Neither Gravity nor Thermite: Video Evidence Points to High Explosives Used in the Controlled Demolition of Twin Towers

by Scott Creighton  (H/T to Kenny’s Sideshow

A video posted at Kenny’s Sideshow (quietly emerging as one of the best Truth sites out there) examines the formerly unheralded events that took place at Fresh Kills landfill right after 9/11.  It is intended to show the complex process that was set up to “recover” human remains and personal items from the debris from Ground Zero (Twin Towers, and Building 7) but I think it proves a great deal more

Two glaring aspects of the video stand out; the first being the level of pulverization of everything in the Twin Towers, from filing cabinets, to desks, to the concrete in the floors, the carpet on the floors, and the ceiling tiles, drywall, chairs, computers… everything. Everything was pulverized to dust and unfortunately, that also includes the victims who died that day.  

The next most important thing that leaps out at you as you watch this video is the evidence of the massive level of heat that had to be present during the relatively short collapse time of the Twin Towers.  Metal signs from the 34th floor are charred and burned (there was no fire on the 34th floor)… police officers guns have all the plastic and rubber handles melted off while their chrome finishes are burned away allowing for rust and pitting to set in and the same is true with their handcuffs.  Some guns were burned so badly, they are actually melted. 

This is what is to be expected during an event using huge amounts of high explosives such as PETN or RDX, two materials commonly used in controlled demolitions. But don’t expect NIST to point that fact out… or current “leaders” of the Truth movement either, for that matter.  Funny how that works, ain’t it?

PETN actually burns hotter than most high explosives, at around 7650 deg. farenheit (4230 C) and it creates a detonation velocity of over 8350 meters per second. PETN is the core material used in what is refered to in the demolition industry as “det cord“, a high explosive in itself used to break up concrete structures during demolitions and also connect RDX linear shaped charges or “cutter charges” placed on the steel beams and columns in a controlled explosive demolition. 

Kevin Ryan recently wrote an article in which he mentions what I have stated for several years, that there was an ongoing “wiring upgrade” for the security system in the Twin Towers that was going on right up until 9/11  (Ryan unfortunately then tries to suggest that the this has something to do with “super thermite”, a material that both Steven Jones and “Gregg” Roberts have admitted isn’t a high explosive and therefore couldn’t “blow up” a doll-house…). An article from 2005 describes part of the contract… 

“According to Jeff Gallup, a former Stratesec manager who left the company for a position at Landtek, Inc., Stratesec installed the initial security-description plan—the layout of the electronic security systemat the World Trade Center. Gallup knows the WTC site well, since Landtek, like EJ Electric, was a prime contractor at the trade center. He was “intimately involved” with WTC security, he said in a phone interview last year, up to September 12, 2001, when “the F.B.I. left my office with all the contents of the WTC visitors database,” by then three-quarters of a million visitors’ badges.”  M. Burns, 2005 

The security “upgrade” involved running new fiber-optic cables through-out both of the Twin Towers, on each and every floor ( above the dropped ceilings and beneath the metal floor pans of the floor above) as well as down the electrical access shafts located in the “core” of the buildings where the 47 massive steel columns were. This cover provided ample access to every single floor of the building regardless of the tenet’s security concerns, plus it allowed them to actually install the means of demolition right in front of the occupants without them ever suspecting the dangerous nature of what was being installed. 

Which is the high explosive and which is fiber-optics?

Now of course, you can read the label there, but if it was covered or wasn’t ever printed on the spool, you couldn’t tell the difference. It is my theory that what they did was basically run det cord up inside the cable chases that were installed up inside the lightweight concrete (image taken from NCSTAR report, page 6) of each and every floor of the Twin Towers. By the way, the images are from manufacturer sites: Green is det cord… orange is fiber-optics

This is my own rendering of what I believe the “security upgrade” consisted of…. what I believe happened to the Twin Towers. 

Det Cord installed in cable chases during "security upgrade" at the Twin Towers

(you will notice that my temperature calculation for the detonation of PETN is a bit low… I figured it to be ” > 7050 deg. f” and it turns out according to Wiki to be 7650 deg. f. ) 

So why is all this important in relation to the video shown at the end of this article? Well, for several reasons… 

1. The evidence of extreme heat disproves the Official Theory of what happened to the Twin Towers. In the official story, the primary event is a gravitational collapse of a weakened structure. Pulverization would not have occurred on such a complete level, but it is difficult to explain or prove that to followers of that theory. However, the evidence of extreme levels of heat, levels that are clearly hotter than jet fuel and “open burn” fires can produce,  prove that something else was in play on Sept. 11th 2001.  The RJ Lee report was the first to make this point perfectly clear. 

2. The evidence of massive pulverization disproves the generally accepted “super thermite” story that was created and funded by the ultra-conservative BYU. In their “nanothermite” paper (paid for and “peer-reviewed” by BYU) Jones et al make the point very clear that they can’t tell if the material they found was capable of achieving a detonation velocity of anywhere near 3000 meters per second, which is needed to create a detonation wave.. therefore it couldn’t pulverize anything, much less concrete and office furniture ect.  This is actually admitted in the “scientific” paper, peer reviewed by BYU and published at a vanity press for “political reasons”

“I can not accept that the issue is put in my journal. The article is not about physical chemistry or chemical physics, and I could well believe that there is a political point of view behind the publication.” Chief Editor of the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal, Professor Marie-Paule Pileni, upon her resignation (translated)

Even “Gregg” Roberts (famous for his involvement in Jim Hoffman’s “believe the Pentagon OCT” website) had to admit in a Q&A session that “nano-thermite” couldn’t “blow up” anything… 

Question: I was having a conversation with someone in the military who uses thermite when they enter doors and things. And that thermite doesn’t create and explosion. it just creates a bright light and instant melting, so is that because of air pressure that caused the explosions after the thermite went off or is there another reason? 

Gregg Roberts: I wouldn’t say that thermite caused blasts, I would say that would have to have been (unintelligable)… other than explosives which the government has refused to test for (the same way Roberts refused to test for them?)… it would seem to make sence to do those tests when you can see things are shattered…”  Panel Discussion on 911 

3. The evidence of a logical and plausible method of planting the high explosives in the buildings (something that for all their efforts (“1.8 million ceiling tile bombs” and “explosive paint”) the “nano-thermite” cult simply cannot do) and then clear evidence of an elaborate process to “scrub up” the remaining evidence from the Ground Zero debris. 

BYU's "nanothermite paint" distraction

In short, this video helps to prove that there is no rational theory of what happened to the Twin Towers except one. 

It’s not the official collapse theory nor is it the “nano-thermite” theory supported by the controlled opposition of the Truth Movement. 

The only rational theory of what happened to the Twin Towers is what we always expected to find from the very beginning; this was a jobbed-out controlled demolition using standard high explosives pre-set through-out the buildings. 

still taken from video




(trusses missing? floor pans missing?) 

This is an outstanding video which goes to show the unprecedented level of effort they put into covering up the evidence of the events of 9/11.  

An entire production facility was created and operated for 10 months to ensure that no hard evidence of a controlled demolition was buried at Fresh Kills to be unearthed at a later date when a future investigation may be undertaken.  The scope of the efforts taken and the planning that had to go into all of this is unbelievable.  Fresh Kills itself was shut down in March of 2001 so that they wouldn’t be bothered by the dumping of other material during this process. Every single personal item that was returned was “washed” and the autos and fire trucks were not only “washed” but they were also shredded “on site” (they actually brought in a massive shedder for this process rather than risk taking the vehicles off site). Photographs were strictly prohibited under threat of imprisonment and most of the people working the site were either FBI or some other members of various “security agencies”.  Three things they supposedly sifted for were 1. human remains 2. personal property and 3. unidentified material (which was put in its own containers) 

They sifted for months and months, then when they were done with the 1.8 million tons of debris from Ground Zero, they scrapped up the top 2 feet of debris and sifted it again just to be sure. Then they literally buried it all under a foot of fresh soil, threw some sod over top of the whole thing, and quietly packed up and went off to their next project. 

But the pictures and the videos remain and those who know what to look for can make use of them. 

Scattered across lower Manhattan were another couple hundred tons of hard evidence in the form of Ground Zero dust.  That material they couldn’t recapture, they couldn’t control and in it lies solid hard evidence of the crime of 9/11.  They couldn’t control that material, so they did the next best thing… they controlled the unofficial investigation as best they could. Perhaps this video will also help expose the flaws in the cognitive infiltration of BYU’s “nano-thermite” mythology. Who knows. 

25 Responses

  1. If the building fell on it self because of fires in upper floors, then why the burned articles from so many lower floors.
    Keys burned and guns burned and melted…..

    If he took thousands of pictures… where are the rest of them? What did they show? Even more revealing evidence?
    Like Willy says, In the short time it took for the buildings to collapse, how could just a fire burn so much?
    It had to be fiery explosives that separated limbs and burned flesh off bodies…….
    In video 2, the remains of a firefighter’s boot seems to tell its own story.

  2. Thanks for the h/t Scott. And for expanding on the theme.

  3. Thank you Kenny. The video is a good find.

    To make my point about how the “nanothermite distraction” works in real-time, lets take a look at a recent comment from 9/11 Blogger (a controlled opposition site)… this comment is from blogger Aidan Monaghan talking about how he believes the Twin Towers were demoed…

    “I do not necessarily believe they were demolished explosively. Nano-thermite can apparently be tuned to be non-explosive and can weaken steel to which it is applied via over-heating. There may have been some helpful explosive detonations to intitiate each top-down collapse but overheating the structural steel to the point of failure with coats of nanothermite is more plausible than the buildings being exclusively exploded.

    A good case can be made for each building being “melted” for lack of a better word, as opposed to being exclusively exploded. Observed bowing of exterior columns shortly before collapse supports the view that the very thick core columns were being gradually weakened by more than simple office fire heat.”

    Here we have the “nanothermite paint” theory in all it’s glory… its kind of a hodge-podge of residual distraction theories (thermite, thermate, super-thermite) and it is what’s left of the “nanothermite” explosive theory put out by Steven Jones… now that the “red-grey chips” were proven to be paint and the fact that a closer inspection of their BYU funded “nanothermite” paper doesn’t actually claim that the material is a high explosive… so what we are left with is a story about a “non-explosive paint” that ‘weakens” massive steel columns and apparently cuts them at 3 story lengths and propells them across the WTC complex at about 50 mph… (talk about hanging on to a failed theory for as long as you can)

    Does this sound like “nanothermite paint” heating up the core columns or does it sound like explosions going off clearly before the upper section of the South Tower begins to fall?

    But notice how similar the “nanothermite paint” distraction is to the “official theory” of structural collapse (the “crush down crush up” theory)… 1. no high explosives used… 2. the “red-grey chips” are in fact, paint (as shown in the NIST image above)… 3. the “bowing” of the exterior columns is now a part of the “accepted” dissident narrative… the core columns were “weakened” and then “failed”…

    all of this, he says, is more “plausible” than the use of high explosives. where is the proof that “painted on” “nanothermite” can weaken 5″ thick steel? where is the manner in which they could possibly time any of this with such precision?

    and of course, Monaghan’s ridiculous theory doesn’t explain the pulverization of the building materials and office furniture, ect. except in the sense that the “pile driver” OCT actually explains it, since non-explosive “nanothermite paint” can’t pulverize jack shit.

    This is an example of how cognitive infiltration tries to get dissidents back to the “official story” one tidbit at a time. Like Jim Hoffman’s website about what happened at the Pentagon and CIT’s “Fly over” theory. Both center on Flight 77 flying all the way back to DC, circling overhead, then sweeping down and skimming over cars on 375 heading toward the Pentagon.


    on that same thread… now this is something worth pointing out

    There was a network upgrade too wasn’t there?
    I believe, please correct me if am wrong, in the early days tenants talked about a wiring upgrade for network and internet services? If so, that could be a cover operation for laying the wiring (if hard wiring was used in conjunction) to the outer columns and walls. I have laid network cable dozens and dozens of times and I have often seen structures which have channels or conduit which is accessible in the flooring for wiring runs. Det cord could be coated to look like Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling if need be. I would guess 4 out of 5 people wouldn’t know Cat 5 from telephone cabling or other wiring. I don’t know if are any floor plans available that show wiring runs from closets etc? Something to chew on.

    peace everyone.


    Yes Dan, there are plans that show wiring runs built into the floor systems of the Twin Towers…

  4. I have already given you a couple of examples of how the “nanothermite paint” theory works to bring 9/11 Truth Advocates back to the “OCT” or the official story of 9/11. Here are a few others, voiced by the same Aidan Monaghan at 9/11 Blogger…

    The tremendous destructive forces observed can originate in the gravitational potential energy unleashed during the rapid onset of collapse of the top portions of each tower.”

    this is the official story, called “crush down crush up”, which basically says there is enough potential energy to pulverize everything and explains how a smaller upper section of the Twin Towers can completely demolish the lower, larger, undamaged section… and here it is, being marketed to “Truthers” in a slightly different package.

    Smaller lateral ejections are arguably the result of related compression.”

    This again is the “official theory” of what caused the “squibs’ coming from a “Truth Advocate”. Quite remarkable actually because he is either an obvious disinfo agent or he is so emotionally attached to the “peer reviewed” paper that he is willing to literally bend over backwards to maintain its credibility in his own mind. Kinda like Obamaites who just can’t quite admit what is going on.

    In a subsequent comment, the same guy goes on to further illustrate how closely the “nanothermite paint” theory is with the “official theory”…

    Exterior column bowing has been cited by debunkers as proof of fire induced collapse. This bowing is also consistent with structural weakening via other means, such as the application of highly exothermic “paints” described by the Jones et al. paper.”

    the “bowing” evidence is weak at best, supported only by a silly grid superimposed on the image of one of the towers prior to its collapse. The theory being that the weight of a few floors “pulled” the exterior column system inward (laterally) till the exterior structure buckled and “collasped”. This theory is primarily based on the “43 inches” of deviation that supposedly was shown by the experiment conducted by the UL labs when they heated the truss sections to test how they would react. Kevin Ryan exposed that the deformation was less than 2 inches in the actual tests… and he would know, he worked for UL at the time.

    But here we are, having this same flawed official theory presenting itself with a slightly different packaging, all thanks to the BYU sponsored “nanothermite paper”and the desperation people feel about defending it even in the face of such tremendous evidence against it, and no matter how far toward the “official theory” it is taking them.

  5. now let me again see if I can explain this using someone else’s words…

    Cass Sunstein…

    We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers (1)by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby (2) introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.”

    government agents “might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.” Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s regulatory czar

    and George Orwell…

    “Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary.”
    —1984 [1949] George Orwell

  6. If Monaghan is an agent, he’s certainly not earning his pay. 911blogger is a funny place. The shills and planted stories are fairly easy to pick out but there are some good people there. Heck, someone has even posted some of my lighter stuff over there. Go figure.

    Fresh Kills has always been of interest to me. During that time a customer, FSC, for the company I worked for was and still is located across from the landfill. I regularly talked with them and always was asking about what was going on at FK. All they really knew was that the line of trucks was continuous for months and armed guards prevented anyone unauthorized from getting in. Not much at all but still interesting.

    Do you know anything about IC911studies? I’ve tried to find out their funding but so far no luck. They’ve released some good videos so far but some are obviously edited. The government is not very worried, give up some things, not all, to keep us busy and talking but knowing that they’ve got the justice system in control so nothing will become of it. At least that’s my theory of the moment.

  7. well, let’s take a look…

    The papers that they funded and the research into the debris from Ground Zero seem to be the exact same as the Jones, Harrit et al papers that BYU is supposed to have helped fund also (according to steven jones)

    also note that the authors of the papers that were funded and published are just the same guys that did the “nanothermite” paper…

    Niels H. Harrit… Gourley, James… Ryan, K… Legge, F… Jones, S

    James Gourley is the person who posted the “new” videos released from NIST on 9/11 Blogger… and apparently he and others were also the ones who edited the sound on them…

    the ONLY thing he had submitted to Blogger prior to that was yet another NIST FOIA request of “fireproofing” tests that had been done on the building prior to 9/11…

    my guess is, BYU funds IC911Studies… I mean, one way to make sure you can control info that is getting FOIA requests, is to set up a Truth organization, and “request” it yourself…

  8. let’s take a closer look at James R. Gourley

    according to the IC911Studies website, they also presented 26 pages of comments to the NIST committee… there is a link to it on their site…

    when you click on that link, it also seems to have been produced by James Gourley… James R. Gourley, ESQ.

    This, I found… is James R. Gourley, ESQ…

    “James R. Gourley practices primarily in the following areas:

    •Commercial Litigation, including Intellectual Property Litigation
    •Intellectual Property Prosecution
    •Entertainment Law
    •Franchise Law

    Prior to law school, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. His undergraduate education exposed him to a wide range of technical courses, including high level organic and physical chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mechanics, electronics and computer science…”

    “James Gourley joined Carstens & Cahoon, LLP as an associate in 2005”

    so he’s a lawyer. well, that explains how he files the FOIA requests

  9. Fresh Kills itself was shut down in March of 2001 ???
    Before the event?

  10. yeah. After having been open for 50 years, they just happened to shut it down in March of 2001.

  11. Another ‘jan’ posting here?
    Hello, jan…….

  12. What is incredible about 911 is the sheer volume of explosives we must be talking about. Collapsing the building is one thing, but turning the concrete into the particulate matter that covered Lower Manhattan is another. Look up the USS Mount Hood (on Wiki) for a photo of a massive explosion – 3800 tons detonating. This is like 7 magazines on the USS Arizona detonating simultaneously. Compare the Mount Hood explosion photo to that of the twin towers. An interesting study would be to calculate the available volume of conduit space in the floor pans for the introduction of explosives. How many tons could be introduced without literally filling suites with explosives? The Mount Hood was a a 459 ft. cargo ship, blown to bits. The far more massive towers ended up with comparable damage.

  13. […] Neither Gravity nor Thermite: Video Evidence Points to High Explosives Used in the Controlled Demoli… […]

  14. Nano-thermite is dead! Willy and several others have completely discredited it. The only people who still believe in it are those who saw the “light”, were “saved” and now pray to at the temple of Steven Jones. Just like the OS believers, they’re oblivious to any argument or proof even if slapped in the face with it. Some will wake up one day but I suspect the masses have strayed as far from safety as they’re willing to go.

    I’m not even willing to discuss it anymore but what I want to discuss is the extremely strong evidence supporting the micro-nuke theory. There’s too much there to ignore but even that doesn’t rule out the use of HE in various parts of each building to ensure the desired collapse.

    William Tahill’s report Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center presents good evidence including seismic readings and dust analysis but leans towards clandestine reactors (China Syndrome.)

    Update: The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC By Ed Ward, MD
    (original report is
    has loads of information in support of the micro-nuke theory and, even though he was originally pro-thermite, he’s realised that mistake and now bitterly opposed to it.

    What is really telling is his comments on the missing billions of tons of building material as depicted by the LIDAR map of the area. What many people seem to be overlooking is that buildings 4, 5 and 6 have huge chunks missing that cannot be explained by falling debris from WTC 1 and 2 so any explanation has to include that phenomena. (See this site for photographic records

    Then you have Dmitri Khalezov’s theory on when it works (26 parts) entitled “911 WTC nuclear demolition Dimitri Khalezov”. It’s hard going but some of his information is hard to dispute (although let down by some of outrageous nonsense about pressing the red button to keep terrorist nukes from killing millions.) He also makes sense of the tremor caught on video just before the 1st tower fell.

    In short, nothing short of a selection of nukes could have caused the devastation that we all witnessed.

    I’m still researching this subject but would love to know what you make of it.


  15. John;

    I want to thank you for your kind words, but I have to say that, in all honesty, the “nanothermite” distraction had an expiration date on it from the beginning. I think all of these distractions did (Hoffman’s “believe the official Pentagon story” distraction, “Ray Beams From Space”, “No Planes”, ect.)

    With distraction and confusion theories, I think the people who create them have to know that in the end, the people of the Truth movement will eventually see through them. Truth advocates are typically pretty skeptical by nature and in the end, evidence and reason will out.

    The only questions for these disinfo agents are “how long will the distraction be able to create friction within the movement?” and “how many people who are starting to question the official story will be turned off by the ridiculous nature of the disinfo in the meantime?”

    Jones and his BYU sponsored “thermite – thermate – superthermite – nanothermite” did a lot of damage over the course of almost 5 full years.

    Jim Hoffman’s “believe the official story” propaganda is still causing us a great deal of harm, though even that campaign is starting to tatter at the seams.

    That’s why they are pushing the CIT disinfo. It offers Truth advocates something apart from the ridiculous OCT, and yet it still distracts from the truth about what happened that day, and is so idiotic in its own right, that it is easily ridiculed by the debunkers.

    So, they keep going, and we keep going. Unfortunately, our investigators have to spend so much time backtracking and debunking the silly claims, time that we need to focus on furthering legitmate investigations, that in the end, even when the disinfo agents lose, they still can call it a win.

    and that is the point of their jobs.

  16. […] some of our technology, such as thermite/thermate to do the cutting of the beams, but as my friend Scott at American Everyman keeps explaining, there is a huge likelihood that other explosives were also used (and I tend to […]

  17. Hey willy … check my wall on fb where I posted this ….

  18. ok… I posted a few comments for the guy

  19. i had quite a bit of fun with your buddy there, JD. He even had to run out to get back up from Jon Gold. good times

  20. Good times indeed … 🙂 … Hoz should know by now that once I dig in like that it’s best to move on lest he look foolish … But he hates me so he’s always got to try for some reason … Once those links get buried he’ll be back like nothing happend and he’s all knowing again just like always … You should feel special though Jon Gold never stops by my wall to chat with me ….

  21. Btw … A few people wrote me saying that your the man and how awesome you are (paraphrased) … Totally deserved if you ask me ….

  22. Thanks JD. Hes back, BTW… and once again, posting links to debunker videos…

    Jon Gold left Blogger in a huff because people are growing tired of his LIHOP bullshit and they started calling him on it. There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the movement right now. True Faction and the faction at Blogger are being called out more and more. So much so, they had to set up yet another of their LIHOP websites (Truthnews, or some shit like that)

    They’re losing control of their spin right now, so I am not surprised to see Gold rush over and try to rebrand Hoz’s losing efforts.

    You keep doing what you are doing JD. Your efforts are being noticed.

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