Bin Laden Now in Pakistan Livin La Vida Loca, as the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Floating War Party Rolls On

by Scott Creighton

CNN mockingbird Barbara Starr is reporting that “unnamed NATO sources” are claiming that Bin Laden is living the high life somewhere around north-west Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. Apparently bin Laden is  partying and living large, no more of those fake cave stories for him. And just for good measure, mockingbird Starr claims Gen. Petraeus says things are going great in Afghanistan…

The official said the general region where bin Laden is likely to have moved around in recent years ranges from the mountainous Chitral area in the far northwest near the Chinese border, to the Kurram Valley which neighbors Afghanistan’s Tora Bora, one of the Taliban strongholds during the U.S. invasion in 2001. Raw Story

Shades of Donald Rumsfeld… “we know exactly where the WMDs are. They are just north, south, east, west of Baghdad…”

Of course, bin Laden has been dead since Dec. 2001, but that makes no difference to the propaganda machine when we have a new “Shock and Awe” campaing to launch and a new ground invasion and regime change to justify.

After all, since we killed three of their soldiers a couple of weeks back, the Pakistanis shut off the supply routes to our illegal occupation of Afghanistan and Hilary Clinton and her globalist friends can’t allow that. Might hurt the progress of the Global Free Market Wars and that liquid natural gas pipeline they have been working on since years before 9/11.

So they dust off the ghosts of 9/11, pile up the bodies, and climb on top with a bullhorn so they can point their crooked fingers of self-righteous indignation at the Pakistani government for not killing the memory of bin Laden like they were supposed to.

The CIA mockingbird, Barbara Starr, then goes on to parrot David Betrayus saying that they are making a lot of “progress in Afghanistan”… though she did fail to mention they just announced yesterday that they had to remove 1 million fraudulent votes from their recent “election” (25%) and the fact that people were reporting they were forced to vote a certain way in other areas, “with a gun pointed at their head”. Literally, not figuratively. 

Kabul: In the wake of the preliminary results of the September 18 Afghan parliamentary elections having been postponed, interviews with Afghan and Western officials have indicated that fraud was pervasive in the elections, and nearly 25 percent of the votes are likely to be thrown out.

According to two Western officials who have been following the election closely, 800,000 to one million votes may be nullified due to the fraud, which included ballot-box stuffing, citizens being forced to cast their votes at gunpoint, and corrupt election officials and security forces complicit with corrupt candidates, The New York Times reported. Zeenews

If this is the kind of  “progress” that the CNN globalist propaganda mill is boasting about in Afghanistan, is it any wonder that they would still have the people of this country chasing the ghost of bin Laden from one regime change to the next?

(click for larger view)

Coalition fatalities are off the charts as you can clearly see, yet this is what CNN tries to pass off as “progress”?  Fraudulent elections and dead US soldiers?

Personally, I would call that a horrid failure, but what do I know? CNN’s mockingbird parrots the reports of a known liar (Betrayus) and an “unnamed source” so  off we go to invade Pakistan and kill or capture the rotting corpse of Osama bin Laden.

Collateral damage be damned!… there’s gold in that there war! Yeeeeehaaaaa!

It’s getting about as stupid as “Weekend at Bernie’s” and now we are up to “Weekend at Bernie’s 3” and people are still buying the tickets.  Enough to make you cry if it wasn’t so damn stupid. I guess people are more worried about the damn banks stealing their homes out from under them than they are their endless war profiteering. One day I guess the general population will put 2 and 2 together. One can always “HOPE” I guess.

4 Responses

  1. Another great piece of work, Scott.

  2. Hehe, no Bin Laden behind the podium Hehe
    Is he behind that plant next to my Secret Service gaurd? No not there. Hehe. Is he living in the pool house at the Bush ranch? Not anymore.


  3. ” Is he living in the pool house at the Bush ranch? Not anymore. ”

    now that is funny

  4. Yeah, great work Scott. How do you feel about your statement today? Who was right? Where is your apology?

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