Obama Cites Umar Fizzlepants in Support of TSA Goons

by Scott Creighton

President Obama and Vice President Biden, the 2008 marketing campaign of the year, have both weighed in on the controversial new pat-down procedures implemented by the TSA on Nov. 1st of this year. And as expected, their opinions illuminate once again just how completely out of touch they are and how they clearly represent anything but real, meaningful “CHANGE”.

Ironically, on the very same day that Obama announced his approval of the new “groping” procedure for all of us mud-people, it was also reported that the incoming Speaker of the House, Representative John A. Boehner, was walked around all the security measures at JFK international to board a commercial flight without as much as the slightest touch of his junk or a single backscatter picture of his penis.  Apparently the elites in this country pose no threat to our American way of life. If you can believe that.

Both Obama and Biden have reluctantly come out in favor of the new groping procedure cynically citing the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the “Underwear Bomber”, as the prevailing pretext.

Biden acknowledged people have concerns that the TSA’s use of full-body scanners and pat-downs are frustrating and intrusive but argued they are crucial to prevent another incident like the attempted Christmas Day airline bombingThe Hill

“At this point, the Transportation Security Administration, in consultation with our counterterrorism experts, have indicated to me that the procedures that they’ve been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the Christmas Day bombing,” said Obama. CNN

This particular justification represents a remarkable cynicism on the part of the president and vice president’s PR scriptwriters and should test the limits of the patience of anyone with the capacity to remember anything past last night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars.

Because for those of you who don’t remember, the State Department admitted to allowing Umar to get on that plane in the first place and eye witnesses reported he was walked through security right past the boarding gate and  helped to his predetermined seat on the plane by someone who looked remarkably like a CIA asset.

Again, ironically, just like Representative John A. Boehner, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (I call him “Umar Fizzlepants”) was deliberately spared the hassle of all the existing security measures and now his “diaper of doom” show is being used as the pretext to justify a still greater erosion of our personal freedoms.  Our freedoms that is, not Obama’s, Biden’s, or Representative Boehner’s personal freedoms, which must remain intact, for national security purposes of course.

But this is the nature of the false flag event and ultimately the motivation of those who create them.

For those of you who need a brief recounting of the history of Umar Fizzlepants, please allow me to fill in the details a bit. After all, you’re paying for the CIA death squads in Yemen with your tax money and your children are about to be fondled by GED carrying high school dropouts with inflated senses of self-worth while they drool over nude pictures of your wife, so you might as well know how you got here as you hold your tongue in line for an over-priced plane ride to granny’s house for Thanksgiving.

Ten days before the Christmas Day sparkler show, President Peace Prize gave the order to launch two attacks on civilian targets in Yemen which killed 21 children among other innocent victims. He did it in order to protect Hunt Oil and other banking interests in Yemen who’s puppet dictator was in danger of being overthrown by the oppressed and impoverished people of that nation.

Hunt (17.22%)

Hunt Oil is one of the world’s largest privately held independent oil and gas companies, with a strong domestic and international presence. Hunt’s 1984 oil and gas discovery in Yemen has generated over 1 billion barrels of oil exports to date. The hydrocarbon reserves discovered by Hunt contain sufficient quantities of natural gas to underpin the Yemen LNG project. Some US$2 billion have been invested in drilling wells and developing infrastructure to produce, process and export the reserves. Most of the infrastructure will also be utilised for the LNG project, with only relatively modest investments necessary to produce and deliver the gas for liquefaction.  Yemen LNG Pipeline website

The following comes from an article I wrote on Dec. 21st, 2009 called Peace Prize President Kills 23 Children and 17 Women in Order to Protect the Assets of the IMF and World Bank. I wrote that four days before Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab walked onto a plane on Christmas day.

President Obama late last week ordered cruise missile attacks on two locations in Yemen, which “U.S. officials” say were “suspected Al Qaeda hideouts.”  The main target of the attacks, Al Qaeda member Qasim al Rim, was not among those killed, but: “a local Yemeni official said on Sunday that 49 civilians, among them 23 children and 17 women, were killed in air strikes against Al-Qaeda, which he said were carried out ‘indiscriminately’.”  Glenn Greenwald

One of the targeted sites was a suspected al Qaeda training camp north of the capital, Sanaa, and the second target was a location where officials said “an imminent attack against a U.S. asset was being planned.”  ABC News

$50 million IMF bucks to Kuwait Energy this year and an additional $200 million commitment from the IMF and World Bank for a grand total of 1/4 billion dollars being floated into the nation of Yemen. That’s a lot of “U.S. assets” wouldn’t you say?

So, President Obama pulled the trigger on 49 innocent civilians last week.  He did so, not in order to prevent another 9/11. Not to prevent another anthrax attack. He did it to make the country safe for the assets of the U.S. investor class, the IMF, and the World Bank.”  American Everyman

Barack was starting to take some heat over the killing of so many children in a country we weren’t even at war with. Not so much in the complicit main-stream press or the fake “progressive’ websites, but there was a growing backlash developing so something needed to be done before the general population figured out that what the Peace Prize Laureate had done was technically murder.

So along comes Umar Fizzlepants just in time to offer a retroactive justification to the Obama/Clinton regime for killing innocent kids. But who is he and why was his timing so good?

Billions in Recent Yememi Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy. It’s a Small World Ain’t It?

Turns out that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab just happens to be the son of Umar Mutallab and  Umaru Mutallab is one of the wealthiest men in Africa; that says a lot in a continent as corrupt as Africa. He’s not just wealthy, he’s a banker with loads of money invested in… Yemen.

Yemen’s foreign debt has increased from $8.9 million to $5.9 billion since July 2009, according to the report on banking and currency developments issued by the Yemen Central Bank.

The IFC’s institutions topped Yemen creditors, with Yemen owing them about $3 billion, including $2.2 billion for the International Development Foundation.

The rest of the debt was for the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the International Fund for Agriculture Development IFAD, the Islamic Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the OPEC and the EU.

Yemen’s debt for the Paris Club Members came second by about $1.8 billion, with $1.3 billion in Russian loans.

Many outstanding loans come from Japanese, U.S., French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and German sources.

The country’s debt for other creditors came in the third place with Yemen owing Saudi, Kuwaiti, Chinese, Algerian, Korean, Polish and Iraqi funds about $836 million. The debt for unidentified sources reached $195.7 million by July.  YOB Sept. 2009

“Daddy Warbucks, Umaru Mutallab (remember, one of the wealthiest men in Africa, banker extraordinaire) played a major role in introducing Islamic banking into Nigeria. Islamic Banking is represented and organized globally by what is called the Islamic Development Bank which is deeply involved with Nigeria now (thanks in part to Umaru Mutallab) mainly through a bank called Jaiz Bank.” American Everyman

Umaru Mutallab sits on the board of Jaiz Bank and is in fact it’s chairman.

This year, however, should see the launch of Nigeria’s first Islamic bank. A holding company called Jaiz International, has been set up in the country to launch what will eventually be called Jaiz Bank International. It is being supported in its endeavours by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), which is helping to ensure that the launch of Jaiz is a success and that the bank complies with international banking regulations and Nigerian laws.  All Business 2007

Well look at that.  Jaiz Bank, headed up by the “underwear bombers’ father is in fact supported financially by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the IDB stood to lose billions if the revolution was successful in Yemen.

What a stroke of luck for Umar Mutallab. Just as the revolution is taking off in Yemen and he stands to lose billions in investments, his son just HAPPENS to try and light a sparkler in his pants and thus the US is now able to run CIA deathsquads and drone missions throughout that country and save all those precious investments of his.

Oh. Did I happen to mention that banker Mutallab was in contact with the state department about his son prior to the Christmas day attempted attack?

When Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father in Nigeria reported concern over his son’s “radicalization” to the U.S. Embassy there last month (Nov. 19th), intelligence officials in the United States deemed the information insufficient to pursue.  Washington Post

Abdulmutallab’s father Alhaji Uma Abdulmutallab, a prominent banker, was said to have had one face-to-face meeting with a CIA official in Nigeria (just 5 weeks ago) and several contacts by telephone.  Telegraph

Now you might think that this information would be enough to cast a little doubt on the Umar Fizzlepants episode, but in fact, it gets worse.

Richard Wolfe went on Countdown to discuss the White House looking into how the intelligence agencies allowed Umar Fizzlepants onto that plane.

“Well I was speaking to White House folks earlier today and it’s clear the president is still deeply concerned and troubled even angry at the intelligence lapses but they see this more as an intelligence lapse more than as a situation of airport security faults.  So the question is why didn’t the centralized system of intelligence that was set up after 9/11, why didn’t it work?  Is it conspiracy or cock up?” from Daily Kos

However, the “lapse” soon turned out to have been intentional as was made evident by Patrick F. Kennedy, Undersecretary of State for Management, at the January 27 hearings of the House Homeland Security Committee:

MR. KENNEDY: “We will use revocation authority prior to interagency consultation in circumstances where we believe there is an immediate threat. Revocation is an important tool in our border security arsenal. At the same time, expeditious coordination with our national security partners is not to be underestimated. There have been numerous cases where our unilateral and uncoordinated revocation would have disrupted important investigations that were underway by one of our national security partners. They had the individual under investigation and our revocation action would have disclosed the U.S. Government’s interest in the individual and ended our colleagues’ ability to quietly pursue the case and identify terrorists’ plans and co-conspirators.”

REP. THOMPSON: Okay. So — all right. So he has a visa. So what does that do? In the process, does it revoke the visa? Does it —

MR. KENNEDY: We — as I mentioned in my statement, Mr. Chairman, if we unilaterally revoked a visa — and there was a case recently up — we have a request from a law enforcement agency to not revoke the visa. We came across information; we said this is a dangerous person. We were ready to revoke the visa. We then went to the community and said, should we revoke this visa? And one of the members — and we’d be glad to give you that out of — in private — said, please do not revoke this visa. We have eyes on this person. We are following this person who has the visa for the purpose of trying roll up an entire network, not just stop one person….

MR. KENNEDY: The intelligence and law enforcement community tell us that they believe in certain cases that there’s a higher value of them following this person so they can find his or her co-conspirators and roll up an entire plot against the United States, rather than simply knock out one soldier in that effort.5

Now what exactly could that “higher value” have been that motivated the state department to allow Umar Fizzlepants on that plane on Christmas Day with is diaper of doom?

1. President faced possible impeachment for killing 21 children

2. Hunt Oil stood to lose billions in revenues from their oil and LNG pipelines in Yemen

3. The IMF and World Bank stood to lose billions in loans and also their control over the central bank of Yemen

Would these be reasons enough to stage a mock attack with a weapon that was admittedly incapable of exploding? A relatively harmless false flag event that would provide the rationale to aid our puppet regime in Yemen as he fights off the insurgency in the north and the succession movement in the South?

You betcha.

So here we are, nearly a year later, and they are once again using the Umar Fizzlepants story to justify something else that you are going to have to pay for.

But they can only get away with it because the complicit corporate media refuses to investigate anything more important than Tiger Wood’s affairs. And they can only get away with it if you remain ignorant of the real history of this nation.

While someone is groping your child’s genitalia and another is looking at your wife’s breasts through an overpriced x-ray machine marketed by Michel Chertoff, I want you to think about this. I want you to think about how you don’t have the time to research or read about all these “conspiracy theories” because you “got a life”.

Then I want you to comfort your crying child and your outraged wife and tell them both that these are the sacrifices THEY have to make for national security as some political hack or banker’s “terrorist” son  breezes past you and the security stations at the airport and takes their seats in business class… on your dime.

And if you don’t like it, they will call YOU a “terrorist” and put you and your family in jail.

Once a person submits to the screening process, they can not just decide to leave” warned Sari Koshetz, a TSA spokesperson. TSA officials say that anyone refusing both the “full body scanners” and the “enhanced pat down” procedures will be taken into custody.

Once there the detainees will not only be barred from flying, but will be held indefinitely as suspected terrorists, face fines of up to $11,000 and may also be turned over to local police. One sheriff’s office said they were already preparing to handle a large number of detainees and plan to treat them as terror suspects, held until they are convinced they don’t pose a terror threat.  Raw Story

12 Responses

  1. That does it.
    Don’t fly. Get yourself a camera and mike for your computers and travel that way. For the price of a ticket, you could do that.
    No need to even board a plane for business meetings…. have meetings by phone or camera….. and if you have to be ‘there’ in person, take a train. Think of the money you would save on motels, diners, and plane tickets … think of the airline abuse you would avoid….
    Don’t fly….. do your visiting the modern way……

  2. Thanks again. Your article is one-stop for anyone wanting to know the truth about this ridiculous TSA profiteering.

    And when the 11-level-chess playing, Constitutional Law Professor says that x-rays, pat downs and strip searches are “the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw,” he is telling lawyerese truth. The threat we saw was that Rapidscam was in danger of going under. The undie bomber doubled its stock. It is important to keep the pension and mutual funds on hook to pay the bills. Where do the profits go besides to pay for insiders like Chertoff’? Well, maybe to OSI Optoelectronics Limited, Nicosia, Cyprus; OSI Systems Private Limited, Andhra Pradesh, India; Rapiscan Systems Electrical Trading LLC, Abu Dhabi or S2 Services, Ltd., Cayman Islands. Who knows? We just shovel the money in and the profits go down the rathole.


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  5. […] Czar Obama backs TSA goon squads by permitting phony Al-CIAda Christmas underpants spontaneous combustive foul odor […]

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