SOPA, PIPA, H.R. 1981 and Megaupload: Legislating and Enforcing the Fascist State

by Scott Creighton

SOPA and PIPA are two of the most widely misunderstood pieces of legislation to recently come down the D.C. corporatist pipeline as of late (later I will write about that and the new pending legislation submitted by the same senator). Meanwhile, the recent shuttering of Megaupload and the subsequent arrest of Kim Dotcom is being portrayed as something that it clearly isn’t.

But what it is, is much worse.

The point is, you aren’t getting the full story on any of these matters even on so-called dissident conservative, libertarian, or “progressive” sites. So the question becomes, “why?”

Fascism is the seamless melding of the corporation and the state to the advantage of the owners, stockholders, and their puppet lawmakers at the direct cost of the citizen. Government’s role as protector and defender of civil liberties is replaced by that of defender of corporate control/profits and collector of tax revenue which is directly handed over to the corporations in just as fast as humanly possible.

Think of the for-profit Federal Reserve system being implemented on every facet of government responsibility (federal, state, and local) and you start to get the picture.

We think the privatized fed should be ended and they envision a world where it is expanded into every aspect of our lives.

Deregulation, smaller government, and privatization. These are the ingredients, the prerequisites of fascism.

But it all has to be codified into law. The corporation has to replace the state in the traditional roles of government by the rule of law, in order for this neoliberal coup to withstand future challenges.

SOPA and PIPA were not about allowing “big guberment” to shutter websites and arrest copy-write infringing people. They were not about letting “socialist government” stooges infringe on your first amendment rights.

They were about allowing corporations to do it. They were (are) further examples of legislating fascism under the administration of “CHANGE”. Pure and simple.

This next bill they have on tap, the cynically named “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act“, is almost the same thing with a slight difference; it gives corporations the ability to collect data on you personally, your complete internet and keystroke history (along with passwords, checking account info, emails, ect.), and then to take action against you on their own say so. To essentially block individual users from the internet based solely on a corporation’s decision because of what they claim to be your internet history.

SOPA and PIPA would have allowed the corporate state to make charges against various websites and without evidence or due process, they could shutter any site on the web.

SOPA /PIPA would have removed inconvenient websites while “Protecting Children” H.R. 1981 will remove inconvenient users all the while putting the power to strip you of constitutional rights not in the hands of “big guberment”…

… but instead in the control of the newly developing Corporate States of America.

Let’s also not forget that when combined with the NDAA of 2012 which declares all the world to be a combat zone, whatever they claim you did online could also provide just enough “evidence” to not only remove your footprint entirely from the web, but it could also justify your indefinite detention for providing aid to the enemy under NDAA.

Starting to get the picture?

They’re legislating the last stages of the fascist coup right in front of our eyes. These major steps are taking place under the cover of the presidential primary season when every single “progressive” and conservative outlet is arguing about Romney’s cash or Newt’s trash.

“Nothing to see here folks. Isn’t Santorum crazy?”

Then you have the arrest of Kim Dotcom and the shuttering of his site, Megaupload.

The MegaUpload story is important for a different reason than has been pointed out all over the web.

Glenn Greenwald recently covered this issue. He rightly explains that the federal government already has the power to shutter websites and make arrests due to copy-write violations thanks to the the 2008  PRO-IP Act but then he fails to explain why SOPA/PIPA were so important to the corporate community. He fails to mention that the reason for the new legislation is to hand over those unconstitutional powers to the corporate state.

Greenwald then goes on to bring up the MegaUpload story in reference as simply an example of how the government is going ahead with these “new powers” regardless of the SOPA/PIPA defeat. In making that claim, Greenwald misses the point completely and even contradicts himself in the process.

If the powers to shutter and arrest members of a website are already the law of the land, what point is there in writing another series of laws that do the same thing? Greenwald acknowledges the existing law and then ignores it’s relevance in his summation.

“But it nonetheless sends a very clear message when citizens celebrate a rare victory in denying the Government a power it seeks — the power to shut down websites without a trial — only for the Government to turn around the very next day and shut down one of the world’s largest and best-known sites. Whether intended or not, the message is unmistakable: Congratulations, citizens, on your cute little “democracy” victory in denying us the power to shut down websites without a trial: we’re now going to shut down one of your most popular websites without a trial.” Glenn Greenwald

So why did they shut down MegaUpload?

Money. and LOTS of it.

The owners of MegaUpload had announced back in Dec. 2011 that they were going to offer a new kind of music label to artists, one that allowed them to store their music on a cloud and directly market their art to customers, to their computers, I-Phones, smart phones, I-pods, ect. via a digital system which would provide for the artists 90% of their revenue. They were going to do that and also create a system by which artists would receive revenue for file-sharing of their music through MegaUpload via a system called MegaKey.

The system they created was called MegaBox and they had a press release and the website and software and the cloud was already up and ready to go. They had even already been through beta testing and several partners were on-board including Amazon MP3.

 “UMG knows that we are going to compete with them via our own music venture called, a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings,”

“We have a solution called the Megakeythat will allow artists to earn income from users who download music for free, Yes that’s right, we will pay artists even for free downloads.  The Megakey business model has been tested with over a million users and it works.”

“You can expect several Megabox announcements next year including exclusive deals with artists who are eager to depart from outdated business models.” Kim Dotcom, MegaUpload

MegaUpload was taken out because their new innovative system was going to radically change the way the music industry did business. This was going to cost companies like UMG billions of dollars while putting more of that money in the hands of the artists, making music cheaper to buy for the consumer, and provide a more level playing field for new artists just starting out.

And the Justice Department crushed it in service to the mega-corporations which they serve.

Not a word about this from Greenwald and not a word about the state handing unconstitutional powers to the corporations from him either. Why do you think that is?

Do you think Saloon will be targeted by SOPA/PIPA? Do you think Greenwald really worries about the provisions of the “Protecting Children” Act?

Well, he certainly won’t have to worry about such things if he keeps missing obvious points like these.

What we have witnessed over the past few weeks is the beginnings of the last stages of the legislation of the fascist state and the Megaupload story is just another example of how that state, the government working on behalf of the corporations, is dedicated to the service of corporate persons rather than us.

One might ask Mr. Greenwald how he missed all of this in his insightful analysis of the current events. But then again, he did support the Supreme Court ruling in Citizen’s United, didn’t he?

11 Responses

  1. You worry me. Short of war or revolution how do we take this down?
    We got our answer as you point out when we protested ABBA-DABBA……

    Here’s something, a popularly written summary of 40 years of study on “authoritarians”, not who the name might seem to imply. Thirty or forty pages will be a good start with it.
    Got the url on Turley’s site.
    Can take five seconds to download. Enjoy. Recommended to all.

  2. Corporations are creatures of the state. Sure the people the run the corps might be both muscling and extorting the state to get the laws that with further enable them, but it’s still the state the inforces the laws. The corps must go through the police and the courts to achieve their ends. Our focus must by on both stopping the progress of these bills and working to change the players so Goverment will write laws that protect the democracy. No easy task. I’m laughing just writing this.
    But I’m not the protest ofo SOPA and POPA and the quick suspension of congressional action speaks to something else in my mind and it’s the same thing the the Defense Authorization speaks to–the growing discontent of the public. Nearly eight in 10 of Americans polled are dissatisfied with the way the political system is working. And now with the occupy movment gaining traction, the ruling class is kicking their PR operations in to high gear.

  3. I neglected to include that “big goverment” is a false flag. Goverment grew bigger under W than Semen Bill. We should not take our eyes off those in congress delivering the policy. Regardless of how bad the corp lobbiests and CEOs are, its the people in government doing the heavly lifting. We must hold them accountable not bacause they are son of big but because they enablers of the corps.

  4. How long, I wonder, after knocking back the Nazi threat did The People think we could just sit by and watch this thing grow into what it has become without saying something?

    Because, well, we did have something to say about Nam–even us vets, some of us anyway. Took a while, but we had some impact there.

    What’s happened since then?

    And I do wonder. I’m not just using the phrase. I’ve gone to protests since 9/11, seen the same people there week after week. Nobody new shows up–not to stay, anyway, or to come back. Finally, the whole thing folds.

    I just don’t get it.

    r ap

  5. I was wondering to want extent the arrest of Megaupload employees was not a beta testing of the ACTA agreements as New Zealand is now a signatory country. SOPA seems to be simply an extension of ACTA as the members agreed upon standardizing the enforcement of intellectual properties right worldwide. The frightening aspect of ACTA is the scope of the agreement, covering not only cultural industries like movies and musics, but agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc…


    This guy Arrow came up with an idiotic “theorem” about how no election method could really work. Even though his absurd “theorem” was based on totally absurd premises, he got a Nobel prize for it. The entire little election methods theory academic tar pit is a giant scam! All of their ridiculous “problems” could be solved with the simple “padded score voting” method. But when I describe it, nobody makes comments or anything. They have tons of energy to complain endlessly about problems caused by politicians on the Internet, but are too lazy to think about the obvious solution.

    A simple description of “padded score voting”: With this method, each voter can give 0, 10, 11, or 12 votes to any candidate, and also to any other candidates. It’s the only reasonably simple method to eliminate the spoiler effect. (It’s not really the same as “range voting”.)

  7. Filesharers are evil satanic drug infested hippie terrorists who eat fetuses, we must abandon all rights and stop them before they revive Hitler and bring him back to power!

  8. Image of the day!

  9. Everyone is and should be concerned by this news. Most think that only the riots and the work of the newly accredited group “anonymous” can undertake the task of stopping it. But, the people sitting at home right now, you have the power as well. Signing the linked petition is a way for each person to make a difference and help stop the atrocity that is H.R. 1981 from taking over our internet and allowing future generations the freedom they deserve. To sign, please follow the link:

  10. I knew that the SOPA PIPA cave was for show. The mask has come down revealing ACTA which is pure corporate fascism without out any makeup.

  11. Mega Upload is the first casualty of this bully act. If the government pursued and passed the bill on this, I’m pretty sure a lot of protests would have been made.

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