A Truth Advocate’s Quick Review of “9/11 Truth Hollywood Speaks Out”

by Scott Creighton

It sucks. “D-” at best. How’s that for quick?

Get a load of this line up – Charley “winning” Sheen, Alex “mini nukes” Jones, David “reptilians” Icke, Jesse “Ray Beams from Space” Ventura (who recently wondered what ray beams from space weapon Osama bin Laden used to bring down the Twin Towers), Gary Busey, Jim Corr, Christopher Monckton, Willy Nelson, and a guy named Sam Harris at the end who tells us all to love each other.

Oh, I forgot the scene with Rosie O’Donnel and Willie “Last Man Out” Rodriquez (yes that is the same Willy Rodriquez who used his question at the NIST Q&A session to bolster support for the official conspiracy theory). That was a classic duo. Take a look at this screen shot.

Yeah, that’s the Truth movement, ain’t it?

They didn’t include any mention of David Ray Griffin that I saw, but they did see fit to include several plugs for neocon university BYU’s “nanothermite” paper.

Do I really need to say anything else? (I had a link set up to it, but honestly after listening to someone regurgitate the “peer reviewed” line again I removed it (just for future reference Daniel, Jones’ paper was “peer reviewed” by 1. the head of Jones’ department at BYU (the neocon institution that paid for the paper and provided the labs to run the tests and also paid the vanity press to publish it) and 2. a friend of Steven Jones whom he actually thanked in the paper prior to him “peer reviewing” it. So no Daniel, it wasn’t really peer reviewed. Perhaps rather than listening to someone’s talking points, you might want to read up on the real peer review process before you continue to embarrass the real Truth movement even more.))

They do address the Pentagon issue so I have to give them credit for that. But at some point someone should have thought that maybe it might not be a good idea having a guy narrate the movie who recently claimed he could smoke more crack than anybody else while his kids are in the house.

At best, this is a D- effort.

2 Responses

  1. Wait, so this is a movie? And Gary Busey? Jesus f’ing christ…

  2. I watched most of it and it is entertaining. Any attention is good, in my opinion. The tactic has been to keep 9/11 problems a secret.

    You wonder what “real” people really think about 9/11. I noted my 4 reasons to doubt the official story the other day (never shown any evidence/the Bukharis/the fact that firefighters still go inside burning buildings, even sky scrapers.

    And the illogic of it, starting a “jihad” with the US by killing thousands of US civilians. The only way Americans are swallowing that lunatic premise is by constantly demonizing all Islam and all Muslims else it just falls apart. “72 virgins” – that staple of Israeli propaganda had to be put out there the first day and pounded.

    The Aaron Russo segment of the film made sense. Why no follow-up attacks in the US after 9/11? We were all imagining scenarios in our heads, bombs in malls.

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