Conscience Dreaming:Was Jared Loughner Trying to Tell Us Something?

by Scott Creighton

Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition, or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong. Moral evaluations of this type may reference values or norms (principles and rules)

At this point it’s impossible to understand what went through the mind of Jared Loughner in the lead-up to his Saturday morning attack on Gabrielle Giffords . When the event first took place, I like many others, immediately made the connection between Giffords and a poorly thought out campaign run by Sarah Palin called “Take Back the 20!” in which 20 congressional districts and their incumbant democrats were “targeted” for removal in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Though I certainly don’t condone the use of violent metaphors in the political sphere, especially at times like these (and I certainly think these choices, this divisive and angry fear-mongering rhetoric, are being made specifically with the intention to cause a wave of violence in America similar to what happened in India) I have to say, given more information on the subject and on the life of this deeply troubled young man, I don’t believe he was influenced by Sarah Palin at all.

On March 14th of 2010, Jared Loughner was photographed by the Arizona Star doing volunteer work at the Tucson Festival of Books, his photo appears on the Festival’s website in a collection of photos under that date.  One of the main purposes of the Festival is to raise money for local literacy programs.

“The 2010 Tucson Festival of Books in only its second year has become the largest literary event ever held in Arizona, and is now one of the largest in the country,”

… The festival has raised $350,000 to fund literacy programs. Its recipients are Literacy for Life Coalition, Reading Seed Children’s Literacy Program and UA Outreach Programs. This year each was awarded $50,000, Bill Viner said.

The celebration was held in the Peace Garden at Manuel Herrera Jr. Park in a neighborhood south of West Drexel Road and east of South 12th Avenue. It was sponsored by groups including the Sunnyside Literacy Council, Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and Pima Community College Adult Education. Arizona Star

Pima Community College is the school that Jared attended and was expelled from due to his disruptive behavior in class. In Oct. of 2010 he chose not to enroll for classes again because they were going to require him to have a psychological evaluation in order to do so. Apparently his mother worked at the school.

Jared’s disjointed videos and statements focus a great deal on literacy and it seems something that he has been focused on for many years. In an interview with Mother Jones, a friend of Jared’s explained how in 2007, Jared had attended a political function that Giffords was at and he had a chance to ask her a question… ““He told me that she opened up the floor for questions and he asked a question. The question was, ‘What is government if words have no meaning?’… Tierney recalls. “Ever since that, he thought she was fake, he had something against her.””

“My hope is for you to be literate. If you’re literate in English grammar then you comprehend English grammar. The majority of people who reside in District 8 are illiterate. Hilarious.” Jared Loughner

You see, in 2003 Gabriellle Giffords, a former republican, was awarded Arizona Family Literacy’s Outstanding Legislator. She was a champion of the literacy cause. But a funny thing happened when she went to congress in January of 2007, she became a Blue Dog Democrat and a member of the neoliberal New Dems, two organizations that do not support public education, but rather, support the privatization of public education.

“Indeed, by linking federal education funding to efforts to expand school choice within the public education system — both parental choice and an increase in public charter schools…” New Dems website

Giffords voting record reveals that she consistently voted to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also supported upping the number of workers allowed into the country under the H1B program and is a strong supporter of Obama comprehensive immigration reform proposal which would effectively create a second-class citizen status for foreign workers while also granting immunity to many undocumented workers already here in the country.

It seems that Loughner was disappointed in what Giffords was doing. I don’t think a Tea Party member or a fan of Sarah Palin’s would be disappointed in Giffords. In fact, I don’t think many Tea Party members or fans of Sarah Palin would volunteer at an event to raise money for literacy.

As scores of phony-pundit wanna-bees spin-up bullshit about the political associations of Jared Loughner (my favorite so far is from the Associated Press where they try to assert that Loughner was a “9/11 Truther” based on what “friends” say… no source cited mind you) I just wanted to clear up the my stance on the subject; I don’t know. Jared Loughner may have very well been a disenfranchised young man, desperate and angry, who suffered from some form of serious mental illness. But one thing I think I can certainly say is that there is no real evidence to suggest he ever even saw a poster from Sarah Palin’s website. In fact, the evidence is starting to look like something quite different.

The reaction from the Department of Homeland Security and their obvious bullshit memo makes it clear that the propagandists working under contract for the current administration are certainly having to walk a fine line on this one.  They don’t want to implicate Sarah Palin because she is still useful to them as a potential fake candidate for 2012, and they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that perhaps it was Giffords “centrist” policies that set off a young, disturbed idealist.  So I guess it’s quite understandable the PR guys ultimately chose an old standard from their playlist; anti-Semitism.

Either way, I just wanted to clear up my position on the matter. There seems to be a lot more to this tragedy than simply a stupid campaign poster and it makes perfect sense that many of the fake “progressive” websites who support the New Dems and their neoliberal agenda would gladly have their readers think it was. The world isn’t that simple folks and if my Truth advocacy has taught me anything it’s that sometimes its a lot harder to get to the truth than it appears.

20 Responses

  1. Where the hell were all these dems when this shit was going on? Seems that what’s good for the goose is poison for the gander. Hey, what’s this? I see a map….

  2. The truth is always complicated; you may be right, willy.

  3. “…They don’t want to implicate Sarah Palin because she is still useful to them as a potential fake candidate for 2012…”

    At my local Barnes & Noble during the holidays I was struck by the stacks of Palin’s new book. Piles on piles, everywhere you looked! No sign of anybody actually buying them, however. Palin keeps hanging around for no good reason I can think of except what you say, to serve as a ridiculous foil and ensure business as usual in Obama’s second term.

    Remember that great video clip from 2008, of our fellow Americans booing Sarah Palin at a hockey game? So we booed her in public and voted against her and she QUIT her job yet for some reason we should keep paying attention?

    Forget Palin and Fuck Obama. Next time around I’m voting for Willy Loman.


  4. Good adjusting on the fly. Also, very good info on the literacy issue.

    There is a sanctimonious self righteous attitude from media whores and politicians right now as they scramble to claim the high ground. I see the memes of ‘opposition to banksters and government corruption’ being repeated ad nauseum by media swine. They are doing their best to associate these reasonable views with insanity and violent behavior.

    There are millions of devastated Iraqi and Afghani people who have buried family members who were killed by American soldiers mercs and weapons over the past 10 years. The media attention to them, and the media attention to this tragic mess say much about how messed up things really are.
    Good luck to all of us in turning things around. Violence is not the answer.

  5. WOW, Scott, amazingly written! I agree with you 100%. I have seen crazy postings on twitter from mainly people on the left, similar to how the right responded to 9/11, insanity

  6. “Somebody”has been believing the liberal slant on the wars. Listening to too much NPR. I stopped listening to NPR (after 28 years) two years ago. The Tea Party groups and Sarah Palin supporters do indeed believe in a literate America. I think you’d better look back at the history of this country, specifically during the Reconstruction Period. Then, consider that the conservatives don’t like multiculturalism because it puts immigrants at a disadvantage if they aren’t encouraged to learn English. Then, consider that they are behind charter schools and Obama closed down all charter schools in the DC area. He’s completely against the general population receiving a good education but he himself as well as his daughters have always attended private school. Did you all forget Obama and the private school in Hawaii from the age of 13 until he graduated high school? Did you forget his grandmother who was a bank executive? Jared’s ramblings aren’t specifically about literacy when he uses “they’re for the word “there”. He’s rambling about grammar, currency mind control, creating a new currency and a new religion. Stalin said that if you tell a lie often enough it will become fact. No doubt this has been the tactic of the left for about 100 years. They tactic of blaming the conservatives for every incident such as this is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s handbook. This kid was definitely mentally ill and after suffering through ten years of marriage to a bi-polar husband, I can recognize serious issues in Loughner’s blatherings. He also posted a YouTube video of someone burning the American flag, hardly anything a Tea Party patriot would do. Nor would they consider, “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto” among their favorite books. As far as anti-semitism label that DOHS (Napolitano) is putting on him, hard leftists such as Ayers and Helen Thomas would be comrads of Loughner if it were true. By the way, Ms Giffords is a gun owner and Second Amendment supporter.
    I’m only guessing but none of you have any knowledge of American history. There will be NO peace EVER. There will always be bad guys who want to control the innocent. You’re living in a fantasy world. Take a look at a book by Brigitte Gabriel called, “They Must Be Stopped”. There are many others as well. Look up the word Taqiyya. Look up a site called, “Religion of Peace”. Let’s not be naive.

  7. The people who rule this country divide and conquer, always have always will. The smart people from either side, always end up seeing through this fake wrestling joke of a system. Left and right are tools, both of which are used to increase the power of wealth, and to decrease personal freedoms.

    By staying inside this fake two party, left right game, angry fools play into the hands of the real power brokers.

    Jay Gould a famous robber barron said:

    “I could hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”

    Conservatives who support Bush are mindless heartless idiots. Liberals who support Obama are well intentioned fools.
    Then there are those of us who can rise above it all. Good luck catching up with us someday Rhonda.

  8. Very sensible article!
    Well written.
    I expect these events to accelerate, as the reality of betrayal sinks into the American psyche. Rather than an unnoticed suicide, they will take out those who support the system that disenfranchises them. Banksters watch out!

  9. Glenn Beck takes the Loughner as truther angle and runs with it.

    I’ll throw in a little ‘hate speech’ if I may …

  10. I’ll see your Glenn Beck and raise you a David Frum….

    The disinfo from reich wing hacks, be they clowns like Beck, or devious bastards like Frum, is disgusting.
    Not to be outdone, the classic fake left sites like Huffpo and rawstory, are blaming the Tea Party, gun laws, and dabbling with the anti Semitic angle too. Both sides of the establishment are making hay with this without honor dignity or concern for the truth.

  11. I have no idea why this site addresses Glenn Beck. This site is actually intelligent, yet for some unknown reason to me, Glenn God Damn Beck makes his way into the site, like some irresistible virus…

  12. and right on cue, Julian Assange uses the opportunity to make himself more hated by the right by calling for the arrest of Sarah Palin…

  13. Frum’s spin on this is quite unique; pot makes crazy people even more crazy…. yeah, so does pretty much everything, including the medicine they give them to treat their craziness.

  14. I will tell you something. Beck’s writers are good. They’re clever.

    Look at what he does: first, he fixes that little “train tracks” discussion he gave a while back by now claiming that the “two rails” that run side by side are “communism and fascism”. Originally he claimed socialism was the “ism’ of the Nazi party and he equated what Roosevelt did in 1933 with the New Deal was bringing the U.S. back in line with that. Now he included fascism.

    But then, what makes it even more interesting, is that he announces the connection between Loughner and the Truth movement, equates it with people who believe the Mars landing was faked (?), calls us “dangerous”… but then he backs off the statement claiming the “evidence” doesn’t lead to that connection.

    After he made the connection.

    This way he thinks he can safely distance himself from that statement when it turns out there is no evidence to support it.

    Very clever.

  15. The following article reveals that rumors are the main interest of the internet…. and yes, note that this was also found on the internet. Glen Beck should have read this before going on air with his angle of Loughner.

  16. “Hard leftist” Helen Thomas huh Rhonda? I love her. Now the fake,corporate owned, pro-war tea party? Fuck them.

  17. This sick attack reminds me of the 35-year old movie “Taxi Diver”:

    This is the (ageless) speech, Senator Charles Palantine (Leonard Harris) made before Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) tries to kill him right after in public:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    we are met today at a crossroads: Columbus Circle
    This is no ordinary place – it is a place where many roads and many lifes intersect.
    It is appropriate that we meet here today because these are not ordinary times.
    We meet at a crossroads in history.
    For far too long the wrong roads have been taken.
    The wrong roads have led us into war, into poverty, into unemployment and inflation.
    Today I say to you: We have reached the turning point!
    No longer will we the people suffer for the few.
    Now, I would lie to you if I told you that your roads would be easy.
    They will not be easy!
    Nothing that is right and good has ever been easy! We the people know that!
    And we the people know the right roads and the good.
    Then I say to you:
    We are the people, you and I, and it’s time to let the people rule!
    Thank you!

  18. Erick, that’s a great speech…. going to copy it…
    wish it wasn’t fiction……

  19. Jan,

    please verify the text; my English is perhaps not the best and I might have missed a word or got it wrong. The scene in “Taxi DRiver” plays at about 01:30:50.

    A wonderful speech – but keep in mind this was only big BlaBla from a Senator running for president and fetching for votes.

  20. i need to know what is meant by light dreams.i.e. dreams in another stage of perception.i once read about military help soldiers to penetrate others minds. experimenting of lsd to

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