New Bin Laden Photos Released: They Seem to Contradict Each Other

What? You want more proof than this? What are you, a “conspiracy theorist”?

bin Laden death photo (the un-photoshopped one)

However, rumor has it that bin Laden may not have been in Pakistan at all. Just a rumor though

whatcha guys watchin?

5 Responses

  1. The propaganda continues with a “confirmation” of bin Laden’s death by none other than Al-Qaida:

    Of course, the source for this story is from a “statement posted on a Jihadist internet forum. However, the report failed to mention when this statement was issued and when and how bin Laden died.”

    The silliness continues…

  2. Nahhh, judging by their expressions they’re probably watching the “40 Year Old Virgin”… I doubt Bin Laden’s seen that one.

  3. Holy shit, I’ve been wrong about everything. Here I was thinking 911 was an inside job, that our government was controled by liars,fakers,traitors, and perverts who were intentionally destroying the country. But that shoe, that floating shoe, I can’t deny that devastating evidence. I hereby pledge to totally reform myself, to obey the dictates of our glorious leaders, to destroy the enemies of our illustrious Reich, and to prostrate myself in total servitude to our financial/military/political elite. Go U.S.A.!

  4. LOL

  5. heh, heh… He said “prostate”. heh heh

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