4 Militants Killed off the Coast of Gaza: Another STUPID Staged Distraction from Likud Israel and her U.S. Apologists

by Scott Creighton

Right on time along comes a “training exercise” off the coast of Gaza to give the Israeli military a perfect example of how the “Palestinian militants” have to be kept from their own territorial waters. (hmmm… why would Israel want to keep Palestinians from their own territorial waters? hmmmmm…..)

See?  Look. Terrorists planning to attack us.  Therefore we HAVE to maintain the blockade of Gaza waters.”

It’s so obviously contrived and devoid of any possible legitimacy, it would be laughable if 60% of the American population wasn’t so inexcusably ignorant of the rest of the world. In reality, it’s just sad that this kind of propaganda would actually be considered worthy of my time to write about.  But, this is the world we live in so here we go…

All across the Likud Party apologist main stream media the story is breaking this morning; terrorists planned to launch rockets and mortars into Israel from off the coast of Gaza but they were caught and killed by IDF forces.  Fox News, CNN, Huffington Post, ABC News, New York Times, ect. ect. ect.  The propaganda is all the same everywhere you look as that no one seems to be questioning the rather convenient timing of this “terrorist attack”.  Israel is certainly reeling from the international attention they have been getting this past week over their attack on various humanitarian aid supply convoys and the indiscriminate killing of several activists.

I mean, you would THINK that while the world is demanding Israel cease the illegal blockade of Gaza and condemning Israel for its collective punishment of the Palestinian people, that the “terrorists” in Gaza MIGHT JUST HAVE THE COMMON SENSE NOT TO FIRE ROCKETS AT ISRAEL FOR A COUPLE DAYS….

But according to the new Israeli propaganda… you would be wrong… again.  According to the STUPID narrative, just as the world was taking notice of the crimes committed against Gaza, the “terrorists” decide to shoot rockets and mortars into Israel.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that?  You have to be mighty stupid to believe that one. “Dumb and Dumber” stupid. “Jethro Bodine” stupid.

Let me show you EXACTLY how stupid you have to be to believe this ridiculously insulting piece of propaganda fabricated by the IDF and the PR doctors in desperate Likud Party Israel (or maybe the Clinton’s helped them… Sounds a lot like the stupid “Umar Fizzlepants” operation doesn’t it?).

This is the story according to CNN  Jerusalem… the rest are just as stupid, only the CNN Jerusalem version was clearly written by some lazy propagandist who didn’t even take the effort to try to cover-up the glaring lies and illogical conclusion as much as the rest did.

The Israeli military said Monday it thwarted a terror attack when it fired on a group of Palestinians in diving gear at sea off Gaza.

The statement by the Israel Defense Forces did not offer additional details other than to say that no soldiers were hurt.

Hamas security forces said four Palestinians were killed and their bodies brought to a hospital. Search was under way to find a fifth body.

Al Aqsa — the armed wing of Fatah, Hamas’ rival — confirmed the men belonged to their organization and were on a suicide mission.

In northern Gaza, one man was injured in an Israeli air strike Monday morning, Palestinian officials said.

The “air force attacked a group of terrorists who were prepared to fire rockets into Israel in the northern Gaza strip,” said an Israel Defense Forces spokesman. “About 10 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel in the past several weeks.”

Israel said it holds Hamas, the Palestinian faction in control of Gaza, responsible for the rocket attacks into Israel.  CNN Jerusalem

Do you see it?

First of all, aside from the stupidity of Hamas attacking Israel just as the world is turning to their side (which is a stupidity that you cannot overcome in this IDF created propaganda effort), you have the involvement of the FATAH party connection to this attempted “terrorist” attack.

Hamas won the election that the Bush administration and the Israelis pushed for in 2006 because the people of Palestine understood that the FATAH Party was invested with pro-western sellouts like Abbas. Israel and the U.S. was shocked that the Palestinians saw through their propaganda campaigns and their efforts to fix the election so the “right party” won.

FATAH tried their best to take over anyway and Hamas eventually kicked them out of Gaza. Hamas was the duly elected ruling party in Gaza and so in retaliation for voting the wrong way, Israel and their big brother backers, the U.S., began the collective punishment of the people of Gaza in the form of the illegal blockade.

Now (this is where it gets complicated so pay attention) Hamas regularly captures and sometimes kills agents of the FATAH Party when they “sneak in” past the Israeli check-points in order to launch homemade rockets into Israel.  Why does FATAH do this? Simple, they do it because they want Israel to be justified in crippling Gaza so that the FATAH Party can regain control of Gaza…


Of course, you have to question… how do the FATAH teams get past those Israeli checkpoints?

Now knowing this, and looking back over the CNN Jerusalem story, what part of what I have said doesn’t fit in?  Any of it?  Lets review…

… Al Aqsa — the armed wing of Fatah, Hamas’ rival — confirmed the men belonged to their organization and were on a suicide mission.

… The “air force attacked a group of terrorists who were prepared to fire rockets into Israel in the northern Gaza strip,” said an Israel Defense Forces spokesman.

Right off the bat the FATAH group, Al Aqsa, ADMITS freely that the 4 men were looking to run a “suicide mission” and launch rockets at Israel.  Well that was certainly nice of the “terrorist” organization, now wasn’t it? Nice of them to admit the sinister plots of their group while the rest of the world is condemning Israel for theirs.

I wonder if anyone told these Al Aqsa members that this was a “suicide mission” before they signed up. Usually rocket launching missions AREN’T suicide missions, are they? But, this one was, according to the group that wants to see Hamas removed from Gaza…

Then you have to take a look at the conclusion they drew from all this…

Israel said it holds Hamas, the Palestinian faction in control of Gaza, responsible for the rocket attacks into Israel

Now the hell is that possible? Even according to their own stupid story, Hamas is the RIVAL of Fatah.  This is like saying “If A = B and B = C then Col. Mustard did it in the Library with a Candle-Stick”

It’s just that stupid, people. 

At least ONE article published a little common sense in its next to the last paragraph buried way down deep inside.

The bloody escalation today is a desperate attempt by the occupation government to divert the world attention away from the massacre committed against the flotilla,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told reporters in Gaza.  Huffington Post

I certainly hope the people in this country are waking up and are capable of seeing through this obvious manipulation and propaganda like the people in Israel are

First and foremost, we protest the fact that responsibility for the tragic results was immediately thrust onto the organizers of the flotilla,” wrote the officers. “This demonstrates contempt for the responsibility that belongs principally to the hierarchy of commanders and those who approved the mission. This shows contempt for the values of professionalism, the purity of weapons and for human lives.”  Naval Reserve Officers in Israel

I don’t hold out much hope but I still write just the same.

12 Responses

  1. And interresting phrase, at the bottom of the Israeli Reserve Naval Officer’s public statement,
    “The purity of weapons”.

    Isn’t that something? I’ve never heard that phrase before.

  2. The most glaring deficiency of this, the Israeli wingnut’s latest attempt to fool others, is their assertion that anyone would be willing to die merely to launch a few more *ineffective* rockets into Israel.

    What few people realize is exactly how ineffective these things are. Of the many thousands launched into Israel since the Intifida began, only perhaps a dozen deaths have been the direct result.Their purpose is entirely one of not letting the Israeli population fall into to cozy forgetfulness about what their government is doing.

    They are called “rockets” instead of missiles because they are crude, carry at most a few pounds of explosive, and can be easily seen and avoided at the other end. They are more of a propaganda tool than they are a military weapon.

    Should anyone decide to check this out for themselves they will notice a curious thing when looking at pro-Israeli websites. Over and over again they will find these websites repeating how many rockets have been launched, how large an area potentially can be reached by each rocket, but almost never will they see a reiteration of the total number of Israelis killed by them due the previously mentioned ineffectual nature of these rockets (not missiles – rockets).

    Indeed it was this very fact that alerted me to the coordinated nature of pro-Israeli propaganda after I quite innocently decided to try and find out exactly what the death-rate really was on either side of this long-running conflict. It was then that I became aware of the term “hasbara”, which is the Hebrew word used for pro-Israeli propaganda, manufactured for decades by a branch of the Israeli government known as the Jewish Agency, and engaged in by millions of government and civilian Zionists around the world.

    I invite readers to do their own search on that word and/or attempt to find out the true total casualty numbers. Unless they are far luckier than I, they will find what should be a rather simple number to find much harder than expected due the many websites that will only publish the much larger numbers previously mentioned.

    I easily found the # rockets launched in total, #s launched per year, area increases due different technological changes made over the years to the rockets, but never, never, never….total numbers of Israeli’s killed, and CERTAINLY never the total numbers of Israelis killed alongside total number of Palestinians killed. That number seems to exist only at various human-rights organization websites. Again, the pervasiveness of these factsis telling about the coordinated nature of Israeli hasbara.

  3. And to” B-wave”, yes, that really is a strange way of referring to weapons, and makes me wonder what it is they are doing/saying to Israelis during boot-camp or other period of using indoctrination techniques on civilians in an effort to rid them of our natural aversion to killing.Indeed, it puts me in mind of a line from Dr. Strangelove about “purity of essence” and our supposed “precious bodily fluids” that the mad General Ripper kept referring to as being targeted by those “commie bastards!”.

  4. Those four men probably did not know their mission was defintely a suicide one but Fatah and the Israeli knew….. and they left the bodies for Hamas to find… as if telling him exactly what they had done… maybe they hoped he would do something violent…..

    That is strange, B waves,
    only thing I can think of is that a weapon is made and supposed to be used in defence, not murder…….. murder colors a weapon ‘ugly’ and makes it a fearful thing… not a useful thing…..

  5. Yeah Jan, that was sorta the take i was thinkin of.
    Mycos yes, it may be that it is ref to some sort of thing to purge the mind of humanistic values . I did read years ago that killing is not a natural thing for a human to engadge in. I think i read it in James Jones “Evolution of a Soldier”.

  6. Excellent article, willy. I wasn’t aware of the FATAH – HAMAS history so wouldn’t have noticed the discrepancy on a quick read.

  7. B waves, wonder if we could get Obama to read that book? 🙂

  8. Osama talking about the Israeli attack

    Bullet Survivor?

  9. To them, those four were just road-kill on Freedom’s Road, or Security’s Expressway, or however they like to think of their highway to hell–kind of like our drone-kill, or 9/11 kill, or Shock-and-Awe kill.

    But, for us–well, I guess we’re supposed to think, now that the Rachel Corrie was non-lethally hi-jacked, everything’s cool there. See, they got the message. Nothing to get excited about over flotilla-busting anymore. Focus back to this other big terrorist threat instead.

    r ap

  10. Ray McGovern:

    “There is a rogue and impredictable state win Nuclear Arms: Israel

  11. Good article by Glenn Greenwald

    Our hard-core, adversarial press corps:


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