MSNBC Deletes Mention of Oil Clean-up Capt. William Allen Kruse’s Death

by Scott Creighton

Earlier this morning, I reported on an MSNBC story about two Gulf oil clean-up workers who had been killed. One had been shot and there were no details on the other.  MSNBC has now changed their story and dropped all mention of both of the deaths.

This is what they wrote this morning and I reported on here.

… The deaths reported Wednesday were not tied to the containment operation. The Coast Guard said the workers had been involved in cleanup operations did that their deaths did not appear to be work related. 

One death was a boat captain who died of a gunshot wound, a Coast Guard spokesman said. Further details were not immediately available. MSNBC 

Now, if you follow that link, the article has been scrubbed up and there is no mention of either of the clean-up worker’s deaths. In fact, instead part of the story is about saving a dolphin.

This is a screen-shot of the link preview which still has the image capture of the original story including a headline that mentions the two deaths: “two clean-up workers die in separate events“.

Now that MSNBC story is gone but it doesn’t mean someone didn’t die.

This is William Kruse, the man who MSNBC decided shouldn’t be mentioned in their story about BP.

A boat captain working in the oil spill response died from a gunshot wound this morning.

William Allen Kruse, born 1955, was the captain of The Rookie, a charter fishing boat normally based in Orange Beach, said Deputy Baldwin County Coroner Rod Steade .

Steade said the deckhands were on the docks and heard a gunshot and went back on and found him dead on the “flying bridge.”  AI

This death is being ruled a “suicide” at this point based on what investigators have claimed Capt. Kruse’s friends told them. However, the only friend actually interviewed for the article on AI had a slightly different take on things.

Baldwin County Coroner Stan Vinson said witnesses told investigators that Kruse had been upset about the loss of business caused by the closing of fishing grounds and public perceptions of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

… “He didn’t show any signs he was going to this that would have thrown up any red flags where you’d think you better keep an eye on him,” Bell said. “He wasn’t any more aggravated with the whole situation than any of the rest of us. ”

Bell added, however, that Kruse did like to know what was going on and was particularly frustrated with the lack of straight answers coming from BP about the Vessel of Opportunity program and particularly about how he was to be paid once his 2 boats were deployed.  AI

Let’s sum up the official story – Kruse meets his deckhands for a day of work. He sends them to the store to get supplies. He tells them he will bring to boat around to fuel it.  And then he shoots himself in the head. Does that make sense to you?

Whether Capt. Kruse took his own life or whether something else happened, either way, they are BOTH important stories about what is happening in the Gulf right now.

And MSNBC scrubbed it right out of their article.  And what is even worse is we still don’t know what happened to the other reported death. That too seems to be lost in the MSNBC PR machine.

As it just so happens, MSNBC is also running a story right now about how the bad news from the BP oil spill is pulling Obama’s approval ratings down. The article is titled… “Poll: Spill drags the president’s rating down

Two months of oil continuing to gush from a well off the Gulf Coast, as well as an unemployment rate still near 10 percent, have taken a toll on President Barack Obama and his standing with the American public, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal pollMSNBC

Would MSNBC go so far as to erase any mention of Kruse’s death because it might bring down their precious Obama’s approval rating?  Looks that way to me. If the bad news threatens to harm the standing of the glorious leader, just erase it. That’s the state of the “news” today.

14 Responses

  1. Covering up a murder…… now everybody will shut up….
    that always does it….
    so Obama’s ratings are more important than the people and the lands of the Gulf……
    what good book does he read?

  2. i understand that this is a horribly serious matter, but your comment cracked me up.

    thanks. it was nice to laugh.

    on another note – i feel very sad about the death of the captain. i hate that he was killed and i hope we find out what happened to the other person soon. this reminds me of the murders in the aftermath of katrina. already so much trauma – the deliberate taking of life puts it way beyond comprehension. hopefully there is not too much more that could go so freakingly wrong in this crime against the world. and just in case someone doesn’t know – arco is owned by bp.

  3. […] MSNBC Deletes Mention of Oil Clean-up Capt. William Allen Kruse’s Death (via American Everyman) Posted on June 24, 2010 by Orwell's Dreams by Scott Creighton Earlier this morning, I reported on an MSNBC story about two Gulf oil clean-up workers who had been killed. One had been shot and there were no details on the other.  MSNBC has now changed their story and dropped all mention of both of the deaths. This is what they wrote this morning and I reported on here. … The deaths reported Wednesday were not tied to the containment operation. The Coast Guard said the workers had been invo … Read More […]

  4. peggyn, glad I could lighten your day all though I was not trying to be funny…. but after I reread my post, I could see how ‘murder’ ,being the best way to shut people up, could produce humor; especially since we have seen that ‘method’ used so often since the murder of JFK..
    I do have a question for you; you mention that BP ownes arco…… how is that connected to the oil spill? Must be something or you would not have mentioned it.

  5. Never mind, peggyn, I just looked it up. arco is a gasoline ‘card’ company…. we don’t have any an least within a 30 mile radius of us… 🙂

  6. get use it sheep, all you do is set and read. what the fuck do you think, that god is going to come and take all the bad people away. get out in the fucking streets and take back our country. do something but set and bitch, fucking pussies in this country,this is the problem. way to soft and comfortable to do anything . PATHETIC

    ‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the edge of the night
    And love dares you to change our way of
    Caring about ourselves
    This is our last dance
    This is ourselves
    Under pressure


  7. jan. it was a bit the – murder always does it – but what caused me to laugh out loud was “what good book does he read”.

    i took it as a reference to oprah and her ‘also unwarranted’ popularity and her book club.

    and yes, the arco info was for boycott purposes. i discovered that a lot of people did not know it is a bp company.


  8. free –

    exposure is something one can accomplish sitting down. but you are right, there is not enough action. not enough outrage. i have a feeling that is about to change. and not necessarily because of another effing catastrophe. i feel we are about to hit the tipping point. best i can explain it. i do appreciate your concern and frustration.

    i did participate in the 5:30am picket in oakland, ca last sunday to stop the unloading of an israeli ship. walked in a circle for four hours. it was an amazing experience. we blocked the longshoremen from driving into the parking lot. we made history that day. there were wildly varying estimates on how many showed up but it was at least 500. that was my fourth demonstration in two weeks. not earth-shattering, i know, but we did put our bodies in the wheels of the machine. every act helps. that is how we reach the tipping point.

    i have been encouraging people to shut down the country for over a year now. people are moving in that direction; some little by little, some radically so. i no longer communicate with my ‘elected’ officials. i have turned my back on the murderous government. i now appeal to the citizens. and the icc and the un, for what they are worth – which is somewhat better than nothing.

    the first step in handling a psychotic government or person is to recognize what they are and the damage they have caused. a lot of people are just reaching this first step.

    second is either handle – eg the un, icc, prosecution, whatever can be done and if that is not possible, disconnect from the source of the problem. we need to disconnect from the pathocracy that is attempting to take over the whole world.

    i am always open to suggestion.

    good luck to you and to us all –


  9. free –

    almost forgot. i love the verse. it’s beautiful. thank you for including it.

  10. peggyn, I referenced the ‘good book’ as in the Bible, since Obama claims he goes to church….. so I am wondering what kind of ‘good book’ does he read… 🙂
    So free goes off on that by saying rude and crude remarks about anyone who believes in God……

    You do all you can and I try also in my own way….
    yes, I planned on boycotting arco but they do not have any stations within 50 miles of me…. yeah, I went back and looked for more distance……
    If Alex turns into a mega harricane (like some expect), I might get BP oil thrown at me …… if it turns eastward after entering the Gulf……. and many storms do… but more than likely it will go straight inland over Alabama and coast eastward from there…..
    take care

  11. i was just wondering if the weapon was recovered.
    and if william owned it.

  12. that is a very good question that I have not heard answered by anyone as of yet.

  13. Free: Your use of abusive encouragement is hardly going to win anyone over or encourage them to do anything but tell you to fuck off. If you want to know how to inspire people to action you should read any speech by MLK or similar leaders. Your frustration is understandable but your tone needs polish.

    The sharp contrast shown by your appreciation for poetry indicates that you have more than just anger to share.

    I don’t thing it is unusual for the gun not to be mentioned in media coverage that does not involve a trial. But that information would shed some light on the alleged suicide Sadly the right to light is not mentioned in the bill of rights.

  14. The story was covered by the LA Times BUT NOT by the New York Times?!,0,2039760.story

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