food security and sovereignty.” African Civil Society Organizations

I wonder if that could be any clearer. They don’t WANT the public private partnerships involved in this process. That is the wish of the African farmers and people completely ignored by the CFR created New Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security and their overpaid shill Bono.

Contrary to what the USAID spokesman said about not being able to build a simple silo, once upon a time we could built 651,087 miles of highways, roads, and streets; and constructed, repaired, or improved 124,031 bridges, 125,110 public buildings, 8,192 parks, and 853 airport landing fields employing more than 8,500,000 different persons on 1,410,000 individual projects. Hell, back in those days they could even build Camp David where the G8 leaders just met.

Decades ago a government project designed and built this… but now we can’t build a grain silo? Really? (actually no. In fact, government agencies are responsible for designing and developing most of the emerging technologies private companies profit from today such as Drones, the internet, various pharmaceuticals, personal computers, various cell phone technologies, ect. It’s called “socialized costs and privatized profits” and it has been the model in this country for a decades)

It’s not enough that huge mega-corporations are bleeding the nations of Africa dry by sucking the valuable mineral resources out of their hills. No. As Bono (overpaid globalist sycophant shill) says about the development in Africa;

They’re future consumers for the United States. The president is talking business. This is good. It’s a whole new development paradigm today. The old “donor / recipient relationship… it’s overBono

(Anyone else notice how high Bono is during that interview?)

It’s not a “new paradigm” Bono. Stop believing everything your CEO heroes tell you and pick up a history book. The exact same model was run in Indonesia by USAID when the fascist CIA installed Suharto as our puppet dictator. In fact, Barack Obama’s mother worked for USAID during that time and his step father was a liaison between big oil and the dictator himself.

They also did it in India and the results have been, let’s say, less than joyful.

“For official figures from the Indian Ministry of Agriculture do indeed confirm that in a huge humanitarian crisis, more than 1,000 farmers kill themselves here each month.

Simple, rural people, they are dying slow, agonising deaths. Most swallow insecticide - a pricey substance they were promised they would not need when they were coerced into growing expensive GM crops.

It seems that many are massively in debt to local money-lenders, having over-borrowed to purchase GM seed….

“The authorities had a vested interest in promoting this new biotechnology. Desperate to escape the grinding poverty of the post-independence years, the Indian government had agreed to allow new bio-tech giants, such as the U.S. market-leader Monsanto, to sell their new seed creations.

In return for allowing western companies access to the second most populated country in the world, with more than one billion people, India was granted International Monetary Fund loans in the Eighties and Nineties, helping to launch an economic revolution.

But while cities such as Mumbai and Delhi have boomed, the farmers’ lives have slid back into the dark ages.” Daily Mail

Bono says there is money to be made sucking the nutrients out of the soil just like the big companies rip the minerals out of the hills and apparently he’s been talking to Monsanto (he and the head of Monsanto were at the G8 talks pitching this lovely idea) and Pepsico because he’s right. There is money to be made, a great deal of money just lying there waiting to be exploited and as long as they can use the “public private partnership” model to get the people of the world to put up the money for the mega-corporations to flood in their and take over, then there is even MORE MONEY to be made. Socialized costs, privatized profits. All in the name doing good and saving the people of Africa.

But don’t just donate money to help them create their own agriculture system. That would be evil. That would be communist. “Business oriented solutions” is the way to go these days because all the cool celebrities says so like these assholes…Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jack Black and Kevin Spacey

You can take Jack Black’s educated opinion on the subject, or Bono’s if you like.

Me personally, these are the kinds of things I listen to when looking into what the African people actually think of this plan…

Ten years ago Robert Mugabe seized all the massive corporate owned farms and the other lands they controlled but wouldn’t let people use so that there was no competition for their products. Since then, even the New York Times has to admit that agriculture and the economy in Zimbabwe has been on a steady incline. Now Mugabe is forcing the huge multinationals to pay up on their contracted obligations to pay back the people of Zimbabwe for the minerals they bring out of the soil. The U.S., the Council on Foreign Relations, Jack Black, Bono, and the multinationals don’t like that one bit.

Senior officials of Mr. Mugabe’s party, ZANU-PF, say that foreigners operating inside the country must not be allowed to profit at the expense of indigenous, or black, Zimbabweans.

“Am I going to assign another man to make my wife pregnant and get a child?” asked Savior Kasukuwere, the ZANU-PF minister overseeing the process known as indigenization. “Zimbabweans must be masters of their own destiny. Indigenization is a core feature of the values of our party: freedom, equality, peace.” New York Times

Now we can finally see the full scope of the plan set in motion back in November of last year. George Clooney and his propaganda campaign against the sovereign state of Sudan, the fraud that was Kony 2012 set to ramp up U.S. military involvement all across the continent of Africa, and Obama’s announcement of sending 100 “advisers” to Africa back in November. They are all part of a larger initiative to implement the India model of GM genocide and the Indonesia model of ‘micro-loan” debt servitude on all the nations of Africa. After all, as Bono pointed out, there is money to be made right there in the soil. It’s a profit resource that the multinationals have been missing for some time.

But African Civil Society doesn’t trust the CFR ran G8 summit to listen to their ideas.

We request that :
- governments, FAO, the G8, the World Bank and the GAFSP reconsider their promotion of Public/Private Partnerships which, as they are now conceived, are not suitable instruments to support the family farms which are the very basis of African food security and sovereignty.” African Civil Society Organizations

Oxfam even says that this “public private partnership” is wrongheaded and potentially dangerous and that it does not address the questions and the needs of the hungry people in Africa.

In the end, the Obama administration is looking to press forward with the CFR plan to do to Africa what they did to India not that long ago in spite of the wishes of the farmers and the civil society leaders. It remains to be seen if the “fauxgressives” will be able to look past the glitz of the drunken Bono and the hero worship of their anointed one Obama and finally take a real stand against this administration now that they are going to Monsantoize all of Africa.

The hate and fear of Monsanto has been one of the last causes the progressives were able to maintain a grasp on after Obama took over for Bush and continued every single policy they opposed during those years. Monsanto was something that was remotely associated with Obama but still far enough removed that they could continue their campaigns against the murderous multinational while ignoring all the rest of Obama’s betrayals. Now he looks to partner up with Monsanto, the arch nemesis of the progressive crusaders, to wreak untold suffering on an entire continent. Will this be the final straw for them or will they cave yet again and start to sing the praises of Monsanto?

Think Progress sing-along…

The Monsanto Foundation fighting global issues through Monsanto oriented solutions. Monsanto is the best world in the world.” new progressive Democratic Convention cheer

Only time will tell but I would not be one bit surprised if they sell out to Monsanto to support their glorious leader. Their capacity for hypocrisy seems to know no limitations.

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  1. Thanks for the link Scott. You did a good job fleshing out the story. I have a particular disdain for Bono and it can be disheartening to see so many who think he is a humanitarian. In my fantasy world no one shows up for the much overrated U2 concerts and no one gives to the Bono ‘non-profit.’

  2. Does that mean that Obama will be sending our American money and military ? Now our men and women will die in Africa? To sacrifice their lives and health for the corporate world?
    Don’t they have lions and stuff in Africa, not to mention the huge numbers of proud and determined African people who will fight against Obama.
    Can we send the sons and daughters of the corporate leaders first onto the African battle field? Why not send Monsanto , by it self, to start its reseeding sales … The Africans would end that pretty quick… !

    • Hey, Jan-

      Ever see the movie, “Zulu”? Talk about proud and determined African people! Or read the book, “Heart of Darkness”? The continent itself might be enough to drive these freaks freaking mad.


  3. Excellent article Scott! The analysis is super helpful!

    People of Africa, stand strong!

  4. […] 21…One key reason why agroecology helps to support incomes in rural areas is because it promotes on-farm fertility generation. Indeed, supplying nutrients to the soil does not necessarily require adding mineral fertilizers. It can be done by applying livestock manure or by growing green manures. Farmers can also establish a “fertilizer factory in the fields” by planting trees that take nitrogen out of the air and “fix” it in their leaves, which are subsequently incorporated into the soil. That, in essence, is the result of planting Faidherbia albida, a nitrogen-fixing acacia species indigenous to Africa and widespread throughout the continent. Since this tree goes dormant and sheds its foliage during the early rainy season at the time when field crops are being established, it does not compete significantly with them for light, nutrients or water during the growing season; yet it allows a significant increase in yields of the maize with which it is combined, particularly in conditions of low soil fertility. In Zambia, unfertilized maize yields in the vicinity of Faidherbia trees averaged 4.1 t/ha, compared to 1.3 t/ha nearby, but beyond the tree canopy. Similar results were observed in Malawi, where this tree was also widely used. The use of such nitrogen-fixing trees avoids dependence on synthetic fertilizers, the price of which has been increasingly high and volatile over the past few years, exceeding food commodity prices, even when the latter reached a peak in July 2008. In this way, whatever financial assets the household has can be used on other essentials, such as education or medicine.   These demonstrate what organic agriculture can accomplish in Africa. (The Malawi fertilizer subsidy also demonstrates, for any “sincere” supporters of industrial ag, that if one wanted to continue with food industrialization, the way to do it is with the old public-interest agricultural investment model, which worked well, given industrial premises. That’s why the IMF set out to eradicate all such programs. But Malawi proves that if elites wanted to preside over it, they could reinstate the old public investment model. So even given the industrial premise, there’s definitely no need for corporatism and the “public-private” scam.)   They also demonstrate how the method of propagating this knowledge and political consciousness must be decentralized, through truly democratic networks which involve small farmers as full participants. The most glaring symbol of the bad faith of this elite gala is how, even as it mouths platitudes about improving the condition of Africa’s small farmers, particularly women (that part’s a sop to Western liberal feminists), it included exactly zero legitimate representatives of these groups. On the contrary, the list of participants - corporate rackets, government elites including Obama, corporate liberal front groups, and useful-idiot celebrity tinsel - reads like a Tom Friedman dream guest list. it includes every illegitimate elite alien to the Earth, and excludes every part of humanity. Just like corporatism in general, and GMO imperialism in particular.      The fact is that there’s no yield issue as far as feeding the world. We produce far more than enough food. The only problem is with the corporate distribution system. Anyone who truly wants to feed people has to want to change the distribution of the food we have, not struggle to produce “more” within a framework which has already proven it won’t distribute that food to humanity.   Anyone who truly wants to feed the world must want to abolish food corporatism, abolish food commodification, restore natural food markets (local/regional), and build the Food Sovereignty movement based upon truly organic agriculture.   Meanwhile anyone, like these elites in Chicago, who claims to want to “feed the world” but wants to do so by doubling down on the proven failure of a ”Green Revolution”, is really a liar and a criminal.   ***   I won’t waste space writing here about my subtitle, but anyone who wants a rundown on how our liberal “celebrity” scum have been operating under Obama fascism, check it out here. […]

  5. hey, scott ~ can I repost this at Food Freedom?

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  9. How nice Bono should lead a Whores Without Borders campaign.

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