Awww… Jesse “Osama’s Ray Beams From Space” Ventura is Quitting the Truth Movement (after he sells his next ghost written book of course)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In related news, 9/11 Blogger, once the proud flagship of the real Truth movement, has gone full bore Cass Sunstein psyop. Once again, I knew and wrote about this transition quite a while ago and so have many other real Truth advocates, but this latest turn of 9/11 Blogger, where they openly advocate Dick Cheney’s official conspiracy theory of 19 angry Muslims and the gravitational collapse of the Twin Towers, has become all too obvious. Gone are the subtle attempts to draw Truth activists back into the fold of the official story like Cass Sunstein wrote in his now infamous “cognitive infiltration” outline plan. Now at Blogger they openly proclaim the official story as the correct one just like JREF or ScrewLooseChange or Fox News. 9/11 Blogger, TruthAction, 9/11 News, Pump It Out, Scholars for Truth, Jim Hoffman, and Jesse “Ray Beams” Ventura (with several others that are so obvious I don’t even need to take the time to list them).  The list just gets longer and longer. I guess Cass Sunstein’s operation has one serious budget.


I want to replace Hunter Thompson” Jesse “Delusional” Ventura

Jesse Ventura did an interview with Alex Jones via the phone from his Green Zone home in Mexico the other day. He seems to have had his feelings hurt because us big mean “truthers” (his word) gave him a hard time when he recently came out promoting the known disinfo specialist Judy Wood and her “ray beams from space” nutery. Jesse says that after his next book comes out he is going to stop talking about 9/11 altogether, I guess because us “truthers” are such a cruel den of vipers. That’ll teach us, huh?

Actually, this viper has been calling him out as a disinfo specialist since I saw his deliberately stupid TV show on the subject of 9/11.

After that stunning announcement, yesterday’s interview just dropped right off the edge of reality and plummeted into the cold, dark void of abject, talking bugs absurdity.  And I mean it really, really, really plummeted.

AJ launched into spin control immediately. At first he tried to reinvent the crisis by trying to falsely claim that Jesse had stated in the earlier interview that the Twin Towers were brought down by conventional high explosive demolition (which is clearly the what happened to them) but Jesse was having none of that and tried to interrupt AJ to tell him “no no no..”.

To be honest, what Jesse Ventura said on AJ’s earlier interview was that we needed to capture bin Laden alive so that we could figure out what kind of ray beam from space he used to bring down the Twin Towers. That’s actually what Jesse “Osama’s Ray Beams From Space” Ventura said. Pretty much verbatim.  And that was only a week or so after Jesse went on and on about earthquake weapons.

But AJ quickly countered Jesse’s mental slip-up and moved the discussion past tedious facts and then launched himself into a tirade, again, about how the people of this country, including us “truthers”, were “drugged and lying on the floor drooling” and that Jesse shouldn’t hold what we said against us. Indeed, according to AJ, Jesse needs to “pick us up and put us on his shoulders” and “shoot us up with adrenaline

At which point, Jesse (finally getting it that AJ wanted him to nix mentioning of quitting the movement till AFTER his new book is purchased by Truth advocates) uttered the now classic line…

I want to replace Hunter Thompson” Jesse “Delusional” Ventura

For those of you reading this who are not currently drugged, drooling, and lying on the floor just waiting for daddy AJ and Jesse Ray Beams to come along and pump you up with some of their special juice, for Jesse Ventura to make such a ridiculous statement is just fucking beyond belief.

First of all, the entire premise of someone WANTING to be like someone else, especially Hunter S. Thompson,  is so completely UN-HUNTER S. THOMPSON it almost makes it’s way back around a full 360 degrees and becomes Like Hunter Thompson. I know… it’s confusing. Perhaps ONLY people who are currently drugged and lying on the floor drooling can understand that logic.

It’s either that or Jesse Ventura is a fucking idiot who doesn’t understand a single fucking thing Hunter S. Thompson wrote.

Jesse went on to say that Thompson was a truth teller in his day and I guess, according to what Jesse said, Jesse sees his ghost written book listing 63 fucking documents you can get from free on-line as somehow in the same monumental category as Thompson’s ground breaking work. Well, talk about delusional and talk about completely narcissistic.

But delusional isn’t really all that new for Jesse Ventura, now is it?  The man has never been a Navy Seal, his campaign staff had to admit that years ago when a real Navy Seal got pissed at him making that claim, and yet when you watch Jesse’s ridiculous show on TruTV, there in the opening sequence, like he never learned anything in the past, is the claim that Jesse Ventura… was a Navy Seal. Not to mention Jesse’s costume choices when he goes to speak or give lectures….

Notice the Navy Seal medal?

“Bill Salisbury, an attorney in San Diego and a former Navy SEAL officer, accused Ventura of “pretending” to be a SEAL and wrote that Ventura would be blurring an important distinction by claiming to be a SEAL when he was actually a frogman with the UDT. Compared to SEAL teams, UDTs saw less combat and took fewer casualties.[6][7][8] Following that, Governor Ventura’s office confirmed that Ventura was never a member of the SEALs. His spokesman stated that Ventura has never tried to convince people otherwise.[6] Ventura stated: “Today we refer to all of us as SEALs; that’s all it is.”[8]”  source

It’s ok to be a little delusional. Most of us can’t make it through the day without a few little white lies we tell ourselves and certainly people like us who don’t simply take the word of the government as gospel fact have to, every now and then, tell ourselves “it’s going to be alright. I won’t end up in Gitmo with a black bag over my head being re-educated”.  If that isn’t a pleasant little fiction, I don’t know what is.

But Jesse here is quickly moving beyond what I call standard self-help delusions and he is Venturaing deep into “Leaving Los Vegas”  land if you know what I mean.

In the second half of the interview, remember, this is after AJ tried to fix Jesse’s “truther” image so that he could sell some books, Alex inexplicably gives Jesse the opportunity to explain his “reading” on the subject of what brought down the towers. The VERY SAME THING that REAL truth advocates got mad at him about in the first place. And Jesse went on to channel still more of disinfo specialist Judy Wood’s bullshit…

“Everything that is burning glows and is hot but not everything that glows is hot” Jesse Ventura

“Well, what melted the metal? To me it was put in the context of a microwave oven. When you put a piece of chicken on a paper plate and put it in the oven, the chicken will burn and yet the paper plate will be unharmed.” Jesse Ventura

Sounds to me like during the break, Jesse and AJ had a little program direction discussion and Jesse had to remind AJ that he was there to do something a little more important than just pitching some book sales. I don’t know. Did seem odd though, didn’t it?

Let me just answer one thing for idiot Jesse Ventura… the RJ Lee Group found various metals that had been melted under tremendous heat and pressure… what they call “combustion” conditions (like, I don’t know, high explosives maybe?).  Those metal spheres, MOLTEN METAL SPHERES according to the RJ Lee Group, were found in ALL of the dust around Ground Zero, and even in the bank building that they were doing the study for.  Those MOLTEN METAL spheres clearly landed on cars and various things in the area and thus BURNED some of them. Reports from witness DID SAY that the dust cloud was INDEED hot and yes, there are thermal satellite images of Ground Zero taken up to 6 weeks after 9/11 which PROVE that hot spots existed on that location that were much hotter than jet fuel can burn.

Let me just say this… Jesse Ventura is in no way interested in learned ANYTHING about what really happened on 9/11. He is deliberately doing his best to make us look stupid and to try to swing support to Steven Jones’ “nanothermite” bullshit (bought and paid for by ultra-neocon BYU)

Over a year ago I practically begged people to stop buying into his “bumbling truther” routine and to stop paying money so he can line his pockets while laughing all the way to the bank. Now, many REAL Truth advocates have come to the same conclusion and it is none to soon. Today I would like everyone who has a book from Jesse’s ghost writer to scratch the words “Sell” and “Out” on the cover of the book and mail it back to his publisher so that they will get a feel for exactly how many of Jesse’s new ghost written book are NOT going to be sold to us.

Do us all a favor and take the time to do that. That is, unless you are to busy being drugged and lying on the floor drooling and you’re simply waiting for Jesse and AJ to come along and give you a big meaty injection of their special go juice.

If you fall into that category, then by all means, just hang on and wait for the next thrilling shill-ride from Jesse “the next Hunter Thompson” Ventura. Personally, were I to wake up one day in that category, I would stick my head on a paper plate and wait for the ray beams from space to end it all.

I would…. I really really really would.

12 Responses

  1. A yep. Here was my take on his conspiracy show debut:

    Notice how many people at 911Blogger (I pasted it in above) seemed to have no issues and instead praised the show… John Bursill, Tony Szamboti, Adam Syed, Jon Gold, RLMcGee, RobertRice, bbruwhiler… Were they really that clueless? Or were they consciously trying to get truthers excited about this fraud? And when do people like you and me, Scott, ever get credit from anyone for somehow noticing what none of these fabulous truth champions seemd to? Doesn’t happen.

  2. I used to think Jesse was a good guy just trying to do his best with the TV resources available, but I don’t trust the guy anymore. He makes himself look more and more like disinfo every day. How unfortunate. I’ll say that many of your posts about him and his show are what opened my eyes to what he was doing.

  3. Oh my god, that’s so funny…

    You guys gotta check out that link Gret put up. i found this quote from Tony Szamboti praising Van Romero’s part on Jesse’s show…

    “I was really surprised to see him on the show and at first was expecting some sort of counter argument.

    He didn’t have to do this, but it seems he deep down wants to know what the real facts are himself.

    He did it the right way as he was cool and professional and just let the demonstration speak for itself, which was quite powerful.” Tony Szamboti

    For those of you who don’t know, Van Romero came out right after 9/11 saying that it looked at lot like a controlled demolition, then he had a little chat with a few people and then he went back on tv and he said something quite different.

    In the show, Jesse had him put together some “nanothermite” and Van set it on some little 8×4 “I” beam and lit it and it sat there and burned and smoked… but it did nothing… nothing… to the beam itself while the voice over asked ominously “Could THIS have brought down the Twin Towers?” and then left the question unanswered while the undamaged beam just sat there.

    And THAT is what Tony Szamboti was praising?
    god that is so fucking funny… and OBVIOUS when you think about it.

  4. You know, Matt… I wanted to give Jesse the benefit of the doubt as well. I really did. But like you point out, he’s going out of his way to make us look like idiots or “drooling on the floor” nut-jobs. I guess this is how Jesse planned to pay for his retirement down in that resort-like area of Mexico. and you’re right, it is too bad. Let’s hope his next book sale reflects this new understanding of the role he has chosen to play.

  5. Now nobody is going to take this issue seriously. This one will continually be ignored because of all that fucking disinfo!

  6. see that? Greenmon hit the nail right on the head. I was dancing all around it and Greenmon shows up and boom, nails it.

  7. It shouldn’t stop you, me, or any other activists from speaking out…but it pains me to agree with Greenmon. And it hurts even more to say that at this rate, I don’t think the full truth will ever come out.

  8. | I think I know the real Truth about 9/11, and it is quite radically different from the theories of the people in the 9/11 truth movement. It is totally, utterly unlike any of the theories I have read about previously. |

    Unfortunately, it is late, and I am up against a hellacious wall of things I MUST do tomorrow, so I just can’t polish up decently tonight. Maybe I will send the draft to Scott tomorrow. Very sorry to leave you all with this nasty cliff-hanger (I know you are all holding your breath). Please stay tuned!

  9. I hope I didn’t completely kill everyone’s hope 😦

  10. Disinfo or not it was always a long shot at getting the truth out imo. Look at JFK-still no justice and our media is even worse now.

    Speaking of disinfo, I get Ventura getting a lot of MSM airtime being an ex-Governor but Alex Jones sure gets a lot of MSM ink/airtime for a guy who supposedly is an enemy of the very people that own and influence it. AJ has always been annoying but at this point hes barely even trying to hide his controlled op status.

  11. Hasn’t changed my ‘hope’ since I had none to begin with. Anyone who has watched the Towers drop, knows that ‘something’ besides a plane was involved….. the rush to go to war and the clamor about being patriotic to the cause of the victims, the immediate clamping down on media and our freedoms for the sake of security…… told many to just shut up…… keep your jobs and pensions and shut up…… it has worked….. too many are scared to say anything ….. they just hope this new America will go away and leave them alone…. who wants to be in the next building that just happens to collapse …..? Is there any threat bigger than that for people trying to keep jobs and work?

  12. AJ isn’t the only one doing damage control with Jesse Ventura’s ray beams line. WeAreChange (which has pretty much become an infowars mouthpiece) is now attempting to get people to stop calling Ventura disinfo, going with the classic line of “stop the infighting, because if we can’t work together…THEY win!”

    This essentially has become another way of saying:

    “ask questions of your elected officials, but don’t questions about us”

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