Occupy Oakland Police Assault Follow-up; Unbelievable Spin from MSNBC and New Videos Surface

by Scott Creighton



In the videos of Scott after he was down, you can see that he is in almost the exact same position he was standing in pictured above. You can also see the sailor with the flag running away from the police line.

We can clearly see that Olsen was not attacking the police and he was very close to their line… someone shot him at nearly point blank range, obviously on purpose.

UPDATE: Another writer talks about how rubber bullets “rained” on the protesters and a video seems to back that up with the sound of rubber bullets passing overhead. (see update at the end of the article)

UPDATE 2: Russia Today is one of a few news sources that is accurately reporting on what happened to Scott Olson.

UPDATE 3: A Twitter image has surfaced of what is claimed to be a rubber bullet bruise from an Occupy Oakland protester. The small darker spot in the middle  of the bruise supports his claim that it is from a rubber bullet. (H/T Jan)

UPDATE 4: Various reactions around the blog-o-sphere (see end of article)

UPDATE 5: A US Marine reacts to what happened to Scott


The spin doctors are trying their best to keep from admitting that the police shot an Iraq War vet in the head with a rubber bullet and then tossed a flash bang grenade into the crowd of protesters who were trying to help the injured Marine but the facts and the videos speak for themselves.

Early yesterday morning the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Oakland Ca. was attacked by local and San Fransisco Police departments in what turned out to be a premeditated attempt to clear out the plaza which the protesters had been camped out in for over a week. Several people were injured one being an Iraq War vet who served two tours of duty and then came home and worked with Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Scott Olson, 24, suffered a fractured skull and was eventually taken to the hospital by fellow protesters (not the police who left him on the ground and then threw a flash-bang grenade in the middle of the protesters who were trying to help him). Scott’s friend who went to the hospital with him said that Scott walked into the hospital but doctors feared he may have swelling of the brain due to the fractured skull and so they sedated him and are awaiting news from the neurosurgeon as to what is next for his treatment. Scott is listed in critical condition.

Local police, the fake democrat mayor Jean Quan,  and the corporatist press are busy trying their level best to spin the story as fast as they can. Yesterday’s early spin made the claim that it was the protesters who used tear gas and threw bottles, fireworks, and rocks at the peaceful police officers, yet no videos of these actions have surfaced thus far; quite amazing when you consider how many cameras were there at the time.


Now that the videos of Scott’s injury and extraction under fire from the San Fran PD have gone viral, it seems the press is needed to help spin the story as best they can. The local police chief is promising a “full inquiry” into the incident and is asking everyone with videos of police interaction to hand them over to the cops… for investigative purposes of course.

“Jordan, the police chief, said an internal review board and local prosecutors have been asked to determine if officers on the scene used excessive force. He asked witnesses with recordings of violent interactions between civilians and the officers who came from several Bay Area agencies to submit them to investigators.” unnamed MSNBC

Notice the various layers of spin put on this story by the unnamed authors of this article found on the fake progressive MSNBC.

“It’s not known exactly what type of object struck Olsen or who might have thrown it, though Guy’s group said it was lodged by officers. Several small skirmishes had broken out in the night with police clearing the area by firing tear gas and protesters throwing rocks and bottles at them.” unnamed MSNBC

Again they are repeating the unsupported claim that protesters were throwing bottles at the cops. Also, notice the careful vocabulary choices used in the article… “thrown it”, “lodged”, “skirmishes”.

There is not a single mention in the MSNBC article (probably written by a PR agency) of the video showing an officer lobbing what appears to be a stun grenade into a crowd of people who were trying to help Scott while he was laying unconscious on the ground. I guess the PR guys figured there really is no way to spin tossing a grenade on a fallen Marine… so they simply ignored it.

There is however several mentions of things that did not happen. Things mentioned in one passive aggressive way or another designed to turn the public support of the protesters.

“… urinating and littering in public parks”, “…smashing windows, lighting fires”, “… demonstrators who tried to rush banks” unnamed MSNBC

In spite of all their efforts, the mass media is failing miserably in their attempt to re-write what happened yesterday. People are talking about this and the videos and photos are going viral.

To that end, there is a new video out from a local news channel. It shows the entire attack from the helicopter’s vantage point and it is quite illuminating. You can see the attack on the crowd that was trying to help Scott Olsen, you can see the beginning of the police attack as the people in the square were simply milling about. Another thing that you see are the bright flashes of flash bangs and stun grenades that the police chief denies his officers used during the assault. (you might want to download this one… I doubt it is up for much longer)

Also notice how the reporter talks openly about the police using flash bangs and “rubber bullets” on the crowd.

some kind of flash bang canisters“,  “earlier in the evening, police had actually fired some rubber bullets and thrown more of these flash canisters into the crowd“,  “Police fired flash bang grenades and tear gas canisters“… “



This video and the commentary from the reporters in the studio and live on the ground at the site make things very clear. Flash bangs were used by the police on the protesters and they did fire rubber bullets into the crowd, probably striking Scott Olson in the head. In an even more disgusting display of callous indifference to the safety of the people of Oakland, an officer also tossed a flash bang into a crowd of people who were trying to help the injured Marine.

Iraq Veterans Against the War released a statement about this incident. This is part of what they had to say:

“Scott is one of an increasing number of war veterans who are participating in America’s growing Occupy movement. Said Keith Shannon, who deployed with Scott to Iraq, “Scott was marching with the 99% because he felt corporations and banks had too much control over our government, and that they weren’t being held accountable for their role in the economic downturn, which caused so many people to lose their jobs and their homes.”

Scott is currently sedated at a local hospital awaiting examination by a neurosurgeon.  Iraq Veterans Against the Wars sends their deepest condolences to Scott, his family, and his friends.  IVAW also sends their thanks to the brave folks who risked bodily harm to provide care to Scott immediately following the incident.” IVAW

The mayor and the police chief need to be pressured into resigning immediately not for the incident itself, but for the shameless and cowardly attempt to spin this story to suit their own personal needs. The have defamed Scott by extension and they are effectively condoning future criminal acts by their police forces. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. MSNBC should be made to be ashamed of the fairy tale they submitted for their readers in the guise of a legitimate “news” article. It bears no single resemblance of the truth and seems to have been written by PR firms probably located in San Fransisco.

Scott Olson is still in the hospital listed in critical condition while Oakland’s mayor, police chief, and MSNBC continually lie about what put him there. Civil society must not tolerate this kind of behavior any longer.

UPDATE: A writer for Huffington Post talks about rubber bullets “raining” down on protesters and a video he posts seems to back that up. Listen closely at the beginning of the video and you can hear high pitched sounds of something zipping past the person making the video. Sounds like rubber bullets passing nearby.

“Activists staged Tuesday night’s march through downtown Oakland in response to a violent police raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment earlier that day, during which officers rained tear gas and rubber bullets on the activists in an effort to clear the camp. Police arrested scores of protesters during the eviction.” Huffington Post



UPDATE 4: various reactions to the news of Scott’s injury…

“The Oakland Police are reportedly doing a preliminary review of whether it was appropriate to shoot an Iraq war vet in the head with “non lethal” ammunition that has him in critical condition. I hope they also explain why it was necessary for one particular officer to throw an explosive device at a small crowd of protesters trying to administer first aid to the wounded vet.  Absolutely sickening what the city of Oakland has done.” America Blog

Next time I hear about how vets fight to protect our rights, I’ll remember the one they shot in the head for actually exercising them.” David Waldman

12 Responses

  1. Same kind of police assault shit goes on every day, along with the same kind of cover-their-ass spin. This was on the local news just yesterday. Happened about a hundred miles down the road, sometime this summer:


    r ap

  2. Marines are pissed…. America is pissed… even us grandmothers are pissed.

    (sorry about the ‘pissed’ word but it seemed to fit.)

  3. “I was not surprised when I learned that the same company that supplies the Israeli army with teargas rounds and other weapons of mass suppression is selling its dangerous wares to the Oakland police.”


  4. I have read reports by protestors that others (rogue or agent provocateurs) were throwing bottles at the police line.


    We can’t ignore the fact that there will be protestors on our side that aren’t in line with the call to be peaceful. How to quell their angry actions is something we all need to discuss. But we can’t say that they don’t exist or push the events aside claiming they’re all provocateurs. (Though I have no doubt some may be indeed.) So, how are we going to deal with those actions in the future? Take pictures of inciters and post them?

    I have also read a report stating Scott Olsen’s friend Keith Shannon, described the mark on his head as a “curved gash” (canister marking). Would rubber bullets leave these sort of markings as well?


    As important as it is to rise up and take a stand, it is vital that we do it with integrity. Otherwise, we’ll have nothing to stand on. We need to be diligent in seeking the whole truth.

    Further, if police lob or shot anything in your direction, not only take pictures, but collect the material for evidence.

    • Seems like the one doing the work of the cops is the writer of that article. Notice how he continually suggests that all of the tear gas and other aggressive behavior from the cops was always precipitated by a protester “throwing a bottle”… according to that article you link to.

      That certainly isn’t what I saw in the video from the helicopter. As you know there is a soundtrack with that and I don’t hear a crashing bottle.

      I wonder if this is someone making more out of what was earlier reported… people throwing “water” and “paint” on police. Those too would be in ‘bottles” wouldn’t they? PLASTIC bottles. Perhaps THOSE are the “bottles” everyone is trying to make into something they were not.

      A curved gash is exactly what one would expect when hit on the forehead with a glancing blow from a ROUND rubber coated projectile.

      Also, again, the overhead video from the helicopter captured the moment Scott was struck by the projectile. You will notice that there is not a streamer from a gas canister anywhere near him as he falls… ergo… he was shot with a rubber bullet.

  5. To be clear, I’m not saying claims in this post are false, or claims in the reports I linked to are purely factual.

    I just heard this phrase “civil disobiedience” in reguard to the protestors out in Oakland being arrested. What exactly constitutes “CIVIL DISOBIEDENCE” ? With respect to the OWS protest, i think the term disobiedence translates to “failure to obey the master, and standing in a posture of outright insolence toward (his) control and to his corupt practices”. Since our masters retain control of our government, and therefore the police and national guard, they (our masters) may, at their will, unleash the police and the guard on these insolent rabble rouser’s. They (our masters) have already employed a succsessful divide and
    conqer tactic and subverted public oppinion of the protest and the protesters, rendering it somewhat impotent. But what the masters fail to realize is that, if peacefull protest is rendered impotent then the only alternitive is to engadge in non peacefull protest. We are now seeing this in Oakland. The score this morning is, government 1, protestors, 0.

    2 days ago, i heard a local caller(springfield Illinois) on talk radio state his wish the see the local police unleash a volly if rubber bullets upon the local protesters here. Now, understand, there has been no trouble what so ever in the local protest that has numbered up to 200 people however, this caller went on to say that he hoped the local Spfld PD had a generious supply of these rubber bullets, for this use against the protestors. I can only assume that this local caller, like so many others, believe “all is well” in the country.
    As a result of this kind of attitude, i just can’t help but hope for the outright ecconomic colapse that has been predicted to be emminantly likely. It can’t come soon enough for me. Just so i can see these types cry.
    GOD!!! Won’t that be something, when these assholes FINALLY discover what the facts really are. Seeing this revilation will be worth my own demise. I will certainly die laughing. Of this,,,you can be certain.


    • Hi Scott ! How are you!
      You know, I think that is exactly what they (the master governments) intend to do.. they want everything to collapse.. but when they are ready for it… like after christmas sales….. after they have control of al banks and land… and that time is approaching fast.

  7. Well, the fact remains that it appears there are great divides between us 99 percenters to the extent that there are some among us who appearrently have not been negitivly effected by the economic situation that has occured the nearly last three years and everything is just rosey with them. IE,,all is well, in the world, as far as they are concerned. They see the OWS protest as something other than what it is, and their hoping to see the heavy hand of the master come down hard on the people involved in the OWS. I find that disturbing. I stand behind my ending above, ill die laughing because, they’ll go before me, because they will never be able to adjust to the conditions that will be created after a colapse. These are the same individuals who proclaim that the unemployed are lazy.
    They are all simply clueless living in their illusion. Or,,,is it a “DELUSION”?

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