John Kerry Waffles on Subject of Mubarak

John Kerry, husband of ultra-rich wife, is at Davos (forging the “new reality”) and he has taken some time off to speak about the situation in Egypt. As they always say when they wish to protect a dictator while the people are outraged, Kerry claimed this “isn’t about one person”… well, when you have tens of thousands of people in the street chanting “MUBARAK OUT!” I think its pretty safe to say that one person has a lot to do with it. That is, if you give a shit about what the people of Egypt are saying and doing. Easily understood why John Kerry doesn’t think it’s about Mubarak.  Kerry went on to claim that there are many “other” factors in Egypt that they have to consider, other than all those people. My guess is they are more worried about someone like Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei taking control of a country that has a border with Gaza… but that’s just me.

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  1. You have become part of the Circus. There you are on the ferris wheel, shouting Look Here, Look There, seemingly minute by minute — just as the vile HuffingtonPost did during the Iranian mass protests not long ago.

    And you are supporting ElBaradei as if a truly honest fighter for The People could come from his background, as if a truly honest famous guy would be allowed his major-media attention and re-entry into Egypt.

    ElBaradei spent his whole adult life serving the powers that be. He played his role well. The same bs Nobel group who gave criminals Kissinger, Gore, and Obama the Nobel Peace Prize also gave one to ElBaradei.

    ElBaradei several years ago announced his “anti-cancer” effort as pushing a more widespread use of radiation machines.

    Why are you buying the set-up, fake Opposition Savior?

    But most Americans don’t give a shit about Egypt.

    So, are you preparing yourself for turmoil here in the U.S., when you’ll support the set-up, fake Opposition Savior? (Obama was the previous one.)

    We can see that some Fakes have been groomed, such as Jesse Ventura, and actors such as Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin. And there’s the current stupid noise about Paul and Nader. And Michael Moore. And others.

    Perhaps I’ve strayed too much in this comment. So, please let me re-focus to one question:

    Do you actually believe that ElBaradei is not Fake?

  2. well, considering the fact that “operation fake savior’ so far has Mubarak remaining in power… yeah.

    If you think they “groomed” El Baradei by having him spend years keeping us from invading Iran… that’s interesting.

    Yes, sometimes, when people have had enough, they do what’s happening in a few countries in the Middle East. Now, if for some reason its important for you and “Somebody” to cast doubt on it, I don’t know… knock yourself out. But everything isn’t a CIA plot. counter-plot, counter-counter-plot…

    Some things happen in this world that these people have to work to undermine like say the Iranian revolution, Chavez, Castro, ect.

    But you see it as you will.

  3. and if you look back on my website’s history, you will find that I was calling out the Iranian “Green” Revolution while nearly every single dissident site was swooning over it as real.

    What’s happening isn’t fake. But that doesn’t mean the likes of Clinton didn’t see it coming. I guess they all did.

  4. Looks like I don’t quite agree with all of James’ positions, but I have serious doubts regarding some aspects of the current Egyptian revolt. Also, I know little enough about Mohammed el-Baradei to have questions about him. While it’s clear that his reports were very disfavored by the hawks who want an Iran War, it should be remembered that combined US intelligence services have issued similar reports. Probably because they know that such a war would cost too much in many ways, might last indefinitely, and turn Iraq into a nightmare.

    My guess is that the draconian repression of Hosni Mubarak’s government, combined with economic decline and current global food shortages are at least part of the motivation for the uprising.

    Note that the revolt began in earnest on Jan. 25, 2011, but Webster Tarpley had this to say nine days earlier on January 16, 2011:

    Tsunami of Coups; Libya, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Italy All Targeted; US-UK Want New Puppets to Play Against Iran, China, Russia —

    — Obama Retainers Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power, Robert Malley, International Crisis Group Implicated in Destabilizations

    Webster G. Tarpley
    January 16, 2011

    Washington DC, January 16, 2011 – The US intelligence community is now in a manic fit of gloating over this weekend’s successful overthrow of the Tunisian government of President Ben Ali. The State Department and the CIA, through media organs loyal to them, are mercilessly hyping the Tunisian putsch of the last few days as the prototype of a new second generation of color revolutions, postmodern coups, and US-inspired people power destabilizations. At Foggy Bottom and Langley, feverish plans are being made for a veritable Mediterranean tsunami designed to topple most existing governments in the Arab world, and well beyond. The imperialist planners now imagine that they can expect to overthrow or weaken the governments of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, and perhaps others, while the CIA’s ongoing efforts to remove Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi (because of his friendship with Putin and support for the Southstream pipeline) make this not just an Arab, but rather a pan-Mediterranean, orgy of destabilization.


  5. I know this thread is dead as you breathlessly flood your site with MSM excerpts. Nobody’s going to read this. But I want to say that I intend to not comment on your site anymore.

    Why? Your reply to me here was the last straw, and the worst of all. You mischaracterize what I say, invent things as if I’ve said them, go off on a silly “CIA” tangent, and put me in league with “Somebody” garbage. What it all means is that my attempts to bring higher truth and clarity are a waste of time here.

    It’s like putting a dollar in a change machine and getting a quarter and three dye bombs. Not worth it.

    This is your website, not mine.

    I don’t think so, but if you’re really trying to inform/educate fellow Americans to re-establish a republic truly founded on our Constitution, then good luck to you.

  6. You were right on the fake green revolution in Iran.
    Congratulations, have a cookie. You seem to think that correct response to a fake Soros revolution gives you a free pass to shill for his next half dozen?
    The convoluted logic of an establishment mouthpiece never holds up for very long.

    Chaos enables raping and looting.
    The US brought chaos to Iraq and Afghanistan with war.
    The US brought chaos to Haiti with disaster relief to enable raping and looting.
    The US is bringing chaos to Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt to enable Obama to solve it all with military intervention.

    The lies of establishment pigs in support of this crime are not surprising. The wall to wall coverage of these Soros/CIA coups here is disgusting.
    I am beginning to think that Willy has a secret sugar daddy who means more to him than the truth. How else to explain an intelligent man assisting CIA violent revolution with his poison pen?

  7. somebody, you are such an evil troll…
    wish I could ban you…….
    but since you can’t seenm to comprehend what you read on ths site, I have to consider you mentally disabled and therefore I am forced to consider what you say as not relevant to any thing of real value.

  8. The assemblage of revolutionaries does appear real enough to me. The state actors vying for control I’m not so sure about. I don’t see how anyone can take it personally when the eventual end products are difficult to discern for anyone. This site is about the process of discovery. Certainty is very elusive in such a process.

  9. Perhaps it is the truth seekers natural aversion to MSM articles that provoked such emotion.

  10. Shawn,
    I agree with your sentiments on discovery and certainty and I believe that there’s plenty of room on this site for minor disagreement.

    I think I understand willy’s focus on the unfolding people’s revolts. I am enrapt with the Egyptians’ defiance in the face of heavy-handed policing despite pundits’ assurances that the Egyptians were too well off for a Tunisian-type revolution. I’m also watching in hope that the spark ignites in the western countries where the number of have-nots is growing exponentially.

    “Twitter once if by land, twice if by sea”

  11. Shawn

    In case you haven’t noticed, I am constantly posting the link to live coverage from al Jazeera… hardly MSM by any standard (though possibly controlled opposition though)

    most MSM outlets are acting as if what Hillary said about Egypt was a decent position to take. Did any of them mention the new vice president’s connections with the CIA? I did.

    Most MSM outlets are reporting the protesters as criminals and gang members who are looting the country… I am reporting that the people who are really looting are actually the secret police.

    In the end, if we were to prove that 9/11 was actually an inside job, the MSM would have to report on it. Does that mean at that point, you won’t believe them?

    They have to report on this. Its how they report on it that you have to watch… I don’t question the fact that they are going to try like hell to spin this back so they can regain control of this country. It is vital to the zionist regime in Israel and in Washington as well… but, there is a big difference between damage control and setting it off themselves in the first place.

    and I do allow different opinions.. one guy is calling me a paid shill on another thread. hes still here and so are his comments.

  12. “…if we were to prove that 911 was actually an inside job, the MSM would have to report on it.”

    Hey, Willy,

    I’m reading a book right now about a guy who feels the same way. He figures that somebody, one of us, will have to shoot down an established myth first, though, so he’s decided to go looking for Bigfoot–prove he’s really out there.

    Right now, he’s on a Greyhound bus, on his way to Oregon to see what he can find. That bus has already had an encounter with some UFOs during a blizzard.

    I’m really pulling for this guy.

    r ap

  13. Unfortunate for you ‘Jan’ that you cannot comprehend these revolutions are much more complicated than reported by CNN and Fox. Willy is going 100% with their take, sadly.
    If you are so invested in your ego, or Willy’s, that you would avoid well written fact based assessments of these revolutions, you are a rather pathetic excuse for a truth seeker.
    Your response to me is much like those who infest sites and shout down 911 truthers. Ad hominem attacks with no reply to any fact based issues.
    My my, how low can this place go? ‘Jan’.

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