Umar Fizzlepants II: Diaper of Doom Show Reprized

by Scott Creighton

This morning I briefly mentioned the new Umar Fizzlepants story as it related to another story of anther fake bomb plot created and then heroically thwarted by the ever diligent FBI.

Turns out the two stories had more in common that I knew.

Seems like the guy who thwarted the new Fizzlepants “sparkler of doom” pyrotechnic display was in fact the CIA asset who was supposed to carry it out in the first place. Also seems like the guy didn’t just go to his handlers in Yemen to turn over the new and improved Diaper of Destruction, but instead, for some odd reason, he risked life and limb to get over the border carrying an explosive Depends Undergarment to Saudi Arabia and turn it in over there.

That’s the “official story” anyway. I tell you, these things get dumber by the day while the complicit media just grits their collective teeth and marvels at the heroic actions of our CIA/FBI/DHS saviors.

I thank god everyday that I didn’t go to journalism school.

An insider who worked with the United States and an allied security service to thwart an al-Qaida bomb plot hatched in Yemen was the man picked to carry out the suicide attack on a U.S.-bound airliner, U.S. and Yemeni officials tell NBC News.

An unidentified Yemeni  government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the supposed suicide bomber was working for Western intelligence “from day one.”

… The bomb — a refined version of an “underwear bomb” used in two previous failed terror plots — was driven out of Yemen by the insider into Saudi Arabia. It is now in the hands of U.S. bomb experts at the FBI labs in Quantico, Va., where experts have been examining it for a week, the officials said. The infiltrator also is safely out of Yemen.” MSNBC

If this smells to you like a load of crap in a dirty diaper, you’re not alone.

Remember the first Umar Fizzlepants (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab )  was simply a cover for the fact that Barack Obama had authorized the use of two cluster bomb laden cruise missiles which killed 23 children on Dec. 19th 2009.

Abdulmutallab’s father is a wealthy banker in Nigeria who stood to lose lots of cash if the Saleh government, our puppet regime in Yemen, was overthrown by the popular uprising which had to be crushed. So Obama helps out with two cruise missiles and 23 children were blown up by the Peace Price “winning” president of left cover. So, they rushed together a narrative about Umar Fizzlepants and someone at the State Department (after meeting with the “terrorist’s” father) put Umar on the plane and the rest is history.

“Abdulmutallab’s father is indeed a banker just as the MSM has said. The interesting thing is, he’s not JUST a banker, he is THE banker in Nigeria. According to a recent Times story, Abdulmutallab’s father, Umaru Mutallab is one of the wealthiest men in Africa; that says a lot in a continent as corrupt as Africa.” Scott Creighton

President Saleh has been removed from office in Yemen but he still retains his business interests in the country and got a sweet deal from Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama when he left. He was a brutal dictator who killed and tortured many of his own people in support of our “national interests” in Yemen like Hunt Oil for example.

Obama used the Umar Fizzlepants story to justify having the TSA stick their hands down your kids pants at the airport and all those naked body scanners Michael Chertoff’s company sells to the American people. His vice president said the same thing.

Sure enough, they will continue with the same narrative, claiming they have to remain diligent because one of our CIA assets supposedly turned over a loaded diaper to the Saudi’s and thus we have to hand over some more of our freedoms for security. Seems quite silly and obvious when you look at it in that light, but here we are in the new American Century with all the propaganda to show for it.

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  1. Just another story that the globalists will be laughing their asses off at while they’re partying and celebrating their new world order while the rest of us suffer, die, and rot in FEMA camps…

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