President Peace Prize Sending “Extremely Pro-active Moderates Squads” to Yemen as the Moderate Bus Rolls On

by Scott Creighton

Just a couple of days after Arianna Huffington spent a quarter of a million dollars of someone’s money (Sumner Redstone?) busing in a quarter of a million people to the “Rally to Restore Complacency“, President Peace Prize quietly announced that he is handing over a section of the U.S. military to the criminal spooks at the CIA for “hunter killer” operations in Yemen.  So while Jon Stewart and friends were goofing around telling people to relax “everything is OK”, President Obama was literally laying out the details of using US troops to form death squads in a nation ruled by a despotic dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“The foiled mail bombing plot by suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen has added urgency to an Obama administration review of expanded military options that include putting elite U.S. hunter-killer teams that operate secretly in the country under Central Intelligence Agency authority”. Wall Street Journal

Citing unnamed government officials, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the administration has responded to the alleged airplane mail bomb plot by stepping up its consideration of “military options” inside Yemen.

According to the report, these plans would include placing “elite US hunter-killer teams that operate secretly in the country under Central Intelligence Agency authority.” The Journal added, “The White House is already considering adding armed CIA drones to the arsenal against militants in Yemen, mirroring the agency’s Pakistan campaign.”

The purpose of placing the US intervention in Yemen (now largely conducted by US military special operations forces) under CIA command, the report states, would be to “streamline US decision-making, giving the White House more direct control over day-to-day operations.”  Bill Van Auken

The translation of that last bit is that it gives Hillary Clinton at the state department more control of killing people in Yemen who are resisting a corrupt president and government who are in the pockets of big US and British businesses. When situations like that developed in the past in countries like Chile under Pinochet and Indonesia under Suharto, we used to call those groups “death squads”.  I suppose now we just call them “extremely pro-active moderates

Hunt Oil is one of the world’s largest privately held independent oil and gas companies, with a strong domestic and international presence. Hunt’s 1984 oil and gas discovery in Yemen has generated over 1 billion barrels of oil exports to date. The hydrocarbon reserves discovered by Hunt contain sufficient quantities of natural gas to underpin the Yemen LNG project. Some US$2 billion have been invested in drilling wells and developing infrastructure to produce, process and export the reserves. Most of the infrastructure will also be utilised for the LNG project, with only relatively modest investments necessary to produce and deliver the gas for liquefaction.  Yemen LNG Pipeline website 

The laughable part of the whole thing is that the event which supposedly justifies using US soldiers as death squads, the “alleged” airplane mail bomb, is falling apart as we speak (kinda like the last fake terrorist plot out of Yemen).   Turns out that UPS didn’t have any flights out of Yemen those two days (so they changed the story) and the girl whom they arrested for allegedly using her real phone number on the packaging slips (damn stupid terrorists, huh?) was released because she is clearly innocent (so they changed that story too).. plus there is the little detail from Great Britain who clearly stated that the power wasn’t even explosive (though they did graciously change their story as well after president peace thingy made a public statement here in the US that the bomb WAS explosive… how nice of them. You know Britan is on the Moderate Bus)

After having examined the suspicious ink toner device for six hours and found it to be a dud, bomb experts at East Midlands Airport only reversed their decision after being ordered to re-inspect the package by US authorities following President Obama’s Friday afternoon speech in which he claimed that the devices did in fact contain explosives. Paul Joseph Watson

Plus the alleged target of the “bombs”, Jewish synagogues in Chicago, are also a dead give-a-way to this latest poorly designed false-flag operation from the Obama regime.

The people in Yemen are fighting their own corrupt government, not “the Jews”.  Whomever created this laughable terrorist plot is trying to turn the narrative of the conflict in Yemen into some kind of ideological/religious struggle so that the people of our country, once again, don’t see the real picture that is sitting right before their eyes. Our “national interests” are in direct opposition to the interests of the people of that country and if we want to extrapolate to include the recent goings on in this country, our “national interests” are also in direct opposition to the interests of the people of THIS country. 

But, who’s counting, right?  In DC, a quarter of a million people got together to laugh and joke and slap each other on the back for being “sane” and having jobs, and not being evicted yet, and not having to fight in an illegal occupation, and being so damn educated that they can see past all of these little trivialities to the “good stuff” and CHANGE that has taken place under this Obama Nation.

This is the story of Yemen, for those of you who are interested in getting a little past the “Moderation Bus” propaganda… the north is fighting to overthrow the corrupt regime in Yemen and the south just wants to succeed from that country.

Sept 17, 2009 – More than 80 people have been killed in an air raid on a camp for displaced people in northern Yemen, reports say.

According to witnesses, many of those killed in the raid – which took place near the border with Saudi Arabia – were women, children and old people.

Government forces have been trying to contain a growing insurgency in the area by rebels known as Houthis.

… Tens of thousands of Yemenis have fled the fighting in the north, cramming into makeshift camps, schools and barns, as aid groups struggle to get supplies to them.

The UN said that the plight of civilians has reached “alarming levels” and that there has so far been no response to its appeal to raise US $23.5m to help the displaced.  BBC

Get on the Moderate Bus,

Just get on the Moderate Bus.

Close your eyes

to all but lies

and Get on that Moderate Bus

7 Responses

  1. […] Scott Creighton. Just a couple of days after Arianna Huffington spent a quarter of a million dollars of someone’s […]

  2. Going to vote sometime today–sometime between my two part-time, temporary jobs. Going to vote an insane, uneducated, unblinded by the bright, straight Socialist ticket–or as close to one as I can find on the ballot.

    r ap

  3. Great article Scott.

  4. Excellent article.

  5. Where is the GD petition to revoke Obama’s peace prize? I know there’s one out there somewhere and I would gladly sign it in the blood that his medal is floating in. While we’re at it let’s fill the White House fountain with the blood that’s been spilled in the Middle East since he took office. There’s more than enough for that and the swimming pool too if he likes it so damn much. Then we’ll bring in a tanker to fill the fuel tanks of every Congressional limo. Those cars were paid for in blood and made with energy from blood stained oil. I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t run on it with a little anti-coagulant additive to reduce viscosity. But I digress.

  6. By the way, I going to a protest in Kansas City, Mo on Thurs. They shut down a weapons factory there last year and instead of cleaning up the contaminated site because it would cost too much. The DOD is giving 1.8 billion to Honeywell to build another plant further south. 122 families say their relatives who worked at the 1st plant, also run by Honeywell, are dead because of radioactive contamination.

    A friendly little factory that will be making “non-nuclear” parts to retrofit our old nukes with a nice little 45million dollar tax break. Is this non-nuclear proliferation? How the hell are they reducing our stocks and improving them for efficiency at the same time?

    For details see

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