Katy Perry’s Shameful Marine Recruitment Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Break up – Sign up – Drown Men – Get Raped

That’s empowerment folks

Katy Perry is a Marine? No. Katy Perry is a multimillionaire tool of the establishment who sold her likeness to the Military Industrial Complex to help them recruit young women into the service of the Marine Corp.

“On December 14, 2011, the annual list Forbes (Perry) was elected the third singer who earned more than US$44 million, behind Lady Gaga (US$90 million) and Taylor Swift (US$45 million).”  Wiki

The last time a real millionaire signed up for service after 9/11, his own brothers in arms shot him in the back and his own chain of command tried to cover-up his murder. Remember Pat Tillman? You should.

Over at Cryptogon you can see Katy Perry’s highly insulting pro-military propaganda video. In it she gets in a fight with her boyfriend and decides to join the military so she can whack men… I guess that is the point since towards the end it shows her attempting to drown some guy who looks a lot like the actor playing her boyfriend.

This video is offensive on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Let’s take it one insulting PR pitch at a time….

The whole thing appears to have been filmed at a Marine boot-camp. It includes shots of all the other hand-picked “Marines” being used as props for the video. One truely rancid scene has Katy dancing around under an American flag as the other “Marines” stand around waving it up and down. Marines as props and the flag as a prop. Looks like they got nothing better to teach young recruits.

I guess the selling point is supposed to be empowering women. Get cheated on by your boyfriend? Well, just join the Marines and you can go kill some other guys who have nothing to do with your boyfriend except for the fact that they have the same kind of sexual organs.

That’s “empowerment” I suppose.

Perhaps Katy should have looked up the stats on the unprecedented rise in rape and sexual harassment taking place in the Armed Services these days.

“The disturbing statistics that have been reported include the stunning estimate that, in FY 2010, there were 19,000 sexual assaults among Active Duty personnel.” Huffington Post

Maybe Katy should have looked up the stories about rape victims being demeaned by their commanding officers or being called “crazy” so they don’t report the incidents. That’s apparently how the military has decided to deal with the bad press caused by the huge rise in rapes and sexual assaults.

The data shows that the military’s handling of sexual assaults is getting worse, much worse. Charges, courts-martial and convictions plummeted, but there is absolutely no indication that sex crimes decreased.

“But while the report is extremely troubling, of even greater concern is the Pentagon’s determined effort to confuse and misinform the public about its own findings.” Huffington Post

Yes, Katy is part of the Pentagon’s effort to “confuse and misinform the public”. That’s clear enough. But this video is so offensive on so many different levels it’s hard to pinpoint one that stands out as the worst. But you can.

The suggestion that young people should join the military as a knee-jerk reaction to a personal emotional crisis is morally reprehensible. If I am not mistaken, recruiters used to probe for situations like this in their initial interviews with potential recruits and when they felt an emotional trigger was behind the recruits decision to sign up, they tended to steer them away for a bit til they could better process it.

Going for this kind of base appeal to young people is pathetic especially considering the fact that the military is engaged in no real wars right now but rather elongated occupational quagmires in places like Afghanistan. Why the huge push to get young people to sign up for the military? Why the Kony 2012 propaganda and all the Transformers movies?

Katy recently followed up her propaganda campaign by giving a concert at Annapolis the other day. Of course, true to form, she gave some midshipman a kiss which of course the video of which has gone viral.

Watching a multimillionaire parade around our military equipment pretending to be empowered by shooting an AR-15 is quite comical actually. I wonder how much of our bloated military budget that video shoot cost the taxpayers to have Katy Perry tell emotionally distraught teenagers the way to get back at their boyfriends is to join the Marines so they can kill generic men in some foreign country when they aren’t being raped by their fellow soldiers?

5 Responses

  1. Perry is a shameless whore for the MIC through the controlled war promoting music industry. Good for her career I’d say she was told. Poor music in pure propaganda but gets over 42 million views at YT. Numbers inflated for effect? Maybe, maybe not considering her audience.

    Also see:

    It’s hard to become a millionaire in the industry with anti-war songs these days.

  2. More great news folks. Globalist Madeline Albright is going to go on globalist shill Jon Stewart’s show. I wonder what propaganda they’re gonna rehash this time…

  3. I never heard of this Katy Perry person until just now. Every now and then I check out the “survivalist” websites, and those folks generally have an odd, sort of feral, gun-toting attitude. But I bet even they have heard of this Katy Perry person. I even looked her up in the Wikipedia (which I usually avoid like the plague), and it turns out her momma always made her listen to gospel music, never let her listen to “secular music.” The Wikipedia piece was quite lengthy and boring, and felt like a National Inquirer article. I get the impression that the main reason she did the “join-the-Marines” video (which I refuse to watch) is that she never had an actual life, so she probably doesn’t even think about the consequences of her actions.

    Every now and then the realization that I am further off the grid than the scruffy survivalists evokes a vague sense of shame. But lately, it begins to feel like I am truly just ahead of my time. Like maybe I’m actually leading the pack? But I’m not changing, the world is. Perhaps they will even arrive at where they see that I was right all along.

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