Unraveling Anders Behring Breivik

by Scott Creighton

An educated wealthy businessman with a murky military background who hates globalization goes off and kills 91 people associated with the ruling left-wing Labor Party, most of them at close range? And he wasn’t killed by the tactical team when they arrested him?  Hmmmmm…..

Police in Norway are saying that the man they arrested at the Labor Party Massacre, a man identified as Anders Behring Breivik by Norwegian media outlets, is responsible for both attacks on Friday, the massacre on Utoya Island and the bombing in Oslo. As the official story develops, one has to admit that at best it’s rather odd to say the least.

The attack on the youth conference summer camp on Utoya Island is clearly the worst of the two. The assailant, dressed as a police officer, moved through the small island, killing young people at will with complete impunity for an hour or so as reports of the carnage trickle out.

“The summer gatherings in Utoya for the party’s youth wing, the Workers’ Youth League, or AUF, have been part of a vibrant political tradition in the country since at least the 1970s, and enjoyed by many of those now in government.” CNN

The camp itself is a tradition in the socialist leaning Norwegian left so for many right-wing citizens, it may be a symbol of what is wrong with their society.

“It has been a traditional camp where young people have met and discussed politics and many, many of our leaders have participated on Utoya for many years.

“Some of the brightest and best politicians Norway has brought up have been a part of that island and the history of that island, since the camps have gone back for so many years.” CNN

Very little is known about Anders Behring Breivik aside from what certain people want you to know about him.

Early speculation about the attacks focused on al Qaeda-like groups and Norway’s participation in NATO and the bombing of Libya for instance. Some even suggesting that it was “natural” to suspect angry Muslims or “Islamists” without any evidence to support that assumption.

As is often the case, the truth about what happened yesterday is a bit murkier and harder to unravel than simply leaping out in front of the pack to write that bin Laden has bombed yet another group of innocent white people from beyond the grave.

As I wrote before, what we know about the suspected assailant is only what others want you to know. Most of the speculation is based on his Facebook and Twitter pages which were only started a few days prior to Friday. Clearly either he wanted to leave behind a record for what he was going to do or someone put those together for him in order to create just the sort of “homegrown terrorist” they needed. Go here to view a PDF of his Facebook page.

The focus right now is on Breivik’s extreme right-wing fundamentalist Christian views and his nationalist tendencies (read as “anti-globalization”).  There is a photo that was on his Facebook page, which has since been closed, of Breivik dressed in his Freemason garb. The photo may have been photoshopped but if it was, it was still part of his original entries on that page so it was done by either Breivik himself or whomever created the page for him.

His Facebook page lists him as the Director of Breivik Geofarm and when one looks that up one finds that they have around 790 employees. The government page lists him as the sole proprietor of the farm.

“The authenticity of the online accounts could not immediately be verified, but government business records list a man of the same name and age as sole director of Breivik Geofarm.

In the records, the company says its business is the “growing of vegetables, melons, roots and tubers” and reports that it has 790 employees.”  MSNBC

This means Breivik was a wealthy businessman with an advance degree in business administration… he was certainly not “a farmer”

Breivik also served in the military in some capacity.

“Mr Breivik had served in the Norwegian military doing national service and had no criminal record according to reports.” the Telegraph

It’s too early to speculate as to the real cause of all of this. Was it just a case of yet another very wealthy “lone gunman” businessman with prior military experience going nuts and killing the socialists? Or was it something else entirely?

Personally I don’t believe this man could have carried off these attacks by himself. How was he able to shoot so many young people on the island, by himself, with no real counter-terrorist training? Whoever did this knew how to kill large numbers of people in close combat and was apparently good at it. This is another aspect to all of this; it’s one thing to hate “the socialists” or the immigrants and think they are wrecking your country, it’s quite different to shoot a hundred of them at close range and step over them as they lay dying to go shoot more. That takes a very unique kind of person with very specific training and experience. It’s something that hate alone does not qualify you for.

I will reserve judgement on this till more is known but at this point the Anders Behring Breivik story seems quite fishy to me.

43 Responses

  1. Mossad’s patsy for sure.

    Norway shouls declare war on israel.

  2. One newsline said yesterday (before the massacre!) that Norway is going to stop its Libya mission. So this massacre would rather be a punishment for the retreat.
    Another newsline says today that they are searching for a second gunman.
    Sorry, but I can’t believe a nationalist commits this kind of massacre on members of his nation that he wants to protect. And on children? This is so sick! As you mentioned, this needs a lot of cold blood, by training or by mental programming.
    Try to get some information on GLADIO, NATO’s stay-behind organization, trained and equipped for the guerilla war in case of the red flood. They committed many terror acts under false flag in Europe.

  3. Breivik veritas

  4. Willy, you may be interested in my own article, where I’ve used this post of yours as a link:


  5. “That takes a very unique kind of person with very specific training and experience. It’s something that hate alone does not qualify you for.” as you said…. and that gives me chills… someone sent a coldblooded killer to camp….. and that someone is as coldblooded as the killer… people need to find that B#**t##d and kill him or them.

    • … or her.

      • That’s true…. it could be a ‘her’ involved ……

        • attn Erik and jan
          when you are hinting that a “her” could have manipulated / brain washed the perpetrator to commit the crime and to ruin his life for good.. you seem to have a very clear suspicion of what actually happend..
          why don’t you put the cards on the table.. or would this be too dangerous??

  6. I think he owns debtorsreport.com that is where http://www.breivikgeofarm.com/ goes

  7. […] began to dig into the beliefs of Anders Breivik a little and what exactly the youth camp on Utøya is all about. It is being described as a Labour […]

  8. InfoWars has served up some interesting points about the bombing including a suspicion that instead of a car bomb, the bomb was underground and just coincidentally some sewer works were recently performed.


  9. Your Blog has been most important to me for a long time.
    I would like to ad more info on this subject for you to consider.

  10. Sorry the video seems to have been taken down the minute I posted it.
    It was uploaded by Anders Behring Breivik on the 22nd of July with the uploader name Andrew Brewick and had 304 views on the counter.

  11. I have to second the UN Agenda 21 poster – as in the now unavailable vid. there was mention of the UN being the root of multiculturalism, the coming muslim Invasion and a whole gamut of favorite conspiracy material – somewhere in the beginning one could see a dishwashing powder box on which was written BRAINWASH
    at the end of the vid Anders appeared in full combat gear, as a mason and a templar i think as well.
    if no mirrors of the vid or screenshots can be found, I will gladly search my brain for more info – if there is interest.

  12. “he wasn’t killed by the tactical team when they arrested him? Hmmmmm…..”

    Nope. After the bombing in Oslo’s center and the shooing massacer they tranquilized him with tear gas (NRK TV station, based on unofficial police information). I must admit that this is not quite the behaviour that I would have expected. To get him alive must have been more important to the tactical team than to stop him from shooting.

    This corresponds with Breivik’s intention. He could not escape from the island and didn’t commit suicide at the end. He wanted to be caught and to talk.

    Damned. Why haven’t they tranquilized Osama bin Laden with tear gas?

    • Because Bin Laden has been dead since 2003 🙂

      • LOL… ohhhh ….. thanks….. needed that..:)

      • This tragedy in Oslo raises some more questions on the official version of Abottabad. The show called “capturing-bin-Laden-but-unfortunately-we-had-to-kill-everybody-and-dump-his-body-in-the-deep-sea” was so grotesque, that it caused pure laughing all over. Obviously there was absolutely no intention to get him alive in the Matrix-version. Why not??? He was the head of Al Kaida – guess what value his informations would have had! And he would have been a great trophy. They have kidnapped, captured and tortured many for much less. But no, they shot him, took his dead body in one of the remaining helicopters (must be very much space in there) just to bury it in the sea short after.

        Or the Navy Seals are just dumb stupid and Obama had better sent a Norwegian team.

        • Do you believe that story? I don’t. I believe the variation where they shot him with a dye gun and tasered him at the same time. They took another body with them when they left, and made a big show of burying it at sea, with a whole air-craft carrier crew watching. But meanwhile OBL is off in some CIA safe house being subjected to enhanced interrogation, or perhaps driking wine with his ‘captors’.

          Either way I seriously doubt it went down like they said. That was just too convenient.

      • Bin Laden died late in 2001

        • He made a video in Nov of 2001 saying he didn’t do it and as far as I can tell he died in Dec of 2001… early Dec. So it would make sense that they didn’t want him making anymore videos.

  13. In Breiviks Document.no
    he uses quotes from the CFR guy Daniel Pipes – thats curious because as I watched the above vid (which is back up by the way)
    I was instinctively reminded of an internet troll by the name of ernie lazar who goes around websites quoting Hoover (initiator of cointelpro) and who supplied Pipes with FBi documents to help him build his anti conspiracy cases – but maybe this is besides the point.

    • no…. it is still not up .. due to service agreement… so says youtube

      • Here you go:

        • thanks Brian,

          He is one confused man. That last pic of him shows his weapon and it seems he had many ‘packs’ strapped to him…. could have had them full of bullets.
          Kept referring to Japan and S. Korea ….
          Sounds like he really wanted to protect his country’s industry and job production?
          confused man….. mentally ill?

  14. for me, the video posted by Brian is very revealing, blaming the Globalists, the Marxists, but strangely enough not the zionists, who are effectively runnig the show. The video is obviously of the same mold like the stuff which can bee seen on the following links
    (for me, all made by Mossad and related gangs)

    (concerning Daniel Pipes see http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=85229)

    (check out the links and you find the sites which are obviously controlled by the usual subspects)

    long story short, the Norwegian government was punished for their pro palestinian policy and slightly critical stance of Israel’s criminal behaviour

  15. You may be interested in this article:


    Apparently everything is the fault of Al Qaeda, even when it isn’t.

  16. Hi Scott,

    My name is Ali and im from Tanzania. Ive been following your blog for quite a while and have silently agreed with you on many aspects on your various topics.

    This particular topic worries me even more, considering what the man has proclaimed to be and the reasons that he gave for his actions.

    I however write to you today because of the ONE YOUNG WORLD SUMMIT that will be taking place in the first week of September in Zurich, Switzerland. I dont know if you have heard of it but for more info you can check out oyw.org. I was a candidate myself but unfortunately I could not go because i could not raise enough funds, Basically the OYW summit is like the world economic forum for youths, where you present your profile and are selected to participate if you can raise three thousand euros of course. It was successful last year, and this year there will be approximately 1000 individuals or more going for the summit from all over the world.

    My fear is that I have some friends going for this summit, and what if we have another nut job like yours truly in norway doing what they believe is the right thing to do. Like you said he couldnt have pulled it off on his own, and he has confessed that there are more like him all over europe.

    The hotel in which all the participants will be staying in is still under construction, which gives me a red flag, but i dont know, i cannot help but worry that something could go wrong, simply because with all that we know of events that have taken place in the past, it is very easy to see how this summit can be a viable target for whoever is pulling the strings.

    In any event, I have always respected and regarded highly your insights and so i thought i should let you know of my thoughts, and maybe you may be able to uncover something that i have not.

    Aliabbas Sherally

  17. […] claimed, the entire attack was the handiwork of just one man – a wealthy 32-year-old businessman, Anders Behring Breivik, who happens to be a right-wing fundamentalist Christian (and possibly a Freemason) who had access […]

  18. To quote Scott Creighton:

    ‘…. As I wrote before, what we know about the suspected assailant is only what others want you to know. Most of the speculation is based on his Facebook and Twitter pages which were only started a few days prior to Friday. Clearly either he wanted to leave behind a record for what he was going to do or someone put those together for him in order to create just the sort of “homegrown terrorist” they needed. …’

    You would think that Facebook and Twitter should be able to track the IP address of the person or persons who posted to Anders Behring Breivik Facebook and Twitter accounts. And you would also think that Facebook and Twitter should be able to determine whether or not it was posted from Anders Behring Breivik computer, cellphone, etc. If all the information and documents on Anders Behring Breivik Facebook and Twitter accounts were posted and uploaded by him, then Facebook and Twitter should be able to verify this or trace who put this together for Anders Behring Breivik. I have not seen anything about Facebook and Twitter verifying the above, have anyone else?

  19. good point, Iborex.
    Then, can we also trust Facebook and Twitter to report the truth?

  20. As far as Facebook and Twitter doing investigations and telling the truth to the public, I thought it was known that both had been suborned by the big-time CIA-linked databases which were putting every bit of evidence against everyone into files for future use against them when necessary.

    So these sources know – and are not to be trusted as I believe I’ve heard that they are owned ultimately by Zionists.

    I could be wrong, of course.

    Someone chime in with the contra facts, please.


  21. This Norway attack smacks of a psyop by the corporate-Israeli axis of greed. At this point, with this new attack, 7/7 , 9/11, the Spanish train bombing, the assassination of the Swedish politicians Palme and Lindh, the whole world is looking like the battleground for the Israeli Mossad and other Neo-Fascist forces of the New World Order.

    Their Tactics: By Deception, to Achieve Victory. Kill anyone who thinks the world’s wealth should be shared equally or believes in social justice. Divide and conquer Arabs and Christians both, by pitting them against each other.

    Patriots, socialists, and anyone espousing democratic values must rise up and fight fire with fire. This Brave New World is getting worse, and it’s going to take an international Revolution against the corporate petrochemical military industrial complex to make things right.

    “If you’re Not Turned on to Politics, politics will turn on you”
    – Ralph Nader

    “Better to die fighting for freedom than to be a prisoner all the days of your life”- Bob Marley

    Si se Puede!

  22. ref “Jews are mentioned more than 50 times”, my search on Google / Wikipedia showed only results that the first jews would have gone to Iceland in the 1930’s.. Is there evidence that the danish king gave the lease on Iceland to jewish companies?? understand the rule of the lessors had horrific consequences for the Icelanders at the time.. anyone some more details???

  23. His Facebook page lists him as the Director of Breivik Geofarm and when one looks that up one finds that they have around 790 employees. The government page lists him as the sole proprietor of the farm.

    Obviously no one here has any acquaintance with farming.

    A farm with 790 employees? That is about 2% of total agricultural employment in the entire country. There is no farm in Norway with 790 employees. I doubt there is one with even 50.

    That many employees would be doing $250M of business, approx. .2% of Norway’s GDP, and would make this hapless loser one of the largest business magnates in the country.

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