Bigfoot Loves Balloons – A Review of Mike Palecek’s “Camp America”

by Scott Creighton

We all have our little distractions; some more useful than others, some more dangerous than most.

At the urging of a friend, I recently read Mike Palecek’s Nov. 2010 novel “Camp America” which is described on his website as a modern retelling of Orwell’s 1984. The casual reader may take exception to that comparison as that Orwell’s dystopia was a far darker and better defined vision of the hell that is to come. Orwell dealt with not only the mechanisms of the fascist/collectivist state but also with the long term results they have on the human condition; on the degradation of the spirit of man.

Palecek deals with a more specific point in the progression of tyranny, that moment in history when the truer nature of collective repression shows itself for what it really is. He does so in a humorous and deceptively lighthearted manner which in some ways makes his novel more accessible and therefore even more troubling that Orwell’s vision.

In every nation where this neo-liberalization process takes place, there is inevitably a point in time where the opposition, the true opposition, must be removed from the society at large. Like a cancer being cut from a terminal patient, this repressive system of systemic corruption and institutionalized slavery needs to eliminate it’s only natural enemies;  empathy, social justice, human rights, and any of those who preach the necessity of such archaic virtues in the face of the new world order.

People with the wrong outlook and the willingness to do, write, or say anything about the inhumanity of the transition that is taking place are always removed from the equation once this system takes hold of a nation. Always.

From Chile to Indonesia, from Argentina to Russia, death squads and the vanishing of dissidents have always taken place and they always will.

Take for instance Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. We have for-profit black site prisons, for-profit rendition programs, and CIA death squads kicking in doors at 3 am or launching hell-fire rockets from hovering drones. The CIA director is taking over the Department of Defense so it doesn’t look as if this practice is going to end anytime soon and the Obama administration, under the watchful eye of the Clinton globalist machine, is steadily enhancing the unconstitutional surveillance state started by the previous two administrations.

It’s only a matter of time, folks.

Mike Palecek’s vision takes us to that very moment when all our distractions have to give way to the bitter reality facing us in an authentically contemporary American setting.

It’s a good read and an important warning about the nature of man being infinitely capable of ignoring the most ominous warnings until they literally reach up and bite him on the face. This website has spent a great deal of time over the past few years warning of the impending transition to neo-liberal tyranny taking place little by little all around us. Now, as the progression gains speed and purpose, we focus here on propaganda, the globalist’s tools of deception.

Perhaps that is my little distraction. Something wicked this way comes and we must not forget it.

Ultimately Camp America may be a bit more hopeful than some would prefer. But alas, hope is the final distraction and therefore the last balloon we have in our quiver.

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