And the Fascist State Rolls On; Military Trials Continue

by Scott Creighton

The fascist state rules first by two things; deception and the truncheon. Both privatized of course.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently complained to congress that they shouldn’t cut her department’s $50 billion dollar bloated budget (ie; $5.4 million for crystal stemware, $1 Billion dollar U.S. embassy in London,  not to mention her own private army in Iraq) because she needs all that money to continue to wage her propaganda war. She said our media is falling behind because the people don’t believe them anymore and that she needs all that money in the state department and even more in order to wage a PR campaign against the likes of al Jazeera, Russia Today, and China’s new english language TV news network. Oddly enough, she gave away the main target of her propaganda, us, when she herself stated that they had to compete against the “english language” al Jazeera, RT, and CCTV… not many Pakistanis or Afghanis speak english, so who is the real target of Hillary’s propaganda war?  The British?

“And to make up for the lack of quality and credibility as well as the rapidly diminishing influence of U.S.-based media outlets — many have become notorious in recent years for simply parroting the government narrative on everything from wars to the economy — Clinton wants a bigger propaganda budget. One particular area of focus would be the “new-media” sphere consisting largely of social-networking services such as Twitter and interactive web-based sources.”  New American

A recent investigation by the Washington Post revealed that there are some 854,000 people in this country with a “top-secret” clearance level in an ever-expanding web of Pentagon/NSA/State Department “intelligence” services, mostly privatized of course.

“Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States.” 

…  And all the major intelligence agencies and at least two major military commands claim a major role in cyber-warfare, the newest and least-defined frontier.

… “Sometimes there was an unfortunate attitude of bring your knives, your guns, your fists and be fully prepared to defend your turf.” Why? “Because it’s funded, it’s hot and it’s sexy.” Washington Post

At the time of the Washington Post investigation there were 143 private companies working on cyber warfare contracts through-out the United States. That number can only have gone up since.  One company alone, L3,  has 10,000 employees working out of 96 locations for 26 different government agencies.

The information war, the propaganda war, is not about spreading the truth about the American way of life to the targeted population, which is becoming more obvious than ever that we are the targets for these and the various other propaganda operations Sec. Clinton was talking about.

With the Propaganda State growing more out of control each day, the War on Truth is being accelerated even in the legitimate government.

Take for instance the Obama administration’s decision to lift the moratorium on military commission trials of those detained at Guantanamo. During his campaign, President Obama had pledged to end the commission trials in favor of bringing the accused to stand trial in civilian courts. This would allow the defendants a fair trial and also would allow the American people to have a better, unobstructed view of the real “Global War on Terror”, possibly starting with those who stand accused of plotting the attacks on 9/11.

But yesterday, quietly, Obama reversed that stand, like he has so many other promises he made during the campaign, and the military commission trials started back up for some of those who have been detained for many years already without their day in court. Many others, according to the Obama administration, will not even see that much kangaroo court “justice” as that they admit there isn’t sufficient evidence to try them even under these unconstitutional conditions.

“… the president reluctantly reversed the decision he had made upon taking office to halt military commission trials of those detained at Guantanamo. The announcement Monday by Defense Secretary Robert Gates rescinding the ban on the military trials also called for the indefinite imprisonment of those Guantanamo inmates thought to be too dangerous to be released but against whom the government doesn’t have enough evidence to obtain convictions.” Robert Sheer

Sheer accurately points out the those incarcerated, indefinitely, without trial, without hope of seeing the light of day again simply because we arrested and renditioned them without good cause that could stand up in court, are not the only victims here. The truth is as well.

“But it is not the rights of the accused, important as they are, that should be the main concern here. Rather it is the right—indeed, need—of the American public to learn the truth about the motives, financing and methods of those who are alleged to have torn at the heart of our social fabric.

… What the public has been led to believe about the events of 9/11 is most fully encapsulated in the report of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission, appointed by President George W. Bush. But the Bush administration denied the commission access to the prisoners whose testimony, elicited after torture, provided the basic narrative as to how Sept. 11, 2001, came to be.

Much of that story (the Official Story of 9/11) was derived from the waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was slated to be tried in Manhattan in civilian court until Congress derailed that possibility.” Robert Sheer

According to our leaders, neither the Global War on Terror (Global Free Market Wars) nor even the watershed event that created it, 9/11, can withstand the light of day provided by a criminal trial, open to the public for all to see.  No aspect of this fascist state can. And that is because it is all based on lies. 

Lies are the stock in trade of the “information war” that Hillary Clinton speaks about. Lies are the root of all that justify our ongoing 100 year war for control of the natural resources of other nations. 935 Lies took us to war in Iraq. Lies spread hatred and fear among our people. Lies have become the fabric of America. And now lies are now our primary export and the only growth industry we have left.

The fascist state rules first by two things; deception and the truncheon. Both privatized of course.

More money for lies, ongoing torture, and secret closed trials of those who oppose our expanding empire. This is the core of the fascist state; the dark heart of America.

3 Responses

  1. PR work is like an entitlement job…… they really just sit and talk and have fun making up ways to deceive their neighbors…..being paid with their neighbor’s tax payments……. if they start cutting out any entitlements, cut the PR ones first.
    We are their employers…. let’s fire them. darn it.

  2. Keep pounding away at them, Scott–it’s bound to make a difference. There must be others out there, too, doing the same–but you’re the only one I know.

    Always, always appreciate your work.

    r ap

  3. Thanks for this eye-opening information, Scott. If we had the ‘muscle’, we’d be fully justified in routing the lot of them out of Washington, et al, and back to the sewer they crawled out of.

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