Wikileaks Helping the Neocons Build a Fabricated Case for War

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Shah’s son commits suicide? (see the end of the article)

“I also think you’re significantly overstating the neocon-bolstering disclosures – do you really think that the desire for a few Arab autocrats for Iraq (edit: should be “Iran”) to be attacked is (a) surprising or (b) elevating the likelihood that the U.S. will attack Iran? I don’t.” Glenn Greenwald

Despite Glenn Greenwald’s recent conclusion to the contrary, the Wikileaks psyop doubled down on the regime change plan in Iran just about a week ago and it looks like the fake “leaks” are helping the Neocons pound the drums of war.

It’s being widely reported that Wikileaks has released a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Israel which claims that Iran can hit Israel with up to 300 missiles within a time frame of 10-12 minutes.  This goes beyond the existential threat Wikileaks themselves presented to Israel last week when Julian Assange stated he would release cables that would make Israel look bad in about 6 months. That threat is clearly intended to help build a pretext for having to “limit” internet freedoms.

In this newest cable, reminiscent of the days when Tony Blair was claiming Saddam Hussain could hit the UK with missiles in roughly the same time frame, they go on to claim that Israel must ready itself for a large-scale war with Hezbollah and Hamas as well since they have some 40,000 rockets that can hit any target in Israel.

“Israel would have only 10 to 12 minutes to prepare for an Iranian missile attack, according to a new cable written by the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and released by WikiLeaks.

The cable was published in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten and quotes Israel’s outgoing chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, speaking to a U.S. congressional delegation in November 2009.” Linda Gradstein

“According to the daily, Gabi Ashkenazi told the delegation that Iran has 300 Shihab missiles that could reach Israel. He added that Israel’s biggest threats were the Iranian-backed Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, which has more than 40,000 rockets that can reach almost any point in Israel.

In the cable, Ashkenazi is quoted as saying Israel was preparing its army for a major war in the Middle East.” Voice of America

Meanwhile on Fox News, Sean Hannity was allowing his guest Cliff May to rant on and on about the ongoing Holy War being waged against Christians RIGHT NOW by the likes of Ahmadinejad and the Palestinians living in the Gaza Ghetto.

“Do you think we are headed for a modern day religious war in the Middle East?” Hannity asked.

“The war that is being fought now, the great global conflict in the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Gaza, this is one war and it is a religious war,” May explained. “Not because we want it to be, but because al Qaeda and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and various other radical Islamists and jihadists, they say it’s a religious war. That’s what a jihad means.”

“People forget jihad equals holy war,” Hannity concluded. Raw Story

May is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Henry Jackson Society, and the Project for the New American Century. May was also Vice Chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition .

May also runs a group called in pure Orwellian style, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Its a purely neocon warmongering think-tank with the aim of finding a way to justify attacking and occupying the nation of Iran. Here are a few members of his group… Bill Kristol, Louis J. Freeh, Joseph Lieberman, Newt Gingrich, Max Kampelman, Robert McFarlane , James Woolsey, Charles Krauthammer, Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland, Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen.

So here we have war-monger crowd re-emerging from their slumber ready to juice up another invasion and occupation. All they need is a few credible reports about how dangerous Iran is and Wikileaks is providing just that. Fact is, the report comes from a state department cable which simply relates what some IDF general said… no proof needed. But, just so long as Wikileaks is touted as a reliable “truth” teller, people keep reporting these cables as fact.

Looks like you spoke a little too soon Glenn.


UPDATE: It what can only be described as suspicious timing, Alireza Pahlavi, the son of the ex-Iranian dictator, the former shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, has been found dead in his home in Boston. It’s being ruled a suicide.

This is very odd timing for a suicide.

Back during the fake “Green Revolution” the remaining Pahlavis were busy running around from New York to Washington as they expected to be re-installed by DC into the seat of power in Iran that their father had ruled so ruthlessly for nearly 30 years (after the CIA overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953).

Now all of a sudden, when it looks like the globalists are ready to make their big move in Iran and the likes of Cliff May are whiping up Holy War hysteria on Fox News, one of the potential U.S./Israeli puppets just ups and offs himself?

His older brother, Reza, posted this comment on his website:

“Like millions of young Iranians, he too was deeply disturbed by all the ills fallen upon his beloved homeland, as well as carrying the burden of losing a father and a sister in his young life. Although he struggled for years to overcome his sorrow, he finally succumbed, and during the night of the 4th of January 2011, in his Boston residence, took his own life, plunging his family and friends into great sorrow.”

Guess there will be no question as to who is tapped as the new puppet when the regime change takes place.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jack traver. jack traver said: RT @nit2am: Wikileaks Helping the Neocons Build a Fabricated Case for War […]

  2. 300 Shahib missiles 10 minutes from downtown Jerusalem with the Iranian fanatic Ahmadenijad at the controls! Red alert!

    Glenn Greenwald is playing for the same team as the greasy right wingers Cliff May and Sean Hannity. Birds of a feather. Disgusting.

    I suppose the only difference between those three is that Cliff and Sean would readily admit that they believe in war, and torture and that it is something they are proud to support.
    Glenn would simply lie about it, claiming to be a liberal, while he works very diligently to support war and torture. Does that make those two right wing douchebags better than Greenwald? Sort of.

    And while the big level plays of wiki to justify war on Iran and Korea deserve attention, it is worth noting that wikileaks is hitting small targets too.

    Wikileaks lies and smears aimed at the indigenous peoples of South America, specifically Evo Morales of Bolivia.

    In a 2-fer, that article blames a murder of an Irishman on a Morales plot to assassinate opponents and generally trashes the hero and good guy Evo Morales.
    Nice work wikileaks, nice work Greenwald you sack of shit!

  3. Ive come to the conclusion that Greenwald is simply a coward. On the wikileaks issue I think hes being manipulated and is too proud to admit he was duped. On 9/11 and anything having to do with Israel he is simply a coward like, oh, I don’t know, Glenn Beck,Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann or, any number of MSM hacks. Yes Glenn, you are in the same class of hacks as Glenn beck, even if you have written a few good articles from time to time. and are different from him on the surface. You are essentially no better.

  4. Oh wait, you respect Keith for giving you a forum don’t you Glenn? I get that I guess. He hasn’t done anything worth a damn since or before his “Nexus of politics and terror” series though(and even that was weaker thaan it should have been).

  5. An Iranian general could easily say the same thing about Israel and its capacity to strike them. On that basis they would be equally justified to beat the drums. As you indicated though, this is just the usual rhetoric used to justify Israeli paranoia and draw others into it. The only difference between them and the US gov. is that the paranoid rhetoric the US uses in the “Fear Iran” campaign is entirely contrived. Israeli fear is only partially contrived.

    Hard to say if Alrezi P really committed suicide or not. It’s entirely plausible that he was not a psychologically stable person, troubled by the conflicting accounts of his father’s legacy, as well as his sister’s reported overdose on barbituates. On the other hand, a pre-emptive powerplay by his brother is intriguing. Seems like would hold off on such a measure though until a regime change action was in full operation.

  6. I’d really like to hear if Glenn responds. I doubt he will, and bet he’s too proud and arrogant to give any ground in this debate, as he seems to do in others. He’s a coward, and is certainly steering everyone away from the obvious Mossad/Jew organized false flag attack on 9/11.

    Also, notice how it is (of course) Zionist organizations and sponsorship pushing this Muslim vs. the West “religious” struggle:

    Of course, Scott Horton and Max Blumenthal won’t put all the pieces together either….

  7. I spent 2 hours on the phone last night deprogamming a friend about Julian Assange & WikiLeaks. Actually it didn’t take that long I sent him an e-mail earlier in the day with a link to Webster Tarpley’s July 31, 2010 broadcast of World Crisis Radio where Tarpley spends most the program dissecting Julian Assange & WikiLeaks.

    I never really bothered to reference or look at WikiLeaks much because most of what was revealed in their cable releases didn’t register with me on the what was really happening in the world politic. Also Assange’s recent debut to the world last year, before he became a “household” word, trashed the 911 truther movement to establish his “truth” credentials with the Corporate State Media (aka MSM) & Left Gatekeepers.
    But I dug a little bit & found Assange selectively targeted the Iraqi government with document “dumps” when the US campaign against Maliki began in the Iraqi elections this year. The US was trying to saboutage an alliance between Maliki & al Sadr and Assange & WikiLeaks came in on cue with a doc dump that criticised Iraq for human rights violations— yah, forget the U.S. war crimes at Abu Ghraib & Fallujah etc.
    Then most recently I became livid with Assange as he reached celebrity status & WikiLeaks came out right on cue with a doc dump about an alleged North Korea/Iran nuclear techno alliance just when the South Koreans fired on the North in joint exercise with the US, provoking in a counter attack by the North on a South Korean island.
    Fortunately, while WikiLeaks was trying, with what I suspect is the backing of the CFR & Soros, to bait Obama into a retaliation with North Korea, Obama sent Bill Richardson to Pyongyang to calm the North Koreans from retaliating in the latest provavocative military exercises by the South last December 20th & 21st .
    This IMHO it was a desperate attempt by the CFR & Soros to bait Obama into a war with Iran via North Korea but to Obama’s credit, so far, he didn’t take the bait .
    Not many people saw the October Surprise this year as Obama “firing” Rahm Emanual & then a week later “firing” General James Jones as an open sign that Obama was no longer following the script by the Israeli Lobby or the Brezhinsky/Soros Liberal pro-war factions that brought him into office.
    Time will tell to see if Obama is really no longer following the script of his puppet masters.
    Its hard for me to say that I’m cautiously optimistic about Obama without feeling naive though.


  8. Don’t worry JC, we don’t think you’re naive. We think you think we must be, to write that tripe about Bushbama the bloody tyrant.

    Nice work, first you established your credentials with the Assange dismissal, very good…..Then you try to suggest that Obama is not all in with war, the Soros agenda, and that he actually tried to stop the Korean crisis!
    There are half a dozen articles at that site showing how the USA under Bushbama is provoking war, not trying to stop it.
    One of Obama’s puppet masters, Rahm, is going to be Chicago Mayor, as the current mayor Daly has agreed to step down in a ‘surprise’ announcement. Obama did not sack Rahm, the puppet masters call the shots. You sure do have a lot of hutzpah, JC.

  9. […] Wikileaks Helping the Neocons Build a Fabricated Case for War … By willyloman Despite Glenn Greenwald’s recent conclusion to the contrary, the Wikileaks psyop doubled down on the regime change plan in Iran just about a week ago and it looks like the fake “leaks” are helping the Neocons pound the drums of war. … […]

  10. “Don’t worry JC, we don’t think you’re naive…”


    We are prepared to dump on “JC” Casalaro for his opinion? We are now required to be “with” Obama or “against” him? He’s done tons of rotten things, but isn’t it just possible that he has enough intelligence to resist the CFR, Soros, et al. by refusing to start WW-III? I’ve seen lots of tells suggesting that Obama is actually resisting a few of the suicidal items on the neolib agenda. Maybe We need to be a tad more objective?

  11. The use of ‘we’ was a play on words used to respond to the JC lies about Obama. Sorry you couldn’t see that. Comprehension issues? Probably not. More like you didn’t have anything to defend Bushbama with so you attack the use of we vs. I.

    Obama has expanded Bush torture, Bush mercenaries, expanded the war to Pakistan and Yemen, protected Bush from investigation after investigation into his war crimes and torture. Obama is doing more for Israel than Bush did, Obama did more for Wall street than Bush did.
    You fcuking dirty Obama trolls are worse than Bush, get it? Worse than Bush.
    Objective is not a word that you should be permitted to use, your grasp of it is woefully inadequate. Your defense of a war criminal is reprehensible, and woefully inadequate. But I am sure the warmongers in the Democratic party appreciate your lies about war criminal Obama, so you do have that going for you.

  12. I happen to know for a fact that there is a battle going on inside the Obama administration. However, I don’t think Obama is trying to resist anything. He has basically handed over control to the Clintons, just like George W. Bush handed over control to the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

    Yes, Obama is just about as bad as Bush and is certainly stepping up the Orwellian state even faster due to the advantage of his left cover.

    But JC has a right to feel the way he does and “we” don’t suspect him because of it.

    No, we haven’t entered into WWIII yet, but that is certainly not for Hillary’s lack of trying. It is true that Richardson was sent over to speak with the North Koreans, but it is also true that when the US vetoed a UN resolution to stop the antagonistic war games off the coast of North Korea, they then took the very brave action of sending over observers who would report honestly on EVERYTHING that they saw.

    I think that plus the possibility that China and Russia put observers on the North Korea coast, is what stopped the escalation down there.

    Probably had very little to do with Obama.

    JC isn’t lying… I think its just wishful thinking. But whatever it is, I don’t think it justifies calling him a dirty Obama troll.

  13. Good summary of the Korea situation. Busbama tried to make a war with a series of dirty tricks, and China was instrumental in stopping it.

    Unless you know JC, your statement that he is not lying is every bit as speculative as my statement that he is an Obama troll. My speculation was based on the fact that he demonstrates much knowledge of current events. As such he has to know about Obama war crimes and his escalation of ALL Bush policies. I have no more respect for Dem party warmongers than I do for racist Republican war mongers. Years ago I did, but not anymore. The only thing that would justify my calling him an Obama troll, would be if I am correct, and he is one. I may or may not be right about him, but I am dead on the money about Obama the filthy treasonous war criminal. Pardon me for being fed up with his defenders.

  14. I’m just suggesting giving JC the benefit of the doubt. We are all certainly fed up with Obama’s apologists at this time just as we were quickly fed up with Bush’s and Clinton’s before him.

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