Oh Lookie: Yet Another Batch of White Guy “Terrorists” (The New Batman Must Be Coming Out Soon)

by Scott Creighton

Well, it would seem that the midnight raid in Chicago saved the day yet again, proving once more that we have to give up our freedoms and security and let the cops bust in our doors with no search warrant so that we can be safe from all those white male aged 23-35 middle class looking “commie faggot” terrorists. And once again, they were after our “Glorious Leader” just like zombie bin Laden was (according to that super secret intel). I guess they were “radicalized’ huh?

One week after a US District Court struck down the constitutionality of the provisions in the 2012 NDAA which allowed for the determination that the United States was part of the battlefield in the fictional “Global War on Terror” we have this: a new “terrorist” threat with 3 white guy perps, citizens of the United States.

What … a… coincidence … that … is …

Forget the fact that Obama promised to veto NDAA because of the provision til he signed it and forget the fact that several senators inadvertently disclosed the fact that it was Obama and the White House who demanded the removal of the provision which would have excluded US citizens from inclusion in the law. Please forget all of that.

Oh, also forget the fact that Rahm Emanuel was once Obama’s chief of staff and that it was his police department that ran the midnight raid which is now conveniently proving the need for the unconstitutional provisions by way of providing and example of a radicalized homegrown terrorist plot. Please forget that connection as well.

Also forget that a previous attempt to frame a dissident group of 5 white guys from Cleveland failed miserably just a few weeks ago when an FBI informant who was a multiple felon turned out to be their employer who set them up so he would get less time on yet more felony charges pending against him. They tried to connect them to the Occupy movement as well. But just forget that fact.

Also forget the fact that the administration suffered yet another black eye in their War on White Guy Terrorists™ just two months ago when a judge tossed out the case against the Hutaree clan claiming it was ridiculous.

Turns out in this latest case, just like the many others in the past including 17 foiled terrorist plots created by the Feds, the cops had an undercover agent involved and according to the reports, it was the undercover cop who provided these guys with the Molotov cocktails. It is unclear if they even asked them to bring them or if the cops just showed up with them to be found as “evidence” later.

Defense attorneys told a judge on Saturday that undercover police are the ones who brought the Molotov cocktails, and that their clients were entrapped.” Associate Press

Deutsch later told reporters outside the courtroom that, though he was just getting into the case and didn’t know all the evidence, he believed it was a setup. At least two informants “ingratiated themselves” with the three men, brought the materials and made the alleged plans, he insisted, calling it “an entrapment to the highest degree.” MSNBC

So why the sudden interest in demonizing the Occupy movement? It was recently discovered that the White House and the Justice Department coordinated the nationwide assault on the Occupy movement some months ago. So why demonize them now to this extent; to the point where you literally frame several people on separate occasions to make them look like homegrown terrorists?

In less than two months Christopher Noland’s last Batman movie is coming out and I have written about it already when I recently called for people to Boycott the Batman.

I took (and still take) exception to Nolan’s rewriting of the Batman story to turn all of the super-villains into nothing more than radicalized homegrown terrorists and I especially didn’t like what he has done to the character of Bane taking the monstrously massive freak of nature into nothing more than a drug addicted enemy belligerent who seeks to use terror to go after the 1%ers.

“At a time when the vast majority of the people of this country are about to experience even greater hardships due to the neoliberal Washington Consensus and the recently modified NDAA of 2012 which appears to grant the current administration expanded powers to use the military against their own citizens, Nolan’s next Dark Knight film looks to depict the 99% as the enemy of the state and the Batman’s final foe.

Our history is replete with directors and studios who have punched their career tickets in Hollywood by churning out propaganda films for the war-mongers. Frank Capra and Disney teamed up to make a series of films during the early part of WWII called “Why We Fight“. They were pure propaganda overseen by the U.S. Army Special Services Division designed to push a non-interventionist public further into the European War and to keep them supporting it no matter what the cost. That’s just one example. There are many others featuring names like John Ford, John Huston, Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan, and James Stewart just to name a few.” Scott Creighton

After several fabricated attempts to demonize and marginalize the Occupy movement and the growing resentment of the 99%, it would seem like my concerns weren’t to far off base now, would it?

In the latest trailer for Dark Knight Rises we see a massive group of cops charging into a crowd of people presumably to save the city. We see Batman fighting on what appears to be the steps of City Hall while cops and regular folks battle in the background. We see military grade equipment on the streets of Gotham being used against what appears to be citizens. In another shot it looks like Bane is saved from a rendition, busted out, when a larger plane takes the smaller plane over in midair. I guess renditions are just fine to in Christopher Nolan’s universe. Then Bane calls himself “Gothams reckoning” as the scene cuts to images of everyday folks pulling billionaires out from under their desks.

“The problem with this Noland terrorist is that he is borne of us. He is not super human, he isn’t a monster… he’s the proletariat and the underclass in Nolan’s fast approaching class warfare storm.

Bane is the terrorist stereotype that all the establishment dreads when the working classes decide they have had enough and dare to stand together, to rise.” Scott Creighton

Now perhaps this is all just a coincidence, but I don’t think so. Emanuel is certainly helping the White House create the narrative of the homegrown radicalized terrorist that they have previously failed to manufacture throughout years of attempts.

As to the connection I make between Bane and the ongoing effort to demonize the growing Occupy movement, just read what Christopher Noland himself said…

“Bane dresses in a military fashion. He leads a band of fanatical mercenaries who have done all kinds of horrible things and end up in Gotham. One of the influences on the script was Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and with his overcoat we wanted to infuse the romanticism of the French Revolution mixed with WWII functionality. The essence of Bane is military power and brute force combined with revolutionary fervor.” Christopher Nolan

So he tries to create a subtle connection between the evil Bane and the French Revolution and he has a “revolutionary fervor” Hmm… and let’s not forget this little classic line from the movie where cat woman explains it all to billionaire Bruce…

“You think this can last. There’s a storm coming Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better baton down the hatches cus when it hits you’re all going to wonder how you ever thought how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us

Ah those damn international leftists. When will they ever stop trying to take what rightfully belongs to the elites?

Notice the cops in Nolan’s film are dressing is the old fashioned police uniforms not the militarized riot gear they commonly wear to protests these days. Take a look at the video below. It’s from Canada and shows how the heroic police deal with the students who simply don’t want to be locked into decades of indentured servitude like our college students are after they get out of school. I promise you Nolan’s depiction of protests in Dark Knight will look nothing like this.

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  1. well maybe we will get lucky and Russia will smuggle us in some weapons eh, shoot the stupid ass drones right pout of the sky. sorry this is rant and not the most intellectual reply. this is really irritating and it looks like we are getting this idiot Obama or his lighter mini me as president if Israel has their way… Romney is over their sucking Bibi’s ass right now to try and win the election.

  2. Beware False Flag Attack On Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals
    By Carl Herman

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  5. […] Oh Lookie: Yet Another Batch of White Guy “Terrorists” (The New Batman Must Be Coming Out Soon) […]

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