Kloony 2012: Target?… Sudan and All that Precious Oil.. uh, I mean, The CHILDREN!!! of Course

by Scott Creighton

“Kloony 2012 – the Feel Good Campaign to use African Children as Cover for Barack Obama’s Imperialist Conquest of Sudan”

The “official” government of South Sudan (a construct of U.S., British, and Israeli creation) has just lost a major battle in their ongoing war with Sudan.

They were recently driven out of a key oil producing region in Sudan, Heglig township, which “South Sudan” had attacked and occupied for the past few weeks while George Clooney was weeping over what he called the “aggression” of the Sudanese government.

Let’s see… South Sudan invades and occupies Heglig township killing many civilians, and George Clooney condemns the Sudanese government for defending their nation from the invasion.

Can anyone say “Georgia and South Ossetia“?

The victory for the Sudanese government is a timely one considering all the George Clooney propaganda being poured on the American fauxgressives over here across the pond.

But right on time they have even more propaganda to fix that: the Goldstein Effect Kony 2012.

Now Kony, the mythical replacement for the long deceased Osama bin Laden, just so happens to be hiding… you guessed it… in Sudan. Go figure.

This critical information they received from someone who “surrendered” according to officials…

Fugitive rebel warlord Joseph Kony is operating in volatile border areas between Sudan and South Sudan, as well as the Central African Republic, Uganda’s army chief said Monday.

Kony, originally from Uganda, is based in remote regions between CAR, South Sudan’s Western Bahr el-Ghazal state, and Sudan’s South Darfur state, said Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda’s chief of defence forces.

The last intelligence that they got from someone who surrendered indicated that Kony was somewhere in western Bahr-el-Ghazal at a point where the triangular borders meet,” Nyakairima said. AFP

So what do we do? We send in the Special Forces to “go get Kony”. If it just so happens that Kony is located right where the fighting is taking place between Sudan and our newest client state, well, Obama can’t help that… all those Facebook Friends want him to find Kony… for the children… so that’s what he’s going to do. For the CHILDREN damn it!!!

Joseph Kony Hunt: U.S. Special Forces Assist In Hunt For One Of World’s Most Wanted Warlords

Oh that treacherous Kony is a shifty, one… I’ll give him that much. zipping around all over Africa where ever we just happen to need to send troops for some other reason…

“Part of the difficulty in tracking Kony stems from the fact he can move freely across porous borders, and not all countries in the region have joined the chase, said Ugandan armed forces spokesman Col. Felix Kulayigye.

He believes Kony is shuffling between Sudan and the Central African Republic.

“This is the strategy that he has used for the last four to five years. When the pressure is too much here, he runs across the border because he knows we are not allowed to go after him,” Kulayigye said. “Whenever pressure is high, he just switches to north Sudan. It hampers our operation.”” CNN

That didn’t take long, did it? They melded the Stop Kony propaganda with the Globalist Clooney anti-Sudan propaganda right quick, did they not?

I’ll call it “Kloony 2012 – the Feel Good campaign to use African Children as cover for Barack Obama’s Imperialist Conquest of Sudan

Some of us got it right from the beginning , while fauxgressive sites were still singing the praises of Clooney and the Methed Out Naked Guy from Invisible Children.

So the Peace Prize President is quietly sending troops into Sudan to attack yet another sovereign state with no declaration of war, no real reason to be there… except all that precious OIL… (cough cough)

Oh.. opps… I mean, the CHILDRENwon’t somebody think of the CHILDREN!!!

10 Responses

  1. Indeed, Clooney is the facade…to sip Sudan’s oil. By the way, I saw him yesterday on TV in a White House dinner sipping on white wine…

  2. found this in my email 😉

    By pitching in $3 or whatever you can before tomorrow’s fundraising deadline, you won’t just be automatically entering yourself for the chance to spend an evening with President Obama at George Clooney’s house — you’ll also be strengthening this organization at a critical time, right as the general election kicks off.

    Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?


    We’re paying for airfare and accommodations — and you can invite a guest, too. The deadline’s tomorrow, so there’s really no reason not to throw your name in the hat now.



    Rufus Gifford
    National Finance Director
    Obama for America

  3. How nice, we’re selling the President for $3.00….. hard times at the WH.

  4. If I understand Save The Children’s logic correctly…

    Yo dawg,

    I hear you don’t children to be kidnapped by a warlord.

    So I sent in a massive invasion that will kill many thousands of people, including children, to get the warlord so the children won’t get kidnapped by the warlord.

    • Of course it’s debatable that he ever captured children. I have read that he would simply keep the kids left behind after the Ugandan military came in and slaughtered their families. He and his men could leave them behind to die in the jungle or take them with them. Why would anyone believe any aspect of this story that comes from the proven liars at Invisible Children? Why would anyone believe reports coming from the Ugandan government?

      • Good point. The Ugandan government is certainly no more trustworthy than our own.

        Hollywood liberals and the types like them are so brainwashed into thinking they are the good guys standing for the perfect world, they will believe anything.

        P.S. Do you like Yo Dawg Memes?

  5. Wasn’t quite a Two Minutes Hate thing–not yet, anyway. I didn’t have to stand up and rail against bin Laden, but I was certainly reminded ’bout him all day yesterday, into today, probably on through the rest of the week, maybe even for years to come, on these days in May.

    For certain, it’ll go on as long as they find they can milk it.

    r ap

    • Today they are saying Bin Laden plotted to kill Obama… and they show an angry pic of Obama…. they are using this for the election …. like, lets feel sorry for Obama…. he said the attack that supposedly killed Bin Laden was the longest 40 minutes of his life…. LOL .. he was thousands of miles away and safely behind walls surrounded by an audience of his puppet masters… I wonder where he really was when Bin Laden really died?

      • like, lets pile our votes at his feet, poor guy, because he, like, saved us from a fate?

        And, Hillary, she was in on it, too–right there, hands covering her face, hands in it right up to her elbows. Let’s make her First Woman, once Obama’s done.

        Least we can do, pay them back for those 40 minutes.


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