Bin Laden Distraction UPDATES

by Scott Creighton

While the country focuses on the bullshit bin Laden story, the neoliberalization of America and the Global Free Market Wars continue unhindered.

The Obama administration is working on 3 new Free Trade deals which they hope to get signed this year while jobless claims just hit an 8 month high. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is pressuring congress to show the same bipartisan cooperation in passing the pending austerity measures that they showed in “getting Osama bin Laden”, whatever that means.

Officials in Pakistan are now claiming there was no fire fight what-so-ever in the raid that took 5 lives supposedly including that of bin Laden. Witnesses claim his daughters saw bin Laden executed. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has definitively stated that there will be no more disclosures about what happened.

Hillary Clinton has claimed that in the now infamous situation room photo, she was covering her mouth to prevent one of her “spring coughs” rather than trying to make the staged photo seem more dramatic. Apparently the first story that they watched the operation in “real time” is falling apart just like most of the rest of the bullshit story. Clinton says she “can’t remember” what they were watching in that room.

But remember, if you don’t take these guys at their word and you question the official story of what happened, you’re an “extremist

In that vein, Hillary Clinton has also come out and made it clear that killing bin Laden will not affect the “Global Free Market Wars” in any way and that we must now “redouble” our efforts to combat terrorism all “around the world”.

Let us not forget that the battle to stop al-Qaida and its affiliates does not end with one death,” she said. “We have to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts, not only in Afghanistan and Pakistan but around the world.”  MSNBC

I am sure the “news” organization that reported on that quote was quite pleased since it is partially owned by the single biggest defense contractor in the world.

8 Responses

  1. I would have to say if his face and head are as bad as they say then he was shot from behind (mushroom effect). So now he is an acrobat that can hold women behind his back to shield himself. Oh wait now theres no woman shield, its so mixed up in the fog of war! But what created a ‘fog of war’ if there is no gun fight? Time to just own up Obama Bin Lyin…

  2. Being called an “extremist” by these carrion-feeding empire pricks has got to be the highest compliment anyone can receive in this madhouse of a country called the U.S.A. Orwell was truly the prophet of the age.

  3. Right on, stan.

  4. Hey Scott, what’s up with Chris Hedges and his recent weird monologue at truthdig?

    off the cuff first impressions I know, but still….my first reaction was, “bin Laden died a long time ago.” Hedges has been eloquent and forceful in protesting the war on terror, the whole corporatist agenda, but his immediate reaction seems like a back-handed endorsement of its assumptions. Another example of how those who want a shred of mainstream credibility have to cosign?

  5. Well I see for a start that Hedges is heavily invested in the official 9/11 mythology which he helped create. He got a share of the 2002 Pulitzer for the New York Times series “A Nation Challenged.”

    For example see Hedge’s article in the NYT for Nov 8, 2001, “The School, Defectors Cite Iraqi Training for Terrorism.”

    Was this the kind of propaganda that helped fuel the momentous and long-planned invasion of Iraq?

    Maybe Chris Hedges explains all this in his books. Willyloman, anybody? But I see him described everywhere as “Pulitzer Prize winning” journalist, so OK now I want to go back and read more of those articles in the “A Nation Challenged” series.

  6. In other news, the appointed financial minister to-be of the Libyan banker-rebels says they are burning through $100 million a day. He hopes to shake down the taxpayers of the US, France and Italy for $3 billion to keep the show on the road long enough to need more. (I don’t know why arab banking can’t finance their own NWO franchise.)

    Despite being a refugee living/teaching in the US, Mohamed Ali Tarhouni, also managed to be wired into Libyan banking.

  7. Hedges is very good on some things, and can write brilliantly at times. But just like a lot of others, there are certain places he just wont go, like false flag terrorism or Israeli subversion of U.S. politics for example.These things dont mean he’s a “sell out”, but just keep them in mind when reading his work. Don’t ever become too dependent on any one writer for your info and/or opinion, and always, repeat always, maintain a healthy dose of scepticism no matter what the source.

  8. Bin Laden has been dead for many years.I saw an interview with some Indian and Paki college students a couple of yearss ago and they said evryone in Pakistan knew BinLaden had been dead for years.The Shadow government will use the Bin laden Computer Info Hoax to destroy more of ypur righrts and freedoms while Israel and The MIC loot the Treasury incessantly until we are all slaves of the Government.

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