FBI Protects Capitol from Their Own Fake Bomb (yawn)

by Scott Creighton

The FBI has saved the day again by foiling yet another of their terrorism plots and plans.

Yes folks, the “ebil terrrrrrists” are still out there planning on new and improved ways to blow you up. They’re called the FBI which is a lot like the CIA and the MEK and the FSA and MI6 and all of those other “three letter freedom fighters” out there.

If you want to talk to them, just call the FBI building in Washington DC and tell them you’re a half-witted loner loser with no real direction in life and quick as a whip the FBI will send over one of their own al Qaeda “terrorists” to indoctrinate you, pay you, feed you, get you hookers, get you blow, train you, arm you, set you up with a plan of your very own, strap bombs to you, give you exploding toy planes, give you guns that don’t work, and then arrest you and sentence you to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

As far as retirement plans go in this new economy, that one’s not altogether bad. Spend the rest of your days in a federal supermax club fed playing tennis and yucking it up with other semi-retarded “terrorists” made, managed, and promoted by the FBI themselves. Think of the FBI as a sort of terrorist talent agency and retirement planning specialists and you get the picture.

Just to put this into the proper perspective, even Fox News has acknowledged that of the 17 “terrorist” plots foiled by the Feds since 9/11, all of them, ALL OF THEM… were created by the Feds themselves. All of them. Of course, the Fox News anchor who happened to mention this inconvenient truth was eventually fired.

A couple of months ago the New York Police Department “Intelligence” office tried their own hand at creating a little “terror suppression” like the FBI has but their “plots and plans” were so ham-handed and obvious the FBI wanted nothing to do with it. Remember Jose Pimentel? Remember the Newburg 4? The Christmas Tree bomber?

If you want to talk about sordid FBI plots and plans, we can go all the way back to Bruce Ivins if you like.

Today’s installment of the FBI Terronoia Campaign revolves around yet another half-wit being groomed by FBI “informants” till he ends up being arrested in a parking garage in DC supposedly wearing a suicide bomb vest and holding a faked up Mac 10.

CNN reported that this “lengthy” operation goes back to “at least December” where the suspect was “closely monitored” by the FBI. The FBI gave him a bomb vest that wasn’t a bomb and gave him an automatic machine gun that apparently didn’t work.

That’s the story, but what do we really know about all of this?

According to the reports the only thing we actually know is the guy was in the country illegally being extensively handled by the FBI and they have now arrested him. Did they bring him into the country for this little production? Why didn’t they deport him when they found out he was here illegally?

Was he even in the parking garage? They said they went with him to this location and gave him the weapons… did they drive him there?

They said he put the vest on and started heading to the capital, but they also said he never made it out of the garage. What, did he take one step in a northerly direction and that was enough?

All we have is the FBI’s say-so on all of this and if you are paying attention to current events, their word isn’t so good these days.

Just the other day, Umar Fizzlepants was given a life sentence for his effort to light up his diaper of doom on a plane. Witnesses reported that the guy was walked through security and put on the plane in just the right seat. The “hero” who saved the day was such a horrible actor they had to shut him up after one terrible interview.

This road show is getting more than tiring. Most readers (judging by their comments) over at the Huffington Post’s article on this have clearly seen through this bullshit and are wondering why the FBI is being allowed to continue with these fake terror plots and plans.

What they don’t seem to understand is that there is a reason for this crap beyond simply justifying more homeland security cash. They need to create a history of terrorist plots so that when the next false flag event takes place, people will be more inclined to believe it is part of some hidden terrorist sub-culture here in America. Do you know why they have to create these plots and plans to build this artificial history? Because there are no terrorist plots and plans in America. Not yet anyway. But give the fascists time… that’s all they need. That and a little manufactured history al la the FBI.

10 Responses

  1. Notice how they always choose people who are either mentally incapable or they choose some poor person who is desperate (or both), since the FBI can offer them all kinds of cash, goods, and favors. The one that makes me laugh the most is the supposed Synagogue Bombers in NY. They were so inept that they were unable to go into a Walmart and buy guns and cameras even after they’d been given money by the FBI informant.

    They must be reaching the bottom of the barrel of the available patsy pool.

  2. That figures out to less than 2 a year. Has anybody done an “propaganda (ie advertizing) effectivity” study?
    Seems like an awful long drumroll. I guess it’s all part of the 5 (7?)
    country scheme; and “Iran” will be the flag to be imitated.

    It’s like the time when CIA reported all foreigner contact as a successful agent recruitment. Guess they still are doing so.
    According to “Ismael Jone’s” book, “The Human Factor”.

    So it’s like what we called “budget” submarine intrusions in Swedish waters, back in the 80’s.

    Just doing our duty ma’am. Semper Fi, sorry wrong branch.

  3. So that’s why they are determined take our SS retirement… they want us desperate enough to apply for the ‘FBI’ retirement plan ! LOL

  4. Off topic.
    LOL = laughing out loud?, lots of laughs?, lots of luck?
    Over the years things change.

    • You sound familiar… don’t like abbreviations?

      • I grew up with abbreviations. At fourteen learned telegraphic abbreviations to shorten time to talk on the radio. Same working for WU, the Army, NASA, Pacific stationed military, etc.
        But have been out of touch with stuff on-line since my Bulletin Board days in the 80s, before the Web you know. So what is the current use of LOL?

        And in what way familiar. My icon is as always here. Check it out.

        • I agree with Willy ….
          btw (by the way).. very fine icon profile….. and no, I don’t know you….
          just thought your icon pic looked like a black hole (or disc)?

  5. No Muslim ever called me redneck cracker or anti-semitic.

  6. The Times Square Fizzler was the biggest idiot yet.

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