False Flag Terror Coming to South Korea?

by Scott Creighton

After failing to provoke North Korea into retaliating for South Korea’s highly provocative live-fire drills in the disputed waters in the Yellow Sea this past Sunday, South Korean officials have claimed that the North’s remarkable show of restraint was simply “political posturing”, and now they fully expect large-scale “terrorist” attacks on their own civilian population centers to be carried out by the North in stealth.

In order to defend themselves from this possibility, South Korea is going to “strengthen” their intelligence services, like the CIA or the FBI.

If that doesn’t scare the shit out of every single South Korean, I don’t know what would.

South Korea downplayed North Korea’s decision to not follow through on threatened retaliation to its live-fire military drill this week as political maneuvering, according to a key South Korean military official.

Seoul is working to adjust its security approach, believing that North Korea might launch less conventional attacks — including possible terrorist strikes on large civilian gatherings, according to the South Korean government official. South Korea might also strengthen its intelligence capability, the official said, calling it increasingly crucial to its defense.

… The key South Korean government official dismissed North Korea’s lack of military response as a calculated political decision to build goodwill with China, Russia and other allies. CNN

Russia, China, and the UN Security council did everything they could to convince South Korea that holding live-fire exercises in the disputed waters of the Yellow Sea at this time would be a terribly provocative mistake. South Korea even seemed to yield to that rational line of thinking, announcing they were going to postpone the drills even as late as Friday of last week.

But then the U.S. state department got involved again, and the drills took place Sunday with U.S. military “advisers” on hand.

However, the UN sent envoys to witness the drills, knowing they could not stop them, they were there to make sure that South Korea didn’t fire on North Korean soil or waters and to ensure that whatever happened was accurately recorded for history.

North Korea, at the urging of China, Russia, the UN Security Council, and even Rep. Bill Richardson of the U.S., decided to let the drills take place without retaliation.

This of course is an offense to the policy makers in South Korea who called the North’s lack of deadly retaliation, simply a “political ploy”. They sounded disappointed that the North didn’t attack and kill some of their sailors.

What a cynical and ultimately revealing statement to come from the South. War is avoided and calmer heads prevail only as a mean of propaganda?

This statement exposes the true nature of those live-fire drills.. exposes what South Korea and the U.S. really wanted from them.

But have no fear globalists. Hillary is still on the case.

It seems if they are going to be monitored by UN observers and the North is going to refuse to give them the justification to “regime change” their country, well hell, Hillary is just going to create an attack by stealth which they can blame on the North without evidence, without observers getting in the way.

What is the next step when your targeted nation is looking more and more like the victim and less like the Axis of Evil empire you have to overthrow? Well, just like with 9/11, the Amerithrax attacks, Umar Fizzlepants, the Gulf of Tonkin, and a host of other false flag attacks over our history, a handy false flag attack supposedly conducted by some “terrorist” with really bad timing, is always a good way to get the “regime change” justification you desire.

Right now the rest of the world is looking at North Korea as the level-headed player and the U.S. and South Korea as the war-mongers that they are.

All that will change in a flash just so long as they can control the narrative and make North Korea the “terrorists” who killed civilians in South Korea. It looks like the only option left to them and the fact that South Korean officials are already talking about terrorist attacks on civilians, right after their failure to provoke the North, is deeply troubling.

If we have learned anything studying false flag attacks of the past, it’s how we need to spot them developing in the future. South Korea’s statement is a clear warning sign that everyone should take heed of. Everyone in South Korea especially.

6 Responses

  1. Have you read the news regarding the clamshell seen on the NK-torpedo’s propulsion system? I like this best in the “Cheonan” case!

  2. What do you do if poking someone in the eye fails to stimulate a response? Poke them in the other eye of course. That is apparently what SK intends to do by staging their “biggest ever” live fire drills near the Korean border complete with jets, tanks, and bombs. They claim to be “on edge”, worried about a “surprise attack”. How surprised could they possibly be during this saber rattling extravaganza?

    Just in case the sight of SK’s rocket powered balls isn’t provacative enough the SK president has authorized the lighting of a giant steel XMas tree (Another phalus) which hasn’t been lit since before the Sunshine policy was in effect because NK finds it to be an annoying tool of propaganda. A silly thing to be sure, but it would behoove the SK pres. to omit it when it could be the last straw, as it were needed to coax NK into joining their little war games. Sociopaths in action.

  3. thanks chris. that was an excellent article on the situation in Korea.

  4. Yeah, that guy has some good ones from time to time.

  5. […] till konflikt gentemot de som inte velat rätta in sig i ledet. Nu oroar sig Scott Creighton på willyloman.wordpress.com för att ligistmakterna försöker ställa till bråk med hjälp av annan taktik – False Flag […]

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