Truthageddon Approaches: So Who the Hell is Charlie Veitch Anyway?

by Scott Creighton

(A reader asked me what I thought of the Charlie Veitch conversion. I said “Charlie who?” H/T Mohammad Ali )

UPDATE: Go here and watch Charlie Veitch voice his support for the anonymous Blac Block agent provocateurs who have been proven to be linked with various police departments and intelligence services. Looks like Charlie has been a Cass Sunstein agent since the beginning. What a sleaze this guy is. Uses words like “paradigm” and gives multiple “shout outs” to various people in the room. This guy is like a bad used car salesman and watching him just leaves a slimy film all over you. He’s a pure Sunstein infiltrator. No doubt about it.

UPDATE 2: I’ve added a rebuttal video from someone at the end of this article. He makes some good points but I think he’s far too forgiving of Veitch and a bit naive when it comes to Veitch’s motivation.

UPDATE 3: Max Igan gave Veitch another chance to explain himself in a follow-up interview and when Charlie tried to fall back on his “well, I’m not an engineer” line, Igan countered with “Well, you don’t have to be an engineer, you just have to have a working brainwhether or not someone is an engineer or an architect is irrelevant “. Sounds like Max has had enough of Charlie’s bullshit. Later in the interview Charlie says he stands alongside Jullian Assange on this issue. Well there’s some credibility for you, huh? Jullian Assange? He also tries to claim that he stands alongside Noam Chomsky on this issue as well but recently Chomsky made the point that there is absolutely no real evidence that al Qaeda or bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 so I beg to differ with Charlie on that one.

UPDATE 4: In the above mentioned video, Charlie Veitch commits a rather disingenuous bit of logistical slight of hand in one of his arguments. Charlie claims that since only 1,500 or so engineers and architects signed Richard Gage’s petition for a new investigation and since there are over a million registered architects and engineers in America (not an accurate number by the way) then 99.9% of them believe the official story. This is a logical fallacy which Igan should have harped on.  The 1,500 are registered professionals who signed the petition and that is all that can be derived from that fact. There is no way in hell Veitch or anyone else can claim to know what all of the other architects and engineers believe or do not believe simply because they have not signed that petition.

UPDATE 5: A tip of the hat goes out to Jan who found this little gem: it’s Veitch’s biography from something called The Wake Up Call Conference. Aside from mentioning that his father was in the “oil industry” and a staunch conservative, Veitch also talks about the fact that he spent 7 years working in the financial sector for a company called HBOS PLC. They are a division of Lloyds Banking Group and the holding company for Bank of Scotland. A quick check of their past reveals that HBOS PLC has been involved in arms trading, mortgage fraud, and making bad loans. They helped push what became known as ‘liar loans” starting in 2003 just like the financial sector did here and it was these bad loans that collapsed the global economy when they were bundled into triple A rated over the counter derivatives. For it’s part in helping to create the atmosphere we have now, HBOS PLC was given a huge bailout in October of 2008, something to the tune of 64 billion dollars. That is what Charlie Veitch did for 7 years prior to becoming a “truther”.  Then in May of 2009 he started in on this little project.


With the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching the establishment media (with the help of some, let’s say, less than honest Truth advocates)  is pulling out all the stops to be done with the pesky Truth Movement once and for all. Gretavo over at WTCdemolition calls it “Truthageddon” and that seems to as good a title as I can come up with so I borrowed it. (H/T Gret)

Apparently there is some guy named Charlie Veitch (who I have never really heard of)  who was supposed to be a Truth advocate for a while. He actually refers to himself as a former “priest” in the religion of “conspiracy theorists”. Anyway, this Charlie guy agreed to go on a paid tour of 9/11 related sites with the BBC as a representative of the Truth movement. The idea goes something like this; take 5 “truthers” on a tour in the United States, have them talk to the “experts” like people from the CIA and apparently a demolition company (CDI perhaps?), and then watch as they convert to the official story.

I got my mind right boss. I got my mind right” Cool Hand Luke

The BBC filmed the whole thing, paid for it all, paid Charlie and company for their time, and now they are probably in post production getting ready to air it sometime close to the anniversary of 9/11. In an interview Charlie did with Max Igan (video at the end of this article) he mentions all the “experts” he spoke with on the tour and recounts the photos of evidence they showed him. He even mentioned that they took him out to California to “witness” an experiment involving BYU’s “nanothermite” distraction, which he says can’t cut steel beams. A whirlwind tour, first-class all the way, and all Charlie had to do was get his mind right. That was his price of admission. And he paid it.

Charlie now claims that he has seen the light and all of us who have studied the official story for years and have come to the conclusion that something is very wrong with their version of what happened on 9/11, well, Charlie now calls us “conspiranoia” (see what he did there? A nice little blend of “conspiracy theorists” and “paranoia”. How clever of him).  He also spends a lot of time ranting about the “Islamists”

Charlie set the whole thing up quite nicely actually. According to a report on the Intel Hub (via Federal Jack), Charlies girlfriend set up a stop for Richard Gage’s bullshit “nanothermite” centered European Tour and Charlie spoke at it as well just 10 days prior to his BBC trip. Surely it takes longer than 10 days to put together a trip like this one shooting all over the US, hotel accommodations, ground travel, demonstrations, “experts”, ect. ect. Charlie and his girlfriend certainly knew what they were about to do so the efforts with Richard Gage’s appearance at Cambridge was simply a staged effort to help build his Truth street cred. Didn’t work.

I watched the entire video of the audio interview Igan did with Charlie. Igan gave him an honest opportunity to explain himself and he didn’t attack him or harass him at all.

Charlie’s answers to most of Igan’s questions were vapid to say the least and at worst, at times, rather misleading and disingenuous. Charlie goes on and on with outdated, poorly articulated debunker tricks like trying to claim that the Twin Towers were “mostly air” and even at one point tried to claim there was only one column in the core of the towers. Max quickly corrected him on that. Whenever Max brought up a good point about the physics of the supposed collapse and how it didn’t follow the laws of physics, Charlie (like most uneducated debunkers of our past) would have to revert to the old stand-by “well, we aren’t engineers, so what do we know?” ruse. In fact he does that quite often during the interview. He should have a tee-shirt made up with that printed on the front and the back just in case someone missed it the first 40 times he says it.

In short, Veitch’s effort here is a very poor effort indeed. If he wants to play the role of the converted “truther” he’s at least going to have to do some basic research into the current debunker lines of debate. His shit is outdated and frankly quite pathetic. Ultimately his entire schtick boils down to “someone would have talked by now” which simply exposes that he is either completely unaware of the many successfully kept secrets in the past which involved tens of thousands of people (the Manhattan Project just to name one) or he is desperately trying to maintain his converted credibility by spouting anything he can in a futile attempt to remain relevant to the establishment media as their new reformed poster boy.

Max Igan does a really good job with the interview. He kept a level head, let’s Charlie off the hook once or twice just so he can string him along, and I think he exposed Charlie Veitch for the fraud that he is without having to actually say it.

I have often joked that I should become the poster child for a converted “truther” movement. Got to be good money in it. I could find some silly event, base my so-called conversion on it, and then clean-up on the MSM circuit and maybe write a book or two (or have them ghost written like Ventura does), then retire to a nice little house down in Mexico beside those other two frauds, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones. Adopt the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” tactic.

Charlie Veitch, the self-proclaimed high “priest” of the Truth movement beat me to it. Charlie says he’s going to make a documentary about his unconvincing “conversion”. I wonder how long till the book comes out. Plus you know you are going to see this guy on every MSM network after the BBC piece is aired. cha-ching! Looks like Charlie decided to get paid and all he had to do was sell his soul for a little establishment credibility. Shouldn’t surprise anyone as it happens every single day in every single university and corporation in America. And we should expect a few more Veitches to leach themselves out of the movement in the next few months, looking to cash-in on their 10 year anniversary marketing opportunity.

The first part of the Max Igan interview is below. If you want to listen to an obvious liar muddle his way through a discussion with Max, go right ahead. It’s worth a laugh or two.

rebuttal video

23 Responses

  1. Thanks for the hat tip!

    For the past two years Charlie Veitch has been posting videos on youtube called ‘everything is ok’ among others, calling himself and his cohorts ‘The Love Police’. I have to say I highly enjoyed the videos, and much of what he said on the streets of London using the megaphone was good, mixed in with ‘spiritual’ stuff about love, energy, etc. He seemed quite the truther though never put himself as an expert on 911 or terror, but his highly public antics and charming personality endeared him to many activists in the UK, where I guess he had a much bigger following than in the US.

    His status as an anti-establishment figure was really cemented, though, at the wedding of William and Kate, when he got arrested and his girlfriend got the whole arrest on video. This really boosted his popularity among anarchists and truthers as now he was a ‘martyr’ of the police state for simply peacefully protesting.

    I have to admit I really enjoyed his work until then, finding his antics funny, subversive, and creative, though I never understood the whole ‘spiritual’ aspect he put out. And I suspect he built quite the following in the UK as he started getting invited to truther events, not for his knowledge but due to his celebrity, in a sense.

    And then we hear this! I was flabbergasted, but the only conclusion I can come to boils to two:
    1. he was sincere with his anarchist schtick but was always more of an activist than an academic when it came the details, technicalities, and histories of 911 and terrorism. And then the BBC gave him a guided tour and overwhelmed his limited knowledge with the ‘experts’ and the ‘God-fearing Christians’ who themselves are dupes or ex-govt employees.

    2. he may have been an infiltrator from the start, a la Cass Sunstein’s cognitive infiltration. I mean, it’s public knowledge that Charlie Veitch started all this work after losing his job as a financial advisor in banking, after graduating with a philosophy degree from University. What if he left his job to build up a street credibility as an anti-establishment truth activist, and once he became popular and accepted as one, turns around and ‘sees the light’ and is now gonna be promoted in the media as the example to all of us unredeemed paranoid dogmatic conspiracists to follow to rejoin society?

    Listening to his interviews, he tended to repeat several points over and over, and betrayed an ignorance of such fundamental things such as the NIST report on WTC7.

    An example he kept making was the whole ‘scooping’ out of chunks of WTC 7, which was explained to him by ‘ex-engineers with families and kids therefore they have nothing to hide or lose or gain for lying’, and this explanation was enough for him, never mind that everyone he was introduced to was through his BBC producers/handlers. And he’s happy with this explanation without being familiar with the years of FEMA and then NIST theorizing, model-building then tampering, backtracking, and then a final NIST report that had to be edited again after mistakes were pointed out by highschool science teachers, and a NIST report whose authors ADMIT they never tested for explosives because they concluded BEFORE investigating that explosives weren’t involved. So somehow the US government’s ‘top selected scientists’ screw up explaining WTC 7’s collapse for years and end up with a report that leaves much to be desired, but some unnamed dude chatting to Charlie Veitch explains it all away so eloquently. Who are these people that proved to Veitch the truth of the official story? Why haven’t they been explaining this to the rest of the skeptical world for years?

    It all stinks. And unfortunately, when this hit piece in BBC airs, people on the fence are gonna watch this, get shown how ‘even 911 truthers have seen the light and agree with the official story once shown evidence’, and the rest of the real 911 truthers are gonna be made to look like idiots because they’re gonna show the ‘hologram’ crowds and the death threats to Veitch.

    BBC propaganda: well done.

    • Thanks for calling my attention to this. I’ve been wrapped up with something for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t even notice this story when it first broke. It is big news but I don’t think it will be as disastrous to the Truth movement as some might think.

      I didn’t know of him because I don’t focus on Truth speakers, I spend more time reading research and watching lectures from actual researchers and it certainly seems this guy contributed very little if at all to that side of it.

      I saw a video of him long ago walking around with his bullhorn (if this is the same guy) but though I thought it was refreshing to see him out there saying what he was saying, truth is, I don’t trust many people in this movement or any other for that matter who spend more time with bullhorns that they do books. AJ taught us that lesson.

      You make a very good point. When I watch this guy he infuses little qualifier talking points into his dialogue and he does so with surprising consistency. These are the same buzz words and catch phrases that we have all heard over and over again from debunkers and MSM talking heads. This isn’t an accident and it doesn’t happen right away just as soon someone “converts” to the official story. He shit is either being written for him or he is getting an action item memo about points he needs to hit.

      I am now listening to the follow-up interview Igan did with him where he is talking about Building 7 being “scooped out” and again, Veitch hasn’t gotten any better with his believability factor.

      I do want to thank you again for pointing this out. I spend a lot of time on this site exposing propaganda as it happens and this is a big one that, like the guy in the other video says, needs to be exposed before it happens.

    • We trusted him – i and my kids donated money for them , money we scraped together as my sons loved his videos. After reading about him im shocked he is a pervert glad my kids didnt get to meet him. I do feel sorry for the guys in the love police they should speak out and apoligise for Charlies fraud. He has done a lot of damage to truth movement etc how can we ever beleive anyone again.

  2. In his own “bio”, written by him,
    in 2009, he says the economy threw him out of his job (with a corporate enterprise that he did not want to work for) and then he began to look for the truth…. So I guess he hasn’t been a truth-er for long anyway; he now decides he wants to be on the inside again where the money is.
    His father is a retired oil man; the job he lost was selling investments for a financial group. Sounds like he WAS part of a set up…. he was very much of the globalist-mind set, threw out of hie job, says he got angry and investigated the ‘truth’ which even his dad agreed that our government was lying,
    Seems he got arrested a few times (drug charges?) during his seven years of working hard to sell investments to the innocent. Maybe, he worked a deal…. he would join the truth-ers and then spit them out and take a ‘tour’ of 9/11 sites to sell his new insight .
    Isn’t that cute… take a ‘tour’…. like the prince and his new wife are taking a ‘tour’ of America… (what? they checking up on their colony?)
    I wouldn’t walk two feet to see them…
    this man ‘Charlie’ is as phony as Obama.

  3. So this guy was “converted” by the BBC huh? also here’s a link about the british government’s attempt to control the news in the time of WWI Just the tip of the iceberg. The “Press” is an industry like any other, they sold out long ago.

  4. Take a break guys and switch on the TV. That’s Freeman TV. With 16+ years in this business, he’s got a lot to say that IMO makes a lot of sense. Spend an hour or so watching this video. Even if you completely disagree with him, it’s an excellent workout for the cranium.

    Can you say “Shekinah” (sounds similar to Shock and Awe hey Dubya)

    • I like this reply feature. Nice one!

      • me too. it was AJ’s idea to enable it

        • Thanks for the credit for your number 5 update, Scott ! I just don’t absorb as much info as you….. LOL

      • Oh no… John, does that mean that all these evil globalists will be cloned and have their memories restored to the ‘new’ copy? these evil sick people will live forever?
        No wonder they want all the money in the world…. it has to last them a trillion years….

        • Jan,

          After seeing what these bastards get up to on a daily basis, I wouldn’t put anything past them. One of Freeman’s oft-repeated themes is that everything is happening according to a plan and part of the plan is for us to be so busy fighting for truth and justice, that we waste our lives and energy in the quest.

          Freeman has a good record of forecasting major events including 9/11, the stolen election (the first Bush win) and Obama’s ineligible birth and now he’s forecasting the start of WW3 on July 4th. It obviously wasn’t this one but don’t write him off yet.

          The point is that by the time we think we’ve started winning the truth battle, it will be all for nought cause the bastards are already miles ahead of us with the next dozen power plays.

  5. He might not be off on the 4th of July…. it could be started… we just haven’t seen the fireworks yet… WW III has certainly been set on the chess board…. just waiting to see who tries to challenge it…
    thought China was … then I think it may be the African nations… once it starts, all nations will take a side…. we won’t win…..
    the wealthy globalists won’t care who wins.. they will sit it out … and soothe the wounds of the victor…. and then they will be in full power of everything……2/3s of the world’s population will be gone..

    so how do we jump ahead of these snakes? Think like they do… and then kick and block…. if only the police and army would realize how they are being used…. even the CIA is being used… and will be treated like criminals … they will be the ‘scrap-goats’ (the ones who survive the war) when the time is right…..
    I firmly believe that the computer geeks will and could be the warriors of WWIII….

  6. Interesting point, Jan. That could be why the full force of the law comes down on anyone who has enough skill to hack into the defense systems. They might even intentionally leave poorly-secured doors as bait.

  7. Charlie Veitch is a very obvious Attention Whore who will do or say almost anything to get the attention he craves and apparently must have in order to survive.

    His whole schtick — on the internet at any rate — is “See me! Hear me! Love me!” Makes you wonder how he behaved as a wheeler-dealer for the MOTUs. My bet? About the same.

    His shift from “Truther” to “Official Story Believer” is clearly not thought through. No thinking person can uncritically believe the Official Story; it’s impossible. There are too many loose ends, too many lies wrapped up in it. But in those interviews, he is challenged to “Think! Man!” and he can’t do it. There is no Thought at all. He has been told something, “Officially,” and he Believes! Yes! Thank you, Jebus! He’s seen the Light!

    One of his hundreds of videos online shows his “pre-crime” arrest at his home in Cambridge before the Royal Wedding. He is almost as meek and willing as a little lamb. Oh he and his girlfriend “argue” with the (apparently) fourteen year old policeman who’s been sent to collect him, but they do what they are told, are respectful, obedient, and remarkably cheerful (and “loving”) through the whole episode. Watching his complete obedience during his “pre-crime” arrest provides a real clue to how he could “convert” so easily and completely after being hauled around to witness the Real 9/11 Story by the BBC.

    Charlie Veitch has no independent action, thought or belief: he does and thinks and believes what he is told — so long as Attention is paid to him.

  8. Programmed opposition…and yes, a Cass Sunstein infiltrator.

  9. Hi! This is my first post here. Maximum Respect for The Owner of This Blog. For me it`s one of the most important news and thoughts sources.
    I just wanted to say taht I think that Mr Veitch is not bad at all.
    He could play with people (and get the donations) for much longer time, but he (surely? knowning what are the consequences?) cut out from the ‘truth seekers money’ and controlling (just a little bit 🙂 some people way of thinking. So, just to reasume – I do think that he has his right to think what he needs to think and his openess made his fans more aware of manipulation, and (the wiser ones) much stronger.


  10. Please post your proof that Jesse Ventura’s books are ghost written.

  11. It says ” it’s public knowledge that Charlie Veitch started all this work after losing his job as a financial advisor in banking” That is not exactly true! Charlie Veitch was doing his street protesting work etc before he lost his job!

  12. In essence, so what? People come and go making their opinions known every day of the week. Who cares that someone said this or that…. opinion on all sides is just opinion and not a kids game to prove who is right or wrong.

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