Jessie Ventura Misrepresents the Truth Movement Again: This Time with Dwain Deets and the “Fly Over” Theory

by Scott Creighton

Where do I start with this one?

In Dec. of 2009, Jessie Ventura did one of his “Conspiracy Theory” shows on the 9/11 Truth movement. I reviewed his work in an article called “A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11″ ” In that review I concluded that Ventura or his editors presented the weakest possible presentation of the mounds of evidence collected over the years by Truth researchers.

The other day, Ventura presented yet another of his backhanded hit pieces, this time on the question of what hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11th 2001.

The model for what Ventura is doing is pretty clear; he supposedly presents the case of the Truth advocates while actually making the evidence for the case look weak so that the general audiences look at it and wonders how the hell Truth advocates believe such ridiculous crap.

Let’s look at it, shall we?

1. Flight 77 Dropping off the Radar Not Mentioned

Twice Ventura’s show depicts Flight 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11th 2001 at around 9:38am, taking off, flying its course, turning around, and flying back to the Pentagon. All the way back to the Pentagon. This is deliberately misleading.

Flight 77 is actually the only plane of the 4 hijacked aircrafts, that dropped off the radar screens and was never seen again until it supposedly hit the Pentagon.  This has been made clear many times by NORAD, the FAA, and even the MSM… but apparently this doesn’t rate even a mention in Jessie Ventura’s show. (click on image for larger view)

As you can see in the image above, Flight 77 was the ONLY aircraft that dropped off the radar screen on Sept. 11th 2001. It is also the ONLY flight that hit a designated target with precise accuracy, taking out the office that was looking into the missing 2.3 trillion dollars that had been announced by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11.

Here’s another version of the flight path of the hijacked planes that day, this one from Time magazine.

Again, the flight path of Flight 77 is in a dotted line, because it is assumed that this is the path, as that Flight 77 dropped off radar contact for its entire return flight to the DC area. Of course, watching Jessie Ventura’s show, you wouldn’t know that.

Why doesn’t Jessie’s show mention that Flight 77 dropped off the radar for 30 minutes? Why doesn’t Jessie’s show mention that Flight 77 was the only flight of the 4 hijacked flights to do so? It would see that mentioning that fact would help support their evidence that there were almost no pieces of wreckage from a massive 757; there was no wreckage because Flight 77 never went back to DC.

But for some reason, Ventura’s show leaves that important and well documented fact completely out of his show. Why?

The answer is simple.. if Flight 77 didn’t go back to DC, then there could be no “fly over” theory.  Jessie’s show was deliberately misleading us.

2. Dwain Deets and the “Fly Over” Theory

Without explaining to his audience who Dwain Deets was (head of Dryden Flight Research Center during the development of the Drone air-crafts) Jessie Ventura presents Deets as a NASA expert (which he is) and allows him a great deal of time to express his views on what happened at the Pentagon.

While Deets is talking about how improbable it is that the nose-cone of a passenger plane could break through several walls of the Pentagon and end up punching through the “C” ring, this is the clip Ventura is running in the background… a video of a test crash of a passenger plane in which the ONLY part that seems to survive… is the nose cone.

As you can see, in order to undermine the legitimacy of what Deets was saying, Jessie Ventura’s “researchers” run a film of a flaming crash of a passenger plane in which the only thing that seems to hold together, is the nose cone.

But it gets worse.

Then Deets goes on to explain that his theory, based on two internet ad campaign guys interviewing 11 Pentagon and Department of the Army employees, is that Flight 77 actually flew over the Pentagon, after some kind of explosion took place. This would mean that the overall plan was to set off an explosion of some kind, get everyone who is stuck in traffic around the Pentagon (perhaps a thousand cars) looking right at the Pentagon, then fly Flight 77 right over that explosion, at tree-top level, buzzing the roof of the Pentagon.  This is called the “Flyover Theory” and it’s about as stupid as Scientology.

But, this is what Deets was allowed to present on Jessie Ventura’s show complete with slides. Ventura then shows the Pentagon camera clips, the only ones released, which clearly shows nothing passing over the Pentagon as it does show something small cutting low over the lawn and striking the Pentagon.

Let’s take a look at what Ventura’s show presented.

First we have the “North of the Citgo” flight path as created by two internet PR guys and their defense department “witnesses”.

Notice something they deliberately included in the animation?

That’s right, they included a shadow for some reason.

The arrow would have worked just fine in demonstrating their supposed flight path without a shadow, so why include it?

These are images from the Pentagon security tape they ran directly after Deets’ animation. What stands out?

What stands out? Shadows. We can clear see the shadows and the direction the sunlight is coming from. Had a massive 757 “flown over” the Pentagon, “just above the range of the camera’, you would still see the shadow of that plane on the lawn in front of the Pentagon. But alas, there is none.

3. April Gallop Goes CIT on Us

Ventura then brings out April Gallop. Now she is the woman who was in the Pentagon, upstairs, when the attack took place. She states that “it sounded like a bomb”.  She does state that she didn’t see a plane as she climbed out the hole that was in the side of the Pentagon. That certainly doesn’t help the Jim Hoffmans out there in their effort to get you to believe the official story of the Pentagon.

And to their credit, they did mention and show Pentagon lawn videos that showed no Flight 77 debris as well as video from another plane crash where debris was easily recognizable. They also mentioned the fact that the bodies (or parts of them) were removed supposedly and identified at a different location. And they mentioned that they didn’t see luggage and bodies in seats, wings, tail sections, or massive 9 ton aircraft engines.

April’s story continues as she recalls her visit in the hospital when the military brass told her it was not a “bomb” like she thought, but rather, a plane.

Ending April’s contribution, it is stated that she has a lawsuit pending claiming that Flight 77 “flew over” the Pentagon and a bomb blew up the building.

I suppose what we all see in the video is the bomb that someone threw at the Pentagon?

4. Last Words

Just like in his previous 9/11 themed video, Ventura saves the last words on this subject for the officials.

Janice Kephart, 9/11 Commision Report General Council – “I don’t know if you think the 9/11 Commission was duped or if you think we were part of the problem”

Ventura – “I think you were duped”

It has been revealed that Philip Zelikow, close friend of Condi Rice and former transition team member of the Bush White House, came into his appointment as Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission Report with an outline of the investigation already in hand. It was Zelikow who decided what was investigated, what was not. And it was Zelikow ultimately who decided what went into the report. It was also Zelikow who let Bush and Cheney testify, together, off the record, without being sworn in, and with no recording devices.

Did the Commission Report get “duped” on that one, Mr. Ventura? Of course not.

Then Jessie even goes further suggesting that the Warren Commission was also “duped”.  Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles and was in the process of breaking up the CIA when he was killed. Allen Dulles was put on the Warren Commission by Johnson.  Were they “duped”?


Overall this is a very weak effort, if not outright Cass Sunstein disinfo.

It’s very unlikely that anyone would come up with a plan that involved having a weak pilot like Hanjour slamming a 757 into a small target and then sitting directly opposite that target in his office at the Pentagon. But if you accept the Jim Hoffmans of the Truth movement, that is exactly what happened. I doubt it. Too many opportunities for that plane to miss the 2.3 trillion dollar office and skip off the roof ending up in Rumsfelds desk, with him in it.

It’s also ridiculous to believe that the planners of 9/11 came up with a plan that would involve setting off massive explosives at the Pentagon, getting everyone looking in that direction, then flying Flight 77 right over that huge fireball, and expecting no one would ever mention it.

Also unlikely is the possibility of something like a missile hitting the Pentagon. Though it certainly is more accurate than a 757 and it certainly would account for the damage that we saw, the fact is, too many people would report seeing “a missile” rather than a plane.

I think the only thing that makes sense is a drone of some kind, something painted or maybe even custom-made to look like Flight 77, but smaller, and flown by remote. Here we have answers to all those questions. Yes, a drone flying low across the lawn could account for what is seen in the video images, and yes it would explain why some people reported they saw a passenger jet and some said they saw a small business type plane.

That being the case, isn’t it strange that we just happen to have Dwain Deets, the guy who headed up the drone program,  out there front and center on the “Fly Over” theory?

Listen to what Ventura wraps the show with…

Ventura: “Was it a missile that hit the Pentagon. Was it a bomb? Or was it what they told us?”

Every option but the obvious one.

No Mr. Ventura, it was a drone. A drone with an engine in the center of its hull that would account for the hole in the “C” ring.

A drone with no seats and no passengers.

A drone that could fly over the radar cover and easily make the 300 deg turn while descending from the high altitude.

A drone that could be rigged on the outside like Flight 77 so witnesses would report seeing a passenger plane hitting the building, and flown by remote so that it hit exactly where it was supposed to hit. It’s cargo area could be rigged with high explosives which would account for the 15-19 foot hole in the side of the Pentagon.

A drone from an industry that profited from the Global War on Terror like few other industries.

Flight 77 took off. They dropped off the radar, a drone took it’s place and struck the Pentagon. It was equiped with a military identifier which is why it was not shot out of the sky and when people saw it, the thought it was a passenger plane.

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  1. In the show, they said that 77 was the only plane that disappeared from radar. I didn’t take any of that to be misleading, altho there is no explanation of “how” it disappeared.

    In the show, it was said that it was either a plane (flying over) with a missile OR bomb set.

    I don’t know about the flyover deal. Seems like there would have been evidence, but I can’t wholly agree with you about the shadows. Maybe or maybe not.

    I’m not defending the show or Jesse, but I thought the show did a decent job of explaining there was NO aircraft crash evidence.

  2. everything you wrote in this article makes complete sense

  3. “I don’t know about the flyover deal. Seems like there would have been evidence, but I can’t wholly agree with you about the shadows. Maybe or maybe not.”

    You can clearly see a well defined shadow for everything in the footage and the direction of the sun isn’t hard to place. Hell, on closer inspection, even the blur skating across the lawn cast some kind of shadow, thought it is hard to see. Even the smoke casts a shadow. Shadows for everything except what Jessie says passes just over the view of the camera. How does a 757 not cast a shadow? Easy, it isn’t there.

  4. Why do you think they would chose to run a video showing a plane crash in which the ONLY part of the plane that survives is the nose cone, during a part of the interview in which the interviewee was saying that nose cones couldn’t survive a crash like that?

    You think that was by accident? You think that is the ONLY video of a plane crash that exists? Hell, the rest of the plane is in pieces on fire and the nose cone comes right at you like it was in a bad 3d movie… you can’t miss it, unless you want to.

  5. And as far as them saying that it was the only plane to drop off the radar that day, I think you need to watch it again. I didn’t hear that.

    He states that they turned off the transponder.

  6. Look at what he covered last year. His show on 9/11 Truth focused mainly on Steven Jones and “nanothermite”

    How has that worked out so far? Still think “pyrotechnic paint” took out the towers?

    Since that show aired, Jones has come out for Glenn Beck, admitted that he wasn’t fired by BYU (a university with a campus in Jerusalem, BTW) but rather, given “early retirement”, given a staff and freedom to run whatever “research” he wanted on his “thermite” theory, they paid Frank Legge, Gregg Roberts, Steven Jones, Niels Harrit, and at least one other writer to come up with the nanothermite paper, they “peer reviewed” the paper (somehow the head of the department did part of it or just reviewed it), they paid for the publication of the paper, and they raise Jones’ status from professor to professor emeritus. He was well taken care of, not “fired” as he likes to suggest to Truth advocates.

    Now, all that said, here we are with magic pixie dust paint on the steel of the towers, Jones refuses to test for high explosive residues, and Ventura is hooked up with Alex Jones running shows about the “Fly over” theory suggesting that is where the Truth movement is.

    He didn’t mention the fact that Ted Olsen is the husband of the ONE person who mentioned box-cutters which was used relentlessly, and Ted Olsen is the lawyer who brought the Bush V Gore case to the Supreme Court to stop the recount and put Bush and Cheney in place to do everything they did.

    He didn’t mention the fact that Olsen’s story about what phone his wife called from changed 3 times.

    He didn’t mention that the FBI themselves stated in a trial that no phone calls were completed on flight 77.

    He didn’t mention the fact that the section that was hit was the ONLY section that had been reinforced in the remodeling project, and remains the ONLY section that was EVER reinforced.

    He didn’t mention that Dov Zacheim was put in charge of the group looking into the missing 2.3 trillion dollars and that Dov Zacheim was also a signer on the paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (PNAC paper which included statement “this could be a long process absent some catalysing event like a New Pearl Harbor”) AND Dov was ALSO a member of Condi Rice’s “Vulcans” team which put together Bush’s “foreign policy” agenda prior to his election.

    And he forgot to mention that Dov’s company System Planning Corporation made, as well as other things, remote flying control systems for passenger planes.

    And he forgot to mention that Dov Zacheim just happened to be out of the office that day.

    Instead, he spent most of the thrust of his show pushing the “fly over” theory.

    the flyover theory.

  7. If security is so positive that our government’s explanation of what happened to the pentagon is correct, then why be so stingy with videos? So many cameras were focused on that area…. the film says every window had a security camera focused on front of building? and every angle of the front lot….. so why didn’t they release all the film? Doesn’t the film belong to Americans? WE paid for it. We should be allowed to see all of them.
    they are hiding something….. and Scott is right, a large plane would have left a large shadow.. the sun is rising , up high, behind the building…. anything heaving upward over the building would be in a perfect position for a shadow…. not to mention a long shadow following it up to the pentagon.

  8. If security is so positive that our government’s explanation of what happened to the pentagon is correct, then why be so stingy with videos?

    This was asked on the video.

  9. He didn’t mention the fact that Ted Olsen is the husband of the ONE person who mentioned box-cutters which was used relentlessly, and Ted Olsen is the lawyer who brought the Bush V Gore case to the Supreme Court to stop the recount and put Bush and Cheney in place to do everything they did.

    He didn’t mention the fact that Olsen’s story about what phone his wife called from changed 3 times.

    It said Olson was Bush’s Solicitor General. He DID mention that the story changed.

  10. You think that was by accident? You think that is the ONLY video of a plane crash that exists? Hell, the rest of the plane is in pieces on fire and the nose cone comes right at you like it was in a bad 3d movie… you can’t miss it, unless you want to.

    Yet in the video, it plainly says that there are many other cameras and he wants to see the footage.

    The video says on more than one occasion that there were no airplane parts seen by anyone.

  11. “It’s transponder, which identifies itself to radar, shut off at 8:56.”

    16:40 mark of video

    BTW: I am not arguing that it wasn’t a drone and no aircraft was ever present.

    I am saying that this program offered more info than anything else I have seen on TV (baby/bath water thing, again).

    The Deets guy rubs me as untrustworthy (shifty eyed). Not explaining that he is a drone expert seems dubious.

  12. “It’s transponder, which identifies itself to radar, shut off at 8:56.”

    That’s a little misleading on the part of Jessie and the crew…

    A transponder is called a “squawk box” which means it broadcasts the flight name to the radar station. all it does is “squawk the flight number, it has nothing to do with making the plane drop off the radar.

    “Secondary Surveillance Radar is referred to as “secondary”, to distinguish it from the “primary radar” that works by passively bouncing a radio signal off the skin of the aircraft.”

    “Then Ventura looks into the flight itself. Not only was the flight recorder “dead” but during the flight itself, the transponder was turned off. Even more suspicious, the plane disappeared from radar for 28 minutes.” Gordon Duff

    all the flights had their transponders messed with or turned off but only Flight 77 dropped off the radar and flew the entire way back to DC without reappearing. Damn near impossible for a 757 passenger plane.

    Flight 11 – North Tower – “Boston ARTCC made multiple attempts to talk to Flight 11 but got no reply,[9] and at 08:21, the flight stopped transmitting its Mode-C transponder signal.[18]”

    United Flight 175 – South Tower – “The aircraft’s transponder was turned off and the aircraft deviated from the assigned flight path for four minutes, before air traffic controllers noticed at 08:51.”

    Flight 93 – Penn (probable target, WTC 7) – Not conclusive as too transponder

    Flight 77 – Pentagon – “It’s transponder, which identifies itself to radar, shut off at 8:56.”

    A transponder does not make a plane drop off of radar view. Others had their transponders either shut off or switched to read as a different flight

    so I will say again, Ventura did not mention that only Flight 77 fell off radar view and was never located again till the wreckage. (It was seen just before hitting the Pentagon, but not identified and the radar operators thought it was a military plane (fighter) because of the speed and the maneuverability. that was just before the crash.

    Why is this important?

    Because, for the “Fly Over” people, it hurts their cause. Flight 77 could not attain an altitude to get above radar contact and it’s highly unlikely that a 757 flew at tree-top level UNDER radar contact all the way back to DC.

    Jessie and his guys seem to focus on the Flyover theory, and this bit of information certainly doesn’t support that conclusion, so… it seems they left it out.

  13. I’m not arguing with you, Buelahman. This is just information I think you should take into consideration.

    Yes, as I mentioned in the paper, they did get some good information into the episode. But, as you can see, they left a lot out and in the case of the plane dropping off the radar screen (which is huge by the way when you think about how little evidence there is of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon) all that does is bolster the “fly over” theory.

    If Flight 77 doesn’t go back to DC… no “flyover” theory.

  14. Willy… you missed one crucial detail. The photos of the test crashed airplane hit the ground, not straight into a fixed object, like a wall. Hence, the nose survived intact, as does happen in lots of crashes. Details are everything.

  15. I understand that cinderman. I know a nose-cone is not going to survive crashing into a wall, much less three of them…

    but I didn’t chose that video. that was their choice. I’m just pointing out that they showed that while talking about nose cones not surviving crashes.

  16. You know what they never told you about that video Cinderman?

    That plane had never gotten off the ground.

    It was a crash test apparently to see what happened when they took out the landing gear. Here is a similar test with the same berms set up.

    so not only did they show you a video of the nose-cone surviving a crash, but it wasn’t even a plane moving at flight speed.

  17. The Olson connection really smells. Barbara took her law degree from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardoza school of law. And who defended Joanathan Pollard and is involved in his appeal? Ted Olson.

  18. Paying attention to 911 truth for the past 6 years, one thing is clear.
    If any truther, no matter how rich or poor, smart or dumb, gets coverage by corporate media….buckle up because that truther is going to shoot himself in the foot or worse.
    Charlie Sheen looked good for a short while, Rosie too. They are plants to suck in some truthers and then they self destruct bringing disgrace and negative attention to the movement.

    Ventura is often on CNN and this new TV series is pure crap. He inserts way too many mistakes into his act to be credible. On one hand is aware of all the “big” conspiracies, on the other hand he continually makes amateurish errors and mistakes. They would be corrected by edits or re shooting scenes if he was for real.

    Good on this site for calling him and many other shills out for their lies.

  19. Thanks Mike.

    A Truth Advocate I used to know told me once, and she was very well known (traveled around, did interviews) “once someone starts to get media attention, don’t trust them in this movement”..

    She got out of the movement, landed a FEMA contract.

    Based on what he has produced thus far, it is safe to say that Jessie would not have a TV show if he was legit. Its that simple.

  20. There’s a lot of great info and reasoning in this article, in comments, and on this whole website.

    But why the near dearth of Rothschild?

    I’ve been searching the site and reading both old and new articles. I’ve found, for example, praise of Carroll Quigley and others whose job it was to divert attention from the Rothschilds and place it on Rhodes (a Rothschild frontman/henchman) and of course, Americans: Rockefellers, et al.

    Long story short, anyone who does a lot of research and is fairly well informed has to acknowledge that the world’s wealthiest and most powerful family 200 years ago is still the world’s most wealthy and powerful family. They, the Rothschilds, are self-described Jews, they have controlled the Bank of England since Napoleon, own our Federal Reserve (Warburg, Schiff, et al were frontmen/henchmen), and use all the famous groups as buffers (such as Bilderbergs, CFR, etc.).

    They created communism — Trotsky, Marx, etc. They own Israel and thus control the Mossad, already controlled the Brits’ MI5 and now MI6, the CIA, etc. Our presidents since at least Wilson have been their puppets, though JFK tried to cut the strings and thus was assassinated.

    The Rothschilds, through their network of “foundations,” fund the so-called “radical Islam” garbage. They foment all the major conflicts within our country, and likewise between countries.

    Ok, I’m going on too long. So let me give you this final point. Men who are money- and power-hungry don’t play well together. Right? Without a supreme boss, they’ll fight until there is a supreme boss. And if that supreme boss looks weak, others will conspire against him. So, why don’t we see such fighting in history in the last 200 years? It’s because the Rothschilds have reigned supreme.

    The late great author Eustace Mullins began exposing all this very well in the 1950s. And then other authors were paid to misdirect people from Mullins’ proof.

    In 9/11 truth, anybody who doesn’t follow the money and power chain up to the Rothschilds is either sadly ignorant or working for the other side.

    Obviously, Jesse Ventura, the former Navy Seal, stupid-fake entertainer-wrestler, and “independent” politician, has agreed to be an anti-American “truthseeker.” I say “anti-American” because our heinous criminals are not the top criminals in the world, and so all this pointing at mainly American criminals further rots our USA from the inside. Meanwhile, our true common enemy on this planet continues to tighten their control of — everything.

    The Rothschild males are the true common enemy of all decent Americans and all decent people on the planet.

    A long comment, yes. But I sincerely think that this good website needs this input.

    Mr. Creighton and readers, what do you think?

    — James Laffrey (yes, my real name. no weasely fake-naming for me)
    (see the Links page for Mullins’ books and other sources)

  21. I don’t know Jesse’s motivation, but as I said, name another in MSM or any TV that has said more on the subject.

    It may not be perfect, but name another.

    So, he should have brought up the Rothschilds in this Pentagon subject and James would be happier?

    Pony up, get a TV show and add something. Otherwise, James, it looks like your agenda may NEVER get aired.

  22. BuelahMan said:
    “So, he (Ventura) should have brought up the Rothschilds in this Pentagon subject and James would be happier?

    “Pony up, get a TV show and add something. Otherwise, James, it looks like your agenda may NEVER get aired.”

    Don’t be so damn silly, B-man. Ventura will never reasonably touch the Rothschilds. I know that. And I know that nobody can get on tv and do so. It’s not allowed. Someone might do it once, by surprise if the show is live, but never twice.

    No, my point was that this website,, needs all relevant discussions to include the supreme bankster family in the world. Otherwise, it’s misdirection to focus on the henchmen and accomplices and never the actual boss. Our fight is sure to fail if people don’t know who the top enemy is.

    We don’t have tv. We have the Internet. Let’s use it to its fullest before they block our practical use of it. That’s the amount of time we have to unify — the time it takes them to put their roadblocks in place. After that, only violence and a lot of bloodshed would get it done for us. I don’t support the violent route — yet.

  23. James,

    No, not EVERY post needs to harp on the Rothschilds and trying to do so with the Pentagon strike is over reaching for your agenda.

    That is what is silly about your plan.

    Besides, to ignore that MOST ppl get their news from TV and ONLY focus on the internet is a losing proposition.

    Personally, I get much farther with ppl one on one. THEN point them to willy’s site (or several others I peruse).

    And the truth is (imo) that it is too late to sway enough gullible sheople to ever make much of a difference. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

  24. James and BuelahMan;

    As much as this is going to sound like a cop-out, I think you are both right, in a way.

    I don’t focus enough on those relative few families at the top of the food chain in this oligarchical neofeudalism that is developing all around us.

    I focus on neoliberalism which is just a modern-day version of British mercantilism. Neoliberalism is the ideology that has been been “trickled down” (if you will) to the politicians, the other bankers, the Heads of the Business Round Table, the CFR, heads of the various complicit networks, the CEOs, the business owners, the small business owners, and the bought-out union leaders alike.

    I focus on the lies that they use to try and corrupt our society, to get us to fear each other, rather than them.

    I focus on the IMF, World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, and the Federal Reserve system of privately owned central banks that they are trying to create (hence my term “Global Free Market Wars” as that “free market” ideology is nothing more than the modern-day equivalent of British mercantilism.)

    I focus on a lot of things, false-flag operations, propaganda, rising social inequality, and the pending neoliberalization of the United States.

    But I don’t focus enough at the systems of power at the top of all this. Yes they are responsible for this, however, their sickness as bled down into all aspects of society. And that is what I try and expose.

    We are no longer talking just about a small group of oligarchs, now we are talking about an ideology; an ideology that has been and is being systematically sold to the American people. The outline of this process was best defined by the Lewis Powell memo of 1971.

    That is what I focus on, but more attention should and will be paid to the roots of this disease. The British oligarchs have a long sordid history of using false-flag terrorism to achieve their goals. Certainly the Rothschilds are behind much of it.

    But BuelahMan is correct as well. As I write to expose how globalist Clinton tried to exploit the deaths of South Korean sailors on the Cheonan, yes, ultimately, it is to serve the interests of their “free market” (mercantilism) agenda. But, I have do deal in the facts of the case, and allow the readers to process that on its merits, and to make connections for themselves. Same holds true with any other false-flag op they pull off (or attempt to) or any campaign of propaganda they job-out to the big PR firms who pretty much script the history of this country as it happens.

    In the sense that Jessie could not have included an explanation of how the elite families of Europe influenced 9/11 in his 45 minutes for his show, BuelahMan is correct. It would take much longer than that.

    But in the sense that no one dares report on these things in the MSM, James is certainly correct. Look at what happened to Blagojevich when he threatened to cancel Bank of America’s contracts with his state if they didn’t honor their agreement with the workers of Republic Windows and Doors (Bank of America, BTW, being a subsidiary of Bank of England, and therefore, the Rothschilds, I think)

    Banks run this country and their plan is ultimately what was being 9/11 and the creation of the economic depression that we are now suffering through. They did both of these things to bring about a climate in which they could radically change not only America, but the entire group of Westernized European countries. They are remaking the world as we watch.

    Yes, it is British mercantilism rebranded as globalization, “free market” reforms, or neoliberalization (the Washington Consensus)

    But it is no longer the exclusive domain of just a handful of families and their political puppets. It has become a disease that is spreading to all aspects of our society. Its becoming the prevailing ideology of our time. and that is what I focus on.

  25. I must agree, NOT mentioning Dov Zakheim is a huge red flag for me. That guy is guilty as hell.

  26. I feel inclined to give Jesse Ventura a pass on this. He seems legit, more or less — but maybe I’m being foolish. His conspiracy productions are hyper-dramatic, yet severely watered down. And that is exactly what I would expect; maybe even what I would do were I in his position. Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be on the air if he hit the “big red buttons” we know are there. But there’s more to it, I think.

    Consider anthrax letters event. Right on the heels of 9/11. Out of nowhere. There’s one detail that blows me away. It has been announced far and wide that the anthrax came from US military labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Let’s just set aside the myriad dubious details and just ask why on earth was the government lab origin of this anthrax agent EVER divulged at all? Why? Why? Why wouldn’t everyone be happier if that were kept secret? You see, just telling the US people this creates mass cognitive dissidence, angst, and learned helplessness. Which apparently was one of the intended results of the entire affair. This same cognitive dissidence, angst, and learned helplessness has been built into all the other potential conspiracies — 9/11, for example. And these are feelings that turn people off.

    By making a huge, fake drama of “intrigue,” while watering down every deeply appalling aspect of the conspiracies, Ventura allows his audience to enjoy the high drama while escaping the horrible angst. That’s great showmanship. And I don’t think it really causes any harm. This is my best guess, anyhow.

  27. do we know why rumsfeld chose the day before 9/11 to announce that the 2.3 trillion dollars was missing? more specifically, if rumsfeld was in on 9/11 and knew that the pentagon was going to be hit where it was hit, wouldn’t it have been in his own best interests NOT to make that announcement? did he just slip, as larry silverstein appears to have slipped? or what? i can’t figure this one.

  28. dennis;

    If you want to kill a news story, a big news story like a missing 2.3 trillion dollars, then I would imagine one good way to do that is too announce it the day before 9/11.

    That’s one thing.

    Another is the fact that Rumsfeld had appointed another member of the Project for the New American Century, Dov Zackheim, to head up the office looking through the records to figure out what happened to that money. That appointment was months before 9/11, yet Rumsfeld waited till the day before 9/11 to make the announcement.

    Another thing is the fact that the very office that was hit on Sept. 11th, was in fact the very office were they were doing the accounting investigation. Many records were destroyed.

    Dov Zacheim was not in his office when the plane hit and he survived without a scratch.

    So Rumsfeld I can’t say what Rumsfeld knew or didn’t know.

    But what I can tell you is this; if he did know, then he would also have known that the details about the office that was to be hit would come out, and he would have to explain why he hadn’t announced that 2.3 trillion was missing and that an entire staff was researching what happened to it.

    So in that regard it makes perfect sense that he would make the announcement just before the attack so that the news story would be lost in the shock and awe of 9/11 and so that he could tell the people of the country that he had announced the missing money prior to 9/11. Just, one day before 9/11….

    so I don’t think it was a slip. Silverstein was talking “off the cuff” and improvising an answer, and Rumsfeld scheduled a press conference specifically to announce the missing money.

    I hope that makes it clearer for you. If you would like references to the statements above, I would be glad to provide them for you.

  29. thanks, much. makes a lot of sense. i am new here and very much enjoying your website.

  30. no problem Dennis. I’m glad you like the site.

  31. The 9/11 story was part of an agenda.Look closely at a video of Ted a Turner wanting to eradicate two billion people in the world.Google it.. Everyday poisons are sprayed on the American people and world from planes.Some tests revealed aluminum,barium,sulfate metals of ever kind.Also desiccated blood and lithium are contained in these sprays. Get the picture. 9/11 is just an illusion from what is really happening.Chemtrails are killing us!!!!!Global nightmare!!!!These poisons have destroyed crops around the world and inside info shows that people making hundreds of billions of dollars because inside info of Chemtrails strategically manipulate weather patterns and cause catastrophic weather events.Monsanto is behind a majority of this because the aluminum sprayed from planes on to fields where farmers grow crops.The crops die and the soil is contaminated.Monsanto seeds are the only gmo’s that could actually withstand the aluminum.Monsanto stands to control all farming by making fields useless if only farms buy from Monsanto! Absolute control of food throughout the world!!!!!9/11 and this fake terrorism for the past fourteen years duped all of us!!!!! Our children have been exposed to these Chemtrails and you can see the effects.Cancer is up,bees falling out of the sky,birds falling out of the sky and dying.And you ask why? This is why!!! Check out radiation levels highest in Florida and California is second. It’s so bad that tests of orange groves show fourteen out of seventeen groves contaminated by high levels of radiation. I say this is fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster.Radiation goes into the atmosphere and winds and clouds get blown around in these pressure systems contaminating the planet.

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