Globalization, Clinton, Haiti and Sanity – Let’s All Hop on the Moderate Bus

by Scott Creighton

The true nature of globalization is pretty easy to see these days. Hell, they hardly even attempt to hide it anymore… it takes just a little work to flesh it all out as I intend to do right now.

One little case in particular has exposed just bit of the nature of the beast and all of its multifaceted orchestrations – Haiti.

Now 8 months after the earthquake that killed an estimate 300,000 people in Haiti, people are still suffering. The promised aid has not found its way to the ground level projects that will help the Haitian people, the people we wanted to help when the money was promised.

So who is in charge of that fund of nearly 10 billion dollars of aid money? Bill Clinton, U.N. Special Envoy to Haiti and co-chair of Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) and renowned globalist stooge of the “New Dem” party fame (“New Dems” meaning far right leaning neoliberals of the democrats who sold us out to the bankers and corporation decades ago). How did he come to be put in charge of all that money and thus, the future of Haiti? His globalist wife Hillary gave him the job.

(funny how Rod Blagojevich is impeached and put on trial for simply suggesting to an aid that he should get something out of his opportunity to appoint Obama’s replacement in the senate, yet when Hillary actually puts her husband in charge of a 9 billion dollar reconstruction fund in a country he helped destroy with his neoliberal plans in the past, not a single negative word is said about it in the press, left or right)

Now, this is how globalization works…

First, the complicit press and the “progressive” blogs have to do everything they can to maintain the corporate storyline, no matter what the cost. For example…

Today the Huffington Post  is pimping the ongoing Bill Clinton rebranding efforts and setting up buses to the “March for Sanity” which was announced on the Daily Show by Jon Stewart the same night Bill Clinton was on. The “March for Sanity’ as Jon Stewart explained it is for that “80%” of “rational” Americans… “moderates” or centrists… ie… the New Dem type centrist who don’t believe that Obama is helping destroy this country (check out Obama’s recent efforts to give himself the ability to kill U.S. citizens under the cloak of “state secrets”… that’s nice huh? pretty “moderate” don’t you think?) nor that George W. Bush is a war criminal.  80%?  Yeah right…

But tucked in between those two stories is a little news item about how all that aid money isn’t getting to the people in Haiti and that millions are still suffering and homeless 8 months after the earthquake and 6 or so months after Hillary Clinton put her husband in charge…

In that article, they go on to state that the US money hasn’t even been sent yet, not “one penny” of it, yet remarkably they do mention the fact that Ravij Shah, director of the U.S. Agency for International Development, thanked congress back in July for sending the money and he stated that it was already at work in Haiti.

The new article simply says he’s a liar… “It wasn’t true then, and still hasn’t happened.” and they make that claim because… Bill Clinton says so…

The facts don’t support that accusation.

The HuffPo article mentions the fact that one main NGO not-for-profit group is to be the main recipient of that money and that they are waiting for it to be sent. The organization is called CHF International.

But CHF International has images on their website of metal hut buildings they have been building in Haiti already, so if “not a penny” had gotten to Haiti for reconstruction, where did that money come from?

(notice the staged quality of those pictures?  Each shirt is brand new, all the gloves are brand new, so are the screw guns, the “workers” are still wearing their backpacks while working (as if they don’t expect to be there very long) and the plants under the “work bench” are still green as if they just set that thing up for the photo shoot. It’s pretty obvious that the whole thing was staged to make it look like CHF International is busy spending all that money that we have been giving them. Pretty funny actually that this kind of blatent PR crap actually works in DC…)

CHF International is a globalist front group with ties to many globalist organizations like USAID. It’s a “non-profit” that pays their CEO half a million dollars a year and the lowest paid direct employee makes a hundred grand a year.  Not a bad “not for profit” to work for, huh?  They actually have on their website one of the services they provide listed as “Democracy Promotion” and they have been working in just the right kinds of countries to do that like Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia and Rwanda, just to name a few.

CHF International got about 160 million dollars in government money last year to help in these countries “promote democracy” and run other various “technical’ pojects (like the staged photo-op in Haiti for example)

The ended up with nearly a quarter billion last year overall yet their “full disclosure” financial reports fail to list who the other donors are (my guess is IMF and World Bank and possibly things like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation)

The new head of CHF taking over Oct. 1st is David Weiss who comes to CHF from “the global law firm DLA Piper in Washington DC”…  hardcore globalist law firm with offices all over the world. So why would a guy from a bigtime globalist law firm hop over and take up control of a little not-for-profit “democracy promotion” NGO?  Hmmm…

Clinton is also working closely with McKinsey & Company on the rebuilding of the school system, certainly to be a for-profit charter school system like the one they are pushing here in America with Duncan. McKinsey & Company is yet another globalist consulting firm out of Tampa, Fl.

So apparently all the NGOs are getting paid bigtime money while little if any is filtering down to the people of Haiti. Unless of course you factor in the 6 or so Haitians that got paid 30 bucks or so for the day’s photo shoot for CHF International.

But this is the nature of globalization and the truer nature of those “moderates” that the Huffington Post is going to bus into DC for Jon Stewart’s “sanity’ march. On the surface it looks very humanitarian and “progressive” but when you delve just a little below the glossed over propaganda you find that a lot of people are making a lot of money off the blood and the suffering of the Haitian people and thanks to propaganda mills like the Huffington Post, they are able to get away with it while being called “heroes” at the same time.

So go hop on the moderate bus and worship at the altar of Jon Stewart’s “sanity”.  I promise that there will be a surprize visit from Bill Clinton himself… To me, it’s anything but “sanity” but to each his own I suppose.

Me personally, I would still like to know how Bill Clinton could afford to fork over 5 million dollars for his daughter’s wedding to the Goldman Sachs speculator while all that money is or is not going to Haiti… but that’s just me.

Arianna Huffington was hob-nobbing with the elites at Chelsea’s million dollar wedding while all those poor Haitians were sleeping in the dirt waiting for “help” from the father of the bride…

GET ON THE MODERATE BUS!!!!  It pays well…

7 Responses

  1. Hmm…Chelsea has a wedding with obscene amounts of money spent while millions are out of work or on food stamps or some form of government aid. Things that make ya go…hmm. Just tell the suffering downtrodden of Haiti that Hilly and Bill feel their pain. That will boost their morale.

  2. Where do they get their 80% poll figures? From their dreams? Even the pol done on MSN showed 83% of viewers did not like anything Obama has done.

    Europe and France are having huge protests against their governments…. and Stewart expects Americans to promote ours?

  3. Jan, the article says 80% of rational americans not 80% of americans in general. So that brings the number down considerably if rational is strictly defined and almost as much if it is subjectively defined as I believe it is here.

    And these are not things that make you go…hmm. These are things that make you go…WTF? Lying, immoral sons of bitches!

  4. But Arianna Huffington CARES!

    How You Can Help Prevent America From Ever Becoming A Third World Country

    *gag* Sorry, just swallowed some resiliance down the wrong pipe.

  5. “Resilience” rather.

  6. USA’s foreign exchange holding is about $56B, so if they have $9B real dollars the banks and money markets with their sleight of hand tools will lend $90B and make huge profits from this, so why the hurry. This was investigated by an economist who said the only reason TB and Bono, etc like all these aid concerts was it made easy money for their money friends

  7. Yesterday Obama was in a nice, middle class, Des Moines backyard, hob-nobbing with some of his rational, moderate, middle class, voting friends. Plan is for those friends to impress upon other such friends what a really great guy he is, how much he really cares for those less fortunate, how hard he works for them, etc.

    Today, a story in the Des Moines Register tells us that 1500 more Iowa jobs just went down the drain–these from Principal Financial Group’s medical insurance business here that they will close, further reducing competition in that field, it said.

    r ap

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