Currently Reworking Demolition Theory Artwork – Video in the Making

by Scott Creighton

Well, not only am I back up and running, in large part thanks to you guys, but the addition of a new video card now allows me to open and use 3d modeling aspects of my drafting programs and start learning video editing software. I can now go back and clean up files and make some quick tweaks to the artwork, so that in a few days I will probably have my first video up and running, a video explaining how I think the demolition of the Twin Towers was accomplished. I cleaned up this image a little to make it more easily understood.

Basically, I believe that the floor systems of the Twin Towers were taken out with det cord, a high explosive delivery device commonly used in the controlled demolition process. As you can see from the quote I included in my drawing below, they commonly use det cord to break up thin concrete floor sections. You will also notice that I included the approximate heat value of PETN, the most commonly used high explosive in det cord, at detonation.  It gets up to about 8,000 deg f when it goes off.  The use of det cord would answer three of the most troubling questions about what happened to the Towers on 9/11: 1. why was everything completely pulverized?, 2. why was so much of the material melted and almost vaporized?, and 3. how were they able to install explosives in working buildings without being noticed as doing such? It would actually answer a fourth question as well and that is “why haven’t NIST and any other official investigation tested for residual trace elements of high explosives in the Ground Zero dust?”

The picture above shows how I think they installed the PETN based det cord in the floor systems. The design of the system is based on two things: 1. photos of the Twin Towers being built and 2. NIST’s own diagrams detailing the construction of the Twin Towers.

(It is also very important to note that in spite of what Steven Jones has been reporting, much of the metal in the construction of the Twin Towers was in fact NOT “structural steel” or A-36. This is important because A-36 structural steel is only comprised of iron and carbon and all those iron-rich micro-spheres that were found by the USGS and RJ Lee report contained other materials as well. Fact is, the vast majority of the trusses were made up of something called HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel which includes iron and carbon but also many other elements added at the time it is formed. It makes the steel stronger and the manufacturer of the trusses went with HSLA steel at the time of construction.)

The following is from the NCSTAR (NIST) report detailing the standard construction design of the floor sections. These were manufactured off site (WTC NY) and shipped to the location and then set in place by “T”-crane. (click on image for larger view)

As you can see, the trusses were doubled up (increasing my initial estimate by a factor of 2) and there is indeed an electrical duct included in the design. (image: NCSTAR page 6)

But we don’t have to take NIST’s word for it, as that we can look at the photos from the fabrication of the towers and we can clearly see the electric ducts in those photos. (click on photo for larger view)

Look carefully. You have two yellow bands a narrow one on the left and a wider one on the right. What you are looking at is the floor system with the corrugated metal floor exposed prior to the pouring of the 4″ concrete floor, just like in the diagram from NCSTAR.  Just to the right of the narrow yellow band you will notice a wider flat that runs perpendicular to the band. The same kind of wider flat runs next to the wide yellow band as well. These are the tops of the electrical ducts.

So as you can see, the electrical ducts were there. They were included in the NCSTAR diagram and they were also clearly evident in the construction photos. Why is this important? Because as you can see from my cut section diagram at the top of the page, utilizing these pre-existing ducts would allow the demolition company to basically install the det cord as it is suggested they do it, by putting it into a “channel” that allows for the maximum efficiency of the shock wave created by the det cord to pulverize the concrete floor slabs. The heat created by the blast would be shielded from above by the concrete thus directing the vast majority of that heat energy toward the trusses and the A/C ducts and all the other things in the floor system below the metal floor pans and above the ceiling tiles.

To get a better understanding of that space, I drew this typical cross section of the WTC Towers as they were constructed…

It is my contention that the vast heat energy released by the thousands of feet of det cord used to demo those floors may have created a bit of evidence that the planners did not anticipate. As reported by RJ Lee and others, the amount of heat energy needed to create the iron-rich spheres that he found in his study cannot be explained by anything in the official story of 9/11. Those hundreds of tons of micro-spheres are a clue. They prove that something else happened on Sept. 11th 2001, something that cannot be explained away by office fires on a few floors and jet fuel that burned up in 15 minutes or less.

This is the “smoking gun” of 9/11. It is the trusses and the corrugated floor pans. It is the light fixtures and the ceiling tile grid. It is the A/C/ ducts and the electrical wiring suspended above the offices and meeting rooms of the Twin T0wers.  It has been there in plain sight since the very beginning. Just like the Ground Zero dust that has to be polluted with the signature fingerprints of the terrorists who brought down the buildings on Sept. 11.. the high explosive residues that have to be there and that no one will test for.

This explains the molten metal… this explains why these spheres were mixed with pulverized concrete. This was never “thermite” or “thermate” or “super thermite” or “nanothermite”.  It is and always was parts of those buildings that could not have possibly been melted in such a way if the official story of 9/11 is correct.

first video based on Sneak Peak: Revised Demolition Theory Hypothesis and The 23,000 Missing Trusses of 9/11

second video based on 9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

13 Responses

  1. it’s a good thing you are putting this together and not me. yikes. best of luck and i very much look forward to your video.

  2. I guess that green cord is the det cord but those neat spaces that the cord is running through, were they already built into the building?

  3. Looks a lot like what we used to use–that decking, I’m talking about. Tack any old piece of scrap down, and you have an instant duct. Electricians and cable people did it all the time.

    Then, the cheap bastards started stretching the distance between the beams, like they were looking for the breaking point, so they could back them up an inch.

    Centers of our pours sagged so much, even with lightweight concrete, that the carpenters and plumbers had a hard time leveling their cabinets, tubs, and showers.

    I kept looking to crash through to the next flood down every time we poured, then right on through that one, and on down to the ground.

    So it goes–just so, in our America.

    r ap

  4. Oh, and the part I left out of my last comment–the reason I wanted to comment in the first place–those electricians and cable guys used to leave a fish-cord in with their other stuff, in case they wanted to pull in something else later.

    Anybody could have tied onto those lines–pulled in any kind of cord they wanted too.


  5. sorry I didn’t get around to answering your question Jan. I am going to include those in the article above real quick for you.

  6. Thanks, Willy; it is a good explanation too….I think I understand how the cord could easily be installed without being seen by the office workers.

    Roy, they used fish cord? what is that? So most buildings have easy access for demolition?
    Sort of scary…..

  7. What I call a fish cord, Jan, was just a nylon cord they could use to pull in another wire or cable later, if they needed to.

    Don’t know about other buildings–just the ones I worked on.


  8. I see what you are saying , Roy. Probably they all do that…..

  9. hy,
    what is your take on Dimitri Khalezov’
    thesis on mini nukes that brought the towers down?
    featured in the german magazine nexus, english translation on daniel estulins site:

  10. I’m perfectly willing to buy the assertion that the stealth demo crew had ample opportunity and ability to plant charges to take down the WTC 1&2 core columns undetected during the “reconditioning” of the elevators just before 9/11. What puzzles me was how the det chord was placed beneath each floor slab undetected. That had to take place in full view of occupants and security/maintenance staff. Det chord certainly would explain the total vaporizing of all that concrete and floor joists however.

    And while I’ve got your ear. For me the demolition of WT7 is the most incontrovertible evidence of a classical demolition. The question about WTC7 however is — what was the cover story that allowed for the planting of enough massive charges to allow it to fall at free fall? It had to be a lot harder to wire WTC7 with charges undetected.

    I really like the research you have done on this. I think it puts yet another nail in the coffin of the Official 9/11 Report!

    • the det cord was installed during a “wiring upgrade” which took place over the course of the three months prior to the event. They said they were installing new, faster internet cable and thus they had to have access to every floor and every office on every floor. Det cord is a brightly colored cable-looking cord which could easily pass as fire-wire or something similar. Interestingly enough, the owner of CDI admitted he was in Building 7 about 3 months prior to the event. Why? I have no idea. Building 7 was probably “upgraded” at the same time in the same way but you have to remember, the vast majority of Building 7 tenants were government/DOD/MIC contracts. And they were all gone long before the building started coming down. Even the folks in the emergency center were long gone. So, were some “in on it” as the demo charges were set? had most been vacated by then? I don’t know but it is a good question.

      • I had not heard that theory before. If true it helps explain a lot in connection with the destruction of all three buildings. I always had a hard time explaining the apparent ‘instant vaporizing’ of all that concrete, instead of simply a pancake drop of intact flooring around the cut central core columns. It sounds like all three buildings were wired, every square foot, like giant firecrackers. Where can I read more about the wiring of the building floors with that cable?
        I have a hard time believing in a nation so complicit, blind, deluded and stupid so as not to demand a new inquiry. Especially after the release of the 28 pages. Not that I believe that even the 28 pages might not be a part of the giant cover up, being as how it tends to reinforce the myth of the 19 patsies with box cutters. Ha ha

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