Propagandist PR Flunkies Rub Their Stink on Seals

by Scott Creighton

As the hastily constructed bin Laden distraction falls apart at the seams, suddenly there’s a new threat to scare the public with, rail attack schemes, which supposedly puts Amtrak employees on a heightened “state of vigilance,”.

This is just another distraction.

Seems like all these propagandists can do is create more and more distractions when their little “plots and plans” start to unravel in their sweaty little hands and the control they so desperately seek starts to slip through their pudgy little sausage fingers.

Something interesting is taking place with the “official story” which we should probably take note of.

Last night I noticed a story about the homecoming for the Seal Team 6 members who supposedly took out the most wanted man in the history of this country. There will be no parade, no special assembly, no heroes welcome for them.

According to the story’s unnamed “source”, Seal Team 6 returned home to no fan-fare and will never speak of their involvement in this operation, an operation that Barack Obama called our greatest single victory in the war on terror.

These soldiers will never be named, they will never tell their story to the press, they will always be sworn to secrecy about a mission which has had every single detail retold to the public over and over again already, including the supposed CIA debriefing notes which made it clear that bin Laden was not armed when he was shot.

This is the most well publicized and scrutinized Seal Team 6 mission in history, we have various animated films showing exactly what they did, when they did it, and how they did it.  And yet the members who conducted it can never be named and can never speak about it? An ugly CNN “reporter” was parroting their damn debriefing notes on international television for God’s sake. The ONLY way we could know MORE about this mission is if we were told what size condoms the Seal Team members buy.

But we can’t ever hear from the team members because the specifics of the mission are a secret?  Are you kidding me?


In reality, if this raid did actually take place (which is highly doubtful at this point) this is what Seal Team 6 is being credited for doing:

  • sneaking in at night
  • losing a rather expensive top-secret helicopter
  • engaging one armed “courier” (according to Pakistan, he was unarmed as well)
  • killing a 19-year-old who was unarmed
  • killing another unarmedcourier
  • killing the wife of the courier, a woman, who was also unarmed
  • shooting another unarmed woman in the leg
  • and eventually killing the most valuable source of information in the Global War on Terror while he was in his bedroom, unarmed, and wearing his pajamas. Reportedly because he did not raise his hands fast enough.

Then to make matters worse, they dumped his body at sea, less than 10 hours after the raid, so that no one will ever know if they actually killed bin Laden or if they just ran in and wiped out his son’s family for a PR move.

In some countries they call those “assassins”. In fact, I think this entire mission is straight out of Hit-Man 2, but I could be wrong about that.

Navy Seals have a storied history; some of it heroic, some not so heroic. That’s “war” these days I suppose.

But the story that is being attributed to the Seals in this case is far less heroic than the MSM and the White House would have us believe and I don’t think that does the reputation of the Seals any good at all. In fact, with most people quietly questioning this whole thing around the water-cooler and at their local watering holes, it kinda makes the Seals look like either callus mob hit-men or sloppy, trigger happy soldiers.

And that’s the best case scenario for the Seal Team’s reputation. Worst case is that the people of this country start to look at the Seals like they do the people surrounding the made-up Jessica Lynch story or the cover-up of the Pat Tillman murder (and yes, it was murder)

The people of this country are tired of the bullshit.

We’re tired of the Public Relations flunkies who are running these psyop programs thinking they got us all fooled.

They don’t.

And all you got to do is watch one stupid version of their marketing campaign after the other fail and blow-up in their faces, over and over again, forcing their assets in the MSM to rescind one ridiculous lie after the other to understand that we are NOT fooled by the propaganda these law-school drop-outs come up with no matter how many times we hear their “right-think” slogans repeated on the television or Tweeted by their personas.

Eventually all of their bullshit stories end up the same way once they completely fall apart under more careful scrutiny; “we aren’t going to talk about it anymore, you have to take our word for it or the terrorists win… look over THERE! Look over THEEEERE!

The propagandist public relations flunkies have rubbed their stink all over the Navy Seals and I for one would love to see the Seals get a little pissed off about it.

The people in this country, hell the country itself, doesn’t stand a chance if good men keep silent while slime-balls make all the noise from behind their anonymous desks plunking away at key boards as one of their many “personae”.

I’m wondering when the military and the Seals and all the other services out there are going to finally have taken enough from the sniveling cowards writing this drivel (including Pennetta and Clinton), this “news”, and say “no more. No more will we be used as your pawns, no more will we support your bullshit stories with our silence.”

Not likely, but I can still “HOPE” can’t I?

10 Responses

  1. I think it is good!

    Few died, if any. Lots of feel-good! Lots of coverage… no real cost.

    Funny in a wag the dog way!

  2. the false flag ops have definitely been more of a “kinder gentler” kind since Bush II left office, haven’t they?

    No 9/11 type attacks, no Amerithrax sent in the mail to people who tried to block the passage of the Patriot Act.

    Instead we get Umar Fizzlepants, fireworks in green SUVs in Times Square, and bin Laden sleeps with the fishes.

    yeah, one might call that “CHANGE”

    “HOPE” our luck holds out.

    Hard to “BELIEVE” it will though

  3. PressTV not reporting any serious demonstration in Pakistan after Friday prayers. now if there is no anger in Pakistan then what hope elsewhere? we seem to have just accepted and moved to the next bullshit. surreal!

  4. This is what happens in a closed society. People just try to keep their heads down and keep a grasp on what little they are allowed to hold onto.

    I have literally noticed people at check-outs and at bars, whispering amongst themselves in low hushed tones about the bullshit story of the death of bin Laden.

    An NBC poll asked if they should release the photos of the dead bin Laden and over 80% said yes. The others, based on the bullshit comments they left like “we should just trust the government”, were clearly PR personas trying their best to offset public opinion.

    You read about these kinds of things, these kinds of public attitudes and suppression in journals about life under NAZI Germany and you can read about them in books like 1984, that is, if you can find a copy of it these days.

    Yeah, it’s surreal, watching it develop in these early stages, but understand, it never lasts. Ghandi got that right. It never lasts

  5. Obama is supposed to meet this Seal Team 6 privately in Kentucky sometime today to thank them.

    After that, I suppose, he’ll need to go out west and privately thank our drone pilot heroes.

    r ap

  6. you mean the drone pilot heroes who killed 3 of Gadhafi’s grandchildren? those heroes?

  7. Yep, those heroes.


  8. Hey Scott, Hey Roy,,,I want you two to picture this scene in your head. It just happen, and i just recovered.

    Ok, im sittin here reading the above, eating hot dogs and chips. i get to that line “And Bin Laden sleeps with the fishies”. I don’t know why but that just cracked me up uncontrollibly and i almost chocked to death on a bite of a hotdog.

    Isn’t that a line from Godfather?

  9. Having connectivity problems here, “B”–keep losing it. Gave it my last pill. Don’t know what else I can do for it–let it rest, maybe. The man is supposed to come Tuesday to look it over.

    Well, don’t remember much from Godfather, but it sounds like something might have come from there.

    Bummer might get his own Oscar if he pulls this off. They’re saying he’s riding high in the polls.

    Better get this posted, before it disappears.


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