Neoliberal News of the Day – 11/29/2010

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Big Polluters Freed from Environmental Oversight by Stimulus – “In the name of job creation and clean energy, the Obama administration has doled out billions of dollars in stimulus money to some of the nation’s biggest polluters and granted them sweeping exemptions from the most basic form of environmental oversight.

(So you still think Wikileaks is a legitimate Whistleblower site?)

wikileaks on more active US military and CIA involvement in Pakistan…

Wikileaks Reveals Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline Deal Will Fall Through – “Despite Iran and Pakistan signing on an ambitious gas pipeline deal with its possible extension to India, the multi-billion project is unlikely to take off, according to the text of an American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.”

Wikileaks Shows a Regime Change in Pakistan May be Needed – “Many of the cables in the first lot of Wikileaks’ expose of intricate and dodgy U.S foreign policy pertains to Pakistan, a country variously described as a “nightmare” and a “headache” for the international community. The cables do not paint a flattering picture of Islamabad or its rulers. For instance, one cable has the Saudi King Abdullah speak contemptuously of President Zardari. He calls Zardari the greatest obstacle to that country’s progress and is quoted as saying “When the head is rotten, it affects the whole body.”

Wikileaks on bombing Iran or various “regime change”…

Wikileaks Shows Us How a Heroic American Dentist Escaped the Evil Iranian Empire – ” Vahedi said, Iranian government officials told him that he should tell his LA-based sons to stop promoting concerts in the Gulf by Persian pop singers that were considered “anti-regime”. He replied that his sons were typical “strong, independent” Americans who would do no such thing.”

Secret cables reveal that U.S. believes Iran has advanced missiles – “The United States believes Iran has obtained advanced missiles from North Korea … …The treasure trove of secret State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks and reported Sunday by several news organizations chronicle the Iranian nuclear standoff from its genesis”

Wikileaks Shows that All The World Wants to Bomb Iran – “His plea was shared by many of America’s Arab allies, including the powerful King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who according to another cable repeatedly implored Washington to “cut off the head of the snake” while there was still time.”

Wikileaks Shows that Egypt’s President Knows Iran is Supporting “the Terrorists” – “Mubarak said that he could not publicly oppose Iran for fear of “sabotage and Iranian terrorism.” He said Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism is “well-known but I cannot say it publicly. It would create a dangerous situation.”

Wikileaks on supporting Irsael and her policies…

Wikileaks Vindicates Israeli Policy – “From an Israeli perspective, therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that WikiLeaks may have done the country a service on Sunday. By presenting the Arab leaders as more extreme in their remarks than Israeli leaders, the cables show the dissonance in the region and the danger involved in allowing Iran to continue with its nuclear program.”

Wikileaks Shows that Democratic Israel Tried to Coordinate with Fatah and Egypt Prior to Operation Cast Lead – “There were never any actual consultations between us and the Israelis before the Gaza war, a top aid to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday, refuting a WikiLeaks cable that claimed otherwise. One of the documents included in the over 250,000 diplomatic cables between the United States and its allies which were leaked on Sunday said that Israel tried to coordinate Operation Cast Lead with both Fatah and Egypt.”

Wikileaks on China…

Wikileaks Shows How Evil Chinese Hacked Patriotic Google Servers – “The Times cited one of the cables as proof that “China’s Politburo directed the intrusion into Google’s computer systems in that country, a Chinese contact told the American Embassy in Beijing in January.”

Wikileaks Shows that US Government Spies on People – “”I was surprised at (the) extent of the spying,” Kristinn Hrafnsson told CNN.”

Wikileaks on North Korea and “regime change”…

Wikileaks Shows How Korea Could be a Happy Place if they could Just Change that Evil Regime in the North – “The New York Times published documents that indicated that United States and South Korea were “gaming out an eventual collapse of North Korea“”

Wikileaks Shows North Korea Gave Missiles to Iran – “Iran obtained 19 advanced missiles from North Korea, potentially giving the Islamic nation the capability of attacking Moscow and cities in Western Europe, according to embassy cables posted by and provided to the New York Times.”

Wikileaks Shows North Korea Gave Missiles to al Qaeda – “A powerful Afghan insurgent leader and a man identified as Osama Bin Laden’s financial adviser purchased ground-to-air missiles from North Korea in 2005, according to an uncorroborated U.S. intelligence report released by Wikileaks on Sunday”

(as I predicted) Amy Goodman Hosts Daniel Ellsburg and The Nation Magazine writer to tell the “progressive” Left How Heroic Wikileaks Is – “Among the findings: Arab leaders are urging the United States to attack Iran; Washington and Yemen agreed to cover up the use of U.S. warplanes to bomb Yemen; the United States is using its embassies around the world as part of a global spy network and asking diplomats to gather intelligence; and much more.”

(does anybody still have any questions about what Wikileaks really is? Anybody? … anybody?)

Israel Steps up PR Campaign While Approving Plans for 10,000 Inmate Fugees Detention Center – “The most unusual was the order to identify up to 1,000 people by mid-January to act as “allies” to Israel. One source described them as “friends who are willing not just to receive messages but to actively promote these messages“. These individuals – likely to be drawn from Jewish or Christian activists, academics, journalists and students – will be briefed regularly by Israeli officials and encouraged to speak up for Israel at public meetings or write letters or articles for the press…Meanwhile, the Israeli cabinet today approved a plan to build a huge detention centre capable of holding up to 10,000 illegal immigrants and refugees near its border with Egypt.”

(and now for the new terrorist threat… )

Hezbollah teaming with the “drug cartels” in Mexico and swarming the border cus they hate us for our freedom – brought to you by Mike Huckabee, a Zionist Israeli, and some woman from DC who smiles when she remembers to include Iran in the Hezbollah discussion.

(now if you want to watch EPIC STUPID you have to watch these guys… I mean… this is world class stupid)

(now, if you want to listen to world class stupid, I mean EPIC STUPID, try Alex Jones agreeing that Hezbollah is streaming up through the Mexican border… EPIC STUPID)

Alex Jones: “By the way, I saw it in the news today that Hezbollah is reportedly down on the border now, the organization out of Palestine, quote “advising the cartels” and I have no doubt of that going on. Here you have a wide open Southern border, you have Hezbollah down there, but we have to pull the collastomy bag or the urine bag… “please don’t pull that off, that’s connected”, “no”,”yes”,”no”,”no” and they just neyah…”

(first of all, if you don’t know the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas, then shut the fuck up. Second, just shut the fuck up anyway Alex)

6 Responses

  1. Assange has the patent on conspiracy® as only he can reveal one. 9/11 and truthers are wingnut extremists, anything israel does is ordained by god. Kool Aid good, thinking bad.

  2. not only is Hezbollah a political group, they are also a religious group…… much like Falwell’s organization …
    maybe they are trying to ‘save’ the souls of the drug cartels’ leaders……. LOL

  3. So Mike Huckabee , Alex Jones, a Knesset member, and anonomous lady all believe that since drug cartels and Hezbolloh both use bombs and guns that proves that they’re working together. Really? Fucking conspiracy nutjobs, the lot of them.

  4. I think they also made mention of the tunnels that they supposedly have in common. tunnels. oh yeah, and the presidents of Venezuela and Iran know each other… see? that cinches it.

  5. Nice one, willyloman. You sure called this one right. Thanks to Wikileaks, people all over the world will realise what great guys the Americans are, working for peace while everyone is pushing them to bomb Iran.

    They’ll know that NK is truly evil and both Iran and NK are supporting terrorism and those evil Pakistani’s need sorting out.

    They’ll also know that the US uses its embassies around the world as spy posts but John LeCarre told everyone that decades ago so no real harm done.

    Hope all is well now with the computer.

  6. Nooo, this can’t be right. Those American banks have been laundering money for drug cartels not terrorists! Why, we’d have to seize the banks and close them down. And we’ve got millions of people, thousands of trucks coming across that border and now the Department of Taking Lots of Money tells us they are terrorists? (“They” being the al Qaeda posing as Mexicans, of course.) No wonder we’re not secure. We need a new super-duper Department of Enhanced Security. Get Joe Lieberman on it right away.

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