What Have We Become: Scout Snipers Adopted Nazi Symbol

by Scott Creighton

Suicide rates of returning vets are at an all time high.

Sexual assaults in the military are reaching epidemic proportions.

News anchors remark on air that they would gladly urinate of the bodies of dead Afghanis.

No punishment for anyone involved in the murder of 24 innocent unarmed civilians in Haditha in 2005

The First Lady wants our kids to lose weight because the poor ones are too fat to be cannon fodder

Obama tried to cut benefits to retired military personnel.

Billions of dollars have just been allocated for 30,000 surveillance drones to fill our skies in the next 10 years

And then there’s this.


A picture showing a US Marine scout sniper team posing in front of what appears as a flag of the notorious Nazi organization SS, has surfaced online. The Marine Corps confirmed that the embarrassing photo taken in Afghanistan is real. Russia Today


The lightning symbol, once worn by the unit tasked with the extermination of Europe’s Jews, sparked immediate outrage and put the Marines back on the defensive just weeks after an online video showed troops from a different unit urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.

… The SS or Schutzstaffel originated as a personal bodyguard to Adolf Hitler but rose to become one of the most feared organisations in the Third Reich. Under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler, the unit acted as the supreme enforcer of loyalty to the regime and manned the concentration camps.   Telegraph


The SS ideology and values of the organization were one of the main reasons why the SS was entrusted with the execution of many Nazi atrocities and war crimes of the Nazi state.

19 Responses

  1. Who elects our new president?

    EDIT: another “the jeeeews did it” post.. this one with a video which actually says “the jeeeews did it”. How nice. And it’s gone

  2. Well, since the signing of the Defense Authorization I’ve been talking about what you headlined here and other issues in relation to Obama, and the response is that I shouldn’t take personal about it.

    I’ve noticed that most people that are dissatisfied only go as far as to call Obama a tool, like he’s just the product of a campaign finance system that makes him a slave to corporate interests. Another excuse is that Obama is a good man, but he’s being threatened and his family is being threatened he’s making concessions.

    We are now living in the age of corporate control but let’s say we are also living in the age of Obama.

    Rather than deescalating, Obama escalated in Afghanistan. He arm was twisted by the generals and military corporatists? Obama expanded the waring into Pakistan, Libya and Yemen. Now we here that as suspected the Libya is struggling to control militias and Chaos is Growing. But again this is not about Obama, it’s about his arm being twisted.

    Then there’s the general strike coming in Egypt. People there want to end the military dictatorship, a military paid for by the US and trained in us schools. Of course US influence on Egypt preceded Obama. His arm is being twisted.

    You’ve been writing about the Syrian unrest. Hillary Clinton has been somewhat outspoken. What’s the ultimate objective, regime change, occupation, privatization? Seems that privatization means some arm twisting, and not just Obama’s arm.

    Then there’s Iran. Israeli wants to attack soon. Obama prefers
    sanctions and pressure. What’s their objective. They just want
    Iran to stand down on development of a nuclear weapon? This
    is all about nuclear proliferation? Maybe the question here is who is twisting Obama’s arm?

    Then there’s the domestic issues– foreclosure settlement, fracking, new oil leases, new nuclear plant contracts. It’s all about the money and lobbying. Obama’s arm is getting really sore.

    Obama has a huge election purse already. He’s ahead of all the Republicans combined. Still he needs to cave on Super PACs, like he caved on ending the tax holiday for the wealthy and like he caved on the public option. It was arm twisting for campaign dollars we are told. Oh but wait, he stated in the January address that he believed in private health insurance. So therefore he was always uncomfortable promoting the public option?

    He added a signing statement asserting that he will not apply the Defense Authorization to us Citizens, after assassinating Awlaki.
    Here too I wonder who twisted his arm?

    There’s a long list. My question is this: If there was a different man in the WH, would any of this be different. How much of this Obama age is about Obama?

    • As I pointed out, he is simply continuing with the plan just like Bush did just like Clinton did. Could it be different with someone else in the White House, some elected and not selected? Sure, of course. But Diebold and the Help America Vote Act makes sure that is not going to happen.

      • In an interview last week, Obama also said that as time goes on, he wil just get better and better.. meaning we ain’t seen anything yet.

      • So it doen’t matter who’s in the White House. It’s all a matter of moving the football down the field. The decisions are made elsewhere and presidents are nothing gut figure heads. Obama has not been proactive at all. Bush did not launch the Iraq war. Someone else ordered it.

        You’d think with all that arm twisting one term would be enough.

  3. Those aren’t “lightning symbols” they’re sig-runes http://www.vikingrune.com/2009/07/norse-runic-third-reich-symbols/ that point aside, I think those guys should ditch the stars and stripes and just display the SS flag. After all, it’s perfectly appropriate for what they are, and what they do.

  4. Lots of winks over shit like this when I was in, almost all from the Officer Corp. EM wouldn’t have dared, otherwise. Most wouldn’t even have thought of it.

    I was EM–RA, in fact. Went in E1, made E4 couple times, E3 more times than I remember, got out E2. Active duty for three years and 56 days. Those 56 days were what they call ‘bad time’. They’re the part of my service I’m most proud of.

    r ap

  5. Always nice when people leave their true colors in plain sight…

  6. Great job, soldiers, posing with that Nazi flag… what’s that supposed to be? A fucking callback? Nostalgia for Operations Paperclip and Gladio?

  7. Or maybe since the CIA now controls the military, it now feels safe in revealing its origins…

  8. Strangely fitting. And very upsetting to me.

  9. Scott, are you going to cover this? Obama has signed the order to attack Iran.


  10. what a shame

  11. >The lightning symbol, once worn by the unit tasked with the extermination of Europe’s Jews<
    This is a complete and utter lie! George Patton, when finally face to face with members of the SS during WW2, found that he has never met any men, friend or foe with more integrity than those. He wanted to be part of the Nuremberg trials on the defense side, and was subsequently murdered to prevent it.
    I am glad, that the so called classified documents are being released now, to show, who really caused the wars and that the German people are the most peace loving one can find. In the last 250 years they have not started a single war!

    • I looked up the murder of George Patton….. and was amazed…..
      The Jewish DP (displaced persons) practically took over Germany after the war with the help of America….. they took the homes of honest Germans and gave them to the Jews……
      not sure about the other remarks that Roland made but Gen. Patton was murdered to silence him.

  12. You uneducated dumb asses.As a retired Marine Corps Scout/Sniper I will tell you what the SS means to a Marine.It means Scout/Sniper,plaine and simple.The only ones who would think any different is the liberal scum who enjoys making something out of nothing.Get over it already and find something productive to bitch about.

    • liberal scum

      Nothing Nazi about that. The (final) solution is obvious. If you have a scum problem, you have to cleanse it. National hygiene. Simple as that.

    • OOOOH, did the big bad Marine get his feelings hurt?
      sip-sip dede puton, annomo!!!

      It looks like a Nazi ss emblem.

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