Ventura Goes “Ray Beams from Space” While AJ Pushes “Mini-Nukes” – I See Your True Colors Shining Through…

by Scott Creighton

The planned implosion of the Truth movement is upon us and the contractors are setting their charges.

Well over a year ago, on Dec. 27th 2009 to be exact,  I wrote about Jesse Ventura being a fake “truther” in an article called “A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory 9/11“” (Above Top Secret had an interesting discussion of my review of Jesse’s work…”A Truther Debunks No SLAMS Jesse Ventura’s Show“).  His bullshit show on TruTV about 9/11 was full of some of the worst, most suspect characters the Truth movement has in it. It was designed to make us look bad. I said that from the start. I’ll find the link to my review of his pathetic show and put that up in a few minutes (edit. got it)

Fake Truth Ventura has done it again. This time he went on Alex Jones’ show and claimed that bin Laden should have been taken alive so that we could have figured out what kind of ray beam from space he used on the Twin Towers. He says it wasn’t controlled demolition but Osama bin Laden’s microwave weapons from space that took down the towers.

He was not only channeling Judy Wood like Steven Jones recently has with his earthquake weapons, but he actually had Judy in the studio with him feeding him lines (3:06 in video).

Oh the discussion was simply thrilling because then AJ comes back with mini-nukes hypothesis… I shit you not,  mini-nukes. Disinfo point.. disinfo counterpoint.

Sir, I will see your ray beams from space and mini-nukes and raise you both with shape-shifting lizard people from the center of the earth.

You wanna hear something funny?

Back in April after Jesse went on some show selling his bullshit new book, I wrote that he was publicly pushing earthquake weapons and LIHOP theories to discredit us, but if he really wanted to trash the movement he should…

“Want a taste of that “special” Ventura brand of “truth?  Earthquake weapons and LIHOP.  Now if he could just have worked in “ray beams from space” and 150 kiloton nuclear bombs, he would have featured the entire plethora of fake “Truthers” from “A” to “Z”.” Willyloman April 6th 2011

Did I call it, or did I call it?

Meanwhile Steven “Earthquake Weapons” Jones, soon to be appearing with Master Witches and Hyper Intuitives in a theater near you, has taken the opportunity to post still more disinformation about explosives and controlled demolition and magic pixie dust over at 911Blogger while the Gregg Roberts amen chorus tells us that if we question the official story about the death of bin Laden we are disgracing the Truth movement.  All the while those same people start taking shots at David Ray Griffin’s return to the Truth movement.

Truthaggedon” is right! it’s the Apocalypse of Reason my friends. So just sit back and enjoy the show. The obvious shills will be doing the crazy dance soon enough. All we can do is ride it out and laugh at the fools they make of themselves.

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  1. They are banging on the bin laden ‘thing’ while they bomb the life out of Lybia and its hospitals, schools, water supply, and universities… all this while they starve the people… done by NATO…

    These crazy ‘show’ people are laughing their asses off on the way to the bank… the networks should be sued for allowing such shows to air….

  2. Good call Scott. I remember reading that article a while back. I’m still on the fence with Jesse though. He might just be a gullible fool. What are your thoughts on the Susan Lindauer article currently being featured on She is pushing LIHOP as well…

  3. thanks Blane. You know, I didn’t read that article but I wouldn’t be surprised. Isn’t Veterans Today run by the guy who was helping to push the Dimiti guy’s story about 3 150 kiloton nukes planted under the Twin Towers? I will check it out. The article I mean. what do you think about it?

  4. Jan, there was a case here in Tampa about 10 or 15 years ago in which 2 local Fox News reporters did a story on Bovine Growth Hormones turning up in milk and having a rather bad effect on people. Fox ended up chopping up their story for the dairy industry and the reporters basically got canned when they resisted the producers and the network’s hack job on their story. They went to court and basically (I know I am mauling this story… memory ain’t what it used to be) the courts said that networks had the right to lie to their audiences if they wished. Or something like that.

    There was actually a good documentary about the case, but I can’t remember what it was called.

    The long and short of it is, in America, corporate media are “persons” and persons can have “opinions” or something like that. Basically you can’t sue someone for having an opinion.

  5. Thanks, Willy,
    but then the news programs should be titled “Opinions only Show”…. it should not be broadcasted as actual news or reporting events as it really happened. and programs like the one Ventura is on, should be noted as an intertainment show…. not a news commentary or documentary type show…..
    If Jones buys the time slot … his time should be labled ‘paid commercial program’ or paid comedy slot..
    they should be rated as either fictional or factual..
    ‘we going to have to stop using any products that these unfit programs air…. we need to protest with our pocketbooks or wallets… 😦

  6. Yea Veterans Today is run by Gordon Duff, who featured Dimitri’s underground nuke theory in a couple articles a while back. That whole episode definitely called into question Duff’s credibility and/or intelligence, IMO. He hasn’t mentioned it since though. His articles are worth reading for the comments alone, but he hits on a lot of info that the media wont cover so its always good to get another POV on stuff your thinking about. Obviously you have to question everybody, but I really can’t see TPTB letting any of their accomplices blast that much 9/11 truth all over a military veterans website.
    Regarding Lindauer’s article, I have to reserve judgement until part 2 is released. Part 1 is strictly LIHOP with a promise of a second future article that will address controlled demolition and Israeli foreknowledge. It will be interesting to see if the second article exposes her as a disinfo agent or confirms her as an honest whistleblower. If she is exposed, at least we’ll learn the official government propaganda that will be used to explain why the buildings were brought down in a controlled way on purpose.

  7. I was watching this on Youtube today and the second he started talking about how it wasn’t controlled demolition, I knew where he was going with it. But when he said JUDY WOOD, I automatically though of you.

    I wonder what the next fake truther thing will be. Perhaps the towers were brought down by Luciferian chants and black magic?

  8. I remember the milk story, read about it in “Into the Buzzsaw”.

    Gordon Duff has repeatedly censored me and just recently flagged my IP again so I can no longer comment about him pushing Sibel Edmonds LIHOP trash and various other disinfo. Ive read plenty of good articles on VT but plenty of bullshit as well. Duff himself is HIGHLY suspect imho.

  9. Alex Jones on Israel:

    “Thats their land…”

    Also “arabs own the media” according to Jones. Alex has always been a fraud but hes gotten progressively worse over the last few years. I used to think Jesse Ventura was just sloppy but I think hes being manipulated now. He needs to just stop.

  10. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as well, but I agree, he’s obviously being manipulated by someone – sounds like Judy Wood whispering to him in this video – so yeah, he just needs to go away. But something tells me he won’t.

    I also heard, have not confirmed yet, that he was on Thom Hartmann’s show talking about ray beams from space as well…

  11. “But when he said JUDY WOOD, I automatically though of you”


    my work here is done…

  12. “I wonder what the next fake truther thing will be”

    personally, I will give you a little preview of my new fake “truther” campaign….

    are you ready?

    Super Secret military robotic NanoTermites…

    That’s right. Billions of tiny little military robotic termites that ate all the beams away and left iron rich microsphere droppings in their wake.

    Don’t laugh. I think it’s going to be really really big.

  13. The truth disgraces the Truther movement. Seriously, how delusional can you be.

  14. I have spent most of my life (such as it is/was) as an electronics engineer. Today, I do theoretical study of linguistics and mathematical logic.

    I seriously considered the possibility that “particle beam weapons” might have been use to disintegrate the WTC twin towers. This did not add up, since even if someone had used energy from an orbiting dedicated nuclear power plant (an absurdity in itself), it could never have been sufficient to produce the Alka-Seltzer effect on Buildings #1 and #2. The energy factors could simply never add up. This despite the the damage to vehicles adjacent to the scene.

    Micro-nukes could have been part of the operation, but that is not so relevant.

    They did this with ultra-high explosives (recall my suggestion of aluminum “perchlorate” as the energy source) planted throughout the structures.

    Jesse Ventura has absolutely zero technical knowledge concerning these issues. Any jerk could influence him. He is a daredevil showman, not an engineer. So what would we expect?

    I think he is sincere, but woefully ignorant. He can put on a show, but he has zero technical knowledge.

  15. Actually, I think he’s become somewhat pathological.

    I recently read an article about some pastor who finally had to admit that he had been lying to his congregation about being a Navy SEAL for decades. The article suggested it has become so widespread, people pretending to be a SEAL, that it might even be considered a syndrome, especially after the staged bin Laden death.

    Jesse was never a SEAL and his campaign office had to admit that back in 2002. He also never saw ANY combat in Vietnam… no combat… he never received the Combat Action Ribbon from Vietnam.

    “Bill Salisbury, an attorney in San Diego and a former Navy SEAL officer, accused Ventura of “pretending” to be a SEAL and wrote that Ventura would be blurring an important distinction by claiming to be a SEAL when he was actually a frogman with the UDT. Compared to SEAL teams, UDTs saw less combat and took fewer casualties.[6][7][8] Following that, Governor Ventura’s office confirmed that Ventura was never a member of the SEALs. His spokesman stated that Ventura has never tried to convince people otherwise.[6] Ventura stated: “Today we refer to all of us as SEALs; that’s all it is.”[8]”

    Yet his TV show claims in the intro that he WAS a Navy SEAL, every article written about him on Prison Planet claims he was a Navy SEAL, and here is a picture of him from recently with him wearing a Navy SEAL teeshirt.

    In fact, the pastor who was busted lying about being a SEAL actually went out and bought a Navy SEAL Golden Trident medal which is the symbol for the seals… he apologised for wearing it.

    In that picture of Jesse Ventura, not only is he wearing the Navy SEAL teeshirt, he is also wearing the Golden Trident Medal

  16. Basically, I gave Jesse the benefit of the doubt for far too long. His behavior since the beginning has been that of someone working in opposition to our best interests as I have chronicled from the start and his character is seriously in question when the man continues to advance an unrealistic version of his own past even after caught doing so and asked to stop by real Navy SEALs.

    Now what does he do? He claims bin Laden took down the towers with ray beams from space… sorry, he’s not just a hapless dupe trying to do the right thing. That’s simply my opinion of course.

  17. and just for the fun of it, read this report written by a real Navy SEAL who did a little research on Jesse Ventura.

  18. Willy your clarifying perspective here is much needed and appreciated, thank you. I see Gordon Duff regularly endorses Jesse Ventura’s 9-11 pronouncements as “proof.” Duff’ makes bold and generally valid criticisms of government lies and media propaganda–very enticing but then combined with or followed by bizarre scenarios, rumors and crazy theories presented as facts. One big giveaway to the real agenda is Gordon Duff’s bio where he proudly claims the following expertise:

    “extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups.”

    International banking? Counter-insurgency? Defense technologies? Wow, I guess he’s not in my corner after all.

    Also weird and revealing to me was Carol Duff’s (his wife?) endorsement of the media campaign to discredit Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield’s wrongfully disgraced Lancet article was in truth a careful and modest “early report” on kids with autism and bowel diseases. (When you read the report you see it was the parents, not Wakefield, who initially linked their children’s physical and developmental problems to the MMR vaccine.) Anyway, the witch hunt led by scumbag “journalist” Brian Deer is (so far) a huge triumph of corporate propaganda. Clearly the Jones gang (Steven and Alex) along with Wood, Duff, et al are aiming for a comparable victory.

  19. Thank you for the discussion on the SEAL issue with Ventura. I had never heard that until I saw it here today.

    As for his pathology, I believe he was a good man who became involved in politics with generally good intentions but learned from Day One that inside it is much worse than anyone outside thinks it can be.

    That may explain his general breakdown in the last years of office, his bizarre appearance, odd statements, and reclusive behavior in the years immediately following his term, and his reemergence after reconciling himself to accepting things as they are in this country.

    More or less, a decent guy who bit off WAY more than he thought, couldn’t deal with it mentally, and decided if you can’t beat them then join them.

    Needless to say, if not fully self aware as a shill, he is letting himself be carried by the tide. We are all good to criticise him, but it still is a little sad to see someone so completely broken down and ruined from what he intended to become.

  20. I noticed a while ago that many of our so-called leaders in the Truth movement, and dissident movements in general, have military intelligence or general government backgrounds. That’s part of what has led some to assume that the entire truth movement was a government fabrication from the start. Morgan Reynolds, Ventura, Duff, Steven Jones, Barbara Honegger, Swerdlow, Stubblebine, Robert Bowman, Dwain Deets, and of course all the LIHOP “whistle blowers”

    the list goes on and on obviously. I think Wood had government contracts for a time as well as did Jim Hoffman I believe.

    Another thing about Duff is his connection with the UN “humanitarian groups”. Most of those are clearly NGOs working on destabilization campaigns in various countries. Recent example is the bullshit Syrian Organization of Human Rights. They are the ones being quoted now on every channel talking about their unproven atrocities being carried out by the Syrian government. It’s a human terrain project without a doubt.

    To me, Duff really exposed himself with Dimitri and his 150 kiloton nukes under the Trade Centers bullshit. Again, I had wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now that Truthaggedon is upon us, I think it’s going to become very clear very soon, who is real and who is not.

  21. A Friend

    You know, there were actually three actors from that movie Predator who went into politics. Arnold of course, Jesse, and the guy who played the Indian (the guy who threw off his weapons to confront the alien on the log bridge?). That guy actually starred in another movie I liked, Southern Comfort.

    Isn’t it kind of odd that three action actors from one movie would end up going into politics? I’m not suggesting anything, it’s just odd.

    I remember something about Jesse walking out of Paul Wellstone’s funeral service in the middle of it because he thought it was too political. Jesse did start to act pretty odd back then, maybe it’s because he knew they killed him and there they were trying to get some political points talking at the man’s funeral. Maybe that put the zap on Jesse’s head. who knows.

    But remember, he was getting a real hard time from people like the Navy SEAL who wrote that article above that I linked to so not only was he dealing with the pressure from the inside, but I think he was getting it from the outside as well. But he was generally liked for most of his term in office from what I understand.

    But that also goes to support my contention that maybe Jesse is just pathological at this point. Maybe he isn’t deliberately misleading people, maybe he is being influenced by other more devious folks… but either way, he’s cashing the checks and helping to wreck what many of us have been working for for many years.

    So yes, it is sad to see him like this. But what’s important is the effort, what is important is the movement. And at this point, as Truthaggedon approaches, I don’t think we can afford staying loyal to personalities simply because we can empathize with them. That is simply a luxury that we can’t afford.

  22. Kretov Vlad

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