The bin Laden Story Just Keeps Changing and Skeptics of this Bullshit Story are Now Called “Extremists”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The ridiculous propaganda just goes on and on (see the end of the article)

UPDATE 2: Skeptics of the ever changing bullshit story are now being called “extremists” by the White House (see the end of the article)

UPDATE 3: What would we do without all those accurate artist’s renderings? (see the end of the article… for a laugh)

Well, it’s been a couple of days since the Obama administration played their Osama card as a distraction from the killing of 3 of Gadhafi’s grandchildren in Libya and the story just keeps changing. Kinda reminds you of how the official story of 9/11 kept changing, doesn’t it?

Hell, even the Cuban media understands that this is just a distraction.

At first the story about the daring raid was so chocked full of obvious propaganda, it was making people wonder about the legitimacy of the whole thing, especially since they supposedly dumped his body over the side of a ship 10 hours after the raid (for some strange reason) and they are still “debating” whether or not they should release photos of a dead bin Laden (for some stranger reason).

(The raid is reported to have begun at 3:30 pm on May the first and to have taken 40 minutes (with bin Laden being shot near the end of the raid). The “burial at sea” was reported to have taken place at 1:10 am on May the second, just under 10 hours later and before the DNA testing came back that morning.)

Basically, they had no proof except their “trust us” approach to the whole thing. Once again, this reminds one of their case against bin Laden with regard to 9/11, at least it should if you’ve been paying attention. Noam Chomsky recently pointed out on Press TV the reason that Bush refused to reply to the Taliban’s offer to hand over bin Laden just weeks after 9/11; “We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any.”. Plus, they wanted to invade so handing over bin Laden would have kinda messed up that plan.

According to the first official heroic story of the raid, bin Laden went out in a blaze of gun-fire shooting his AK from the hip and hiding behind various women at the same time. The “human shield” story is always a nice touch. We can thank the Israeli Defense Force for that lovely little contribution to the human condition. I can’t tell you how many TV talking heads I have heard waste hour after hour ranting about the moral significance of that one over the past couple of days. Of course, like most everything else they talk about these days, it was pure bullshit.

According to the White House spokesman: “In the room with bin Laden, a woman, rather bin Laden’s wife, rushed the U.S. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed,” Carney said. “Bin Laden was then shot and killed. He was not armed.”

No real explanation is forthcoming from the White House as to why they can’t seem to get their story straight. One thing that has remained consistent is the part of the story that claims bin Laden was shot “over the left eye” which I reported on as soon as it was first Tweeted by a NBC news White House correspondent.

“U.S. officials say the still-secret photographic evidence shows a precision kill shot above his left eye, which blew away part of his skull. He was also shot in the chest, they said.” MSNBC

The significance of this aspect of the story is that it just so happens that there has been a faked dead bin Laden photo floating around for years which also just happened to show him shot “just above the left eye”.  It’s possible that someone thought they could use this existing photo till a few Google searches showed that it had already been debunked a long time ago. Takes a while to photo-shop dead bin Laden photos I guess. Maybe it wasn’t in the budget. Who knows.

The problem for them is that they can’t rightly change that part of the story once it got out. Would seem kind of odd if they can’t tell a head-shot from a gut shot.

Also changing is the assertion that they intended to take bin Laden alive if possible.  Now we know, according to their own “official story”, that bin Laden had not come out of the “compound” with guns-a-blazing, but rather, he was standing in his bedroom unarmed when someone supposedly shot him in the head and the chest. A “double tap” if you will.  Then like any good mobster, they dumped his body in the drink.

Perhaps the story is changing because they just want to keep the distraction going as long as possible. Perhaps they figured it was too damn obvious as written the previous way. Who knows. Those 3 grandchildren are still dead and NATO forces are meeting in Rome again to plan their ground invasion of Libya as we speak.

The distraction goes on and on.

UPDATE: Here’s something for the “let’s get the story straight” file

The official talking point they are floating out there as a reason for not releasing the photo of a dead bin Laden is such:

We want to make sure that we maintain dignity, if there was any, in Osama bin Laden, so that we don’t inflame problems other places in the world, and still provide enough evidence that people are confident that it was Osama bin Laden.”  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers

Now remember, they just got finished explaining how they released bullshit information about bin Laden using his own wife as a human shield. Just consider Rep. Patrick Meehan’s statement from a sub-committee meeting yesterday…

That he reportedly died using a woman as a human shield is an image that cements the true nature of his character, and such cowardice will be a part of his legacy,”  Meehan

What a difference a day makes, huh?

UPDATE 2: Don’t question authority when they dump the evidence in the drink and keep changing their story over and over again… you will be called “an extremist” (and we all know what they do to “extremists” don’t we?)

US official: “The only skeptics are extremists and they wouldn’t be convinced by a photograph anyway. So the president has to weigh the potential negatives and they’re huge, there’s a tremendous risk of the photo becoming a rallying cry for attacks against US soldiers, government personnel, and Americans in general.” ABC News

UPDATE 3: Dramatic artist’s rendering of the daring bin Laden raid… too bad it’s almost completely wrong… (click on image for larger view)

notice the info came from the CIA

Does this cartoonish rendering remind anyone of another one we saw a few years ago?

There are not ONE of these but MANY of these” Donald Rumsfeld.


13 Responses

  1. Not releasing photo because it may inflame groups? that is so …. odd….. Doesn’t murdering an unarmed man inflame groups? They have described the wounds in detail and they say the picture would be gross…. wouldn’t just saying all that inflame groups? And dumping a man, born on land and desert, into the sea…. wouldn’t that inflame groups?
    And murdering sons and grandchildren, wouldn’t that inflame groups?
    Extremists…. isn’t that what Hilliary and Obama are?

    “These extremists tend to favor outrageous and sometimes violent tactics. They are also likely to be very reluctant to accept any form of compromise. In their pursuit of complete victory, extremists often take aggressive actions which other members of the group oppose. Nevertheless, these extreme actions are often seen by the other side as representing the true feelings of the larger group. This tends to lead opponents to conclude that they must respond with extreme tactics of their own. This causes the conflict to escalate quickly, even when most of the people on both sides of the conflict are far more moderate in their views and desire much more moderate and conciliatory approaches to problem solving. ”
    taken from :
    Not sure if the above group is referring to governments…. but the description of ‘extremists’ certainly fit Hilliary and Obama…. to a ‘T’….
    violent acts? yes, they order many of them…… and against the will of the people….
    encourage wars? Yes, they do.

  2. it’s all just so fucking preposterous, and begs the question, “how the fuck do they continue to get away with all this?”
    i guess it’s easy to get away with something like this when the audience is (a) irretrievably hooked into/mesmerized by your mainstream propaganda mill, and (b) emotionally invested in american exceptionalism.

  3. They’ve admitted that Bin Laden was unarmed. therefore, he was summarly exicuted without any benifit of trial. Now, for sure, he was a murdering terrorist and apparrently there is sufficient evidence to charge him with criminal acts related to the embessy in 1998.. They caught him totally flat footed and unarmed and could have tazed him and therefore taken him alive, but elected instead, to kill him.

    I don’t love Usama Bin Laden, nor do i greive his loss. What i do greive however,is the absence of legal due process. I don’t give a fuck what so ever by the possibillity of his myrtardom.. In a civilized society, person’s suspected of, or charged with criminal act’s should be entitled to face their accuser’s in a legal proceding , not exicuted outright. A fitting punishment would be natural life in prison, particularly in this case, instead of death which would aggrivate the myrtardom ability. of this particular individual.

    I’ve heard, but not confirmed for sure, that the President ORDERED Bin Ladens outright exicution on site. (if that WAS in fact Usama Bin Laden, and it probably was. I would find it hard to beleive that they would find a good look alike, place him in that coumpound, and then go in and kill him. But,,you never know,,,,,,)

    The fact is, Usama Bin Laden quite possibly could have been a very interresting witness indeed, with respect to the truth concerning the 9-11 attacks. But dead men can’t ever testify now can they.? It’s sorta like how Lee Harvey Oswald was silenced., see what i mean?

  4. Evil Dead 3

    Before I get on the serious stuff, let me remind you that there is a website called the Comics Curmudgeon, where an excellent man named Josh Fruhlinger spends a lot of time mercilessly lampooning the comic strips of the day.

    What does that have to do with the topic at hand?

    This: that the saga of the elimination of Osama bin Laden has now developed so many twists and turns that not only does it surpass the efforts of a drunken sidewinder, but if it were a comic strip, it would be richly deserving of Josh’s best snarkery.


    I must admit that I’m having a harder and harder time taking any piece of ”information” I get about this affair seriously. It seems to me that today’s statement is denied today, without bothering to wait for tomorrow. Much of the assumptions I made, going by official statements, in the previous two posts have already been abandoned…because of new official statements.

    So, just as a kind of overview, let’s see what we have got at the moment, according, as always, to the official narrative:

    Osama bin Laden, instead of shooting back at his attackers, as initially reported, or cowering behind his wife whom he was using as a human shield, as also claimed, was (according to the latest reports) doing neither [1]. No, he was “unarmed but resisting”, so he had to be shot – apparently, in the head. I have a question about what kind of resistance a physically frail unarmed individual can offer to armed Navy SEALs that is so intense that they have to gun him down. Actually, I’m probably far from the only person who has questions on that point.

    Also, his wife wasn’t killed, though another, so far unidentified woman was, a woman, moreover, who wasn’t even in the same part of the compound when she was killed [2]; nor was the wife used as a human shield. However, she was ‘only’ shot in the leg because “’she attacked the US forces.” I’m sure all those big and strong men must have been utterly overwhelmed at the assault of an undernourished, oppressed, disadvantaged burqa-clad woman in order to have to shoot her to subdue her. How do I know she was undernourished, oppressed, burqa-clad and disadvantaged? Well, wasn’t bin Laden against all “Western freedoms”, and aren’t all Muslim women whose men are against “Western freedoms” undernourished, oppressed, burqa-clad and disadvantaged? Oh, and add to that list “brainwashed”, for who except a brainwashed woman would assault the forces of freedom?

    Then, there’s also the little fact that – contrary to previous claims that bin Laden was to be captured if possible and not killed – the object was to kill him all along, and capture him only if he “surrendered” [3]. This, you may remember, is something I had explicitly declared in my previous update – that the idea was to kill him, come what may. Now they have explicitly admitted it, and that is very interesting on several points:

    First, his death was an execution, no more, no less. It was, without a doubt, a vigilante-style execution, if the official accounts are to be believed at all. And if it was an execution, isn’t it important to ask why?

    After all, isn’t it time the American people came off their high and began asking a few simple questions?

    Like, for instance, why shoot bin Laden instead of arresting and trying him, because if he is guilty, then they can execute him judicially afterwards and he’d be equally dead anyway?

    Like, if Osama bin Laden was actually in that situation, hiding in plain sight as it were, then wouldn’t even a semi-competent administration – let alone one which has legitimised torture [4] as an interrogative tool – have preferred to squeeze every bit of information out of bin Laden rather than expect to find the so-called “treasure trove” of information they allegedly unearthed in his hideout? If you were in Obama’s place, what would you do?

    Like, why is bin Laden always equated with 11/9, despite that being a crime with which he was never formally charged and for which the FBI admitted a lack of evidence? Why do people never seem to remember that not only was he a Frankenstein’s monster, but that his victims were mostly Afghans, Arabs and Russians…and that bin Laden was a financier and backer of terrorists like Shamil Basayev (of Beslan) for example? Does that say more about Americans than about bin Laden?

    Like, was bin Laden captured previously, squeezed dry, and then bumped off when of no further value? Is that why this allegedly highly conspicuous “mansion” featured on nobody’s radar all these days? And if so, was he bumped off because there was no information he could give regarding the 11/9 crime he has been accused of? Was the lack of evidence the FBI has already alluded to so complete that even a secret military tribunal couldn’t find him guilty? Did the US know all along where Osama was, and kill him only at a politically opportune time [5]?

    If the answers to these last questions are no, then why on earth was an unarmed bin Laden shot? Isn’t killing him going to turn him into a martyr, especially as bin Laden had already told a journalist that he didn’t fear death, and that only if he was captured alive could he have been said to have been defeated [6]?

    After all, in this sort of situation, victory can’t be anything but a matter of perception, can it?

    Also, while I’m on the subject, since the entire operation was allegedly videotaped for the delectation of Obama and H Clinton by helmet mounted cameras, why does the official account keep changing? It stinks to high heaven, even if we leave out the odour of bin Laden’s corpse, which is now allegedly at the bottom of the Arabian Sea.

    Then again, it seems that apart from bin Laden, and his youngest wife, at least one of his sons (whose name has also mysteriously changed) was present, and killed. There was apparently also a daughter, aged 12 or 13, who watched her dad being shot (way to go, PTSD) and up to eight other children, all present in the same compound [7]. If you’re the world’s most wanted man, and hiding in the centre of a country crawling with enemy spies, you not only live in a gigantic and ultra-conspicuous mansion, but you also stuff it full of your kids. Did these children never go to school? Were they somehow so reliably brainwashed into concealing their parents’ identity that they could be allowed at large? What on earth was bin Laden thinking?

    Also, if Osama was executed, or in cruder terms murdered in an act of vigilante justice, has the Empire now formally endorsed lynch mobs? Once you begin sliding down the slippery slope of lawlessness, at what point can you stop? How soon before what was “the last resort” becomes merely “convenient”? Shouldn’t this be a question asked by anyone who knows Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous poem (“First they came…”) [8]

    I’m told that the Empire has pictures of “bin Laden’s corpse” which are “too gruesome to be released”, though it is thinking about releasing them to “set doubts about his death at rest.” [9] That is, again, rich coming from the same Empire which had no problems plastering pictures of Uday and Qusay Hussein’s corpses all over the net after they had been killed to “prove their deaths.” Not that the release of pictures will prove a thing, of course, either way.

    Then again, how many times has bin Laden been killed over the years [10]? I’ve lost count, myself. I should be so lucky, to have that many lives. Since, according to sources who ought to know, the man has either been captured or killed multiple times over the years, are we to assume that they were all wrong, entirely on the basis of a story which changes by the minute?

    Can there be any kind of theory that explains, at the least, some of this?

    I believe there is, actually.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have solved the mystery:

    Osama bin Laden was a zombie.

    Look at how much this explains. He’s been dead for a long time, and yet they had to shoot him while he was unarmed in order to put him down, and through the head at that. Haven’t you watched the George Romero films? Of course they had to shoot him, because zombie bites and scratches are lethal, and through the head, because that’s the only way to take down zombies. Correct?

    And that explains his wife’s bullet injury too, because being his wife, she must have had sex with him, and it’s more likely than not that she, too, was infected by the virus. At the least, they couldn’t take that chance, and so when she came for them with her lethal fangs and claws, they shot her. Perfectly reasonable.

    OK, I apologise for that. But the whole mess is so farcical I had to descend to the same level to deal with it.

    Now let’s wait for tomorrow’s new news, which will overturn today’s old news.

    On with the show.












    Further reading:

  5. Sorry for CPing my entire article, willy, but due to personal reasons I no longer post my articles for general viewership on my blog. Also, one of your readers was suspicious of my motives for posting a link to my blog.

  6. World’s most wanted al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden was not killed by the US special forces during a predawn raid at his compound in Abbottabad on late Sunday night, home to Pakistan Army’s military academy and less than two hours drive form Islamabad, instead his body guard killed him to save him from arrested alive, a Pakistani television quoted sources as saying on Tuesday

    OBL always asked that he be killed in a event that there was an attempt to caputure or kill him. So if the above is true then the bodyguard killed him and hid the body so when the Americans came in they found that OBL was gone, hence the “buried at sea”. OBL would have had observers and spies who would have seen helicopters approaching and acted accordingly!

  7. […] Scott Creighton – The bin Laden Story Just Keeps Changing and Skeptics of this Bullshit Story are Now Called “Extrem… […]

  8. How did they do this “facial recognition” anyway? Thats the basis upon which they “identified” bin Laden and executed him. Over the years we have seen very different looking photographs of bin Laden. Which one did they use for the “facial recognition” software match?

    Did they use the one where bin Laden is sitting around laughing about 9/11, the one where he weighs 300 lbs., the one that the US army “found” in a house? The one that the media has contended was bin Laden’s “confession?” Because he sure looks different in that one than any other.

  9. I don’t believe any of it.I believe that the CIA knew of OBL’s whereabouts all along and he died from natural caauses and received permission from the Bin laden family to concoct the story.I have no proof but I’m sure there will be news of it later.Raymond Davis will be tied into all of this.

  10. What is Obama trying to cover up?

    Is it the fake birth certificate (non flattened photoshop image doesn’t really seem like a scanned birth certificate does it?), the US economy crashing around his feet? Maybe the fact that we’re ACTIVELY targetting women and children in our attempts to enforce illegal reigime change in Libya?

    There’s just so much it could be…

    I’m begining to think we’re in an end game now, there’s no way TPTB would be this sloppy if anything was at stake.

  11. I understand the reasons why they have done this, but it further raised the question; is Bin Laden real? Or was he just a scapegoat for the ‘War on Terror’ ie world domination carried out by the US? If Bin Laden is real, and he is still out there would it not be possible for him to release his own video? Or have they captured him years back and only released it now only to let Obama’s popularity ratings soar and help us forget what is going on in Libya. Really do not understand… anybody???

  12. […] honom och illa kvickt kastat honom i havet gör ju att man blir misstänksam direkt. Sen har man ändrat sin version om insatsen flera gånger, först hade bin Laden gjort väpnat motstånd och använt […]

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