Locking Up the Working Poor in China: One Step Away from the Warsaw Ghetto

What happens to these communities when all the buildings and the new construction projects in Beijing are complete?

World War III Scenario?

by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research TV

A group of former CIA and military officials have written to President Obama to say they believe Israel is preparing to attack Iran this month.

The group explained that Israel wants to launch a war suddenly, and make it politically untenable for Obama to do anything other than offer full US military support.

Michel Chossudovsky from the Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization thinks that, in reality, Israel would need Washington’s backing first.

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What collapsing empire looks like

by Glenn Greenwald, Salon

As we enter our ninth year of the War in Afghanistan with an escalated force, and continue to occupy Iraq indefinitely, and feed an endlessly growing Surveillance State, reports are emerging of the Deficit Commission hard at work planning how to cut Social Security, Medicare, and now even to freeze military pay.  But a new New York Times article today illustrates as vividly as anything else what a collapsing empire looks like, as it profiles just a few of the budget cuts which cities around the country are being forced to make.  This is a sampling of what one finds:

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