Bin Laden “Buried at Sea” – Talk About Going Overboard, This Sets a New Standard

by Scott Creighton

It’s just so fucking stupid.

” the officials would not name the type of helicopter, or the military units involved, or say how many U.S. personnel participated”  MSNBC

At least now they can’t claim he’s living in Iran.

The story being reported now is that they buried bin Laden at sea “according to Islamic law“. What part of the law of the people of the desert deems it customary to bury people at sea?

Do they really think the American people are that stupid?

It's just so fucking stupid, I can't take it anymore

The body of bin Laden has been dumped over the side of a ship never again to be retrieved, never again to be examined, never again to be questioned except by us “conspiracy theorists” who would dare to investigate the facts surrounding the national mythology of 9/11.

The story will be that they had to do that rather than risk angering Muslims because according to Islamic tradition, the body of a dead person must be laid to rest within a day after they die.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation that is currently locking up carpenters and sheep herders at Gitmo and Bagram for doing nothing more than wearing a cheap Casio watch.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation who “shocked and awed” over a million Muslims to death at the start of a war based on nothing more than lies and innuendo.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation where a white-trash piece of shit pastor holds a “trial” and burns a Koran for a little bit of publicity.

In short, that’s just fucking ridiculous.

All across the media spectrum perky, retarded repeaters are sitting on sensible couches spewing their mistaken talking points and trying to sound irreverent. It is offensively stupid.

You want to read something that isn’t stupid?  Read this…

Renowned Jewish-American scholar Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was illegal since to date there is no evidence that al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

“The explicit and declared motive of the [Afghanistan] war was to compel the Taliban to turn over to the United States, the people who they accused of having been involved in World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist acts. The Taliban…they requested evidence…and the Bush administration refused to provide any,” the 81-year-old senior academic made the remarks on Press TV’s program a Simple Question.

We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any.”

The political analyst also said that nonexistence of such evidence was confirmed by FBI eight months later. Press TV

Yes, the FBI confirmed they had no evidence that bin Laden attacked us on 9/11. And yes, the Taliban offered to hand over bin Laden if President Bush were to hand over the evidence or at least let them see it. Bush never replied. Bin Laden himself stated in one of the last confirmed messages he released, that he had nothing to do with 9/11. And yes, Colin Powell promised to hand over a “white paper” which would prove bin Laden’s guilt… but no such white paper was ever produced.

And yet, here we are.

The PR firms contracted by the State Department are out in force trying to make it look like Americans are celebrating this great “victory”. They used their social media tools to gather themselves together in fake flash mobs but if you look real close they all look like the 20 something marketing flunkies working for the internet marketing companies that they really are.

Apparently the marketing company that was contracted to come up with a catchy slogan for all this has turned out a winner: Obama Got Osama (story complete with picture of the one black person in the flash mob crowd holding an American flag)

Just like the fake rebels in Libya, they’re only fooling themselves.

these staged celebrations. they are only fooling themselves

The most important suspect in the past 10 years has been killed so that there will never be a trial, never be a real investigation.

Like Dr. Ivins and Lee Harvey Oswald, the story is sealed shut before it ever sees the light of day. All we are left with is the official conspiracy theory and whatever clever spin the MSM can come up with.

The most important earthly remains of the past 10 years have been dumped over the side of a ship for no apparent reason, long before independent investigators could confirm it’s identity.

This story will dominate the news cycles while NATO and her member states plan the illegal ground invasion of Libya, while the Libyan people bury the bodies of Gadhafi’s son and grandchildren.

I guess it’s better for the country, better for “national security” if they get Americans to see Obama as the killer of bin Laden rather than the killer of 3 grandchildren. At least that’s how they see it.

It’s just so damn stupid I don’t think I can take it anymore.

21 Responses

  1. Thanks for the posts on your site. I use them often as a source for my own articles.

  2. Yes, they really think the American people are that stupid.

  3. I don’t remember if they buried Saddam Hussein’s sons within 24 hours? I rather think they paraded the corpses over Iraq, didn’t they?

  4. Amazing. This ‘flash reality show’ was created in a hurry… bet they are now putting together witnesses and creating a video…. in a hurry..
    to show the world, again, how funny Obama is… just like his ‘read only’ speech last night… and hey… he looked straight into the ….. reader… that was right in front of his face….. we got a frontal view of him… and he looked so …… bored….

  5. Dear Sir,

    If I may, I would like to write causually and freely about right now, today, Monday May 2, 2011, noon central european time (Germany, Italy, Sweden etc).

    One week ago there was a report on the MSM from “al Quaida”, which all truthful people know is CIA, MI6 and Mossad, stating if Osama bin Ladan was captured or killed that “al Quaida” would set off a nuclear bomb in Europe.

    Right now, as I write, there is rejoycing in the streets of USA, covered by the MSM, over the announced death of Osama bin Ladan (who actually died in December 2001 of kidney failure in Afghanistan).

    Putting the MSM announcements together, Europe is about to have a nuclear bomb set off. Which country of the G-20 is bucking at the bit of implementation of the NWO by zionist Rothschild and his crony banking families? Which country has endured over sixty years of being the ‘bad guys’ in the fake 6 million gas chamber holohoax? Which country has been paying repatriations (literally billions) to zionists and israel for something which never happened? Which country refused to be a part of the ‘No Fly Zone’ over non-IMF Libya? Which country refuses to put boots on the ground with NATO against Libya? Which country had a double rotar head-of-state helicopter accident as a warning three days sfter saying “no more” to Nitwityahoo?

    If you have (G-) 20 lackeys doing your murdering and pillaging for you, and one of these 20 says “no”, what do you do to keep the other 19 back in line doing your zionist hegemony bidding?

    You come down as hard as you can on the abstainer as a motive for the other 19 not to question your criminal authority.

    A nuclear bomb somewhere in europe by “al Quaida”. Where would the zionist banking families explode such a device for maximum fear effect?

    They’ve lost. If this bomb explodes it will be a beginning of the zionist Samson option.

    Zionism is now a mad dog that needs to be caught and put out of its misery, put down because it is now a clear and present danger to all other people on earth.


  6. Its gotten to the point where we the american people really are that stupid. Not inherently but we are dumbed down by all the stupid reality tv shows, music and movies that don’t mean a damn think, ridiculous facebook self promotion (although facebook is not bad if you use it the right way, few seem to do so though) and all the other whosale wasting of mental capacity. Let’s face it we are living in Dumbed Down United States of America DD-USA.

  7. Another odd thing: They are saying that bin Laden was identified through “facial recognition.” But the photos of bin Laden that we’ve seen over the years don’t match each other! So what was the facial recognition matching, which photo?

    Let alone that you send Navy Seal teams to raid a house and kill the inhabitants because of “facial recognition” in the first place. They can’t say DNA because it still takes weeks to culture it. But how would they have a sample of Osama bin Laden’s DNA anyway?

    Oh, what the hell. Saying makes it so. They tell stories and reality never catches up.

    • I was just reading….

      Jus to remind you. They don’t culture the DNA. They have to get a sample, blood, hair, cheek swap, etc. And compare the ones with the one that already in file. But the whole process can take up to 12 hours or more depending on their instrument

  8. Carmela, the DNA match came from OBL’s dead sister’s saved brain.

    They must have new quickie DNA test strips, like for pregnancy, only takes 5 minutes.

  9. Well, the Mets won it in the 14th, 2 to 1(Citizens Bank Park, in Philly).

    I didn’t stay up to see the end, and I can’t remember what inning it was when the news started to leak out–when people in the crowd started chanting “USA!, USA!”

    It was late in the game, though.

    The players looked confused. No personal communication devices in the dug-outs, maybe.

    But, most everybody in the stands was bent over theirs–taking their cues, be my guess. (They might even have been seeing the very ‘victory’ celebration pictured above.)

    r ap

  10. “It’s just so damn stupid I don’t think I can take it anymore.”

    You’ve got lots of company. “Our” government has lost the plot, jumped the shark, screwed the pooch. It is a tragic comedy.

  11. […] Creighton: Obama Plays the bin Laden Distraction Card – Bin Laden “Buried at Sea” – Talk About Going Overboard, This Sets a New Standard – White House Spokesman Says bin Laden “shot through the left […]

  12. I still remember the son and grandchildren murdered by Obama….. guess Gaddafi is in mourning…… my prayers go out to him.

  13. Kabuki. All the world is a stage…

  14. Your Headline was better than mine! Talk about going overboard is funnier than mine:
    ” Bin Laden as Fish food: Sounds fishy to me.”

    “O those poor fish! poisoned by refuse in the sea.”

  15. “At least now they can’t claim he’s living in Iran.”

    I wish you hadn’t said that. Imagine: When last seen Osama had been shot in the face, assumed dead and thrown overboard… you’ve seen this in the movies. Arrrgh! BUT, he wasn’t REALLY dead. He had taken a pill that made him seem dead, and an Iranian submarine picked him up and took him to Tehran… nothing is incredible now.

  16. re: “Do they really think the American people are that stupid?”
    yes, as others have noted, that’s quite obvious. not everybody of course, just the vast majority.

    re: “It’s just so damn stupid I don’t think I can take it anymore.”
    yeah, it really is at that point.

  17. Scott, are you available for a Radio talk show interview on 24th May? It would be about 11am your time. Mail me please.

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