PCC-772 Cheonan: South Korean Government Admits the Deception (and then Lies About It)

edit: (please read Aug 31st article; PCC-772 Cheonan: Newly Revealed Report from March 2010 Proves the Tragedy of the Cheonan is Being Used as Just Another Pretext in the Global Free Market Wars)

by Scott Creighton (H/T to Greg and Kay , Jay)  … UPDATE at the end of the article (7/01/2010)

Like in the case of 9/11, careful fact checking and examination of the evidence by netizens has shown the South Korean government’s case for the involvement of North Korea in the sinking of the Cheonan to be unsustainable. Netizens are more and more able to act as watchdogs. But they need teeth.   Ohmy News International, KoreaJune 8, 2010

(Rules of Dissent #1 – Don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge to rare victories)

If you wish to know why Sen. Lieberman rushed his “kill switch” bill into the senate and the House, which effectively gives the neoliberal president the ability to shut down “parts” of the internet during a global crisis (like say after another Gulf of Tonkin incident this time getting us into war with Iran?) the reason is simple… their propaganda can’t hold up to scrutiny anymore and the last remaining journalists, bloggers,  (as opposed to the MSM Pep Squad stenographers of the establishment) cost the globalists a Global Free Market Wars “regime change” in North Korea (or at least they delayed it)

In a blow to conclusions that are already under attack from leftwing politicians and activists, a team of experts that investigated the sinking of the Navy corvette Cheonan have admitted showing a diagram of the wrong North Korean torpedo when they presented their findings at a press conference on May 20. 

When queried by journalists about discrepancies between the CHT-02D torpedo that attacked the Cheonan and the one depicted in the diagram, investigators said Tuesday that the pictured torpedo was of the model PT-97W and that the error was due to “a mix-up by a staff member while preparing for the presentation.”  Chosun IIbo , June 30, 2010

Just  days after the South Koreans and the “international team of objective investigators” announced their porous findings about what caused the sinking of the PCC-772 Cheonan in the Yellow Sea, a wave of dissent began which eventually capsized the June 2nd elections in South Korea for the ruling party and cost at least one leading South Korean military official his career.  Not to mention the fact that the strong opposition which rose up in South Korea eventually forced their leaders to take a more conciliatory tone with North Korea and even to cancel several planned joint naval operations with the U.S.

For the most part, the South Korean press is just about as corrupt as their U.S. counter-parts; serving only to amplify the “official story” coming from the halls of established power.  So who is this article talking about?  The blogs and the internet journalists who were being mercilessly railed on by the establishment press and called “conspiracy theorists” for daring to question the obviously flawed “evidence” presented to them by their corrupt leaders (and ours)  (please read “PCC-772 Cheonan: An Unacceptable Provocation by the United States of America and the International Community has a Duty To Respond“)

“… The international, independent, investigation… was objective. The evidence… overwhelming. The conclusion… inescapable. This was an unacceptable provocation by North Korea and the international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond.”  Hilary Clinton, 5/26/2010

Clinton told reporters the evidence announced Thursday that North Korea sank the Cheonan “is overwhelming and condemning.”

Daniel Pinkston, a North Korea expert with the International Crisis Group, a multinational not-for-profit organization, said Friday that evidence that North Korea caused the sinking ispretty irrefutable.” Stars and Stripes May 25th (ish) (Stars and Stripes has REMOVED that story from their website)

So let’s chalk one up for the “conspiracy theorists” shall we?

S.K. military minister 0 We the People WorldWide 1

(Full disclosure – pat on the back for the readers of this site … on May 24, 4 days after the “official story” about the sinking of the PCC-772 Cheonan was announced, I published an article entitled “The Sinking of the Cheonan: We Are Being Lied To”  which carefully detailed various discrepancies between the “evidence” the investigators found and a diagram they showed claiming to be a South Korean CHT-O2D torpedo. This was the basis of their U.S. State Department run sham conclusion which fingered North Korea as the aggressor nation and it was complete bullshit.  The article became a kind of running on-line investigation in the best sense of the word. Several propagandists from agencies working with the South Korean government attempted to derail its progress, but in the end, thanks to valuable input from dozens of concerned people all across the world, I think it played a part in the eventual exposure of the deeply flawed election.  Over 100,000 viewers read that article and it was republished on dozens of sites all across the world (even translated).  A South Korean MSM outlet even posted our diagram depicting the glaring discrepancies between the evidence and the drawing of the CHT-O2D torpedo, which a high-ranking military official could only refute by stating he had 40 years military experience and to his knowledge, I had none. But what I had, what we had, was literally thousands of people all across the world, scientists, military members, and just concerned investigative bloggers who were committed to the truth and who took the time to contribute to what we were doing here. “40 years military experience’ took a beating from “we the people WorldWide” and that is the way it is supposed to be.)

(Rules of Dissent #2 – Don’t  linger picking out your own laurels. The opposition never sleeps.)

You might think that after all this, after an internal investigation into the “objective investigation” found serious problems with criminal implications, after a high-ranking military official had to resign his commission, and after the South Korean government had to admit they LIED about the CHT-O2D torpedo comparison… you might think that the globalists behind this farce would step back and offer up to the people of South Korea the REAL story of what happened to THEIR PCC-772 Cheonan and the 40+ South Korean sailors who lost their lives that day… but you would be wrong.

In this article from Chosen, the “official story” is now that some flunkie low on the totum pole “accidentally” put the wrong torpedo diagram up during the press conference.  That is absolutely absurd. “the error was due to “a mix-up by a staff member while preparing for the presentation.”

On May 24th, FOUR DAYS after the May 20th presentation with the “wrong torpedo diagram”, Ambassador Han Duc-Soo gave a presentation to the the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  During that Power Point presentation, the Ambassador presented SLIDE 29…

The Lie Repeats Itself

This as you can see, is a totally different presentation, 4 days later and across the sea, but with the exact same “mistake” prominately featured for mass consumption here in America. But you would think with so many “military experts” involved that at some point one of them would have noticed what hundreds of thousands of us noticed (with or without military experience) right off the bat; that these things are different.

But no… the lie moved on.  The lie moved on that is, till enough people in South Korea got pissed off at being lied to and voted the bums out of office on June 2nd 2010.  Now the official Cheonan story changes.. a bit.  Funny how accountability and Truth seem to go hand in hand sometimes.

The people of Korea are not out of the woods yet. The globalists are pushing their puppet regime there to step up the aggressive stance against the people of the North.  And even though they suffered a major set-back, they are resilient to say the least; anti-democratic sycophant backstabbing traitors are like that sometimes (see – Barack Obama).  They are going to have to continue with their various lies and propaganda so we are going to have to continue our unofficial investigations starting with model PT-97W.

Now, if we could only get the MSM over here in the U.S. to help out a little like some did in South Korea, we might see a little of that “CHANGE” we had been promised before the whole shooting match goes down the crapper. 

Perhaps we could try to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for staging this entire fake “objective investigation” and lying through her teeth in order to try to start a war with North Korea.  Maybe we could actually see her resignation letter before she finishes her mission of making the world safe for Wal-Mart.  Which brings me to the third and last rule of dissent, which needs no explanation…

(Rules of Dissent #3 – Dare to Dream)

——- end of original ———-

UPDATE – Based on these and other new developments, North Korea is asking for a new investigation into the sinking of the Cheonan… while the U.S. State Department, not surprisingly, is claiming “everything is fine” with the old one…

North Korea has asked the UN security council to call for a new investigation into the March sinking of a South Korean warship. 

The North’s ambassador Sin Son-ho wrote to the council, offering to cooperate with the South in a new probe.

North Korea has rejected the conclusion of an international investigation panel that it torpedoed and sank the Cheonan.

… PJ Crowley, the US State Department spokesman, said the South Korean-led
international investigation had already assembled evidence that “points clearly to North Korea and a North Korean torpedo”.

“We don’t think, at this point, that another investigation is warranted. We think the result is clear and compelling.  Al Jazeera ,  July 1, 2010

19 Responses

  1. Well, but what is “the official Cheonan story”? On May 7th the isolated South Korean and US investigators claimed a german torpedo as the cause for sinking, the manufacturer of the aluminium alloy and weapon maker should be identified right in time for the May 20th presentation:
    (Read it to the end and you will be surprised – no, you won’t!)

    But this story was not good enough, and there would have been problems in proofing the North Koreans had german torpedoes, so the Matrix was reloaded, Version 1.0 was skipped and Version 2.0 of “the official Cheonan story” was created. Just a week later on May 15th the rusty torpedo parts were collected (but until now not 100% identified) and from that point the investigation became “international” but highly unscientific and unserious. Within 5 days North Korea had to be blamed on any costs, so time was really short. As a result the Matrix was everything but well done. See also http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/427801.html

    I haven’t seen Hilary Clinton for a long time on my german TV screen. Where is she gone?

    But thanks again to you, Scott. The diagram was my personal starting point in questioning the official Cheonan findings! This smelled fishy from the beginning.

  2. I believe this was a subject of discussion at G20 although no details have yet emerged. The previously held G8 made a press statement that said all of the countries were in agreement with the official “N Korea did it” story, except for Russia and they would bring it up at G20.

    Russia apparently has reason to believe that this story will self-destruct. Maybe their spy ring acquired information about it on Facebook. Say, there’s a story that needs attention from the purveyors of conspiracy illumination. Russian spies are really hot right now. I’m hoping naked pictures of the Chapman woman holding a Russian flag will emerge.

  3. @Shawn – when willy said “Dare to Dream”, I don’t think he meant about naked Russian spies!

  4. even conspiracy theorists dream of blonde Russian spys…

  5. That Russian female spy is damn hot, but she had to be.

    Everyone knows that hot women get noticed and the US government had to make sure she would get noticed, can’t have that American-Russian friendship get to friendly now.

    It almost reads like a TV drama :p

  6. Will Scott be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize? No, but that degraded award that would have gone to Hillary if she had succeeded in turning the Korean War back on. Nevertheless, congratulations Scott. You were at the forefront of the fight for truth on this issue. Chalk this one up on your scoreboard.

  7. Nice to see US, Korean, German, Japanese and other netizens collaborating to get at the truth in so serious and important a situation.

    Scott, one small correction. In S Korea there are important newspapers that can be considered mainstream that are progressive. Let me mention Hankyoreh and Ohmynews which both have had some articles on their English websites but their main presence in S Korea are their Korean websites.

    Some recent English articles are:




  8. I hadn’t seen those article jay. thanks. I encorporated a quote and a link to one of them.

  9. Jay,
    You said: “Nice to see US, Korean, German, Japanese and other netizens collaborating to get at the truth in so serious and important a situation.”
    I feel the same.
    Along with the Iran matter, Korean issue is not only for Korean people. I do not know how Obama got the novel prize, now I believe Obaba is the one who create all these issues, and try to get something out of them which can be:
    -Economy recovery
    -Fighting with China (and Russia)
    -Remove NK (and Iran) nuclear weapon
    or …how can I know
    Jay, thanks for your effort…
    and thank you everybody here.

  10. First, one funny thing about the torpedo diagram:

    The Korean Defense Ministry has NOT yet presented

    the full “correct” version of CHT-02D torpedo diagram.

    The one presented is a portion (tail section) of the

    torpedo which happens to include parts that were

    salvaged. Hmm… Do they have the diagram or

    they just made up a partial diagram out of some

    salvaged torpedo tail section ? It’s very likely that

    some CAD newbie hastily made the partial

    diagram since there are mistakes like “cm”

    instead of “mm” as the measurement unit,

    wrong scale, and broken fonts in it.

    Second, Korean Defense Ministry has NO North

    Korean brochure(catalog) or whatever, they admitted

    that the diagram is from a CD-ROM which nobody

    can assure its origin.

  11. it’s funny you should mention that Roy, because I thought the same thing… that the first drawing they showed was actually something they drew themselves to match the “evidence” they had.

    I run autoCad and technical drawings and mecjhanical drawings (or at least I used to before the economy hit the skids)

    I noticed several problems with the drawing myself.

    If you have a link to where they say they got the image from a CD rom, please let me know.

    thanks for the info

  12. Hi,

    Today’s Hankeroh English has an interesting article

    Scientific debate around Cheonan findings heats up
    Two experts say the explosive aluminum oxide discovered was really Gibbsite, a clay substance


    which ends:

    “In analyzing an energy spectroscopy graph, it is possible to identify a substance though the ratio of its elements. The joint investigation team determined the substance was aluminum oxide, with an aluminum-oxygen ratio of 0.92 for the residue found on the Cheonan hull and 0.9 on the fragments of the torpedo. The two scientists, however, said the results of simulations at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) resulted in an aluminum-oxygen ratio of 0.23 for aluminum oxide, and that the result presented by the investigation team was closer to Gibbsite at 0.85.

    In response to criticism that the substance had too much oxygen for aluminum, the investigation team said in a meeting with representatives of the press on June 29 that the sample of the substance absorbed into the hull was about 40 percent water, which includes oxygen.

    Professor Lee, a joint researcher, said that energy spectroscopy tests are performed in a vacuum, so there could be no moisture in the test. He said the moisture the investigation team referred to was just the hydrogen and oxygen that exists in Gibbsite, mistakenly identified by the team.

    A senior-level researcher with a civilian research facility that handles sample analysis said Thursday that a spectroscopy test measures the frequency of electrons as they collide and are emitted after a sample has been zapped with an electron gun. He explained that only if the sample is in a vacuum could electrons reach it. The researcher said the sample is dried beforehand, and even if it is not, all the moisture would leave during the process of creating a vacuum.”

  13. Be suspicious, when there is more accusation than (real) evidence!

    If you want to understand, what went on in this case and in man others from Kennedy to 9/11, you have to learn about propaganda and Edward Bernays, the father of Spin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays

    This helps to understand the principles of mind making. Being a technician, you have to enter a complete new world. Don’t fall for those “mind magicians”! We Germans know well, what the result can be, so please don’t make the same mistakes we did!

  14. As a resident of Seoul who, during his visit here, lived within 2 km of the hotel where he stayed, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of deathly business the old reptile came here on. So might I add a bit of spicy speculation? I present, in case you weren’t aware, links to articles barely covering Heinz Kissinger’s visit here in early March. He came here to speak at a “Defense Forum”. He left early because he succumbed to food poisoning — a detail that has dropped down the memory hole.


    Gulf-of-Tonkin-style incident, anyone?

    I’ve been enduring this charade from within the center of it all. I applaud you for your excellent expose.

    James Farganne

  15. […] Posted by farganne on July 15, 2010 · Leave a Comment  In case any of you are still deluded or taken in by the laughably flimsy (and faulty) “evidence” that “investigators” tried to pass off as “proof” in pinning blame for the Cheonan’s destruction on North Korea … I am happy to present the following expose. […]

  16. Publikacja wzbudziła moje zainteresowanie. To strasznie
    frapujące stwierdzenie. Bardzo chętnie kontynuowałbym to zagadnienie dalej.
    Bardzo ciekawe stwierdzenie, nad którym nigdy wcześniej nie gdybałam.

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